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  • China calls man’s Taiwan Strait crossing ’purely personal’

    Discover the story of a Chinese man’s daring journey across the Taiwan Strait in a speedboat, sparking a debate on national security and political tensions between Taiwan and China.
    2024/06/12 15:10
  • Taiwan’s patrol vessel docks in Hawaii for fisheries mission

    Discover the details of Taiwan’s Coast Guard vessel "Hsinchu" docking in Honolulu Harbor for its first high seas fisheries patrol mission of 2024, emphasizing Taiwan’s maritime safety efforts.
    2024/06/12 14:58
  • Taipei mayor calls for security review after boat breach

    Discover how Taipei’s mayor responds to a Chinese national’s bold maritime breach into the Tamsui River, calling for a security overhaul and accountability.
    2024/06/12 14:07
  • Taiwan admits human error in Chinese boat breach

    Discover how a Chinese national breached Taiwan’s maritime border, leading to a review of Taiwan’s coastal defense systems and disciplinary actions against Coast Guard personnel.
    2024/06/12 10:02
  • 自投羅網?送貨潛艇衝撞美荷海巡被擊沉 20億市值古柯鹼全沒收

    美國海岸巡防隊(U.S. Coast Guard)日前在佛州港口卸載一批超過4800磅(約等於2177公斤)的古柯鹼,市值超過6300萬美元(約新台幣20億4175萬元)。根據官方聲明指出,這批古柯鹼是兩天前,巡防隊員在加勒比海擊沉一艘運毒快艇後取得的。該執法行動由荷蘭皇家海軍主導,在委內瑞拉外海發生,當時聯合執法的艦艇在公海發現,一艘疑似走私毒品的小型快艇,發出通知要求停船卻無人回應,對方甚至直接駕駛船隻衝撞巡防隊船艦,但最終被優勢火力擊沉,船上走私人員也落海失蹤。
    2024/06/09 14:16
  • Premier pledges full support for Taiwan Coast Guard

    Discover how Taiwan’s government is bolstering the Coast Guard with over NT$90 million in investments for new patrol vehicles, aiming to enhance maritime security and law enforcement. Learn about the agency’s success in combating smuggling and illegal fishing.
    2024/06/03 14:48
  • 11 Chinese vessels spotted near Taiwan: MND

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s defense response as the Ministry of National Defense reports monitoring 11 Chinese naval and coast guard vessels in the Taiwan Strait.
    2024/05/22 14:25
  • Taiwan’s opposition to reaffirm sovereignty on Taiping

    Taiwanese opposition legislators are set to visit Taiping Island to observe military activities and assert sovereignty, potentially stirring tensions in the contested South China Sea.
    2024/05/16 18:26
  • Ocean Affairs Minister promotes maritime careers

    Ocean Affairs Council Minister Kuan Bi-ling encourages students at Central Police University to join maritime patrol, highlighting the role’s importance in safeguarding maritime sovereignty, fighting crime, and ensuring safety at sea. Kuan commits to supporting educational resources and promoting international cooperation to enhance maritime patrol capabilities and uphold the "three safeties."
    2024/05/03 11:49
  • Taiwan struck by twin quakes, no link to past tremor

    Discover the details of two significant earthquakes striking off Taiwan’s eastern coast, as reported by the Central Weather Administration. Learn about the seismic events’ magnitudes, timing, and unique characteristics, emphasizing their independence from earlier tremors. Explore the geological context provided by experts, highlighting Taiwan’s position at a plate collision point and the implications for its earthquake preparedness.
    2024/04/25 14:45
  • 4.7 magnitude earthquake shakes Hualien, felt across Taiwan

    Discover the latest on the significant earthquake off Hualien County’s coast, as reported by the Central Weather Administration. With a magnitude of 4.7, this quake impacted various regions across Taiwan, prompting alerts for potential aftershocks. Stay informed on the seismic activity affecting Hualien, Nantou, Taichung, and beyond.
    2024/04/25 11:53
  • Chinese cargo ship sinks near Kinmen, crew members rescued

    Chinese cargo ship Ruicheng 6 sank off Kinmen amid dense fog; 12 crew members rescued by nearby vessel Tung I 602 and returned to China; 7 tons of heavy oil leaked from sunken ship.
    2024/04/17 16:56
  • 3男重演《浩劫重生》 困無人荒島用棕櫚葉排「HELP」奇蹟獲救

    美國海軍和海岸警衛隊(U.S. Coast Guard)9日進行營救行動,將3名受困在太平洋小島上超過1周的民眾救出,令人驚奇的是這3人竟是靠著在白色沙灘上用棕櫚葉拼出「救命」(HELP)、被經過的飛機發現後才獲救,宛若電影般的過程引起討論。
    2024/04/12 10:08
  • Taiwan raises NT$580M for Hualien quake relief in 8 days

