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    basketball 結果共38筆

  • Taiwan eases naturalization for foreign professionals

    Taipei’s Legislative Yuan passes amendments to the Nationality Act, easing naturalization for foreign professionals, including basketball players, by reducing residency requirements and waiving nationality permit fees for those with special merits. The changes aim to bolster the Chinese Taipei men’s national basketball team and support stateless minors.
    2024/05/07 14:38
  • T1 League discusses potential merger with PLG

    Rosa Chien, president of the T1 League, discusses the challenging yet optimistic prospect of merging with the PLG, highlighting ongoing collaborations but acknowledging the complexities and potential delays in the process. As the T1 League progresses into its third season with playoffs approaching, the idea of expansion and integration with the PLG remains a significant yet intricate project.
    2024/04/30 18:01
  • Taipei Dome to host first professional basketball games

    Discover the historic basketball event as the New Taipei CTBC DEA and Taipei Taishin Mars gear up to play at the Taipei Dome, marking a first for professional teams in the T1 League on April 13 and 14. With over 16,000 tickets sold and expectations to break attendance records, the anticipation builds for a monumental showdown.
    2024/04/12 17:58
  • DeMarcus Cousins seals deal for Taiwanese basketball return

    Taipei Beer Leopards renew terms with DeMarcus Cousins, set to return to Taiwan in mid-April. Cousins aims for postseason success and overall championship with Leopards teammates. Fans’ fervent support valued by Cousins. Leopards to face Taipei Mars and Kaohsiung Auas with Cousins as reinforcement. Cousins earned fans’ love during previous stay in Taiwan.
    2024/03/18 12:01
  • Yao Ming towers over others at 14th Nat’l People’s Congress

    At the opening ceremony of China’s National People’s Congress, former basketball star Yao Ming towered over other attendees, bringing a unique highlight to the event. Discover how Yao’s towering presence and his journey from the basketball court to the political arena captivated everyone’s attention.
    2024/03/06 17:18
  • NBA/半人神卡特領銜!名人堂決選名單 傳奇球星有望二度入主

    適逢2023-24賽季全明星週,2024奈史密斯籃球名人堂(Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame)的決選名單也正式公布,由球星卡特(Vince Carter)、畢拉普斯(Chauncey Billups)等一眾傳奇領銜上榜,有望為生涯榮耀再添輝煌。
    2024/02/17 11:06
  • 「女柯瑞」克拉克轟49分成NCAA得分王 黃牛票還飆破15萬

    美國NCAA一級女子籃球(NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball)愛荷華大學(Iowa)主將、有「女咖哩」之稱的克拉克(Catlin Clark)16日正式打破紀錄,除了成為NCAA女子籃球歷史得分王之外,她還在創造歷史的這場比賽中狂砍49分並送出13次助攻,這場受到矚目的比賽的票價也隨之暴漲。
    2024/02/16 15:09
  • DeMarcus Cousins officially joins Taiwan Beer Leopards

    Former NBA star DeMarcus Cousins has officially joined the Taiwan Beer Leopards, with a debut scheduled at Taoyuan Arena in January. The addition of Cousins, an NBA All-Star and U.S. gold medalist, brings excitement and anticipation to Taiwan’s basketball community.
    2023/12/18 19:36
  • Taiwan basketball ups ante, eyes more NBA talent

    Former NBA star DeMarcus Cousins has signed a one-month contract with the Taiwan Beer Leopards, according to the club’s CEO Johnny Chang. This signing marks a significant boost to Taiwanese basketball, and the team is open to adding more NBA talents in the future. Cousins, known for his versatility as a center and his gold medal with Team USA, is set to arrive in Taiwan in mid-January and will make his debut in home games at the Taoyuan Arena on January 20, 21, 27, and 28. While the details of Cousins’ salary remain undisclosed, Chang hinted that it would be similar to the structure of NBA short-term contracts. Addressing concerns about Cousins’ temperament, Chang emphasized that his intensity on the court reflects his respect for professional basketball and will bring a passionate atmosphere to the games. Chang also expressed surprise at Cousins’ professionalism during the negotiation process.
    2023/12/18 18:39
  • Taiwan Beer Leopards eyeing former NBA star DeMarcus Cousins

    The Taiwan Beer Leopards are reportedly in talks to sign former NBA star center DeMarcus Cousins, enhancing their lineup and demonstrating Taiwan’s basketball league’s commitment to attracting international talent.
    2023/12/15 17:44
  • P. LEAGUE+ names Richard Chang as new president

    Richard Chang, a prominent figure in Taiwanese basketball, has been appointed as the inaugural president of the P. LEAGUE+. This restructuring marks a new era for the league, which aims to elevate its status with Chang’s extensive experience and business acumen. Chang, who has a background in national player experience and commercial governance, is expected to lead the league into version 2.0. He played for McDonald’s in Taiwan and represented the Chinese Taipei men’s national basketball team in the 1980s. Additionally, Chang has worked for over 30 years at Costco Wholesale Inc., where he currently serves as the president of its Asian division.
    2023/11/06 20:46
  • SBL player Wu Chi-ying faces fraud, match-fixing charges

    Super Basketball League (SBL) player Wu Chi-ying has been released on bail after being charged with fraud and match-fixing. The Chinese Taipei Basketball Association has imposed a lifetime ban on Wu, effectively ending his basketball career. Wu was suspected of manipulating and match-fixing games to earn money. He is now facing charges of gambling, fraud, and violation of the Sports Lottery Issuance Act.
    2023/10/19 16:43
  • Ex-PLG basketball player faces deportation over expired visa

