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    culinary 結果共18筆

  • Jensen Huang’s food adventures boost Taipei eateries’ fame

    Discover how NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s culinary adventures in Taiwan, from night markets to local restaurants, have captured public interest and influenced local businesses.
    2024/05/31 17:04
  • The Tainan Food Festival starts May 29 at SOGO Zhongxiao

    The Tainan Food Festival starts Tuesday at SOGO Zhongxiao, featuring 50 Tainan restaurants, including Michelin Guide eateries. Mayor Huang Wei-che promotes Tainan’s cuisine and culinary heritage.
    2024/05/29 17:27
  • Tuvalu and Taiwan strengthen ties through cooking class

    Discover how Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Feleti Teo’s visit to Taiwan strengthens diplomatic ties through culinary diplomacy, featuring a cooking class at CookInn Taiwan and the making of local delicacies.
    2024/05/22 19:00
  • Taipei launches second double-decker dining bus

    Discover Taipei’s latest attraction, the second double-decker dining bus, launched by the City’s Department of Information and Tourism. With Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua’s optimistic view on boosting tourism, this unique dining experience offers a gourmet journey through the city. Following the success of the first bus amidst the pandemic, this addition aims to allure more visitors with its exclusive menus and scenic routes, promising an unforgettable 1.5-hour culinary adventure.
    2024/04/10 15:01
  • Authors unveil essence of Taiwanese cuisine in new cookbook

    Explore the rich flavors and unique identity of Taiwanese cuisine with Clarissa Wei and Ivy in their new cookbook, "Made in Taiwan." This culinary journey offers a fresh perspective on the island’s diverse food culture, distinct from its neighbors.
    2024/04/05 08:00
  • THSR bento serves up culinary delight

    Discover the hidden culinary gem at Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station’s railway bento outlet. Renovated in line with Taiwan Railway administration corporatization, the outlet offers sumptuous bento boxes that have garnered praise from locals and tourists. Experience the renowned flavor of the railway spare ribs bento and indulge in meticulously selected domestic pork rib chops with a unique marinade recipe. With a 18% increase in bento sales in 2023, the outlet sold over half a million boxes, making it a must-try dining destination for travelers.
    2024/03/06 18:16
  • Taiwan’s Liquid Bread Co. to close after 6 flavorful years

    Liquid Bread Co. (LBC), renowned for its American-style sandwiches and named among the "50 Best Sandwiches in Asia," will close its doors by the end of March. Since its founding in 2017, LBC has been a beloved spot for its diverse sandwich offerings. The announcement of its closure has sparked a wave of disappointment among patrons, with messages of gratitude and nostalgia flooding social media. Established by the founder of Purebread Bakery, LBC leaves a lasting legacy in Taipei’s culinary scene.
    2024/02/29 15:37
  • Chinese cuisines gain popularity in Taiwan

    Discover the rising popularity of Chinese cuisines like Luosifen noodles and Sichuan ice jelly in Taiwan, driven by social media trends and cultural connections. Despite cross-strait sensitivities, diverse options attract Taiwanese food enthusiasts seeking new culinary experiences. #TaiwanFood #ChineseCuisine
    2024/02/22 16:22
  • Sticky Delight: Taiwan’s LNY tradition of abundance

    Taiwanese chefs are ready for Lunar New Year with a sticky delicacy symbolizing prosperity. Discover this culinary tradition and its significance.
    2024/02/10 12:30
  • Twinnen in Taiwan: Discovering Taiwan’s fast food culture

    Join American students on a unique culinary journey as they compare popular fast-food chains like Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, and 7/11 in Taiwan to their US counterparts. Discover how these familiar brands adapt to Taiwan’s diverse food culture.
    2024/01/03 21:28
  • Twinnen in Taiwan: Fusion flavors shine on Yongkang Street

    Embark on a culinary adventure along Taipei’s Yongkang Street, where a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese flavors comes to life. Discover the best of Taipei’s diverse cuisine, from savory scallion pancakes and classic milk tea to Michelin-recognized Shanghainese dishes and flavorful shaved ice.
    2024/01/03 21:15
  • Festive German Market warms New Taipei spirits

    Discover the festive cheer of the German Christmas Market in New Taipei City. Experience culinary delights, unique decorations, and cultural exchange between Taiwan and Germany. Join in the holiday spirit as 2023 comes to a close.
    2023/12/17 17:17
  • Tainan’s Garden Night Market earns five-star recognition

    Tainan’s Garden Night Market has been recognized as the only five-star night market in southern Taiwan, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che praised the city’s street food, which has contributed to its reputation as a food capital and attracted admiration from consumers both domestically and internationally. With the support of the Tainan City Government Economic Development Bureau and the efforts of market vendors, Tainan has received the highest rating of 1465 stars in the MOEA ratings, surpassing all other cities in Taiwan. The Flowers Night Market in Tainan’s north district is one of only two new entries in the prestigious five-star market category across the island. The Economic Development Bureau mentioned that the record number of five-star awards this year indicates the effectiveness of the incentive system in motivating markets and vendors. In anticipation of Tainan’s 400th anniversary, the local Bureau plans to expand the awards to include four-star markets and notable vendors next year, inviting entrepreneurs to join in celebrating the city’s rich history.
    2023/12/12 18:45
  • Marathon runners enjoy Kaohsiung’s night market treats

    The Kaohsiung Fubon Marathon offered a unique culinary experience to its participants by providing local night market street foods at aid stations along the race route, adding a gastronomic twist to the marathon running experience.
    2023/11/26 17:01
  • Patty Tsai sparks speculation with election campaign image

    Patty Tsai, daughter of the founders of the Red Bean Dining Group and wife of Kuomintang (KMT) deputy chairman Sean Lien, sparked speculation of a political run after posting a picture resembling an election campaign on her Facebook page. However, the picture was actually promoting her brand’s participation in the Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2023. Tsai’s intention was to combat unscrupulous products, address food safety risks, and provide better services and culinary products to the public. Her playful evocation of an election campaign garnered support online, with many users endorsing her and referring to her as "Legislator Tsai."
    2023/11/09 12:37
  • Controversial frog cake sends shockwaves through Taiwan

    A Taiwanese chef from Yunlin County has once again pushed the boundaries of the culinary field with his latest experiment, which involves a frog, complete with its skin. 
    2023/07/07 18:47
  • Frog dish takes center stage at popular Taiwanese eatery

    In a culinary twist that has captured the attention of food enthusiasts, a restaurant in Yunlin County has unveiled a remarkable ramen dish adorned with an entire frog, left "uncut and unpeeled." This creative creation was inspired by a renowned restaurant in Taipei that recently caused a stir on social media with its giant isopod ramen.
    2023/06/19 15:50
  • Kaohsiung restaurant unveils exquisite durian-infused ramen

    Taiwan’s culinary landscape is embracing the flourishing trend of "creative ramen" as a new contender emerges: "durian." Following the previous successes of gargantuan marine isopods and frogs, this innovative dish has garnered considerable attention in the country.
    2023/06/15 18:03
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