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    Typhoon 結果共139筆

  • Typhoon Maliksi to hit Guangdong, weaken by tomorrow

    Discover the latest weather forecast for Taiwan as the Central Weather Administration predicts brief showers and thunderstorms due to an approaching frontal system. Typhoon Maliksi, set to weaken after landfall, brings cooler temperatures and significant rainfall over the weekend. Stay updated on changing weather patterns affecting Taiwan from May 31 to June 6.
    2024/05/31 09:32
  • Experts predict La Niña onset, warn of closer typhoons

    Discover how the shift from El Niño to La Niña will impact Taiwan and the Western Pacific’s weather, with insights from Dr. Lin De-en and the U.S. Climate Prediction Center. Expect changes in typhoon activity, rainfall, and temperatures.
    2024/05/29 12:05
  • Typhoon Aghon sets course for Japan, upgraded to moderate

    Discover the latest on Typhoon Aghon, the first typhoon of the year, now a moderate typhoon heading towards Japan. Learn about its impact on Taiwan and safety warnings for coastal areas.
    2024/05/27 14:43
  • Typhoon Ewiniar expected to form, minimal impact on Taiwan

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s weather as the island braces for the first typhoon of 2024, Aiveni. Experts predict minimal impact but advise caution.
    2024/05/24 12:21
  • Taiwan braces for unstable weather, thunderstorms this week

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s weather: a week of mixed conditions with showers, thunderstorms, and a potential typhoon developing near the Philippine Sea. Stay updated on how it may affect you.
    2024/05/23 15:16
  • Meteorologist sees 50% chance of first typhoon Ewiniar

    Discover the latest weather forecast for Taiwan, including brief showers, thunderstorms, and the 50% chance of the season’s first typhoon, Ewiniar. Stay updated on temperature changes and weather improvements expected next week.
    2024/05/23 09:25
  • Potential typhoon may veer away from Taiwan, analyst says

    Discover the latest on the tropical disturbance developing southeast of the Philippines, with potential to become the first typhoon of the year. Experts predict its path and impact.
    2024/05/22 10:29
  • Tropical depression likely to form near Philippines: expert

    Discover the latest weather forecast as expert Chia Hsin-hsing predicts an 80%-90% chance of a tropical depression forming east of the Philippines, potentially becoming Typhoon Aiveni. Learn about the expected weather changes and areas affected by showers or thunderstorms.
    2024/05/21 11:35
  • Climate change brings stronger typhoons to Taiwan

    Explore how rising temperatures and changing weather patterns due to climate change are impacting Taiwan, including the challenges in typhoon detection and regional prevention strategies.
    2024/05/08 17:00
  • Taiwan on alert for 2024’s first potential typhoon ’Ewiniar’

    Discover the potential formation of 2024’s first typhoon, "Ewiniar," as detected by the Central Weather Administration east of the Philippines, and its expected impact on Taiwan’s weather.
    2024/05/08 15:31
  • Taiwan faces water shortages as some reservoir levels fall

    Explore how Taiwan’s critical water shortages are impacted by seasonal changes and increased industrial demand, posing challenges for its semiconductor industry and agricultural needs.
    2024/04/25 18:31
  • La Niña likely to shape Taiwan’s climate in 2024

    Lin Te-en predicts a high chance of La Niña in 2024, potentially affecting Taiwan’s weather with fewer typhoons, altered rainfall patterns, and cooler temperatures, based on a U.S. study.
    2024/04/22 15:26
  • Alishan Forest Railway to reopen July after 15-year closure

    Here is a meta description for the story about the Alishan Forest Railway restoration: Alishan Forest Railway, a NT$2.3 billion 15-year project, to fully reopen July 1, 2024, connecting Chiayi as an international tourist destination, after repairs from typhoon damage in 2009 and 2015.
    2024/04/11 14:17
  • FBI指控遭大陸植入惡意軟體 大陸外交部駁斥

