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  • Northeast monsoon brings temperature drop to northern Taiwan

    Unstable weather expected in Taiwan on April 9 due to northeast monsoon and shifting South China rain cloud area. Cooler temperatures in the north, with lows of 17-19°C, while central and southern regions could see highs up to 30°C. Sporadic showers likely in northern, eastern, and mountainous areas. Strong winds and waves expected in coastal regions.
    2024/04/09 10:39
  • Taiwan braces for dual Northeast Monsoon onslaught

    Taipei is set to experience two waves of the Northeast Monsoon, which will result in decreasing temperatures and possible brief, isolated showers in the northern and northeastern regions. The monsoon is expected to weaken on Tuesday and Wednesday, but an increase in rainfall across most regions, except for the south, is anticipated due to influence from South China’s rainfall zone. The second wave of the monsoon is scheduled to hit next Friday, intensifying during the night and bringing chilliness and chances of rainfall in the north and Yilan. The air quality in central and southern regions may worsen due to foreign influences, while Yilan and Hualien currently have "good" air quality and Taipei, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Matsu, and Penghu regions have a "fair" level. The central region, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, and Jinmen, are under an "orange alert" for air quality.
    2024/01/06 11:19
  • VP hopefuls play key roles in Taiwan’s upcoming election

    Discover how Taiwan’s vice presidential candidates, including Hsiao Bi-khim and Jaw Shaw-kong, are making unprecedented waves in the current elections. Explore their influence on Taiwanese politics and the potential shift in the presidential race.
    2024/01/02 16:05
  • Q Burger announces up to 23.4% salary hike in 2024

    Q Burger, a restaurant chain in Taipei, is making waves with its generous end-of-year bonus of up to 27.8 months for staff. In addition, the company plans to increase salaries by 23.4% in 2024, aiming to break away from the low-paying norms of the industry. Newly hired employees can expect a high basic salary of up to NT$35,000, while reserve executives start at NT$37,000. To address regional differences in living costs, Q Burger is also offering a substantial regional subsidy, with store employees in Taipei receiving an extra NT$4,000 per month. In a unique move to motivate employees, the company has introduced the "Dream Reward Plan," which grants 20% of net profits to store chiefs. Q Burger’s success is evident, with its expansion to 340 stores across Taiwan and over one million app members in 2023.
    2023/12/27 14:50
  • Two rescuers overboard in Taiwan submarine incident

    Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense confirms that two rescuers have fallen overboard while assisting a Hai Hu submarine incident. One is still missing, while the other has been rescued by a navy vessel. The incident occurred when the wooden cover of the rear rescue buoy fell off, causing unusual noise and pulling the connected steel cable. Initially, four people were sent to retrieve the items, but the narrow track caused them to be swept off by surge waves. Three people fell overboard, with two still missing. The weapon’s chief also fell into the sea but was later rescued. A total of six rescuers have been dispatched, with 11 people involved in the mission. The three rescued and four injured have been treated at Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital. Search and rescue operations continue beyond the 72-hour golden rescue period, with the search area expanding based on ocean currents. The Chief of Naval Staff emphasizes that they will not abandon the search and that all soldiers are like family.
    2023/12/26 15:23
  • CWA: Rising temperatures amid weakening cold air mass

    The Central Weather Administration (CWA) has announced that temperatures in Taiwan are expected to rise today due to the weakening of a cold air mass. Daytime highs will reach 22 to 25 degrees Celsius in the western part of the country and 21 to 23 degrees in the eastern regions. Rainfall will be limited, and skies will largely remain clear, with only slight scattered showers in the east. However, morning lows in the western regions and Yilan will be around 10 to 13 degrees, dropping to below 10 degrees in parts of northern Tainan and Yilan due to the influence of the continental cold air mass and radiative cooling effect. The Hualien-Taitung area should expect lows between 15 and 16 degrees, so individuals are advised to take measures to stay warm. Wind speeds may rise between 8 to 9 levels in parts of Taoyuan to Yunlin, Hengchun Peninsula, Penghu, Lanyu, and Green Island. There could be a risk of high waves along the coast of the eastern regions, Lanyu, Green Island, and Hengchun Peninsula, so residents and visitors are urged to stay vigilant if engaging in seaside activities.
    2023/12/26 10:04
  • Cynthia Wu likens campaign to surfing amid election race

    Taipei People’s Party (TPP) Vice Presidential candidate Cynthia Wu demonstrates her resilience on the campaign trail, drawing an analogy between her strategy and a surfer preparing for a big wave. Wu emphasizes her commitment to environmental efforts after attending a COP28 seminar. When asked about competing with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Hsiao Bi-khim, Wu compares herself to a "standing cat," highlighting her agility and readiness to face challenges head-on. She likens her entry into politics to surfing, stating that she chooses to bravely confront the big wave rather than run away, symbolizing her confrontational approach to the election campaign.
    2023/12/20 21:09
  • New Taipei’s Elephant Trunk Rock loses its ’trunk’

