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    Pingtung County 結果共25筆

  • Xiaoliuqiu introduces marine conservation fee for visitors

    Starting July 1, Lambai Island, also known as Xiaoliuqiu, will impose a NT$60 marine conservation fee on visitors entering designated intertidal zones. This initiative, aimed at balancing tourism and ecology for sustainable development, will also limit the number of visitors to these areas. Funds collected will be used for the maintenance and restoration of natural ecological resources. The Pingtung County government and local ecotourism organizations support this measure to protect the island’s environment, which receives over 1 million visitors annually.
  • Hengchun peninsula thrives during 2024 Taiwan Music Festival

    The 2024 Taiwan Music Festival attracts over a million attendees, boosting the local economy of the Hengchun Peninsula and generating NT$ 1 billion in revenue for businesses. The event provides a platform for independent music and enhances musical tourism in the region.
    2024/04/08 17:41
  • Search intensifies for missing boat after Hualien quake

    Taiwan’s Coast Guard and National Rescue Command Center continue the search for the "Hung Hsing Yu" fishing vessel, missing since the Hualien earthquake on April 3. The boat, from Donggang, Pingtung, carried three people, including Captain Chen and two Indonesian fishermen. Despite extensive efforts, including dispatching ships and helicopters, the vessel remains unlocated.
    2024/04/08 14:21
  • Pingtung’s cleanup: over 3K bottles removed from coasts

    Discover how the Environmental Protection Bureau of Pingtung County cleared 3,100 plastic bottles from remote coastlines, urging the public to reduce single-use plastic waste. Join the effort to protect marine life and the environment. #Pingtung #PlasticPollution #EnvironmentalProtection
    2024/03/04 18:11
  • Pingtung speaker charged for election act violations

    Pingtung County Council Speaker Chou Dian-lun charged with election law violations for allegedly buying signatures to support Terry Gou’s presidential bid. Daughter also under investigation. Mayor of Chaojhou and others admit guilt, pay fines. TVBS reminds audience of presumption of innocence.
    2024/02/22 15:48
  • TPP Chairman Ko Wen-je calls 2026 election talk premature

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) chairman Ko Wen-je dismisses talk of a blue-white coalition for the 2026 local elections as premature. Speculation suggests that TPP may field eight legislators at-large in the 2026 local government elections. There are rumblings within political circles that TPP’s legislator Huang Shan-shan may run for Taipei mayor, Legislator Huang Kuo-chang for the New Taipei City chief, Legislator Chang Chi-kai for Chiayi City mayor, and Legislator Lin Kuo-cheng for the Pingtung County magistrate race. Ko emphasizes that discussing matters for 2026 is premature in 2024, as there are 22 counties and cities in Taiwan, and the scenario is subject to potential changes. When asked about a possible blue-white collaboration in 2026, Ko deems it too early to discuss.
    2024/02/15 12:13
  • Fisherman lands 102kg grouper, scores big at market

    A Taiwanese fisherman named Su had an extraordinary fishing experience off the coast of Liuqiu, a coral island in the Taiwan Strait. Instead of catching the Spanish mackerel he was targeting, Su managed to reel in a massive 102-kilogram giant grouper. This impressive catch quickly became the center of attention upon Su’s return to port, selling for NT$50,000 at the Huaqiao Fish Market and earning him a substantial windfall. Tseng Yu-tsung, an official with the Liouciou Fishermen’s Association, explained that local fishers typically use largehead hairtail or Japanese jack mackerel as bait to attract Spanish mackerels. While mangrove red snapper and groupers may also bite, encountering a giant grouper of this size is incredibly rare and comparable to winning the jackpot. Pingtung County is known for cultivating giant groupers, but finding wild giant groupers weighing over 100 kilograms in the sea is extremely scarce.
    2024/02/07 12:10
  • DPP’s Lai promises High Speed Rail, expressways for Pingtung

