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  • Taipei envoy’s plane hit by lightning after takeoff

    Discover the harrowing experience of Frank Hsieh, head of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, as his plane was struck by lightning after takeoff from Songshan, sparking a moment of reflection and a light-hearted conclusion.
  • Taiwan’s MND head confirms Chinese submarine sighting

    Discover the latest on a Chinese submarine spotted near Taiwan’s median line in the Taiwan Strait, confirmed by Defense Minister Wellington Koo. Learn about the unexpected encounter and ongoing speculations.
    2024/06/18 14:08
  • MOTC head: Tainan railway project set for 2026 completion

    Minister Li Meng-yen announced the Tainan railway underground project will be completed by 2026, with significant progress on the Tainan Metro supported by President Lai.
    2024/06/12 15:44
  • MAC head warns travelers after detention incident in China

    Discover the latest on cross-strait relations: Taiwan’s MAC confirms the release of a detained Taiwanese tour group member in China and highlights safety concerns for travelers. Read more about the incident and the implications for the upcoming Straits Forum.
    2024/06/07 12:20
  • Supermicro head touts green computing at COMPUTEX keynote

    Supermicro CEO Charles Liang unveils new AI tech and liquid cooling systems at COMPUTEX, highlighting significant savings, CO2 emissions cuts, and the potential for mainstream green computing.
    2024/06/05 11:40
  • MOFA head unhappy about KMT criticism of Taiwan-Czechia aid

    Explore the unfolding controversy as Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs addresses criticisms from a KMT legislator regarding the handling of a foreign aid project with the Czech Republic. The story details legal and political challenges faced by the government.
    2024/05/09 18:14
  • Lai Ching-te unveils cross-strait team appointments

    President-elect Lai Ching-te announces key national security appointments, naming Chiu Chui-cheng as head of the Mainland Affairs Council and Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan as chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation, emphasizing the importance of cross-strait relations and the anticipation for China to engage with Taiwan’s democratically elected government.
    2024/04/26 12:08
  • Seismologist urges preparedness, not panic after quakes

    Explore how Kuo Kai-wen, ex-head of the Seismological Center, addresses concerns over potential magnitude 7 aftershocks following 200 recent earthquakes, emphasizing preparedness without panic. He recalls past seismic events and reassures that such occurrences are normal, highlighting the unpredictability of earthquakes.
    2024/04/23 17:36
  • EU appoints Lutz Güllner as new representative in Taiwan

    Lutz Güllner, head of the EEAS Strategic Communication Division, appointed as European representative in Taiwan and head of the European Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan, signifying EU’s commitment to strengthening ties with Taiwan in trade and strategic communication.
    2024/04/17 15:43
  • MND head stands by IDS program amid leadership strain

    Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense, Chiu Kuo-cheng, supports Huang Shu-kuang amidst his resignation due to exhaustion, emphasizing the collective effort of the Indigenous Defense Submarine program and denying rumors of its disbandment or leadership changes involving Wellington Koo.
    2024/04/17 13:17
  • Ma Ying-jeou’s ROC gaffe clarified by foundation head

    Former ROC President Ma Ying-jeou visits China, meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Ma’s executive director Hsiao Hsu-tsen clarifies Ma’s "Republic of China" gaffe, praises Xi’s attentiveness to Taiwanese students, and urges Taiwan’s Lai Ching-te government to seize opportunity for improved cross-strait ties.
    2024/04/12 14:04
  • Taipei health chief defends hospital’s response to crisis

    The head of Taipei’s health department, Chen Yen-yuan, commends the medical team’s swift response at a press conference regarding alleged medical negligence at a hospital treating victims of a suspected mass food poisoning incident at Polam Kopitiam in Xinyi District. Family members of the deceased are considering legal action, prompting immediate inter-departmental support for bereaved families. Mackay Memorial Hospital’s efforts to resuscitate a severely ill patient are defended by Chen and Dr. Yen Tzung-hai, who affirm the hospital’s diligent care and use of the best medication.
    2024/03/29 17:06
  • Legislators urge inclusive HPV vaccine program in Taiwan

