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    thunder 結果共29筆

  • NBA/西區「三強爭霸」落幕!雷霆隔11年登頂 SGA躋身MVP大熱

    台灣時間4月15日,NBA迎來2023-24例行賽最終戰,戰前均以56勝25負並列西區前三的金塊、雷霆、灰狼將決定「誰能登頂」,不僅攸關季後賽主場優勢,這樣的「三強爭霸」局面更是聯盟史上首次;隨著金塊、雷霆先後取勝,以及灰狼不敵太陽,最終由雷霆殺出重圍登上龍頭、睽違11年重返西區第一種子,當家王牌亞歷山大(Shai Gilgeous-Alexander)功不可沒。
    2024/04/15 16:58
  • 女團「募資641萬發片」創驚人紀錄 她操到狂吐送急診

    自選秀節目《未來少女》發跡的女團「HUR+ CRIMZON」,去(2023)年底以群眾集資方式,展開亞洲出道應援計畫,上線10分鐘內便衝破150萬元,最終獲得近2000為雷雷(Thunder; HUR+ 粉絲團名)支持,募得641萬元,超狂人氣讓她們坐上「台灣最高集資紀錄女團」寶座,準備以全新專輯進軍樂壇。
    2024/04/05 12:46
  • NBA/評價新雷霆三少!杜蘭特讚「像我們以前」:有天賦又專注

    台灣時間30日太陽作客奧克拉荷馬,終場以103比128敗給「新雷帝」亞歷山大(Shai Gilgeous-Alexander)缺陣的雷霆,即便太陽主帥沃格爾(Frank Vogel)怒斥多爾特(Luguentz Dort)假摔引起討論,先後作為雷霆、太陽當家球星的杜蘭特(Kevin Durant)卻是對這支青年軍印象深刻,盛讚這批年輕人在天賦出眾的同時,還能保持專注令人欽佩。
    2024/04/01 10:40
  • Thunder Tiger’s stock soars with drone tech breakthrough

    Thunder Tiger Corporation’s shares surge on the successful rollout of commercial military drones, reaching a five-month high. With the Ministry of National Defense awarding lucrative tenders, the company’s drones, including the Seashark 400 and TM-450 Hornet, are poised for mass production to meet Taiwan’s military needs.
    2024/03/27 16:03
  • Black Eagles wow fans at Kaohsiung Airport stopover

    The South Korean Air Force Black Eagles Aerobatic Team captivated aviation enthusiasts with a stopover at Kaohsiung International Airport, showcasing their precision flying and promoting military aircraft technology.
    2024/03/07 17:23
  • NBA/亞歷山大帶頭力挫金塊隊 成功避開三連敗

    奧克拉荷馬雷霆(Oklahoma City Thunder)在周三的比賽中,以105-100擊敗了丹佛金塊(Denver Nuggets)。雷霆隊的主將吉爾吉斯-亞歷山大(Shai Gilgeous-Alexander)賽前傳出身體不適可能無法出賽,然而他卻打出了本月第14場得分最少30分的表現,並在這場比賽中攻下34分,成為雷霆隊的致勝關鍵。
    2024/02/01 15:13
  • NBA/小將創「48年首見紀錄」 活塞爆冷擊敗西區龍頭雷霆

    美國職籃(NBA)底特律活塞隊(Detroit Pistons)本季戰績相當慘澹、目前位居聯盟爐主,沒想到在29日對上身為西區第1、全聯盟第2的奧克拉荷馬雷霆隊(Oklahoma City Thunder)時「不坦了」,以120比104取勝,讓球迷看傻了眼。
    2024/01/29 11:19
  • NBA/爐主活塞大勝雷霆!杜倫雙20止敗 笑諦新猷:來的有點慢

    截至台灣時間28日止,本季戰績慘淡的爐主活塞,是聯盟唯二還未拿到10勝的球隊,卻在今日背靠背迎戰雷霆、甚至是在當家主控康寧漢(Cade Cunningham)缺陣的情況下,徹底爆發爆冷奪勝,在勝率不足15%的情況下打贏勝率超過70%的球隊、成為聯盟第二支達成此紀錄的球隊,當家的二年級中鋒杜倫(Jalen Duren)也寫下高效雙20數據締造新猷。
    2024/01/29 11:06
  • NBA/力壓文班亞馬24分好表現 雷霆痛宰馬刺四連勝

