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  • Oceanic Beverages to continue trading despite financial woes

    Discover the latest on Oceanic Beverages Co., Inc., maker of Apple Sidra, as Chairwoman Su Yun-le confirms no plans to delist despite financial challenges and rumors. Read more about their efforts to stabilize and future prospects.
    2024/06/14 16:46
  • China reiterates plans to reopen tourism with Taiwan

    The Taiwan Affairs Office reiterates China’s plans to reopen tourism with Taiwan, criticizing the DPP for maintaining a tour group ban, while efforts to resume cross-strait exchanges continue.
    2024/06/12 15:29
  • Asian leaders agree to resume FTA talks at trilateral summit

    Discover the latest developments from the China-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Summit, where leaders agreed to resume FTA negotiations and enhance the investment environment, marking a pivotal moment for regional economic ties and stability.
    2024/05/27 17:51
  • TVBS World Taiwan shares resume writing tips with NCCU grads

    Dimitri Bruyas, Chief English News Correspondent of TVBS English News, was invited by the Master’s Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology (GCIT) to share resume writing tips and interview techniques with students at National Chengchi University (NCCU) on Monday (May 13).
    2024/05/15 20:56
  • Urgent search for 2 missing fishermen near Bei Ding Island

    Two fishermen from Kinmen, surnamed Wu and Hu, went missing after setting off for a sea venture near Bei Ding Island. The vessel they used has not been located. The search operation by the Kinmen Coast Guard continues as authorities plan to resume efforts once the fog clears.
    2024/03/18 10:43
  • Tainan City takes swift action after sinkhole chaos

    Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che vows to hold construction firms accountable for a sinkhole incident in the West Central District, ensuring city residents’ safety. The collapse, caused by a construction site road failure, led to a truck sinking into a 15x5x3-meter sinkhole and a crane arm falling, damaging traffic signs and buildings. The city government swiftly filled the hole with grout, resumed traffic, and imposed a fine on the negligent construction company. Huang Long Construction faces scrutiny for premature construction steps, prompting safety checks and an improvement plan before work can resume.
    2024/03/07 17:28
  • Taoyuan Airport completes runway fix ahead of schedule

    Taoyuan International Airport completes southern runway maintenance ahead of schedule, allowing both airport runways to resume operations. President Fan Hsiao-lun emphasizes continued monitoring and focus on inspections. First flight post-maintenance was EVA Air’s BR18 to San Francisco. Passengers relieved as airport resumes double runway operations, confident in travel plans.
    2024/03/05 10:49
  • NTNU, TSMC launch joint semiconductor program

    National Taiwan Normal University and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) have partnered to introduce a new semiconductor program, attracting 340 students. The course includes subjects from five departments and offers exclusive events and classes by senior TSMC instructors. Students completing the program will receive a certificate and a guaranteed interview opportunity at TSMC, with employment bonuses for high achievers. Planning study timetables wisely is encouraged to enhance resume competitiveness.
    2024/02/22 14:41
  • Taiwan calls for goodwill from China to resume tourism

    Taipei (TVBS News) - Taiwan’s Minister of Transportation and Communications, Wang Kuo-tsai, urges China to show goodwill towards resuming tourism and travel between the two countries. The Ministry of Transport and Communications banned local travel agencies from arranging tours to China in early 2024, leading to backlash from the tourism sector. Wang emphasized the government’s commitment to healthy interactions with China and hopes for the return of Chinese tourists to Taiwan. The goal of attracting 12 million international tourists to Taiwan this year remains unchanged, with the potential for two million visits from China, depending on pandemic control. The MOTC will evaluate the impact of the ban on travel agencies and work on solutions. Discussions with airlines will ensure affected travel agencies can refund their clients for booking issues.
    2024/02/22 12:01
  • Evergreen, Yang Ming hold off to resume Red Sea route