    Lawmakers and health advocates in Taipei call for gender equality in cancer prevention policy, pushing for junior high school boys to be included in the public HPV vaccination program. Data shows higher rates of oral HPV infections and head and neck cancer in males. Taipei City has already allocated funds for HPV vaccinations for boys, with calls for nationwide implementation. Suggestions include using increased tobacco health surcharge revenue to fund vaccinations. Calls for equal opportunities in cancer prevention measures for all students and a focus on lowering cancer risks for children.
    2024/03/05 17:23
  • Tainan Mayor backs probe into solar plant scandal

    Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che supports a thorough investigation into an alleged solar power plant scandal involving Ysolar Co. under former Executive Yuan Commissioner Ku Sheng-hui. The Tainan prosecutor’s office is probing the case, with Mayor Huang subpoenaed as a witness. Huang emphasizes the importance of transparency and adherence to legal guidelines in green energy development, stressing the need for swift resolution and clarity in the investigation.
    2024/03/01 15:59
  • KMT reaffirms cross-strait dialogue commitment amid tensions

    Andrew Hsia, vice chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) party, emphasizes promoting cross-strait exchanges and dialogue to prevent misunderstandings during a meeting with Song Tao, head of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO). The discussion at the Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai addresses recent tensions, highlighting the KMT’s stance on the "1992 Consensus" and opposition to "Taiwan Independence." Both parties stress the importance of restraint to maintain peace and mutual trust in cross-strait relations.
    2024/03/01 10:51
  • 東方神起開唱!兩度衝下台 允浩為台粉求SM「又幫昌珉慶生」

    韓國天團東方神起在歌壇地位屹立不搖,邁入出道20週年的他們,於2023年底展開巡演「20&2」,他們睽違4年半,今(24)日在林口體育館(國立體育大學綜合體育館)開唱,兩人元宵節來台拜晚年,歌單從〈Rising Sun〉、〈命運〉、〈Keep Your Head Down〉、〈Mirotic〉等必聽曲目通通都有,帶來一場回顧20年歲月的音樂饗宴,允浩更說要向公司SM娛樂爭取能更常來台灣跟大家見面。
    2024/02/24 20:44
  • Solomon Islands opposition head proposes ‘dual recognition’

    Solomon Islands gears up for elections, reigniting discussions on diplomatic ties with Taiwan and China. Peter Kenilorea Jr. advocates for reevaluating the security agreement with China, proposing a "dual recognition" policy.
    2024/02/16 16:13
  • Former speaker You Si-kun resigns, sparks political shuffle

    Former Legislative Speaker You Si-kun has resigned from his at-large legislator position, citing personal plans. This decision was reported to President-elect Lai Ching-te on January 19. Former Democratic Progressive Party legislator Julian Kuo disclosed that Lai had selected two departing Taiwan People’s Party legislators for his cabinet and arranged for You to assume another high-level position. The vacant at-large legislator position will be filled by Dr. Wang Cheng-hsu, Chairman of HOPE Foundation for Cancer Care. Additionally, DPP policy head Wang Yi-chuan may potentially take on the at-large legislator role if more vacancies arise. DPP legislator Chuang Jui-hsiung, who is rumored to be appointed as the Minister of Agriculture, has not yet received any official appointment.
    2024/02/02 10:33
  • KMT head demands party unity ahead of speaker vote

    As Taiwan prepares for the inauguration of its 11th Legislative Yuan, KMT chairman Eric Chu emphasizes the need for party unity and transparent elections. Chu critiques potential deceptive tactics by the DPP and advocates for significant parliamentary reforms and a collaborative effort to foster a renewed democratic atmosphere in Taiwan.
    2024/01/31 15:21
  • Premier Chen eyes return to academia post-May

