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  • Taiwan to host WBSC Premier12 games at Taipei Dome

    Discover the schedule for the 2024 WBSC Premier12, where Taiwan will host preliminary games at the Taipei Dome in November, facing top global teams. Learn about Taiwan’s matchups and the international competition.
    2024/05/29 12:03
  • Asian leaders agree to resume FTA talks at trilateral summit

    Discover the latest developments from the China-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Summit, where leaders agreed to resume FTA negotiations and enhance the investment environment, marking a pivotal moment for regional economic ties and stability.
    2024/05/27 17:51
  • Taiwan to welcome 50 foreign delegations for inauguration

    Discover insights on Taiwan’s diplomatic engagement as Foreign Minister Joseph Wu announces that around 50 foreign delegations will attend President-elect Lai Ching-te’s inauguration on May 20, highlighting Taiwan’s democratic values and international relations.
    2024/05/16 14:48
  • Taitung eyes South Korean market to enhance tourism ties

    Taitung’s City Government officials visit Seoul to promote the region’s unique cultural and natural attractions, aiming to attract more Korean tourists and enhance Taiwan-Korea tourism cooperation.
    2024/04/04 20:00
  • Optimism in Asian manufacturing despite varied growth rates

    The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for Asian manufacturing in March shows varying recovery rates across the region, with Taiwan’s manufacturing sector on the rise and confidence among Taiwanese businesses reaching a nearly three-year high. Japan also saw improvement, while South Korea and Vietnam experienced contractions. Paul Smith from S&P Global Market Intelligence notes signs of price and supply stabilization supporting a more optimistic outlook for the Asian manufacturing sector.
    2024/04/01 18:23
  • 捲入中超假球風暴 韓足球明星孫準浩被關319天獲釋

    南韓國家隊成員、效力中國超級聯賽「山東泰山」的球星孫準浩(Son Jun-ho),因為捲入中超假球風暴爭議,2023年5月在上海機場被拘捕,並在同年6月正式被逮捕,沒想到一扣留就長達319天時間。《中央日報》(Korea JoongAng Daily)報導,韓國足球協會稍早證實,孫準浩已經在25日返抵仁川機場。
    2024/03/26 14:52
  • Black Eagles wow fans at Kaohsiung Airport stopover

    The South Korean Air Force Black Eagles Aerobatic Team captivated aviation enthusiasts with a stopover at Kaohsiung International Airport, showcasing their precision flying and promoting military aircraft technology.
    2024/03/07 17:23
  • U.S. bolsters Western Pacific presence with carriers: report

    Nearly half of the U.S. active aircraft carriers may be deployed in the western Pacific in 2024, signaling deterrence over the increasing military activities in the region by China and North Korea. This marks the first time five U.S. carriers are concurrently in operation in the Western Pacific, according to recent reports.
    2024/02/19 13:24
  • Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an plans U.S. visit in 2024

    Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an plans to visit the United States in the summer of 2024, focusing on cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. The trip may also include Washington if time permits. The visit will prioritize municipal exchanges and involve bureaus related to information, industrial development, and firefighting. Chiang’s previous tours were mainly in Asian cities like Singapore and South Korea. This upcoming visit, his first as mayor, is likely to be politically interpreted, especially given the timing after the inauguration of President-elect Lai Ching-te.
    2024/02/07 14:39
  • 差距擴大至2.5倍!台積電市值狠甩三星 韓媒:受益於AI

    韓國媒體《Business Korea》報導,半導體企業台積電(TSMC)與三星電子(Samsung Electronics)的市值差距在過去一年間已經擴大至2.5倍,相差約2437億美元(約新台幣7.6兆元),報導稱台積電受益於人工智慧(AI)領域,但三星的市值也可能被低估了。
    2024/02/02 15:12
  • Taiwan’s MOEA to aid Taipower’s budget crisis

