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    electric vehicle 結果共34筆

  • Foxtron to battle Chinese brands in EV race

    Discover how Foxtron, a joint venture between Hon Hai and Yulon, plans to expand its EV designs globally, facing competition from Chinese brands, and its strategy for entering markets in Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Europe.
    2024/05/23 13:28
  • KYMCO’s new iONEX UNO sets the stage for a new e-motor trend

    KYMCO introduces the iONEX UNO, an innovative electric motorcycle that combines charging and battery-swapping capabilities. It sets a new standard for sustainable urban mobility and supports global net-zero goals.
    2024/05/15 18:12
  • Taiwan and Japan collaborate on electric three-wheelers

    Explore how Taiwan and Japan are pioneering the future of urban transport with their new electric three-wheeler, set to launch in 2025. This compact and efficient vehicle is tailored for dense city environments.
    2024/05/14 15:52
  • Xi Jinping to visit Europe, first trip since COVID outbreak

    Explore Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first visit to Europe since the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to enhance China-Europe relations and address trade disputes from May 5-11.
    2024/04/30 16:14
  • Thailand’s pivotal role in KYMCO’s EV strategy: Chairman Ko

    Discover how KYMCO’s partnership with Arun Plus is set to transform the electric vehicle landscape in Southeast Asia with the new AIONEX venture, focusing on sustainable transportation solutions.
    2024/04/29 18:08
  • ADAS under scrutiny after multiple crashes in Taiwan

    Explore the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board’s proactive investigations into various transportation incidents, including its first inquiry into an electric vehicle accident, collisions involving advanced driver assistance systems, a Taichung MRT crash, a school bus overturning, and a tour bus accident. Reports on these cases aim to enhance safety measures and prevent future occurrences.
    2024/04/22 12:31
  • Taiwanese embrace EVs while global sales slow down

    Discover why Taiwan is experiencing a surge in electric vehicle adoption despite a global market slowdown. Learn about the strategic adjustments major car manufacturers are making in response to challenges and competition in the EV sector.
    2024/04/19 17:12
  • Former U.S. executive shares 30 years experience in China

    Former American executive Mark Atkeson shares insights from his 30 years in China, discussing the significant role of the private sector, the state of the electric vehicle industry, and advocating for reduced government control.
    2024/04/11 18:16
  • Taipei expo showcases new era of smart city tech with 5G, AI

    Discover how Taipei’s Smart City Summit and Expo unveils groundbreaking innovations in 5G, AI, and urban technology, driving Taiwan towards the era of smarter cities.
    2024/03/20 20:09
  • Foxconn predicts triple-digit growth in GPU module business

    Foxconn’s Chairman Liu Young-way announces significant growth for the company due to increased generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Foxconn’s leading position in the AI server market is highlighted, with plans for growth in GPU module and AI server businesses. The company’s cloud network products are experiencing strong growth, with a focus on electric vehicles as well. Liu’s trip to the U.S. for the Nvidia GTC conference aims to showcase Foxconn’s new collaboration model. Shared prosperity and dedication to profits are emphasized in the company’s philosophy.
    2024/03/15 15:39
  • 2024世界年度風雲車決賽名單出爐!中國品牌首度上榜

    一年一度的World Car Awards向來都是備受關注的車壇盛事,而2024年世界年度風雲車的決賽名單近日終於在近日公佈了,另外大會也一並公佈了年度都會車 (World Urban Car)、年度豪華車 (World Luxury Car)、年度性能車 (World Performance Car) 、年度最佳設計 (World Car Design of the Year) 與年度純電車 (World Electric Vehicle of the Year)的決賽名單。其中最有亮點絕對就屬,首次進入世界年度風雲車決賽的中國車廠BYD比亞迪。
    2024/02/07 13:29
  • Taiwan eyes stronger ties with UK post-Brexit

    Following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union (EU), Taiwan’s representative to the UK, Vincent Yao, stated that Brexit has allowed the UK to establish closer economic ties with Taiwan, potentially helping Taiwan resist China’s attempts to isolate it. Taiwan is also increasingly investing in the UK, with the goal of becoming the UK’s primary trading partner in Europe. Additionally, strengthening UK-Taiwan trade relations could benefit the UK by providing access to Taiwan’s key industries, such as semiconductors. The bilateral relationship between Taiwan and the UK is reflected in the increase of UK government officials posted to Taiwan and the expansion of the UK office in Taipei. Collaboration between the two countries extends to areas such as artificial intelligence, offshore wind power, and electric vehicle batteries. However, there is still room for further development in bilateral cooperation.
    2024/01/30 12:41
  • Taiwan defense stocks surge ahead of presidential election

    Taipei’s military, national defense, and aerospace stocks experienced notable performances in early trading as Taiwan’s presidential election approaches. AirAsia, Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), and Thunder Tiger stood out, attracting investor attention. With the United States reporting a slowdown in inflation growth, the market anticipates a lower probability of further interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve (Fed). AirAsia reported a net zero profit for the first ten months of the year, with optimism in the commercial maintenance market. AIDC exceeded last year’s total revenue in the first ten months, aiming for its highest annual profit since listing. AIDC Chairman Hu Kai-hung is working towards enhancing Taiwan’s aerospace industry through the A-Team 4.0 alliance. Thunder Tiger is planning collaborations with domestic electric vehicle supply chains and aiming to introduce innovative solutions in the defense sector.
    2023/12/12 19:13
  • Hotai Motor reports 23,400 vehicle backlog amid sales dip