    Premier Chen Chien-jen expresses his desire to return to academic research at Academia Sinica after May 20. He hopes to continue serving humanity through his academic pursuits, which have always been his passion. President-elect Lai Ching-te is confident in his well-thought-out arrangements for cabinet positions, aligning with the people’s expectations. Lai intends to recruit capable individuals for ministerial and agency head positions, regardless of their political affiliation.
    2024/01/30 18:07
  • President-elect Lai Ching-te advises new legislators

    Taiwan President-elect Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) visited the Legislative Yuan to participate in the "New Legislator Consensus Camp." Lai encouraged the newly-elected DPP legislators, stressing his neutral stance in Congress. He shared his past experiences and strategies as DPP caucus head, as well as the painful experiences he went through during his tenure. Lai, hailed as the strongest caucus director during his time in the Legislative Yuan, gave three suggestions to the new legislators: to become a new force for the nation, to focus on their professional duties and ideals, and to work cooperatively with the party caucus to advance national development goals. Lai emphasized the importance of teamwork in the Legislative Yuan and hopes to guide the new legislators in effective governance and realizing their ideals in Congress through the sharing of experiences by Legislative Yuan Speaker You Si-kun and caucus whip Ker Chien-ming.
    2024/01/23 14:55
  • President-elect Lai Ching-te exits New Tide faction

    President Lai Ching-te has announced his departure from the New Tide faction of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following the conclusion of the 2024 presidential race. The decision was supported by the New Tide office, recognizing the president’s role in leading the government and symbolizing party unity. Discussions about Lai’s withdrawal began prior to the election, making it unnecessary to explore who initiated the departure. Former legislator Tuan Yi-kang expressed that it is better for the country if President Lai, as the head of state, is no longer a member of New Tide. The New Tide faction, established in 1983, is one of the main factions within the DPP and consists of editors and writers from "The Movement" magazine. Known for its firm beliefs and strict discipline, the faction is considered the most combat-ready within the DPP. The decision of President Lai is further emphasized by frequent public criticisms from Ko Wen-je, chairman of the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP), who has targeted issues of corruption and fraud within the New Tide faction.
    2024/01/17 14:15
  • Taiwan’s voters head to the polls to elect new leaders

    Taiwan’s voters head to the polls in a crucial election. Weather conditions and cross-strait tensions add complexity to the choices. President Tsai Ing-wen casts her vote as a third party competes. Stay updated on TVBS World Taiwan.
    2024/01/13 10:54
  • Taiwanese pangolin’s night visit captures hearts

    A young Taiwanese pangolin pays a surprise visit to a residence in Chiayi County, capturing hearts with adorable photos. The villa owner, Hsu Ming-wei, temporarily keeps the pangolin for its safety before releasing it in the nearby mountains. Estimated to weigh around 2.1 kilograms, the pangolin falls short of its adult weight of approximately 20 kilograms. Hsu believes that a group of pangolins likely resides near his property. While capturing pangolins is prohibited due to their protected status, Hsu will not face penalties for his well-intentioned actions. Shui Hui-ling, the head of animal science and conservation at the Chiayi County Agriculture Department, advises notifying authorities and providing video evidence when releasing such animals.
    2023/12/26 14:15
  • China’s TAO announces resumption of Taiwan grouper imports

    China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesperson, Zhu Fenglian, announced that the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China will resume imports of Taiwan groupers from certified and registered fish farms. This comes after China halted imports of the fish on June 13, 2022, due to the detection of banned substances. Zhu praised the Taiwanese grouper industry for taking effective measures to improve the safety of groupers during this period. She specifically highlighted the guidance provided by Su Ching-chuan, the policy committee vice chair of the Kuomintang (KMT), and Huang Yi-cheng, head of the Taiwan Cross-Strait Agricultural and Fishery Exchange Development Investment Association. The TAO emphasized that as long as Taiwan adheres to the 1992 Consensus and opposes independence, mainland China and Taiwan will be considered one family.
    2023/12/22 16:15
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