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    Film 結果共69筆

  • Anime hit "Haikyu!!" scores big in Taiwan theaters

    "The anime movie ’Haikyu!!: The Dumpster Battle’ breaks box office records in Taipei, surpassing ’The First Slam Dunk’ with over NT$75 million in earnings. Its success reflects the series’ popularity, highlighting the story of high school volleyball players. The film’s impressive opening in Japan also ranks it as the fourth highest-grossing film on its debut day."
    2024/04/16 15:55
  • Wu Kang-jen vies for 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards

    Wu K’ang-jen, recent Golden Horse Best Actor winner, nominated for Best Supporting Actor at 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards for role in "Fei Wo Yüeh Yüeh". "A-pang A-ti" competes for Best Asian Chinese Film against "Chu Ma She Ko Ko", "Chia Wo Ssu Ti Shih T’i", "Man Chiang Hung" and "Pu Shou Tu Hsi".
    2024/04/11 17:28
  • Taiwanese star Greg Hsu shares joy at film debut in Japan

    Taiwanese actor Greg Hsu promotes "18×2 Beyond Youthful Days" in Japan, a Taiwanese-Japanese co-production that has captivated audiences in Taiwan. Hsu, alongside director Michihito Fujii and co-star Kaya Kiyohara, expressed his joy and anticipation during a press conference, highlighting the film’s themes of youth and friendship. Hsu’s chemistry with co-star Shunsuke Michieda is praised, with the actor inviting Michieda to visit Taiwan post-premiere. The film is currently screening in Taiwan and is scheduled for release in Japan in May.
    2024/03/28 17:54
  • Jackie Chan’s new look shocks fans ahead of 70th birthday

    Internationally acclaimed action star Jackie Chan’s shocking appearance as he approaches his 70th birthday has fans abuzz. Recent photos reveal Chan sporting white hair and visible signs of aging, sparking speculation about his upcoming role in the film ’Mo Sheng Jia Ting’ (陌生家庭), where he portrays a man with Alzheimer’s. Despite his aging appearance, Chan’s professionalism and vibrant spirit remain intact as he continues his illustrious career spanning over six decades.
    2024/03/14 16:22
  • 傑尼斯社內戀愛!2鮮肉男星唯美互動羨煞旁人 扯2女星陷情感糾葛

    日本每日放送(MBS)電視台以《美麗的他》、《體感預報》、《糖果色的戀愛反論》等殿堂級BL日劇紅遍海內外,2024年開春便祭出全新強檔LGBTQ+高中校園愛情劇《我的草莓物語》(My Strawberry Film),這也是MBS繼上回推出文藝唯美BL劇《愛在記憶凍結時》廣受好評後,再度挑戰開發的100%原創影集,全球最大同志影音平台GagaOOLala為影迷謀福利取得台灣獨家跟播權,與日本同步嚐鮮青春高校戀愛的酸澀滋味。
    2024/02/27 20:09
  • Fire EX. announces first northern Taiwan concert in 8 years

    Fire EX. announces "One Life, One Shot" concert at Taipei Music Center on June 15, marking their first major northern Taiwan performance in eight years. The band, known for their punk music, gained fame with their hit "Island’s Sunrise" during the 2014 Sunflower Student Movement. Join them for a unique musical experience showcasing life as "a film shot in one take." Don’t miss their upcoming North American tour and participation in South by Southwest festival.
    2024/02/27 13:44
  • 《火上鍋》如美食饗宴 影評餓著肚子看完:媲美任何烹飪經典的佳作

    法國電影《火上鍋》(The Taste of Things)曾入選第96屆奧斯卡金像獎15強、導演陳英雄更藉由這部作品獲得第76屆坎城影展(Cannes Film Festival)「最佳導演獎」,這部由曾榮獲奧斯卡最佳女配角獎的茱麗葉畢諾許(Juliette Binoche)和坎城影帝班諾馬吉梅(Benoît Magimel)聯合主演的電影更被影評人譽為「能與其他經典美食電影相媲美的電影饗宴」。
    2024/02/23 16:48
  • Son Ye-jin’s star power boosts golf brand

    Beloved Korean actress Son Ye-jin extends her endorsement contract with golf brand PIRETTI through 2024, captivating audiences worldwide. Despite reducing public appearances and film projects after marriage and childbirth, Son’s allure remains undiminished, fostering brand loyalty. Her personal passion for golf is showcased on social media, where her golf attire, including polo shirts, pleated skirts, calf-length white socks, and sneakers, garners widespread attention. Son’s popularity soared in Asia after her role in the Korean drama "Crash Landing on You," boosting PIRETTI’s product sales. With her enduring charm and influence, Son’s star continues to shine bright as she balances her personal and professional life.
    2024/02/07 17:46
  • Exploring Taiwan’s democratic challenges at FICA