    Here is a meta description for the given story: The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Hualien disaster relief project has raised nearly NT$580 million to aid reconstruction efforts following the powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Hualien on April 3, causing severe damage.
    2024/04/11 12:08
  • Pingtung fishing vessel returns, CGA probes disappearance

    The "Hung Hsing Yu" fishing vessel returns safely to Yanpu Fishing Port in Pingtung after being detained by the CGA at Singda Harbor Coast Guard Base, Kaohsiung, with no evidence of wrongdoing found. The ship had been missing for five days, sparking an investigation into its disappearance and lack of communication, attributed to a generator failure. The captain and two Indonesian crew members are safe.
    2024/04/09 18:39
  • Search intensifies for missing boat after Hualien quake

    Taiwan’s Coast Guard and National Rescue Command Center continue the search for the "Hung Hsing Yu" fishing vessel, missing since the Hualien earthquake on April 3. The boat, from Donggang, Pingtung, carried three people, including Captain Chen and two Indonesian fishermen. Despite extensive efforts, including dispatching ships and helicopters, the vessel remains unlocated.
    2024/04/08 14:21
  • 金車柏克金再推全新力作 『金釀系列IPA啤酒』上市 獨特冷泡工藝 打造奢華低苦大人味

    適逢春意盎然的春分之際,金車柏克金再度推出全新啤酒系列「Buckskin Craft柏克金金釀系列IPA啤酒」,該系列包含「PEAK IPA琥珀山峰金釀啤酒」與「COAST IPA日光海岸金釀啤酒」,遵循柏克金最引以為傲的高品質釀造工藝,兩款金釀啤酒皆以特製冷泡工法,讓啤酒花的苦味與麥芽甜感達到絕佳平衡,更清晰展現出豐滿香氣和奢華輕苦味,形成富有驚喜風味層次的完美口感,打造出最適合台灣人偏好的低苦感IPA啤酒。每瓶330ml,酒精濃度7%,建議售價$58,即日起於各大通路陸續販售,上市期間享新品嚐鮮價!
    2024/03/22 11:28
  • Taiwanese fishermen rescued by Chinese Coast Guard

    Two Taiwanese fishers, surnamed Hu and Wu, were rescued by the Chinese Coast Guard after drifting out to sea from Kinmen. Authorities on both sides are coordinating their repatriation following a joint rescue effort.
    2024/03/18 16:28
  • 「人類排泄物」激增! 加州中部海灘宣布禁止隔夜露營

    美國加州中央海岸地區(Central Coast)的聖卡波佛羅海灘(San Carpoforo Beach)是一處免費的海灘露營地,近期受到許多露營愛好者的歡迎,但加州海岸委員會上週四(14日)宣布,聖卡波佛羅未來2年將禁止過夜露營,原因是「人類排泄物過多」、垃圾量激增。
    2024/03/18 10:50
  • Urgent search for 2 missing fishermen near Bei Ding Island

    Two fishermen from Kinmen, surnamed Wu and Hu, went missing after setting off for a sea venture near Bei Ding Island. The vessel they used has not been located. The search operation by the Kinmen Coast Guard continues as authorities plan to resume efforts once the fog clears.
    2024/03/18 10:43
  • Search continues for missing 2 Chinese fishermen

    Taipei: Mainland China fishing boat capsizes off Dongding Island, leaving 2 dead and 2 missing. Coast guard in frantic search as hope hangs on the critical 72-hour window.
    2024/03/15 12:10
  • Chinese fishing boats caught trespassing Miaoli waters

    Coast Guard Administration officials confirm three Chinese fishing vessels entered Taiwan’s waters off Miaoli. Patrol boats withdrew due to bad weather, but a Yilan warship drove the vessels away.
    2024/03/14 15:57
  • Taiwan’s military refutes rumors amid sea rescue

    The Army Kinmen Defense Command responds to a Chinese fishing vessel incident near Dongding Island, with crew members in critical condition. Online speculation about the cause is refuted, emphasizing the commitment to humanitarian rescue efforts.
    2024/03/14 15:17
  • Chinese fishing boat capsizes: 2 dead, 2 missing

    Chinese fishing boat Minlong Fishing 61222 capsized off Kinmen, leaving two dead, two missing, and two survivors. Search and rescue operations are ongoing with resources deployed from both China and Taiwan.
    2024/03/14 11:07
  • Officials clash over Kinmen-Xiamen water passage

    Amid tensions, Kuomintang legislator questions passage of Chinese dredging vessels in Kinmen waters. Premier responds. Spokesperson criticizes Taiwan officials. Coast Guard clarifies regulations.
    2024/03/13 18:21
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