    奧克拉荷馬雷霆隊(Oklahoma City Thunder)在今天的比賽中,以140比114大勝聖安東尼奧馬刺隊(San Antonio Spurs)。吉吉奧斯-亞歷山大(Shai Gilgeous-Alexander)貢獻32分10助攻,成功扭轉馬刺文班亞馬(Victor Wembanyama)的24分12籃板的強烈攻勢。此外,雷霆隊的霍姆葛倫(Chet Holmgren)也於本場比賽中,為雷霆獻上17分和九籃板的成績,幫球隊取得四連勝。
    2024/01/25 13:52
  • Taiwan defense stocks surge ahead of presidential election

    Taipei’s military, national defense, and aerospace stocks experienced notable performances in early trading as Taiwan’s presidential election approaches. AirAsia, Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), and Thunder Tiger stood out, attracting investor attention. With the United States reporting a slowdown in inflation growth, the market anticipates a lower probability of further interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve (Fed). AirAsia reported a net zero profit for the first ten months of the year, with optimism in the commercial maintenance market. AIDC exceeded last year’s total revenue in the first ten months, aiming for its highest annual profit since listing. AIDC Chairman Hu Kai-hung is working towards enhancing Taiwan’s aerospace industry through the A-Team 4.0 alliance. Thunder Tiger is planning collaborations with domestic electric vehicle supply chains and aiming to introduce innovative solutions in the defense sector.
    2023/12/12 19:13
  • Taiwan CIB nabs 20 in SMS phishing scam crackdown

    The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) has apprehended 20 suspects and seized 15 illegal operations involved in a smartphone SMS phishing scam in Taiwan. The "Info Thunder Project" was deployed to combat the scam, which sent out an average of 4,000 to 5,000 fraudulent text messages per day. The criminal syndicate posed as representatives from legitimate entities, such as the Taiwan Water Corporation and telecom companies, to deceive recipients with misleading alerts. The fraudsters enticed victims to click on malicious links and enter their credit card and bank account details. The CIB’s intelligence analysis team conducted comprehensive studies of phishing cases, leading to the arrests. Evidence seized in two operations includes modem pools, mobile phones, SIM cards, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and application forms for phone numbers. Director-General Chou Yu-wei urged the public to remain vigilant against suspicious text messages and to refrain from clicking on dubious links. The police will continue to dismantle these fraudulent networks and protect citizens from cyber threats.
    2023/12/12 16:57
  • NBA/被爆與未成年少女發生性行為 雷霆帥哥新星:無話可說

    美國職籃(NBA)奧克拉荷馬雷霆隊(Oklahoma City Thunder)21歲新星吉迪(Josh Giddey)捲入桃色風波,他與疑似年僅15或16歲的少女發生關係,導致吉迪的職業生涯處於極大的不確定之中,NBA官方25日也正式展開調查,吉迪首度受訪時表示「目前我沒有任何話要說」,雷霆隊教練迪亞格諾(Mark Daigneault)也強調這是「私人問題」。
    2023/11/25 11:58
  • NBA/被爆「與嫩妹交往」還發生關係 雷霆帥哥新星親密照曝

    美國職籃(NBA)奧克拉荷馬雷霆隊(Oklahoma City Thunder)21歲新星吉迪(Josh Giddey)近日捲入桃色風波,社群媒體上出現大量他與1名少女的親密照片和影片,這名疑似年僅15或16歲的少女甚至自稱與吉迪發生關係,由於美國社會對與未成年少女交往的規定甚嚴,今年也有大聯盟(MLB)棒球員與14歲少女交往而被除名的前車之鑑,這讓吉迪的NBA生涯處於極大的不確定之中。
    2023/11/24 11:47
  • NBA/文班亞馬14籃板無用 馬刺36分差苦吞5連敗

    美國職籃15日賽事,聖安東尼奧馬刺(San Antonio Spurs)面對雷霆(Oklahoma City Thunder)的比賽,雷霆打從第一節開始就主宰賽事節奏,完全不給馬刺任何反撲機會,連續以28比25、30比23、33比18與32比21連四節碾壓,最終以123比87的大比分差距獲勝,也讓馬刺苦吞近期五連敗,更是繼7日慘遭溜馬(Indiana Pacers)以41分差痛宰落敗後,又一場大比分差距的比賽。雖然新科狀元文班亞馬(Victor Wembanyama)搶下14個籃板,但15投4中的低命中率,未能幫助球隊拿下勝利。
    2023/11/15 11:34
  • Final aerial rehearsal ahead of National Day ceremony

