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    disaster relief 結果共24筆

  • Taiwan’s Tzu Chi charity earns praise for innovative designs

    Discover how Tsai Sheng-lun’s innovative disaster relief partitions, designed by Taiwan’s Tzu Chi Foundation, provide victims privacy and dignity and gain praise in Japan.
    2024/05/23 11:42
  • Hualien earthquake relief fund raises NT$1.59B

    Discover how the Disaster Relief Foundation, under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, successfully raised NT$1.59 billion for Hualien earthquake victims through a nationwide campaign, concluding on May 3 with significant public participation and a commitment to transparency through a forthcoming audit.
    2024/05/03 16:34
  • KMT’s Fu Kun-chi defies criticism, proceeds with China visit

    Kuomintang legislator Fu Kun-chi confirms his visit to China amid Hualien earthquake disaster, aiming to promote Taiwanese agricultural products, encourage cross-strait peace, and attract Chinese tourists, despite concerns over the timing.
    2024/04/24 13:49
  • Taiwan earthquake fundraiser nears NT$1 billion target

    The "0403 Hualien Earthquake Fundraising Program" has gathered significant support, nearing the NT$1 billion goal with contributions from international and local donors. This collective effort underscores global solidarity in disaster recovery.
    2024/04/23 11:33
  • Taiwan raises NT$720M for Hualien earthquake relief efforts

    Hualien earthquake fundraising efforts by MOHW, local government, corporations, and public raise over NT$720 million for relief and recovery.
    2024/04/12 11:40
  • US, Japan establish joint command, deepen military ties

    Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and U.S. President Joe Biden reaffirmed the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, pledged to uphold international order, and signed approximately 70 cooperation agreements spanning defense, space, economic security, AI, nuclear fusion energy, and disaster relief during a bilateral summit at the White House.
    2024/04/11 17:52
  • Taiwan raises NT$580M for Hualien quake relief in 8 days

    Here is a meta description for the given story: The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Hualien disaster relief project has raised nearly NT$580 million to aid reconstruction efforts following the powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Hualien on April 3, causing severe damage.
    2024/04/11 12:08
  • TAO urges Taiwan not to politicize post-quake aid offers

    Explore the recent urging by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office towards Taiwan to avoid political manipulation and embrace mutual aid, following a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Hualien County. Despite China’s prompt offer of assistance, Taiwan declined, highlighting the complex cross-strait relations.
    2024/04/10 16:17
  • Heroic Rescue Dog Roger makes int’l news after earthquake

    Discover the inspiring journey of Roger, a rescue dog from the Kaohsiung Fire Bureau, who became a hero by finding victims in the aftermath of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan. Initially trained as a drug-sniffing dog, Roger’s boundless energy led him to a career in search and rescue, culminating in international recognition for his bravery. As he approaches retirement, Roger’s story highlights the invaluable contributions of rescue dogs in disaster relief.
    2024/04/10 15:53
  • TSMC Foundation leads rapid aid in Hualien after quake

    Following the devastating earthquake in Hualien, the TSMC Charity Foundation, led by Chairwoman Sophie Chang, has swiftly provided targeted assistance to those most in need, focusing on areas overlooked by government efforts and directly engaging with affected communities.
    2024/04/09 16:54
  • Dong Hwa University to rebuild fire-damaged building

    Following the destruction of its physics and engineering building due to an April 3 earthquake, National Tung Hwa University in Hualien announces a reconstruction plan, supported by donations and school funds, aiming for completion by next September. The university emphasizes rapid restoration of the academic environment, collaboration with Tzu Chi University for student support, and has initiated a 24-hour hotline for emotional assistance. Appeals are made for broader disaster relief contributions to help restore Hualien’s natural beauty.
    2024/04/08 17:00
  • Taiwan raises over NT$140M for Hualien earthquake relief

    The Taiwan Foundation for Disaster Relief has raised over NT$140 million in donations to aid Hualien earthquake victims with disaster relief, medical care, shelter, and reconstruction. Most funds were received through LINE Pay.
    2024/04/08 10:29
  • Taiwan shelters become a hot topic on Japanese social media

    Following a significant earthquake in Taiwan, the Tzu Chi Foundation’s "Fuhui Privacy Screens" for disaster relief shelters and widespread public support for the victims have garnered attention from Japanese netizens, underscoring Taiwan’s advanced disaster response strategy.
    2024/04/05 18:48
  • Taiwan to launch 320 civilian emergency response teams

    The Executive Yuan unveils plans for the Taiwan Community Emergency Response Team (T-CERT) in a recent policy report, aiming to establish 320 teams with 8,000 members within five years. Training will involve various sectors, drawing parallels to the civilian defense concept of the Kuma Academy. Despite opposition from Kuomintang legislators, the initiative focuses on disaster response, not military operations, in line with Taiwan’s Disaster Prevention and Protection Act. The teams, inspired by FEMA recommendations, are supported by the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of National Defense.
    2024/02/20 16:37
  • Taiwan collects NT$392M for Japan earthquake relief

