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    Lunar New Year 結果共89筆

  • Washington State declares Lunar New Year as official holiday

    Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state signs bill designating Lunar New Year as a state holiday, promoting inclusivity for Asian Americans. Representative My-Linh Thai spearheaded the initiative, aiming for nationwide recognition.
    2024/03/15 17:26
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail hits record 73 million riders in 2023

    Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) achieved record-breaking success in 2021, transporting 73.08 million passengers and generating NT$49.8 billion in revenue. THSR aims to surpass NT$50 billion this year, attributing its growth to changes in commuting behavior post-pandemic and enhanced services like frequent ventilation for pandemic prevention. The surge in passenger willingness to use THSR has led to increased travel numbers, with a peak of 310,000 passengers in a single day during the Lunar New Year holiday. THSR serves various purposes, including commuting, business, homecoming, and tourism, with 4.02 million people utilizing the high-speed rail for tourism last year. Additional trains and service enhancements have been implemented to encourage passengers to travel during off-peak hours.
    2024/02/22 17:42
  • Families of deceased Chinese fishermen arrive in Kinmen

    The families of four Chinese fishermen arrive in Kinmen to manage the aftermath of a tragic accident. Accompanied by Red Cross representatives, they prepare for the entombment of their loved ones amid cross-strait tensions. #Kinmen #CrossStraitRelations #RedCross
    2024/02/20 16:21
  • TPP official challenges legality of China tour ban

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) caucus convener Huang Kuo-chang questions the legal grounds of Taiwan’s ban on group tours to China, suspecting it was a hasty response to the pandemic. The government’s sudden change just before the Lunar New Year holiday raised doubts about the ban’s legal basis, with Huang accusing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of using vague legal concepts for punishment. Huang warns against resorting to lies and absurd methods, cautioning about the consequences of broken promises and half-truths.
    2024/02/19 17:13
  • Taoyuan’s garbage collectors gifted cash, donate to charity

    Garbage collectors in Taoyuan City receive unexpected bonuses totaling over NT$156,000 in cash gifts from citizens during Lunar New Year. Despite refusing red envelopes, the city’s cleanup teams were still gifted with tokens of appreciation. The workers plan to donate the entire amount to local social welfare institutions. Taoyuan City’s Department of Environmental Protection emphasizes that garbage collection is a routine duty and urges the public to avoid gifting cash or presents, instead promoting proper waste segregation and eco-friendly habits.
    2024/02/17 13:30
  • Taiwan faces critical blood shortage, O-type at alarming low

    Taiwan Blood Service Foundation reports critical shortage of O-type blood, with only 3.7 days’ worth in stock. Decreased donations due to Lunar New Year holiday impact blood supply, with Taipei Blood Center urging public to donate after work to alleviate crisis. Blood bank stocks at only 4.5 days, far below optimal level of 7-10 days. A, B, and AB blood types also facing shortages.
    2024/02/17 13:29
  • Tsai Ing-wen touts Taiwan’s NT$2.17T investment success

    President Tsai Ing-wen highlights the success of Taiwan’s investment incentives projects, which have attracted over NT$2.17 trillion in investments and created over 140,000 jobs. Speaking at a Lunar New Year event, Tsai emphasizes the importance of Taiwanese businesses in driving economic development and emphasizes Taiwan’s global reach and reliability as an international partner. She also discusses Taiwan’s efforts to improve infrastructure and expand external relations, including trade cooperation with the U.S. and U.K. Tsai calls for the preservation of the peaceful and stable status quo in the Taiwan Strait and expresses a commitment to upholding democracy and seeking cross-strait dialogues. The event was attended by government officials and over 300 Taiwanese businessmen living and working in China.
    2024/02/16 16:38
  • Elephant Trunk Rock’s new look draws capybara fans

    Discover how Elephant Trunk Rock in New Taipei City transformed into a capybara-shaped attraction, drawing crowds during Lunar New Year and boosting local businesses by 50%. Learn about the rock’s unique geology and the unexpected impact of its new appearance.
    2024/02/16 16:38
  • Taiwan left with 2 consecutive holidays post Lunar New Year