    Taiwan takes center stage at the 30th Festival International des Cinémas d’Asie (FICA) in Paris as the theme country, showcasing a range of films from the martial law era to the works of new directors. Filmmaker Jean-Robert Thomann, who holds dual citizenship from France and Taiwan, presents his latest documentary, "Taiwan, Chronicle of a Threatened Democracy," in FICA’s documentary competition. The film, shot between 2021 and 2023, delves into the challenges faced by Taiwan’s democratic process, examining major referendums and the Taichung legislator election. Thomann believes Taiwan’s global recognition extends beyond seeking a seat in the United Nations, emphasizing the importance of parliamentary links, cultural and economic exchanges, and soft power rooted in creativity. He hopes his documentary will deepen French audiences’ understanding of Taiwan and inspire further exploration of the country. Thomann highlights that threats to Taiwan are not only external but also internal, with social media manipulation and fake news posing challenges to democracies worldwide. Despite these challenges, Thomann regards Taiwan as a remarkable example of democracy, particularly in Asia, and remains optimistic about the island’s democratic system. "Taiwan, Chronicle of a Threatened Democracy" premiered at FICA and is set to be screened in France, Taiwan, and Sweden.
    2024/02/07 14:32
  • Taiwanese American director’s film nominated for Oscar

    "Island in Between," a documentary by Taiwanese American director S. Leo Chiang, has been nominated for Best Documentary Short Film at the 96th Academy Awards. The film provides an outsider’s perspective on the everyday life of the Kinmen Islands, exploring the complex relationship between Taiwan, Kinmen, and China through the lens of Chiang’s father’s military service memories. Chiang, who was born in Taiwan and raised in the U.S., aims to offer a unique perspective on the Taiwan Strait crisis by sharing the experiences of the people living in the region. The winners of the 96th Academy Awards will be announced on March 10.
    2024/01/24 14:19
  • Daniel Wu slams Barbie’s new Asian doll stereotypes

    Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu criticizes Barbie’s new doll collection, claiming it perpetuates stereotypes about Asians. The dolls were released following the success of the "Barbie" film in 2023, which grossed over US $1.4 billion. The Asian doll in the collection, portrayed as a violinist or a panda doctor, has faced strong backlash from Wu and others. Wu expressed his concerns on Weibo, suggesting that the limited options for the Asian doll reinforce parental expectations rather than promoting genuine diversity. His post has garnered widespread support online, with many users agreeing that the doll design demonstrates a lack of understanding of Asians by the toy’s creators.
    2024/01/22 18:01
  • Taiwan’s puppetry shines at Rotterdam Film Festival

    Taiwan’s historical documentary "Qianlong’s Tour of the West Lake" has been chosen for the Cinema Regained category at the 2024 International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), showcasing Taiwan’s traditional hand puppetry culture. Directed by Liu Yi-hung in 1994, the film was restored from 35mm original footage to 4K, paying tribute to Taiwanese puppet master Li Tien-lu and his ’I Wan Jan Puppet Theater.’ The IFFR’s recognition of Liu’s work highlights Taiwan’s cinematographic prowess. Li, born into a family of puppeteers, founded the I Wan Jan Puppet Theater in 1932, incorporating his distinctive Southern Min dialect. The IFFR previously screened the Taiwanese puppet film "Demigod: The Legend Begins" multiple times in 2023, further promoting Taiwan’s puppetry culture. The selection of "Qianlong’s Tour of West Lake" at the 2024 Rotterdam Film Festival brings Taiwan’s traditional puppetry culture closer to European movie enthusiasts. The IFFR, taking place from Jan. 25 to Feb. 4, 2024, has chosen three Taiwanese films, including "Who’ll Stop the Rain" by director Su Yi-hsuan and "When the Wind Rises" directed by Chen Hao, showcasing the breadth and quality of Taiwan’s filmmaking.
    2024/01/04 15:26
  • 布袋戲大師走出國際! 經典修復《乾隆遊西湖》入選國際影展

    國際鹿特丹影展(International Film Festival Rotterdam,IFFR)於日前公佈2024年年度入圍名單,台灣文史紀錄片《乾隆遊西湖》獲選Cinema Regained經典單元!該單元聚焦修復經典、電影文化紀錄片以及電影遺產相關主題,於本屆總共收錄46部作品,其中包含日本社會派電影大師山本薩夫的《白色巨塔》。
    2024/01/04 12:50
  • DPP launches viral ’2 Steps in 6 Strides’ challenge