    聯邦調查局(FBI)局長雷伊日前表示,中國大陸在美國關鍵基礎設施網路植入惡意軟體已達「前所未有的規模」,對此,大陸外交部指美方「純屬混淆是非」。大陸中心記者陳韻雯今(21日)於《FOCUS國際話題》中,接受主持人楊慈茵線上訪問表示,「根據外媒消息指出,早在從去年起,美國政府就不斷示警,大陸瞄準美國的基礎建設在進行網路攻擊,這樣的危險是正在上升,而FBI局長雷伊也公開指出,美國關鍵基礎設施被中方駭客植入惡意軟體,已經達到前所未有的規模,且有上百個路由器被大陸官方資助的駭客組織『伏特颱風』(Volt Typhoon)駭入,並潛藏,等時機到再伺機而動。」
    2024/02/21 14:32
  • FBI出手癱瘓陸駭客「伏特颱風」 曝北京養駭客比全世界加總還多

    美國聯邦調查局(FBI)局長瑞伊 (Christopher Wray) 當地時間周三(1/31)在美中戰略競爭特別委員會的聽證會上報告,表示已經消滅長期監視美國的中國駭客組織「伏特颱風(Volt Typhoon)」。該組織疑似由中國政府贊助,經常針對電力、交通系統等重要基礎建設發動攻擊,並駭入微軟等大型企業和政府機關的電子郵件竊取資訊。雖然駭客組織暫時被剷除,但瑞伊仍然感到憂心,表示:「中國出資養這些駭客組織,說明中國正在為『網路戰』做全面性的準備。未來他們將不再只專注於軍事行動,這是我們需要正視的。」
    2024/02/01 14:11
  • MOA to reward catering industry serving healthy vegetables

    The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in Taiwan has announced that starting in January next year, food service businesses will only receive rewards up to NT $14 per serving if they agree to use organic or traceable agricultural products for 12 varieties of fast-growing vegetables, including bok choy and water spinach. However, the catering industry has expressed concerns about potential price increases during typhoon seasons or cold weather, which could make certified and organic products even more expensive. In response, MOA officials have confirmed that subsidies will be offered to mitigate the impact of vegetable price hikes, with school lunch allowances per serving potentially increasing from NT $3.5 to NT$10, and remote schools eligible for an allowance of up to NT $14 per serving. Chen Mig-hsin, Director of Taiwan’s Food Catering Association, has called for the approval of integrating QR-code usage for verified products during natural disasters, emphasizing the need for additional reward systems to better prepare domestic food suppliers for weather disturbances. Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) Deputy Director Su Mao-hsiang has acknowledged the efforts made by catering businesses to support the MOA’s goals of promoting healthy and affordable school lunches. Currently, over half of the 3,800 tons of vegetables purchased weekly are organic and traceable products, and Su anticipates that the expanded purchase of healthy agricultural foods will further incentivize farmers to produce them.
    2023/11/16 19:50
  • Sudden chill hits Taiwan rivaling a continental air mass

    Taipei experienced a sudden drop in temperature on November 14, with the morning low reaching 15.2 degrees Celsius. This is due to an intense cold air mass moving southward, which is expected to bring temperatures down to around 10 degrees Celsius throughout the week, particularly affecting coastal and plain areas. National Central University Atmospheric Sciences Professor Wu Der-Romg explained that a weather front arrived on Thursday, causing drastic changes in weather conditions. This front is accompanied by an arctic air mass, resulting in the strongest wave of cold air so far this autumn season. Professor Wu expects the impact of the cold air mass to continue until Saturday morning, with a gradual return to normal temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius the following day. However, the Central Weather Administration (CWA) warned of the return of brisk temperatures as a typhoon approaches Taiwan in the coming weeks. The CWA is closely monitoring the tropical depression brewing east of the Philippine Sea, as it may disrupt future weather patterns in Taiwan.
    2023/11/14 19:21
  • CWA predicts record low temperatures as monsoon intensifies

    The Central Weather Administration (CWA) announced a sharp drop in temperatures across Taiwan due to the peak intensity of the northeastern monsoon. The coldest region recorded was 15.3 degrees Celsius in Yangmei District, Taoyuan. Professor Wu Der-Romg from National Central University warned that the next monsoon surge could bring even colder temperatures, potentially reaching a record low of 11 degrees Celsius this year. The CWA also reported torrential rain in Yilan and Taipei, raising concerns about severe flooding and potential landslides. Clear skies are expected for the next three days due to the arrival of continental highs, but there may be sharp temperature variations in certain areas. The CWA predicts the presence of a mild typhoon, locally called "Jelawat," passing by Taiwan tomorrow morning, although its projected path remains uncertain.
    2023/11/13 15:37
  • Taiwan Central Bank open to further interest rate hikes