    Discover Taiwan’s holiday outlook for 2024! With only two sets of consecutive holidays remaining, find out how this reduction impacts domestic travel and accommodation. Learn how travel providers can capitalize on the upcoming breaks to attract visitors and boost profits.
    2024/02/16 16:26
  • Taipei city egg prices drop post-Lunar New Year glut

    Taipei City Egg Merchants Association announces wholesale egg prices will decrease from NT$52 to NT$49 per Taiwan catty due to unsold stock from before the Lunar New Year. The egg market was closed during the holiday, resulting in no quotations. To alleviate pressure on sales, the farm-gate price has been reduced by NT$3, now at NT$42.5. The association is monitoring demand and potential price adjustments as primary and secondary schools reopen. Current pricing remains unchanged.
    2024/02/16 14:03
  • Vietnamese agency faces fine amid travel payment dispute

    Taipei-based WinnER International Travel Co. has ceased services for a Taiwanese tourist group visiting Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam during the Lunar New Year. The company has retained the group’s deposit and continued to charge fees, citing a violation of contract rules by Mega International Travel Service, which had not made the agreed payment. WinnER International signed a contract with Mega International on September 12, 2023, and received a deposit of NT$700,000 on January 18, 2024. The dispute arose when the two sides could not agree on the service price, leading to WinnER International sending a notice to stop providing service on January 31, which went unanswered. As a result, WinnER International asked each passenger to pay an additional US$720 to continue the journey. The Kien Giang Provincial Tourism Administration has deemed WinnER International’s actions a violation of regulations and will penalize the company for not adhering to travel contract regulations.
    2024/02/16 11:08
  • Flu emergency visits decline amidst high vaccination rates

    This year’s flu season during the Lunar New Year has been relatively mild, potentially due to higher flu vaccination rates and continued mask-wearing, according to Philip Lo, the Deputy Director-General and spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Typically, flu cases surge before and after the Lunar New Year, with the second day of the new year being the busiest for emergency rooms. Despite higher numbers in recent years, this year’s figures are considered mild compared to the pre-pandemic period. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, 6,787 individuals sought emergency care for flu-like symptoms. In previous years, the corresponding numbers were 4,313 in 2023, 1,564 in 2022, 2,458 in 2021, 9,240 in 2020, and 7,983 in 2019. Lo emphasized the need to monitor the potential impact of large gatherings as schools reopen and the travel season begins. In terms of vaccine stock, there are still 82,000 doses of the flu vaccine available, along with 226,000 doses of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine and 4.38 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Lo urged eligible individuals to get vaccinated promptly to enhance their protection.
    2024/02/15 17:26
  • 韓團拜年「1單字」挑動敏感神經! 大陸小粉紅出征:韓國就愛偷

    每年春節期間韓團都難免因「新年問候」引發大陸民眾不滿,往年常出現的爭議就是使用「Lunar New Year」(農曆新年),讓對岸網友認為不尊重「中國新年」。今(2024)年則是才剛來過台灣的韓團ENHYPEN踩到小粉紅地雷,原來他們在拜年影片中,使用了韓文新年的拼音「Seollal」,而被大陸網友痛批:「韓國就是偷國!」
    2024/02/15 14:16
  • Foreign exchange student adopts stray dog in Taiwan

    A German exchange student in Taiwan forms an unexpected bond with a stray dog, altering her travel plans as she prepares to bring the dog back to Germany. A heartwarming story of love and compassion.
    2024/02/14 12:30
  • Maokong Gondola gets festive makeover for Lunar New Year

    Taipei’s Maokong Gondola adorns cable cars with animal-themed decorations for Lunar New Year, while the God of Wealth joins the celebrations. Nearby, Taipei Zoo considers ticket price increases as the gondola flourishes.
    2024/02/12 08:00
  • Stunning ’Taiwan Totem’ amazes visitors in Hualien