    Lai Ching-te, the Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential candidate, and his running mate Hsiao Bi-khim have launched a social media campaign urging supporters to film themselves taking ’2 steps in 6 strides.’ The campaign aims to rally support and votes for the DPP ticket (represented by the number 2) and for the DPP (represented by the number 6) in the upcoming elections. Lai incorporated the lyrics from his new campaign ad in a promotional video, encouraging supporters to respond by recording and posting their own ’2 steps in 6 strides’ walk on social media. Supporters are to tag the official accounts of Lai and Hsiao on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtag "#113StandUpTaiwan" for a chance to be re-posted, thus aligning themselves with other supporters. This social media event, titled ’Walking the Right Path,’ aims to attract more supporters in the final stage of their campaign and drive voter turnout.
    2023/12/30 16:10
  • ’Parasite’ actor dies in apparent suicide amid drug scandals

    Acclaimed South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, known for his roles in popular films and television dramas such as ’Coffee Prince,’ ’My Mister,’ and ’Parasite,’ was found dead in his car in a suspected suicide. Lee had gained extensive popularity across Asia, including Taiwan, where he had visited in 2019 to promote his film ’Take Point.’ His performance in ’My Mister’ had received rave reviews, and ’Parasite’ had won both the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Academy Award for Best Picture. Despite his success, Lee’s career was overshadowed by suspicion of drug involvement, ultimately leading to his tragic end, deeply saddening fans worldwide.
    2023/12/27 18:31
  • Lee Sun-kyun’s death shakes entertainment industry

    South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun was found deceased in his car on Wednesday (Dec. 27), shocking the South Korean entertainment industry. Promotional events and meetings for the movie "12.12: The Day" starring Jung Woo-sung and Hwang Jung-min have been canceled. The public press conference for the drama "Marry My Husband" starring Park Min-young has been postponed. Lee’s projects, "Silence" and "The Land of Happiness," may now face delays. "Silence" had been invited to the Cannes Film Festival and was scheduled for release later this year or early next year. "The Land of Happiness" has been completed, with release times under consideration. Film distributors had planned to wait for the outcome of an investigation into Lee’s drug use allegations before deciding on the release date, but after his death, the timeline has become uncertain.
    2023/12/27 15:46
  • Gingle Wang, Tsao Yu-ning share sweet Christmas photos

    Taiwanese actors Gingle Wang and Tsao Yu-ning share sweet holiday photos on Instagram, wearing matching red sweaters and embracing each other. Wang gained fame in 2019 with her role in the horror film "Detention," while Tsao entered the film scene in 2014 with the baseball movie "KANO." The couple’s post surprised fans and received playful comments, solidifying their status as high-profile favorites in Taiwan’s film industry.
    2023/12/26 15:42
  • Mayor Chiang stresses policy achievements in year-one video

    Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an celebrates his first year in office with a video message emphasizing his commitment to change and development. The video, titled "Everything has started, change is underway," showcases the life journey of a Taipei native, highlighting key policies implemented during Chiang’s tenure. These include enhanced birth rewards, AI-powered learning spaces, the Taipei Dome, reinstatement of Chongyang respect for the elderly money, and increased support for startups. Chiang takes on various roles in the film, symbolizing his dedication to providing policy support and services at every stage of citizens’ lives. The video creatively uses different frame sizes and scene transitions to present Taipei from various perspectives, reflecting a hopeful vision for the city’s future as a sustainable and inclusive capital.
    2023/12/21 17:47
  • Beyoncé shouts out ’Taiwan’ in tour film promo

    Pop diva Beyoncé surprises fans with the release of a video promoting the cinematic debut of her concert tour movie, specifically mentioning "Taiwan" as one of the countries where the film will be shown. The clip quickly gains attention from a massive global audience of 21 million viewers. Beyoncé’s world tour, titled "Renaissance" after her album, has been captivating audiences worldwide and is now being brought to the big screen for those unable to attend the live performances. In the promotional video, Beyoncé’s powerful voice passionately announces "Taiwan," indicating her desire to share the exhilarating concert experience with audiences everywhere. The video concludes with an invitation for fans to watch the movie in the nearest cinema, promising a thrilling experience comparable to attending the live show. "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé" is set to premiere tomorrow, with ticket prices ranging from NT$500 to NT$600, ensuring accessibility for eager fans wanting to indulge in the Beyoncé experience on the big screen.
    2023/12/20 21:27
  • New Taiwan policy welcomes more foreign art talent