    The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) has received nearly 120,000 donations, amounting to over NT$392 million for the "Noto Peninsula disaster relief fund." Following a 7.6-magnitude earthquake on New Year’s Day 2024, the MOHW established a specialized account for aid and reconstruction efforts in Japan, which will accept donations until Friday. The Department of Social Assistance and Social Work, under the MOHW, has been accepting contributions since January 5. Donations can be made through convenience stores and bank transfers, and the collected funds will be handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for disaster relief. To ensure transparency and facilitate tax purposes, the MOHW has created a service website where donors can provide their relevant information after making a contribution.
    2024/01/16 14:57
  • Tigerair Taiwan aids Japan with disaster relief supplies

    Tigerair Taiwan transported six boxes of disaster relief goods, including winter blankets, to Japan following the devastating earthquake. Chairman Kevin Chen believes the airline’s extensive network and frequent flights can provide significant support to disaster areas. Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has established a dedicated disaster relief account to receive donations. The Taiwan Development Association for Disaster Medical Teams, the first non-governmental organization from Taiwan, has entered the hard-hit Suzu City in Japan to provide medical relief. Relief efforts from Taiwanese civil groups continue, despite the Japanese government’s refusal of official aid from several countries. This demonstrates Taiwan’s commitment to assisting international neighbors in times of crisis.
    2024/01/06 16:07
  • Japanese netizens thank Taiwan for generous earthquake aid

    Taiwan’s donation for disaster relief in Japan after a powerful earthquake has garnered gratitude from Japanese netizens. The government announced a donation of 60 million Japanese yen (NT$13 million) on Jan. 4, prompting comments from Japanese internet users expressing gratitude for Taiwan’s consistent support during times of distress. The funds will aid Japan’s government in relief and reconstruction efforts, with Taiwan’s Executive Yuan setting up an account to facilitate domestic and international donations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related units in Taiwan remain in close contact with Japan, ready to provide further aid as the death toll rises and the search for missing individuals continues.
    2024/01/05 17:56
  • Taiwan readies aid after Gansu Quake

    Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Chen Chien-jen have been alerted and instructed to prepare for emergency relief efforts following a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Gansu Province, mainland China. The earthquake resulted in the deaths of 105 people and damage to 4,782 homes. Taiwan’s Minister of Interior, Lin Yu-chang, announced that a 160-member search and rescue team, including a structural engineer, doctors, nurses, and search dogs certified in International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO) rubble search, is ready to provide assistance. Communication has been established with mainland China through the Mainland Affairs Council to coordinate rescue needs. If requested, Taiwan’s National Fire Agency will collaborate with the Disaster Relief Foundation to activate a special charter flight mechanism for humanitarian rescue missions. Additionally, an earthquake in Qinghai Province resulted in the deaths of 13 individuals, bringing the total earthquake death toll in mainland China to 118. Taiwan’s quick mobilization demonstrates its readiness to provide humanitarian assistance despite the complex political relationship with Beijing.
    2023/12/19 16:52
  • Taiwan Premier offers condolences aid to Gansu quake victims

    Taiwan’s Premier Chen Chien-jen expresses condolences and sympathies to the victims and bereaved families of the recent devastating earthquake in Gansu Province, mainland China. He also hopes for a speedy recovery for those injured. Taiwan is ready to provide assistance through relevant agencies if needed. Executive Yuan spokesman Lin Tzu-lun also voices concern for the human and material losses inflicted by the earthquake. The Executive Yuan expects smooth and effective rescue operations and restoration efforts in Gansu Province. This show of solidarity from Taiwan highlights the shared understanding of the challenges posed by natural disasters in the region and the willingness to aid neighbors in times of crisis.
    2023/12/19 15:33
  • President Tsai visits Pingtung after factory blaze tragedy

    President Tsai Ing-wen visits Pingtung after a devastating factory explosion. She demands an investigation and offers condolences to the victims’ families. Stay updated with the latest news.
    2023/09/23 17:20
  • Kaohsiung assists eastern region after typhoon devastation

    Efforts to expedite the reconstruction process in Taiwan’s eastern region, following the devastating impact of several typhoons, have begun.
    2023/09/07 17:58
  • Magistrate urges swift military aid for typhoon-hit Nantou

    Typhoon Khanun leaves a trail of destruction in Nantou County, Taiwan. Magistrate Hsu Shu-hua appeals for urgent military assistance to aid survivors. Learn about the aftermath and relief efforts.
    2023/08/09 16:23
  • Typhoon Khanun’s rainfall hits Nantou, stranding residents

    The torrential rain brought by Typhoon Khanun caused severe damage in Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, leading to landslides, power outages, and flooding. The disater created significant challenges for the residents, with some stranded due to the damages
    2023/08/08 19:44
  • Taiwan sends 3rd emergency team to Turkey with new equipment

    Four days after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, Taiwan sent its 3rd search and rescue team to help with disaster relief in the area on Thursday (Feb. 9).
    2023/02/12 11:10
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