    The iconic Elephant Trunk Rock in New Taipei City’s tourist spot lost its "trunk" due to heavy rain and winds. The damage was caused by severe weather, although further investigations are needed for a precise determination. The damaged landmark quickly gained attention online. The rock, located near Shenao fishing harbor, remains a concern as rainfall persists and rough seas continue, making it challenging for maritime patrol officers to assess the situation. Natural erosion or the impact of strong waves may have contributed to the breakage. Human activities such as tourists climbing on the rock and fishers driving iron chains into it have also caused noticeable damage over time.
    2023/12/16 17:40
  • Coastal chaos as Typhoon Koinu makes landfall in Taitung

    Typhoon Koinu wreaks havoc in Taitung County, Taiwan, with 7-meter waves and 162 kph winds. Haibin Park and Fugang Port suffer damage. Residents brave the storm to witness historic waves.
    2023/10/05 19:55
  • Southern Taiwan braces for potential impact of Typhoon Saola

    Typhoon Saola approaches Taiwan with potential landfall concerns. Stay informed about its path, impact, and interactions with another typhoon. Precautions urged against heavy rainfall and waves.
    2023/08/28 19:32
  • New Taipei urges caution as drowning claims life of swimmer

    A tragic drowning incident struck the coastal community in the Wanli District of New Taipei City on Monday, (Aug. 7). A 55-year-old man surnamed Lee was swept away by waves while swimming about 10 meters from the beach.
    2023/08/07 20:07
  • Massive waves pound Taiwan as Typhoon Khanun shifts away

    Typhoon Khanun moved away from Taiwan on Friday (Aug. 4), heading toward Japan. The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) lifted the land warning at 5:30 a.m. and the sea warning at 11:30 a.m. as the typhoon’s intensity weakened. 
    2023/08/04 18:07
  • Typhoon Khanun’s wrath leaves a trail of destruction

    The sixth typhoon of the year, Typhoon Khanun, has caused massive waves and strong winds in both northern and southern coastal areas of Taiwan. The Greater Taipei Area has also been affected by the typhoon, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.
    2023/08/03 16:30
  • Khanun approaches, northern Taiwan braces for impact

    The strength of waves along the northern and eastern coasts significantly increased on Wednesday (Aug. 2) due to the intensifying effects of Typhoon Khanun. 
    2023/08/02 12:29
  • Tourist at Green Island’s Blue Cave dies in tragic accident

    The female tourist who was swept away by high waves with another individual while taking photos at Blue Cave on Green Island was confirmed dead on Tuesday (Aug. 1) despite the medical team’s best efforts.
    2023/08/01 18:52
  • 魏如萱、恐龍的皮首登紐約開唱! 被認出喜喊:我們紅了

    紐約「Taiwanese Waves台灣之夜」明(23)日將在紐約中央公園 SummerStage登場,接力登台的藝人有大勢新人「恐龍的皮」、「國語作業簿」概念派對主理人DJ MR.SKIN賴皮以及金曲歌后魏如萱,3組人馬抵達紐約街頭,興奮直說:「紐約我們來了!」
    2023/07/22 15:26
  • Global temperatures to reach new records within 5 years

    Climate change is causing shorter winters and hotter summers, resulting in rising global temperatures across the globe, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). 
    2023/06/01 17:51
  • Approaching Typhoon Mawar threatens Taiwan’s eastern coast

    Coast guards erected barricades along the eastern coast beaches on Tuesday (May 30) to impede individuals from venturing into perilous areas. Coastal residents are urged to maintain vigilance against high waves and to refrain from approaching the water.
    2023/05/30 15:51
  • SUV swept away by powerful waves in Hualien

    A silver SUV found itself trapped in a dangerous situation on the beach of Hualien on Sunday (May 28), relentlessly battered by formidable waves. The tumultuous spectacle worsened when a massive wave crashed into the ill-fated vehicle, forcefully sweeping it away.
    2023/05/30 11:11
  • Search continues for junior high student swept into ocean

    Local authorities are diligently continuing their search on Monday (May 29) for a female middle school student who went missing after being swept into the ocean a day earlier. The incident occurred at Neipi Beach near Nanfang’ao in Yilan County.
    2023/05/29 17:36
  • 時隔4年!「台灣之夜」重返紐約中央公園夏日音樂祭

    2023/05/09 09:22
  • Slow-moving typhoon brings torrential rain to Taiwan

    Huge waves roll into Neipi Beach in northern Taiwan’s Yilan County on Sept. 12 as Typhoon Muifa nears the island.
    2022/09/23 14:11
  • 紐約中央公園「台灣之夜」 729熱鬧登場

    炎炎夏日,由一群愛好台灣音樂人士籌組推動的「台灣之夜(Taiwanese Waves)」演唱會,7月29日晚將再度登上紐約中央公園夏日舞台(Summer Stage)活動。
    2017/07/24 14:23
  • 劉德華投資新電影 淺野忠信跨國演出

    一向熱愛電影的劉德華,再次投資拍攝電影「INVISIBLE WAVES」,這部電影的主要演員是來自日本的淺野忠信,他在戲中演一名殺手,這支集合了泰國、香港、日本及韓國的電影工作者的拍攝隊伍,剛剛完成了在泰國及香港的戲份,稍後會轉到澳門繼續拍攝。
    2005/03/14 21:49
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