    The Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Mei-hua, plans to help Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) seek budgetary support from the Executive Yuan to alleviate its financial distress. Taipower reached out to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for assistance, citing escalating international fuel prices caused by the Russia-Ukraine war. Other global power companies, such as Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), and Électricité de France (EDF), have already experienced significant price hikes. Taipower’s rates are relatively low compared to the cost of power generation, resulting in policy-driven losses. As of 2023, Taipower has accumulated losses of NT$382.6 billion due to absorbing price increases to protect Taiwan from global inflation. The MOEA disclosed that Taipower and the CPC Corporation have discrepancies in predicting natural gas prices, leading Taipower to observe international coal prices for cost estimates in 2024. While mitigating Taipower’s financial woes in the short term poses challenges, Wang aims to prevent further losses. The MOEA will assist Taipower in lobbying the government for budget support once financial situation estimates are finalized. The decision to adjust electricity prices will be made by the Electricity Price Review Committee.
    2024/01/23 13:09
  • 韓職新賽季大變革 引入好壞球判定機器與加大壘包

    韓國職業棒球聯賽(Korea Baseball Organization,簡稱KBO)11日宣布,將在新球季中引進機器人裁判系統等多項新規則。所謂「機器人裁判」,正式名稱為自動性好壞球審判系統,本質是透過追蹤技術判定好壞球,並將呼叫透過耳機傳達給主審協助判定。
    2024/01/11 17:42
  • Taiwan’s allies voice support as China ramps up intimidation

    China’s military intimidation of Taiwan ahead of the presidential election has been warned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). A joint statement by the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Daniel Kritenbrink, Japanese Deputy Minister and Director-General, Kobe Yasuhiro, and Republic of Korea Deputy Minister, Chung Byung-won, expressed support for Taiwan during a three-way dialogue in Washington. China’s recent military threats towards Taiwan, including deploying balloons across the Taiwan strait, violating airspace, and suspending parts of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), have raised concerns among the international community. MOFA has raised suspicions of attempts to influence the election and emphasized Taiwan’s commitment to cooperation with the US, Japan, and South Korea to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.
    2024/01/07 14:56
  • T’way Air revives Incheon-Taichung route, boosting tourism

    T’way Air has resumed operations on its Incheon-to-Taichung route, with the maiden flight carrying 189 passengers. Taichung City’s Tourism and Travel Bureau held a welcoming event for the inaugural flight and believes that reopening the route will deepen tourism exchanges between Taichung and Korea. Director Chen Mei-hsiu cited Taichung’s mild climate, convenient location, rich tourist resources, and food culture as attractions for Korean visitors. The Incheon-Taichung route, operating a Boeing 737-800, will have seven weekly flights, with daily round-trip service in winter. T’way Air is the third Korean airline operating the route, following Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. In 2023, the number of tourists traveling from Korea to Taiwan reached 470,000, ranking third after Japan.
    2024/01/05 17:49
  • Taiwan tops South Korea in 2022’s GDP per capita

    Taiwan’s GDP per capita has surpassed South Korea’s for the first time since 2003, reaching US$32,625 in 2022 compared to South Korea’s US$32,410, according to the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS). This economic victory can be attributed to Taiwan’s higher growth rate in recent years and the greater depreciation of South Korea’s won. Taiwan had been trailing behind South Korea in terms of GDP per capita since 2003, but the gap between the two has been consistently shrinking. Additionally, in financial market news, Taiwan’s stock index has also advanced beyond Hong Kong’s for the first time in nearly 31 years, with the Taiwan Stock Exchange index closing at 17,370 points, outpacing the Hang Seng Index, which was weighed down by China’s low-earning equities and closed at 16,993.
    2023/12/26 17:05
  • Taiwan leads Asian stocks as foreign funds return

    Foreign investors are showing renewed interest in Asian stocks, particularly in Taiwan, according to a report released on December 25. In the week of December 18 to 22, foreign funds flowed back into Asian stocks, with the Taiwan Stock Exchange attracting NT$643 million. South Korea also saw an influx of NT$602 million. South Korean stocks performed the best, increasing by 1.4%, followed closely by Thailand with a 1.01% increase. Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam also experienced positive growth. However, Taiwan’s stocks unexpectedly fell by 0.44%, despite being favored by foreign investors. India’s stock market also dropped by 0.53% for the week. In terms of overall performance in 2023, Taiwan’s stocks related to the AI supply chain surged 24.47%, surpassing the gains made by India (16.87%) and South Korea (16.24%). Looking ahead, PGIM noted that Taiwan’s industry has already hit bottom, with November’s export orders totaling US$50.63 billion, driven by emerging technologies such as high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.
    2023/12/26 13:54
  • Santa soars over Taiwan sky on Christmas Eve, NORAD reports