    Aircraft rehearse over Taipei for Taiwan’s Double Tenth air show, featuring Brave Eagle and Thunder Tiger jets. Typhoon delay makes it a must-see event. Stay informed with TVBS News.
    2023/10/06 22:33
  • Typhoon Saola forms on Thursday, impact on Taiwan unclear

    A tropical depression hanging over the northwest Pacific turned into Mild Typhoon Saola on Thursday afternoon (Aug. 24). It is expected to be closest to Taiwan next Tuesday and Wednesday, as reported by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).
    2023/08/24 19:24
  • Air Force prepares for CCK Air Base Aviation Carnival

    In preparation for the Ching Chuan Kang (CCK) Air Base Aviation Carnival on Aug. 12, Taiwan’s Air Force Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team took to the skies to showcase their flight skills ahead of the main event.
    2023/08/13 13:17
  • Thunder roars! Heavy rain alert across northeastern Taiwan

    The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) anticipates heavy rainfall in western and northeastern Taiwan this weekend due to the approach of a "plum rain" front.
    2023/05/19 17:20
  • 「雲霄飛車排結石」是真的!她連搭2趟 隔天驚醒震出來

    2023/04/29 05:53
  • National Day celebrations begin with Taiwan military flyover

    Taiwan’s 111th National Day celebrations kicked off in front of the Presidential Office in Taipei on Monday (Oct. 10), with the Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team releasing red, white, and blue streams across the skies.
    2022/10/10 18:23
  • 身材不科學!「女雷神」娜塔莉波曼靠「3招」奇蹟回春

    漫威電影《雷神索爾4:愛與雷霆 Thor:Love and Thunder》一上映便迎來超車阿湯哥《捍衛戰士:獨行俠》票房的好成績,除了「女雷神」娜塔莉波曼(Natalie Portman)闊別9年驚喜回歸漫威電影行列之外,41歲的娜塔莉波曼凍齡的顏值與身材,也令鐵粉大為驚艷,絲毫不像2個孩子的媽!以下分享娜塔莉波曼的凍齡清單,快跟著女神一起回春吧~
    2022/07/09 23:38
  • 克里斯汀喊話回鍋「蝙蝠俠」 自爆偷《雷神4》道具劍收藏

    由好萊塢巨星克里斯汀貝爾(Christian Bale)主演的大作《雷神索爾:愛與雷霆》(Thor:Love and Thunder),即將於下個月上映,他在劇中飾演的反派「屠神者格爾」外型駭人,引起影迷一陣熱議,但曾表明無意主演超級英雄題材的他,近日受訪時提及當年的《黑暗騎士》三部曲,竟語出驚人表示,如果導演克里斯多夫諾蘭(Christopher Nolan)願意執導,便會考慮回歸演出。
    2022/06/30 15:33
  • 漫威英雄片酬曝光!雷神登現役一哥 奇異博士排行第8

    隨住《奇異博士2︰失控多元宇宙》(Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness)上映,以及7月上映的《雷神4》(Thor: Love and Thunder),MCU第四階段算是過了一半有多,是時候來個片酬總結,看看一眾超級英雄的十大片酬排名。
    2022/05/08 13:23
  • 《雷神4》預告曝!索爾與神祕女子熱吻 女雷神造型正爆

    《雷神索爾》系列第四集《Thor: Love and Thunder》首回預告昨晚(18日)終於出爐!1分半的片長訊息量甚大,最大亮點當然落在影后娜塔莉波曼(Natalie Portman)飾演的Jane Foster化身女雷神的造型,當真美到不得了!
    2022/04/19 17:19
  • 雷神瘦了!索爾靠一招消肚腩甩肉 「女雷神」出場身分曝光

    漫威系列電影《雷神索爾:愛與雷霆》(Thor: Love and Thunder),近日釋出首支前導預告,在《復仇者聯盟:終局之戰》中,吃成肥宅的澳洲男星克里斯漢斯沃(Chris Hemsworth),在全新一集將鐵鍊當健身繩,順利瘦身成功;另外,由奧斯卡影后娜塔莉波曼(Natalie Portman)飾演的科學家「珍佛斯特」,將在全新一集化身「女雷神」。
    2022/04/19 11:30
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