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  • Taiwan faces sixth COVID-19 wave, peak expected this week

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation: the CDC predicts a peak this week with 130,000 medical visits amid the sixth wave, reporting 987 new cases and a 55% increase in deaths. Learn about the response plans and vaccine rollout.
    2024/07/10 16:54
  • Taiwan’s Mpox cases hit 377, CDC urges vaccination

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s Mpox outbreak: 377 cases reported since June 2022, with a focus on prevention and the importance of vaccination. Learn about the spread, symptoms, and health advice.
    2024/07/09 14:18
  • CDC to decide on COVID-19 vaccine strain amid variant surge

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy as the CDC plans to select a variant for the fall vaccination campaign amid rising cases and new FDA recommendations.
    2024/07/04 20:59
  • Taiwan reports record COVID-19 complications in a week

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 surge: CDC reports a record high in complications and predicts a peak in mid-July, with a stark warning on vaccination rates.
    2024/07/02 17:21
  • Taiwan’s COVID-19 cases may top 100,000 by mid-July: CDC

    Explore the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation: CDC projects infections may top 100,000 by mid-July, rapid test demand soars, and free distribution details.
    2024/07/01 14:36
  • Taiwan braces for COVID-19 surge, peak expected in July

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation: CDC predicts the sixth wave’s peak in mid-July with cases possibly exceeding 100,000. Learn about the government’s response and antiviral drug supply updates.
    2024/06/28 09:58
  • Taiwan expands access to publicly-funded flu antivirals

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s flu season, including the rise in H1N1 cases, severe outcomes, and the expanded access to publicly-funded antivirals. Stay informed on prevention tips.
    2024/06/26 14:20
  • Gecko in soy sauce dish causes uproar in Taiwan

    Discover how geckos can pose a health risk due to Salmonella, as Taiwan’s CDC warns following an incident at a sushi restaurant. Learn about the global impact and safety precautions.
    2024/06/26 09:34
  • Taiwan sees rise in COVID-19 cases, seniors hit hardest

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 surge: cases rise to 817, with seniors above 65 making up 90% of deaths. The CDC highlights the dominance of the JN.1 strain and urges vaccination with the XBB vaccine to combat the trend. Read more on the current situation and health advice.
    2024/06/25 17:30
  • 新冠變異株KP.3來襲夏天疫情恐更糟 更有效新疫苗有望九月現身

    2024/06/23 13:50
  • Taiwan sees spike in COVID-19 cases

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation: a surge in cases, rising death toll, vaccination updates, and the prevalence of variant strains. Stay informed on public health measures.
    2024/06/18 15:35
  • 下一場全球浩劫?前美CDC主任:禽流感人傳人致死率最高5成

    美國疾病管制與預防中心(CDC)前主任雷德菲爾德(Robert Redfield)指出,下一波全球大流行疫情,極可能來自禽流感。墨西哥近日發生首起人類感染禽流感後死亡的案例美國各地牛群也發現禽流感病毒。WHO指出,自2003年初至今年4月初,已經在23國發現889件人感染禽流感的案例,其中逾半數患者死亡,致死率達52%。雷德菲爾德表示,若禽流感開始人傳人,致死率最高恐達50%。
    2024/06/17 16:26
  • Taiwan to distribute 3M free COVID-19 tests amid sixth wave

    Discover how Taiwan is combating the latest COVID-19 wave by distributing 3 million free home testing kits nationwide through clinics, aiming to enhance early detection and support public health.
    2024/06/12 17:04
  • Taiwan faces new COVID-19 wave, elderly hardest hit

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation: a new wave with rising local cases, the JN.1 variant’s prevalence, and the CDC’s vaccination push for high-risk groups.
    2024/06/11 16:03
  • 社交距離沒科學根據?佛西國會聽證:1.8公尺源自CDC研究

    2024/06/04 19:33
  • Foreign man dies from malaria in Taiwan after Malawi trip

    Discover the details of a rare imported malaria case in Taiwan, where a man in his 40s died after traveling to Malawi. Learn about the CDC’s travel and prevention advice.
    2024/05/21 15:48
  • Taiwan to end mask mandate in medical facilities on May 19

    Discover how Taiwan is moving towards normalcy with the end of its nationwide mask mandate on May 19, as announced by the CDC. Learn about the new guidelines and the emphasis on vaccination and hygiene.
    2024/05/08 17:58
  • CDC alerts on rising enterovirus and dengue cases in Taiwan

    Taiwan faces an enterovirus epidemic with a significant increase in cases, as well as a rise in dengue fever cases, both domestic and imported, primarily from Southeast Asian countries. The CDC emphasizes the importance of good hygiene and medical attention for symptoms, especially ahead of Mother’s Day.
    2024/05/07 15:57
  • 台灣人「最討厭車牌號碼」曝!疾管署CDC上榜 這4組暫不製作

    2024/05/07 13:26
  • Taiwan rolls out 10M free COVID-19 test kits at pharmacies

    Explore the initiative by Taiwan’s CDC and the Federation of Taiwan Pharmacists Associations to distribute 10 million free COVID-19 home test kits across over 4,500 pharmacies. Starting May 6, with full availability by May 8, each visitor can receive a test kit, aiming to maintain vigilance against COVID-19 amidst ongoing cases and deaths. This measure follows the WHO’s classification of COVID-19 as a persistent health issue and extends the support previously given to international travelers. The initiative encourages responsible collection and use of these crucial health tools.
    2024/05/06 14:29
  • 9州乳牛爆禽流感 美農業部:牛奶殺菌後飲用無虞

    2024/05/02 19:44
  • Taiwan’s diarrhea cases surge, norovirus blamed

    Explore the significant increase in diarrhea cases in Taiwan, with a notable rise in Norovirus infections within the food and hospitality sectors. Learn about the CDC’s recommendations for hygiene, food safety, and measures to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.
    2024/04/30 18:15
  • 52 diners fall ill after eating at Kaohsiung buffet

    A food poisoning outbreak at Hi-Lai Harbour restaurant in Kaohsiung has led to 50 people seeking medical attention for symptoms like diarrhea and abdominal pain, following dining experiences on April 26 and 27. The Kaohsiung City Department of Health is investigating, conducting microbial tests, and has mandated an improvement plan for the restaurant.
    2024/04/29 15:46
  • 全球首例!美國3女「醫美後染愛滋」 做吸血鬼美容釀禍

    新墨西哥州阿爾伯克基市( Albuquerque)一家水療中心的3名女性顧客,疑似在接受「吸血鬼美容」(vampire facials)後感染愛滋病毒。美國疾病管制與預防中心(CDC)25日表示,這是首次發現HIV病毒透過醫美注射傳播的案例。
    2024/04/27 17:37
  • 美教師從不吸菸卻肺癌末期 隱形殺手在家中

    2024/04/16 20:00
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