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    Taiwan 結果共4,000筆

  • Taiwan’s economic shows stability: NDC

    Stay updated on Taiwan’s economic progress as the National Development Council reports a stable outlook for January 2024. Economic indicators show positive trends in production, investment, sales, and finance, signaling continued recovery. Follow the transition from recession to a transitional economy in key sectors, reflecting a promising shift in Taiwan’s economic landscape.
  • Taiwan, Harvard launch PhD scholarship program for students

    Taipei’s Ministry of Education and Harvard University signed an MOU for a five-year collaboration, sponsoring five Taiwanese students annually to pursue doctoral degrees at Harvard starting in 2025. The partnership marks Harvard as the 18th global top 100 university to establish a PhD scholarship scheme with Taiwan. The Ministry aims to deepen academic exchange and nurture globally recognized leaders through this collaboration.
  • Giants set record at Taipei Dome with massive turnout

    Discover how the Yomiuri Giants’ exhibition games in Taiwan broke attendance records at Taipei Dome, with President Tsai Ing-wen lauding the Giants for fostering bilateral friendships between Taiwan and Japan.
  • Taiwan weather update: warmer Monday with sunny skies ahead

    Stay updated with the latest weather forecast for Taipei and surrounding areas. Expect rising temperatures on Monday with scattered showers in Hualien and Taitung. Be prepared for chilly morning temperatures and increasing daytime highs. Stay vigilant as fog and low clouds may affect visibility. Watch out for potential accumulation of pollutants in certain regions. Be cautious of upcoming weather changes and dress accordingly to stay healthy.
  • Sunny skies ahead: Taiwan’s weather forecast reveals warmth

    Stay updated on the latest weather forecast in Taiwan as the Central Weather Administration predicts sunny and stable conditions today and tomorrow. Expect temperatures around 22 to 31 degrees Celsius across different regions, with a shift to a southwesterly wind on Tuesday bringing mostly sunny skies but possible scattered showers in the south. By Thursday, a cold air mass from China will bring colder temperatures, especially in the northern and northeastern regions. Stay informed with expert Daniel Wu’s model simulation hinting at the possibility of brief showers in northern regions by Sunday.
  • Taoyuan Lantern Festival goes out with a bang

    The Taoyuan Lantern Festival concluded with breathtaking dragon dances, music, and circus acrobatics, connecting two venues with the Taolin Line Bikeway and setting the stage for the 2025 Taiwan Lantern Festival.
  • Taiwan People’s Party to open volunteer-run cafes: Ko Wen-je

    TPP Chairman Ko Wen-je clarifies that the planned Taiwan People’s Party cafes will operate on a volunteer basis, addressing concerns over potential violations of the Political Parties Act and emphasizing the importance of legal compliance.
    2024/03/01 17:32
  • Taiwan boosts flights to Palau, deepens bilateral ties

    Taiwan and Palau strengthen cooperation and tourism opportunities as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tien Chung-kwang announces increased flights. Democratic Progressive Party legislator Chung Chia-pin hosts establishment meeting for Taiwan and Palau Parliamentary Friendship Association, highlighting diplomatic ties and cooperative relationships in various spheres. Palauan Ambassador to Taiwan David Adams Orrukem emphasizes environmental conservation and climate change as top priorities during the meeting.
    2024/03/01 17:20
  • Taiwan People’s Party prioritizes bills, aligns with KMT

    Read about the latest developments in Taiwan’s political landscape as Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Chairman Ko Wen-je emphasizes collaboration with the Kuomintang (KMT) to advance priority bills in the legislative yuan. Discover how the TPP’s strategic alliance with the KMT aims to propel crucial reforms in parliament, judiciary, and media, while navigating potential controversies like the proposed "Grassroots Cafe."
    2024/03/01 17:18
  • Premier rejects push for shorter ID wait for Chinese spouses

    Premier Chen Chien-jen discusses the differing treatment of spouses from China and other nations in Taiwan, sparking debate in the Legislative Yuan. KMT proposes reducing the time for Chinese spouses to obtain Taiwanese IDs, while DPP opposes the amendment citing national security concerns. Taiwan People’s Party takes a different stance, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rights of Chinese spouses.
    2024/03/01 17:16
  • 挪威電音教主Alan Walker睽違5年來台 降臨S2O

    以破億點擊神曲《Faded》紅遍全球的挪威電音教主Alan Walker(艾倫沃克)相隔5年再度來台,確定7月14日降臨台灣最濕、最好玩的音樂節「S2O Taiwan潑水音樂節」擔任活動第二天的壓軸嘉賓,帶來一連串HIGH到爆炸的派對金曲,更將首度在台播放他與(G)I-DLE成員宋雨琦(Yuqi)、美國才子歌手JVKE合作的最新發燒單曲《Fire!》,並與5位幸運的台灣粉絲近距離見面拍照。
    2024/03/01 17:11
  • No change in citizenship law for Chinese spouses: Premier

    Taiwan’s Premier Chen Chien-jen has confirmed no plans to revise laws to expedite the citizenship process for Chinese spouses, citing political and legal complexities, despite opposition criticism of discrimination and inequality.
    2024/03/01 16:58
  • Taiwan’s MND urges respect for Strait’s median line