    Taiwanese distributor Hotai Motor, responsible for TOYOTA and LEXUS, reported a backlog of around 23,400 orders during an earnings call on Dec. 8. Despite an expected slight decrease in sales volume, the outlook remains optimistic. Hotai Motor dominates Taiwan’s auto market with a 33.3% share, as TOYOTA and LEXUS sold a combined total of 144,522 vehicles from January to November. The profit for the first three quarters was driven by the company’s core operations, particularly the more profitable LEXUS brand. With 19,000 pending orders for TOYOTA and 4,400 for LEXUS, the current order book suggests business for the next two months. Hotai Motor’s diversified investees, including Carmax, Hotai Finance, and Hotai Leasing, continue to grow. Hotai Insurance also experienced significant growth, except for the investing channel in China, which was affected by competitive pricing from domestic electric vehicle brands like BYD.
    2023/12/08 17:45
  • Thailand’s strategic appeal draws Taiwanese professionals

    Explore how the shifting dynamics between China and the U.S. are influencing multinational supply chains, leading Taiwanese professionals to seek opportunities in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand. Discover Thailand’s strategic advantages in labor and electric vehicle initiatives and Taiwan’s collaborative efforts.
    2023/11/29 09:37
  • Taiwan’s car market hits 18-year high in October sales

    Explore the soaring heights of Taiwan’s automotive market in 2023. From electric vehicle demand to the impact of the global chip shortage, discover the key drivers behind the near 18-year sales high and the evolving landscape of car brands in Taiwan.
    2023/11/28 09:34
  • Foxtron marks milestone with record n7 EV model pre-orders

    Foxtron, a joint venture of Yulon Motor’s Luxgen Motor, has received over 9,100 pre-orders for its n7 electric vehicle (EV), making a significant impact on Taiwan’s domestic EV industry. Deliveries of the highly anticipated n7 model are set to begin in mid-January next year and be completed by the end of June. The n7’s pre-order numbers, achieved in just two days, equal three years of total EV sales in Taiwan, signaling a bright future for the EV market. Foxconn CEO Young Liu, leading the electric transformation of the trillion-dollar corporation, sees the increasing global competition in the EV sector as beneficial for Foxconn and its business models. Platformization, modularization, and standardization are key strategies for achieving cost control and timely product launches, which are at the core of Foxconn and Foxtron. The n7 model, benefiting from the shared platform provided by Foxtron, enjoys a competitive edge in cost, aligning with Foxconn’s global EV aspirations. The success of Foxtron’s n7 could potentially usher in a new era for Taiwan’s presence in the international EV landscape as the demand for sustainable transport continues to grow.
    2023/11/22 20:38
  • Pre-IPO event highlights Foxtron’s tripling revenue

    Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., announced that its revenue has tripled compared to last year, indicating promising future growth. The company’s electric bus, Model T, has received overwhelming orders exceeding its production capacity, while its first passenger car, Model C, has been adopted by Luxgen Motor Co., Ltd. with orders surpassing 8,000 units. CEO Andy Lee envisions complete electrification of public buses by 2030, anticipating significant growth for Foxtron products in the coming years.
    2023/10/23 17:34
  • Taiwan anticipates AI boom after ’AI Godfather’ visit

    Taiwan is abuzz with excitement as "AI Godfather" Jensen Huang’s return is anticipated, sparking a surge in interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and electric vehicle technology. Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, has refrained from confirming rumors of his return in mid-October for Hon Hai Tech Day 2023.
    2023/10/06 14:17
  • Taiwan accelerates electric vehicle charging investments

    Taiwan is making strides toward achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, including the ban on fuel-powered cars by 2040. As a result, the electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, and there is an increasing demand for more charging stations to support this trend.
    2023/07/25 17:06
  • New Taipei adopts fire blankets to combat electric car fires

    New Taipei City Fire Department has recently acquired 16 fire blankets to enhance their firefighting capabilities when dealing with electric vehicle (EV) fires. The move comes in response to the growing concern over the potential dangers posed by these fires, which can reach temperatures as high as 900 degrees Celsius. 
    2023/06/26 17:25
  • All 1,700 KYMCO dealers to offer e-motors services by 2025

    KYMCO revealed major accomplishments on June 19 that the electric vehicle(EV) Ionex brand of the Taiwan-based automaker is the country’s largest battery swapping network, and announced its plan to upgrade all KYMCO dealers to KYMCO-Ionex dealers.
    2023/06/20 18:11
  • ProLogium unveils plans for first gigafactory in France

    Taiwan’s leading electric vehicle battery maker ProLogium has announced plans to build the first overseas gigafactory in Dunkirk, northern France. The founder and CEO of ProLogium, Vincent Yang, stressed the intention to keep its roots in Taiwan has not changed but expressed hopes to continue expansion across Asia on Friday (June 9).
    2023/06/09 18:45
  • Taiwan to ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2040

    TAIPEI (TVBS News) — Taiwan has set an ambitious goal of banning the sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2040, with a target of 30% electric vehicle market share by 2030 and 60% by 2035. 
    2023/05/03 09:54
  • Toyota將引進氫能電動車「Mirai」 這4天搶先亮相

    Toyota要達到淨零碳排這項目標除了推動純電車(Battery Electric Vehicle,BEV)之外,還有氫燃料電池車(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle,FCEV)這項利器,而已發展至第二代的Mirai就是Toyota集團集最新FCEV技術於一身的尖端產品。而Toyota總代理和泰汽車在上(3)月20日宣布與國內的氣體公司-聯華林德進行合作,要將Mirai以專案方式引進至台灣且最快2024年就會上路試營運!
    2023/04/12 17:09
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