    The Ministry of Labor in Taiwan has announced significant revisions to the regulations governing work permits for foreign professionals in arts and performing arts. The new regulations, which will take effect on December 20, aim to attract more foreign artistic talent to Taiwan’s cultural scene. One major change is the acceptance of documents from important international organizations, such as the United Nations, for residents of Hong Kong and Macau who are unable to obtain official recommendation or certification documents. The framework for foreign artistic professionals’ work is divided into four main types: performance and visual arts, publishing, film and broadcasting, and popular music and crafts. The qualifications for the publishing industry have been relaxed to recognize individuals with over five years of publishing experience who demonstrate originality and special performance in their field. Similarly, the qualifications for crafts-related work have been broadened to accept assistant professors or individuals with equivalent qualifications. Prior to these revisions, the application process for foreigners undertaking artistic work in Taiwan was stringent, requiring an application through an employer or by the professionals themselves if they met the necessary qualifications. As of October 2023, Taiwan had 245 self-employed foreign artists holding valid working permits, highlighting the country’s growing reputation as a hub for international art professionals.
    2023/12/19 10:02
  • ’Living’ shines bright on Taiwan drama charts

    Discover the top-ranking Taiwanese dramas of 2023 at the Golden Bell Awards. "Oxcart Trails," a Hokkien period drama showcasing early rural life in Taiwan, takes the lead, while "Port of Lies" explores indigenous issues and secures second place. Wu Kang-ren’s "Living," a deep dive into family relationships, claims third. Wu, winner of the 60th Golden Horse Best Actor award, reflects on his dedication to acting and his successful film "Abang Adik." Don’t miss these acclaimed series that captivated viewers and critics alike.
    2023/12/18 21:24
  • Fish Wang’s new animated short tackles transitional justice

    The National Human Rights Museum has unveiled a new animated short film titled "PIGGY 1/2: A World Apart," created by acclaimed animator Fish Wang. The film explores the theme of transitional justice in a future world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. It took nearly three years to complete and follows the journey of a young exile named "Ban Po" as he questions state mechanisms and protects his loved ones. Wang aims to challenge viewers’ understanding of transitional justice and spark discussions on human rights. Wang’s previous works include the celebrated short "Gold Fish" and the award-winning "Ghost of the Dark Path." The museum director expressed gratitude towards Wang and his team for their creative efforts and highlighted the museum’s commitment to promoting human rights through artistic expressions. The release of "PIGGY 1/2" is anticipated to enhance Taiwan’s societal grasp of human rights values and honor those who fought for these causes.
    2023/12/07 15:35
  • Politician replaces Ko image with Jaw’s sketch on billboard

    New Taipei City legislative candidate Yeh Yuan-chih commissioned a film poster illustrator to replace the image of Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih and Taiwan People’s Party’s (TPP) Ko Wen-je on a joint campaign billboard. The move was made after the anticipated KMT-TPP coalition fell through and each candidate registered independently. The illustrator began transforming the "Hou-Ko billboard" early in the morning, replacing Ko’s likeness with that of KMT vice-presidential candidate Jaw Shaw-kong. Supporters had called for Ko’s removal from the billboard due to the failed coalition. Due to time constraints, the decision was made to hand-draw Jaw’s portrait. Yeh expressed regret over the missed opportunity for cooperation but emphasized the KMT’s nomination of Jaw maintained political vigor. The billboard, popular for photographs, will initially feature a sketched outline of Jaw before a full illustration is rendered. This unconventional approach to updating campaign material has been well-received online, highlighting the use of creativity amidst political strategy shifts.
    2023/11/25 14:33
  • 吳慷仁《富都青年》再拿一獎 明決戰阮經天搶金馬帝座

    由吳慷仁主演新片《富都青年》入圍本屆金馬影帝,目前與阮經天兩人奪帝呼聲最高,不過今(24)日他先在在菲律賓QCinema International Film Festival 獲得「最佳演員獎」,繼拿下FIRST青年電影展影帝寶座後、再添一金,拿獎氣勢旺。
    2023/11/24 17:34
  • Dutch film ’Invisible Nation’ casts Taiwan in new light

    "Invisible Nation," a documentary portraying Taiwan’s path to democracy and featuring President Tsai Ing-wen, premiered at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, drawing acclaim for its unbiased and unique perspective.
    2023/11/19 16:26
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