    Santa Claus flew over Taiwan’s skies on Christmas Eve, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). This tradition, dating back to 1955, began when a local newspaper misprinted a Santa hotline number, leading to NORAD’s predecessor’s number being inundated with calls from curious children. Rather than disappoint, the command started reporting Santa’s location. This year, Santa departed from the North Pole in a sleigh with the call-sign "HOHOHO," flying over Japan, Korea, China, and finally Taiwan. NORAD shares Santa’s flight trajectory, destinations, times, and the number of gifts distributed on their official website each Christmas Eve. They also rely on 1,100 to 1,200 volunteers to answer calls from children worldwide, receiving up to 260,000 calls in 2022. Platforms like Google and Flightradar24 also offer trackers to keep up with Santa’s movements.
    2023/12/25 13:30
  • 宋慧喬才第3!「韓國年度演員排行」出爐 冠軍人氣收視雙贏 

    韓國知名民調機構蓋洛普(Gallup Korea)公布了2023年各項領域的熱門名單,然而在年度演員部分,「冠軍」這位打敗了今年強勢女演員之一的宋慧喬,向觀眾展現了演技上不同凡響的可能性。蓋洛普此次調查對象為13歲以上,總共1769名民眾受訪。
    2023/12/22 15:52
  • Actor Greg Hsu’s cameo in Jay Chou MV wows fans

    Taipei actor Greg Hsu’s appearance in a music video by Mandopop legend Jay Chou at the age of 13 has shocked fans online. In a throwback clip from Chou’s "Class 3-2" music video, a young Hsu can be seen playing table tennis while wearing black-rimmed glasses. Despite his rounder face, his distinctive features are already evident. The discovery of this footage has sparked surprise and admiration for Hsu’s transformation from a young table tennis player to a heartthrob. Now 32 years old, Hsu gained fame through his breakout role in the Taiwanese drama "Someday or One Day" and has become immensely popular across Asia, particularly in China and South Korea. Hsu has revealed that he took up sports, including table tennis, to manage his childhood asthma. His talent in the sport earned him a spot on the elementary school team and eventually led to his cameo in Chou’s music video. "Someday or One Day," which co-stars Alice Ko, is considered a landmark Taiwanese television series and has garnered such acclaim that South Korea produced its own remake titled "A Time Called You."
    2023/12/18 21:18
  • DPP’s Lai unveils video, stresses global Taiwan role

    The campaign office of Lai Ching-te, Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) presidential candidate, has released a new video titled "Taiwan in the world," highlighting Taiwan’s reduced dependence on China and its increasing global recognition. Pan Men-an, head of the DPP’s campaign headquarters, expressed concern over opposition parties’ attempts to marginalize Taiwan and emphasized the significance of the 2024 election in determining Taiwan’s alignment with either the world or China. The video emphasizes Taiwan’s democratic development through international engagement and value-based diplomacy, while also strengthening ties with other nations. Lai’s campaign office spokesperson, Tai Wei-shan, pointed out that Taiwan’s trade dependence on China decreased from 40 percent during former President Ma Ying-jeou’s presidency to 34 percent. Additionally, a report by The Economist in August stated that under President Tsai Ing-wen’s seven-year rule, Taiwan has become the 21st largest economy globally, surpassing South Korea in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Lai’s campaign office underscores the importance of the 2024 election in shaping Taiwan’s future trajectory and urges the public to make the right choice.
    2023/12/12 21:21
  • Childless newlyweds rise in S. Korea amid economic woes