    Read about Taiwan’s Defense Minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng’s concerns over the de-facto median line in the Taiwan Strait amid rising tensions with China. Chiu warns of the potential consequences of disregarding this informal boundary, as China’s military maneuvers escalate in the region. Stay informed on the latest developments shaping regional stability and sovereignty.
    2024/03/01 16:13
  • Taiwan’s OAC Minister rebuts ’cold-blooded’ claim by China

    Discover the latest developments in the Kinmen-Xiamen oceanic dispute involving Taiwan’s Minister of Ocean Affairs Council, Kuan Bi-ling. Amid accusations of being "extremely cold-blooded," Kuan’s unconventional response raises eyebrows. Stay informed on the ongoing negotiations and the potential impact on cross-strait relations.
    2024/03/01 16:11
  • Taiwan Defense Minister comments on Chinese rocket launch

    Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense, Chiu Kuo-cheng, addresses a Chinese rocket launch, emphasizing its non-threatening trajectory. The launch from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center traversed central Taiwan towards the Western Pacific, prompting no alert in Taiwan. Chiu reaffirms the importance of the "median line" in the Taiwan Strait for regional stability amid tensions with China. Speculation on potential conflict escalation between China and Taiwan is tempered by Chiu’s call for observation of further actions or signs.
    2024/03/01 16:06
  • Taiwan’s MOEA to monitor electricity price changes

    Stay updated on Taiwan’s economic landscape with the latest news from Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua. Discover insights on electricity price fluctuations and their impact on domestic issues, as well as the government’s strategies to address losses incurred by Taiwan Power Company. Explore the projections for economic growth and inflation rates amidst industry recovery and upcoming events.
    2024/03/01 15:56
  • Taiwan predicts normal Pacific temperatures post-spring

    Stay informed about the latest weather updates in Taiwan with insights from the Central Weather Administration (CWA). Discover the forecast for the upcoming quarter, including temperature trends and rainfall expectations. Be prepared for changing conditions as spring approaches.
    2024/03/01 11:24
  • TPP Chairman shares plans to launch ’Grassroot Cafes’

    Taipei (TVBS News) — Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) chairman Ko Wen-je announces plans to open "Grassroot Cafes" in three locations across Taiwan. The cafes will feature vending machines for beverages and hot food, with monthly "Chairman Ko’s Forums" to be held. The move has drawn scrutiny over potential violations of the Political Parties Act, though TPP asserts the cafes will be managed indirectly. Ko Wen-je also outlines his 2026 election strategy, including expanding council seats and preparing for legislative turnover.
    2024/03/01 10:52
  • KMT reaffirms cross-strait dialogue commitment amid tensions

    Andrew Hsia, vice chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) party, emphasizes promoting cross-strait exchanges and dialogue to prevent misunderstandings during a meeting with Song Tao, head of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO). The discussion at the Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai addresses recent tensions, highlighting the KMT’s stance on the "1992 Consensus" and opposition to "Taiwan Independence." Both parties stress the importance of restraint to maintain peace and mutual trust in cross-strait relations.
    2024/03/01 10:51
  • Taipei shivers as cold front brings 11.5°C chill

    Stay updated on Taipei’s weather as a strong cold air mass from China brings chilly temperatures and rainy conditions across the island. Expect lows of 10-11 degrees in the north and highs of 25-27 degrees in the south. Weather forecasters predict a shift in conditions with temperatures possibly reaching 30-31 degrees by Tuesday, before a potential cold air mass brings a drop in temperatures by Wednesday.
    2024/03/01 10:38
  • Taiwan secures 2nd place in Asian freedom rankings

    Taiwan ranks second in Asia for freedom according to the Freedom House’s Freedom in the World 2024 report, scoring 94 just behind Japan’s 96. The report highlights global decline in freedom for the 18th consecutive year, affecting a fifth of the world’s population. Taiwan maintains its "Free" nation status with high scores in Political Rights and Civil Liberties, while China is labeled as "Not Free" with significantly lower scores.
    2024/02/29 17:46
  • TSMC names Mii and Chin as new co-COOs in leadership shuffle

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) appoints Y.J. Mii and Y.P. Chin as executive vice presidents and co-chief operating officers, setting the stage for their potential succession. Mii and Chin, with decades of experience at TSMC, will report directly to CEO C.C. Wei, as part of a strategic reshuffle within the company’s leadership.
    2024/02/29 17:35
  • European Parliament, ENEX unite to fight fake news

    The European Parliament and the European News Exchange Network (ENEX) have partnered to address global challenges and combat disinformation ahead of the upcoming EU elections, emphasizing the importance of democracy and informed public discourse.
    2024/02/29 17:12
  • Taiwan considers 4-day workweeks amid challenges

    Discover how a Taiwanese cybersecurity firm’s adoption of a four-day workweek has led to increased efficiency and improved work-life balance, setting a trend amidst global shifts towards reduced work hours.
    2024/02/29 16:47
  • KMT, DPP split Legislative Yuan committee leadership

    The results of the Legislative Yuan’s standing committee convener election were announced, with both the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) securing one seat each in the eight committees. Huang Kuo-chang of the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) expressed support for KMT’s convener candidates, while KMT’s Fu Kun-chi revealed TPP did not nominate any candidates. The committees cover Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Finance, Education, Transportation, Judiciary, and Sanitation.
    2024/02/29 12:04
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