    Lai Ching-te, the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Presidential candidate, announced at a rally in Pingtung his plans to construct a Taiwan High-Speed Rail line and two expressways in the area. Lai aims to balance Taiwan’s national development projects and bring more support and assistance to Pingtung, transforming it into a "beautiful new homeland." His promises include extending the high-speed rail to Chaozhou Township, reducing travel time from Taipei to less than two hours. Lai also intends to attract high-tech industries, introduce agricultural technology, and enhance the export competitiveness of local farm produce. Additionally, he plans to uplift tourism service quality in Pingtung, transforming Kenting into a destination similar to Bali and developing Dapeng Bay into a Hawaii-like getaway. Lai emphasized Pingtung’s importance in the implementation of the New Southbound Policy, highlighting its potential contribution to Taiwan’s development in collaboration with other southern counties and cities. He credited his past contributions to Pingtung’s development, such as the Pingtung Veterans General Hospital, to the efforts of former Pingtung County Commissioner Pan Men-an, current commissioner Chou Chun-mi, and legislators. Lai seeks local residents’ support to make Pingtung glorious again.
    2023/12/22 11:00
  • Pingtung opens Taiwan’s first dedicated drug analysis lab

    Pingtung County Government has inaugurated Taiwan’s first dedicated Drug Analysis Laboratory, a pioneering move to combat drug crimes more efficiently. The lab, costing NT$15 million, aims to reduce the turnaround time for drug analysis, which used to take one to two months when samples had to be sent to laboratories in other counties. Pingtung County Commissioner Chou Chun-mi emphasized the urgent need for the specialized lab due to the increasing variety and complexity of illicit drugs. Chou also highlighted the traditional approach to drug testing being too time-consuming and stressed the importance of efficiency in curbing the drug problem. In addition to the Drug Analysis Laboratory, Pingtung County has already established a Drug Testing Laboratory for urine tests in 2021. The new lab, certified by the Food and Drug Administration in December, marks a significant milestone in Taiwan’s anti-drug initiatives.
    2023/12/18 21:31
  • Pingtung sheep farm hit by first brucellosis outbreak

    A sheep farm in Pingtung County, Taiwan experiences its first outbreak of Brucellosis in 30 years, with three sheep testing positive for the disease. The infected sheep have been culled and the entire facility disinfected. Brucellosis is a zoonotic infectious disease that can spread between people and animals, causing placentitis, infertility, miscarriage, and orchitis. The Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center routinely monitors dairy cattle and sheep farms, with all dairy cattle farms testing negative in 2023. Further confirmation analysis and biweekly blood tests are mandated for the remaining sheep on the affected farm. Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture claims to have eradicated Brucellosis in dairy cows by 1989, and this is the first positive case identified on a sheep farm since surveillance began in 1986. Livestock farms are urged to avoid introducing animals from unknown sources and to enhance biosecurity measures, using proper personal protective equipment and reporting unexplained symptoms to animal health authorities.
    2023/12/11 19:46
  • Wayward piglet leads police on chase in Pingtung County

    A wayward piglet named "A-Tsai" caused excitement in Pingtung County’s Gongyuan Rd. as it led locals and police on a chase. Videos of the six-month-old black piglet evading capture have gone viral, drawing laughter from social media users. The piglet was eventually apprehended and taken to the local police station. Its owner, surnamed Chang, expressed gratitude to the officers and reclaimed the adventurous piglet. The incident showcases the community’s spirit of looking out for one another, regardless of species.
    2023/12/07 11:04
  • Launch Technologies reports NT$1.3B losses from factory fire

    Launch Technologies Co, a golf ball manufacturer, has announced losses of NT$1.329 billion resulting from a catastrophic factory explosion in late September. The losses include NT$273 million worth of inventory, NT$599 million in property and equipment damages, NT$2.71 million in other asset losses, and NT$455 million as a liability reserve. The company’s third-quarter financial report, approved by the board, reveals total revenues of NT$2.776 billion during the first three quarters. Operations have been suspended following the incident, which is expected to further impact the company’s operations. The factory fire in Pingtung County on September 22 resulted in 10 fatalities and over 100 injuries.
    2023/11/07 18:31
  • Taiwan popular science train sets out to inspire students