    Taiwan Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long addressed the Legislative Yuan’s Finance Committee, leaving open the possibility of further interest rate hikes. While rates in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, and Australia are near their peak, Taiwan is approaching its high point. Previous inflation spikes were caused by typhoon impacts, leading to speculation about rate hikes. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 3% in October. The Central Bank’s council members unanimously decided to temporarily halt rate raises, but some members agreed to suspend hikes for only one quarter, suggesting aggressive responses to future inflation are possible. Market watchers are observing whether interest rate hikes might resume in December if inflation surpasses 3%. Yang attributed the current inflation to typhoon impacts, particularly rising vegetable and fruit prices, and promised close observation of rate raises in the fourth quarter. Economic growth is expected to remain above 2% this year, but the fourth quarter may see a downward revision to 1%.
    2023/11/09 15:56
  • Northeast monsoon to intensify, bringing rain to Taiwan

    The Central Weather Administration predicts that the northeast monsoon will intensify, bringing sporadic rain to northern and eastern Taiwan. Most areas will have fair to sunny weather at noon, with localized bursts of rain in mountainous and southern regions in the afternoon. Daytime temperatures will range between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius nationwide, with notable temperature differences in the central and southern regions.
    2023/10/19 15:55
  • Taiwan experiences chilly weather with temperature drop

    Taiwan’s lowest temperature dipped to 19.7°C in Miaoli County on Thursday (Oct. 12). The weather forecast predicts clouds, occasional rain, and isolated thunderstorms in mountainous regions. Super Typhoon Bolaven matches Typhoon Mawar as the strongest storm of 2023, but fortunately, it poses no threat to Taiwan.
    2023/10/12 11:05
  • Typhoon Bolaven intensifies, brings cooler temperatures

    Typhoon Bolaven is intensifying in Taiwan, causing significant weather variations with temperature differences of up to 10 degrees between day and night. Rainfall is expected in regions including Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan, and the eastern half of Taiwan.
    2023/10/11 09:50
  • Taiwan launches first domestically-made weather satellite

    Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen announced the successful launch of Taiwan’s first domestically-produced weather satellite, the Triton. The satellite, completely "Made in Taiwan," signifies Taiwan’s advancement in the global space industry. President Tsai emphasized the government’s commitment to investing TWD 25.1 billion over the next decade to promote the space industry chain and cultivate talent in space technology. The Triton will enhance typhoon forecasting and facilitate scientific research in atmosphere, ocean, and terrestrial hydrometeorology. Its data collection is expected to revolutionize global meteorological observation and forecasting. President Tsai expressed her aspirations for Taiwanese manufacturing to expand towards space.
    2023/10/09 21:03
  • Taiwan’s Triton weather satellite successfully launched

    Taiwan’s first self-made weather satellite, Triton, successfully launched from the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana on Arianespace’s Vega VV23 flight. Equipped with a locally developed Global Navigation Satellite System-Reflectometry (GNSS-R), Triton’s main task is to calculate wind speeds by receiving signals reflected off the sea surface. It utilizes GNSS-R, a new scientific technology, to observe conditions at all times and improve typhoon intensity and route predictions. Triton’s observational range covers the low-latitude bands of the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, regions known for severe weather.
    2023/10/09 14:46
  • Typhoon Bolaven to intensify, change course northward

    The Central Weather Administration predicts that Typhoon Bolaven will intensify into a moderate typhoon on Monday, October 9, potentially becoming a severe typhoon as it moves northward. Heavy rain advisories have been issued for Yilan, Keelung, Taipei, and New Taipei, with a higher chance of rainfall in the northern and eastern parts of Taiwan. The typhoon, currently southeast of Guam, is expected to veer northeastward by Friday, October 13, posing no significant threat to Japan. Local authorities are urging residents in affected areas to stay updated on weather forecasts and take necessary precautions, particularly in low-lying areas where flooding and landslides are possible due to heavy rainfall.
    2023/10/09 14:40
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