    Explore "Taiwan Totem," a stunning creation amidst canola fields and the iconic Kecheng Iron Bridge in Yuli Township, Taiwan. Join the Lunar New Year festivities in this picturesque setting.
    2024/02/11 08:00
  • Sticky Delight: Taiwan’s LNY tradition of abundance

    Taiwanese chefs are ready for Lunar New Year with a sticky delicacy symbolizing prosperity. Discover this culinary tradition and its significance.
    2024/02/10 12:30
  • Lunar New Year: From family time to time for extra income

    Discover the changing traditions of Lunar New Year in Taiwan where the focus shifts from family reunions to earning extra income. Statistics indicate a high inclination to work during the holidays, with part-time jobs offering increased wages and students eagerly participating to maximize their earnings.
    2024/02/10 08:00
  • Lunar New Year dishes’ popularity adds to festive atmosphere

    Kaohsiung’s catering chefs witness a 10% surge in Lunar New Year orders as pandemic restrictions ease, reflecting the festive spirit of the season.
    2024/02/09 12:30
  • Pet hotels in great demand during Lunar New Year holidays

    Amid Taiwan’s Lunar New Year, pet owners face booking difficulties and soaring prices at pet hotels. Tsen Chi-ying, a cat hotel manager, highlights the rising costs and limited capacity, prompting pet owners to seek alternative care solutions.
    2024/02/09 08:00
  • A feast of tradition and festive warmth on Dihua Street

    Experience the bustling Lunar New Year market on Taipei’s Dihua Street, offering a variety of festive essentials. Free shuttle services enhance the shopping experience in a rich cultural setting.
    2024/02/08 12:30
  • Innovative red envelope designs surge in popularity

    Discover the latest trend in Taiwan’s Lunar New Year celebrations with the surge of DIY red envelope designs. From personalized packets to innovative cash dispensers, explore how tradition meets creativity in 2024.
    2024/02/08 09:00
  • Formosa Plastics invests NT$318M to upgrade heavy industries

    Formosa Plastics Corporation will invest NT$318.03 million into Formosa Heavy Industries to expand its business operations. The corporation plans to spend NT$59.58 million on two designation projects and two initiatives to upgrade manufacturing processes. The decision is a response to the impact of China’s "Refining-chemical integration" endeavor, which has caused a dip in demand for petrochemicals and plastics. By enhancing equipment, Formosa Plastics aims to increase carbon fiber and PVC production capabilities, anticipating a positive market boost. Despite reduced shipping days during the Lunar New Year, the company projects a seasonally high-demand period post-Lunar New Year. With lower inflation in Western countries and growing consumer confidence, the market is expected to warm up.
    2024/02/07 16:52
  • Taoyuan Mayor gifts lucky bags for New Year festivities

    Taoyuan Mayor Simon Chang distributed "Year of the Dragon" lucky bags at the city hall on the final working day before the Lunar New Year. The bags featured a dragon enfolded in peach blossoms, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. Each bag contained a one-dollar coin bundled with a red cord, believed to ward off evil and disasters. The lucky bags were labeled "Dragon’s Peace" and represented gathering wealth, good luck, and auspiciousness. Mayor Chang shared the bags with city hall staff, janitors, security guards, and the public passing by for business.
    2024/02/07 16:21
  • Premier Chen urges action on food safety before LNY

    Premier Chen Chien-jen calls for central and local governments to ensure food safety in response to the discovery of Cimbuterol, or "lean meat powder," in TaiSugar pork. This issue is particularly important as the Lunar New Year holiday approaches. Chen expresses gratitude to the Taichung City Government for re-testing the pork sample and hopes for swift publication of the scientific verification results. The Health Bureau of Taichung City Government previously announced that the level of Cimbuterol in the sampled TaiSugar pork exceeded the limit. Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Victor Wang urges caution in handling the case, while Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen emphasizes the top priority of ensuring food safety and advocates for rigorous and swift measures.
    2024/02/07 12:02
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