    The Taiwan Popular Science Train, now in its eighth year, has embarked on a journey across the island nation, bringing the excitement of scientific discovery to students. Premier Chen Chien-jen praised Taiwan’s digital economic growth and technological advancements, urging students to pursue careers in science. Minister Without Portfolio Wu Tsung-tsong and Digital Minister Audrey Tang also attended the kickoff ceremony. The train will visit both urban and remote areas, with stops including Taipei, Pingtung County, Hualien, Taitung, and Keelung. Approximately 240 elementary students are expected to participate in the event, which will feature over 330 experiments in fields such as zero carbon emissions, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and quantum and basic sciences.
    2023/10/30 16:59
  • TSMC plant row: Taoyuan mayor hits back amid controversy

    Taoyuan Mayor Simon Chang responds to allegations over TSMC’s Longtan plant, citing premature disclosure by DPP figures. The dispute highlights competition for TSMC’s investments.
    2023/10/23 18:26
  • Typhoon Koinu leaves trail of destruction in Pingtung County

    Typhoon Koinu leaves a trail of destruction in Pingtung County, Taiwan, causing disruptions to tourism and local businesses. Many stores in the famous tourist spot of Kending Rd remain closed due to damage, with debris strewn across the streets. Tourists face cancellations, impacting their vacations. As the Double Tenth holiday approaches, store owners prepare to reopen amidst lingering rain.
    2023/10/06 22:04
  • Pingtung fire bureau director resigns after factory fire

    Pingtung County Fire Bureau Director Hsu Mei-Hsueh resigns following a devastating fire at Launch Technologies factory that claimed the lives of four firefighters.
    2023/10/06 17:05
  • Typhoon Koinu leaves 45k homes without power in Pingtung

    Typhoon Koinu caused power outages for 45k households in Pingtung County. Strong winds and fallen utility poles leave 23,000 homes without electricity. Kenting’s streets suffer damage with toppled vendor stalls and signage, with South Korean tourists rescued by a media crew amidst the turbulent weather.
    2023/10/05 19:38
  • Families of fallen firefighters to get NT$28M compensation

    Four firefighters who died in a factory explosion in Pingtung County will each receive NT$28 million in consolation money, according to Taiwan’s Interior Minister Lin Yu-chang. The deceased firefighters will also be enshrined in the Martyrs’ shrines.
    2023/09/27 12:17
  • Golf ball maker faces NT$2.4M fine for Pingtung factory fire

    Pingtung County imposes a NT$2.4 million fine on golf ball maker Launch Technologies for a deadly factory fire. Learn more about the penalties and investigations surrounding this tragic incident.
    2023/09/25 19:04
  • President Tsai visits Pingtung after factory blaze tragedy

    President Tsai Ing-wen visits Pingtung after a devastating factory explosion. She demands an investigation and offers condolences to the victims’ families. Stay updated with the latest news.
    2023/09/23 17:20
  • Doksuri prompts more Typhoon days off in southern Taiwan

    Typhoon Doksuri veered toward Kinmen on Friday (July 28) after bringing its brunt to southern Taiwan. Amid the heavy rainfall and wind gusts, Chiayi County, Kaohsiung City, Tainan City, and Pingtung County unexpectedly announced the suspension of work and classes earlier that day.
    2023/07/28 13:48
  • Public advised to stay indoors as heatwave comes into force

    The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) pointed out that strong southwest winds have resulted in foehn winds in Taitung County. CWB also issued heat advisories for several cities and counties on Wednesday (July 5). Pingtung County and Hualien County are under an orange alert, with a high probability of extreme temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius. 
    2023/07/05 16:43
  • Rescuers focus efforts on far end of Pingtung waterfalls

    Taiwan authorities announced on Monday (May 22) that rescue teams will continue operations and concentrate efforts on the southern end of the Flying Dragon Waterfall in Pingtung County as three people from a river tracing group remain missing.
    2023/05/22 16:29
  • Terry Gou makes spiritual commitment to Mazu during campaign

    Terry Gou, the founder of Foxconn and a primary presidential hopeful for the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), held a second campaign rally in southern Taiwan’s Pingtung County on Tuesday (May 9) to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters.
    2023/05/11 15:47
  • Military performs airborne drills in southern Taiwan

    The C-130 transport aircraft flew across the sky in Pingtung County, Taiwan, as 12 military instructors performed an airborne drill at 1,250 feet high on Sept. 14.
    2022/09/23 14:09
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