    New data from Statistics Korea reveals a decline in young married couples in South Korea, with approximately 1.032 million couples within the first five years of marriage as of November 1, 2022. Since 2015, there has been an annual average decrease of 50,000 to 80,000 newlywed couples, projected to fall below 1 million by the end of this year. Around 79% of these newlyweds are marrying for the first time, while over 20% are embarking on a second marriage. Notably, 46.4% of first-time married couples have chosen not to start a family yet, marking the highest recorded rate of childless couples. Economic and housing conditions play a role in these trends, as the average annual income of newlyweds has increased by 6.1% from the previous year, and dual-income households have claimed a larger share, reaching 57.2%. However, despite earning 1.7 times more than single-earner families, dual-income couples have a lower rate of having children. The unique Korean rental system, Jeonse, involving significant security deposit payments, and rising rental costs may further impact young couples’ decision to start a family, adding complexity to South Korean family dynamics.
    2023/12/12 20:08
  • Lai Ching-te’s campaign unveils ’World’s Taiwan’ commercial

    Lai Ching-te’s national campaign headquarters, led by campaign manager Pan Men-an and spokesperson Tai Wei-shan, unveiled their latest campaign commercial during a press conference titled "The World’s Taiwan." Tai highlighted Taiwan’s increased visibility on the international stage, emphasizing the international community’s growing confidence in Taiwan and their willingness to collaborate. The campaign event follows Taiwan’s recognition as the top democracy in Asia by The Economist and its 6th place ranking in competitiveness worldwide according to the IMD Business School’s 2023 World Competitiveness Yearbook. Taiwan’s economic standing as the 21st largest economy globally and the 18th largest trading nation, with a higher GDP per capita than South Korea, was also praised. The campaign video emphasizes the importance of selecting the right leader to continue Taiwan’s advancement towards a more significant global presence.
    2023/12/12 13:43
  • Taipei Dome screens go dark during Asia baseball game

    During the 2023 Asian Baseball Championship game between Japan and South Korea at the Taipei Dome, technical difficulties caused the main and side screens to go black. The Farglory Group attributed this outage to an unexpected system crash. The interruption, which occurred in the top of the seventh inning, lasted for approximately ten minutes before the manufacturer resolved the issue. Earlier in the game, Japanese player Ryosuke Aizawa collided with the home run wall while catching a deep fly ball in the fourth inning, resulting in leg injuries. Deputy general manager Jacky Yang of the Farglory Group clarified that the impact did not break the wall, but rather Aizawa’s spike shoes accidentally cut through the padding at the bottom. The Farglory Group assured that the stadium’s design complied with safety standards and that subsequent games would proceed unaffected.
    2023/12/11 20:12
  • Taipei Dome adds seats for Asian Baseball Championship final

    The Farglory Group has confirmed the addition of 4,700 second-level infield seats at the Taipei Dome for the final game day of the 30th Asian Baseball Championship. The decision to expand the seating capacity was made due to high demand from fans, allowing more supporters to witness the championship in person. With the new seats, the anticipated total attendance for the game is expected to reach nearly 22,000 people. Farglory has expressed its commitment to upgrading the venue and thanked fans for their support. The group also emphasized its responsibility for maintaining the stadium’s facilities and pledged to provide top-notch services in collaboration with the Taipei City Government and the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association (CTBA). The ongoing 30th Asian Baseball Championship has attracted significant crowds, with the opening game between Taiwan and South Korea teams drawing nearly 17,000 fans. The ongoing appeal for more seats from eager fans has been a major talking point throughout the tournament.
    2023/12/07 15:43
  • Lee optimistic despite not advancing to badminton finale

    Taiwan’s badminton "golden duo," Lee Yang and Wang Chi-lin, will not compete in the season-ending finale, despite their successful season which included a championship win at the Super 750 Japan Open. They also finished as runners-up in the Hylo Open and the 2023 Korea Masters. In addition, they won a bronze medal at the Asian Games, the only medal for Taiwan’s badminton team. Lee and Wang are now focused on a comeback in January 2023, aiming to defend their Olympic title at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.
    2023/12/07 15:25
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