    Nigerian basketball player Ifeanyi Uzoma Eboka has been detained by Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency for an expired residency visa. Eboka, known for his time with the PLG Hsinchu Lioneers, is now facing forced deportation.
    2023/10/16 15:57
  • PLG new season begins with Fubon Braves vs. New Taipei Kings

    Taiwanese professional basketball league PLG revealed on Oct. 13 the regular season schedule for 2023-24, with the season-opening match set for Nov. 11. The game will feature Taipei’s Fubon Braves hosting the New Taipei Kings, led by Jeremy Lin. The Braves, aiming for their fourth consecutive PLG championship title, will hold the inaugural game at the Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium.
    2023/10/13 17:18
  • Dwight Howard hints at surprise return to Taiwan

    Former NBA star Dwight Howard hints at a surprise return to Taiwan, expressing his love for fans and teasing potential participation in basketball events. Despite rumors of an NBA comeback or signing with the Golden State Warriors, Howard has not made any official announcements. The new seasons of Taiwan’s basketball leagues are set to begin in November, but there is no confirmation of Howard’s involvement.
    2023/10/11 14:15
  • Chinese Taipei wins gold in 3x3 basketball at Asian Games

    Chinese Taipei makes history by winning the gold medal in the Men’s 3x3 Basketball event at the 19th Asian Games, defeating Qatar 18-16. Lin Sin-kuan’s outstanding performance, scoring seven points, played a crucial role in the team’s victory.
    2023/10/02 11:21
  • NBA star Michael Porter Jr. teaches basketball in Keelung

    American professional basketball player Michael Porter Jr. taught Keelung City students basketball who are on their school’s basketball teams on Thursday (Sept.7) and shared his experiences of his basketball career. 
    2023/09/07 17:00
  • NBA star Michael Porter Jr. receives warm welcome in Taiwan

    Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. arrived in Taiwan at 5 a.m. on Wednesday (Sept. 6) to enthusiastic greetings from Taiwanese fans.
    2023/09/06 17:09
  • NBA好手李凱爾歸化中國後掛蛋慘敗42分 網嘆:不是讓你同化

    2023世界盃籃球賽(FIBA Basketball World Cup)正如火如荼舉行,分在B組的中國男籃26日迎戰歐洲強權塞爾維亞,儘管中國隊今年多了擁有NBA經驗的歸化球員李凱爾(Kyle Anderson),且塞爾維亞少了當家中鋒約基奇(Nikola Jokic),中國仍遭痛宰42分,李凱爾全場0分表現更讓中國網友開酸,「讓你歸化,不是讓你同化。」
    2023/08/27 10:27
  • 世界盃籃球/夢幻隊換人?加拿大30分差 痛宰歐洲強權法國

    籃球世界盃(FIBA Basketball World Cup)25日同時在三地開打,分在印尼進行的H組首場比賽,由加拿大出戰法國。陣中有7名美國職籃(NBA)球星助陣的楓葉國,從第二節開始展現強大攻擊火力,包含雷霆球星「SGA」吉爾傑斯-亞歷山大(Shai Gilgeous-Alexander)在內,多人達標雙位數得分,最終就以95比65,高達30分差距痛宰法國,輕鬆拿下小組賽第一勝。
    2023/08/26 13:57
  • 世界盃籃球/菲律賓主場首戰破紀錄3.8萬球迷 可惜不敵狼王

    籃球世界盃(FIBA Basketball World Cup)25日正式開打,身為主場之一的菲律賓,也在馬尼拉迎來國家隊首場賽事,對戰實力不容小覷的多明尼加。當地球迷對自家球隊非常支持,加上又有美國職籃(NBA)明星克拉克森(Jordan Clarkson)坐鎮,讓全球最大容量的菲律賓體育館(Philippine Arena)湧入滿滿球迷。《路透》(Reuters)報導,根據聯盟官方統計,現場一共湧入3萬8115名粉絲,一舉打破1994世界盃決賽,在多倫多締造的3萬2616人紀錄。
    2023/08/26 10:33
  • 男籃世界盃/塞爾維亞大利空 約基奇以疲憊為由拒打

    即將在8月25日登場的世界盃籃球賽(2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup),32國代表隊也陸續公告大名單,其中歐洲傳統強權之一的塞爾維亞,日前也正式公告其20人名單,曾獲兩屆最有價值球員的約基奇(Nikola Jokic),確定不會加入國家隊出征世界盃。外媒報導指出,教練團曾多次與他私下懇談,約基奇以體力與精神極度疲勞為由,婉拒加入國家隊出賽。
    2023/07/25 17:33
  • Uncertainty looms as Jeremy Lin weighs new offers

    NBA Star Jeremy Lin, affectionately known as the "Harvard Kid," hasn’t confirmed whether he will continue his professional basketball career as a player next season. 
    2023/07/05 19:14
  • Yang Chin-min leaves PLG amid extramarital affair scandal

    The Taiwanese men’s professional basketball league has been rocked by a scandal involving Yang Chin-min, a player for the New Taipei Kings who has been awarded the MVP twice in the Taiwan Super Basketball League (SBL)
    2023/06/19 17:37
  • Taoyuan Leopards responds to U.S. athlete’s contract dispute

    Taoyuan Leopards CEO Johnny Chang offered comprehensive clarifications on Wednesday (June 7) in response to U.S. basketball player Dwight Howard’s recent claims concerning his contract and wages.
    2023/06/08 18:52
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