    Taiwanese shipping companies Evergreen Marine Corp. and Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. have chosen not to resume their Red Sea route following Maersk’s decision to do so. Maersk reinstated the route due to the "Red Sea crisis" caused by increased violence from Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The deployment of the multinational naval task forces under the U.S.-led Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG) has allowed maritime trade to pass through the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden and resume using the Suez Canal. However, Maersk warns that the overall risk in the region has not been eliminated. The decision has led to concerns about container prices and resulted in a decline in Evergreen and Yang Ming’s stock prices. Freight rates for European and American shipping liners saw a significant increase after Maersk’s announcement.
    2023/12/26 18:31
  • China’s TAO announces resumption of Taiwan grouper imports

    China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesperson, Zhu Fenglian, announced that the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China will resume imports of Taiwan groupers from certified and registered fish farms. This comes after China halted imports of the fish on June 13, 2022, due to the detection of banned substances. Zhu praised the Taiwanese grouper industry for taking effective measures to improve the safety of groupers during this period. She specifically highlighted the guidance provided by Su Ching-chuan, the policy committee vice chair of the Kuomintang (KMT), and Huang Yi-cheng, head of the Taiwan Cross-Strait Agricultural and Fishery Exchange Development Investment Association. The TAO emphasized that as long as Taiwan adheres to the 1992 Consensus and opposes independence, mainland China and Taiwan will be considered one family.
    2023/12/22 16:15
  • Apple Sidra returns after passing hygiene checks

    Oceanic Beverages Company, previously under scrutiny for water quality violations at its Pingzhen factory, has announced that its apple cider products now meet health standards set by the Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Health (DPH). This allows the company to resume sales. Earlier complaints had alleged that the beverages produced at the Pingzhen factory contained unknown sediment and did not meet water quality regulations. Following inspections in April and May, Taoyuan’s DPH ordered a suspension of three production lines, effectively shutting down the entire plant. However, Oceanic Beverages Co. has now revealed that production lines two and three have officially recommenced operations. The company has clarified that the apple cider products currently on shelves include batches from an initial trial production on Oct. 27, as well as regular production that resumed on Nov. 16.
    2023/12/20 13:49
  • Kinmen halts ferry service amid gale-force winds

    Due to strong winds, ferry services between Xiamen and Kinmen were suspended on December 16. The Kinmen County Harbor Bureau forecasts that services may resume around noon, depending on wind conditions. Gale-force winds reaching level eight were recorded earlier that day, leading to the temporary halt. Officials warn that the windy weather could continue to disrupt ferry schedules, and advise passengers to stay informed and make alternative travel arrangements.
    2023/12/16 13:57
  • 204 workers accept severance from Launch Tech after layoff

    Launch Technologies Co., a golf manufacturer in Pingtung, Taiwan, has reached a severance agreement with 204 of its local workers following a layoff plan submitted last month. The company, which suffered a significant explosion at its factory in September, has also helped some employees find new jobs and provided them with generous severance pay. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has pledged to closely monitor the labor rights of the affected workers. The factory buildings remain closed and operations will only resume after third-party verification of their structural safety. Launch Technologies has established an internal legal team to compensate the impacted employees and has committed to continuing salary payments through the end of the year.
    2023/12/07 14:30
  • Hsiao Bi-khim launches ’Cat Warrior’ YouTube show

    DPP vice presidential candidate Hsiao Bi-khim has launched a YouTube show called "Bi-khim Cat Warrior Meow Meow Meow" to share stories about President Tsai Ing-wen’s cat, Think Think, and discuss her own experiences with pets and the concept of "cat warrior" diplomacy. In the first episode, Hsiao recounts finding a stray kitten in Hualien and offering it to Tsai, who accepted and named it Think Think. Hsiao also introduces her four cats at home and expresses her longing for them as they await their return from the U.S. The concept of "cat warrior" diplomacy represents Hsiao’s strategy in international diplomacy, as she believes cats’ characteristics like balance, agility, and having nine lives are effective in this field. Hsiao recently returned to Taiwan from Washington D.C. to resume her duties as Taiwan’s representative to the U.S.
    2023/11/29 21:01
  • Ex-president Ma supports public polling for KMT, TPP merger

    Former Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou supports the idea of Kuomintang (KMT) presidential hopeful Hou Yu-ih and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential hopeful Ko Wen-je deciding on a merger through public polling. This suggestion comes amidst rumors that Representative to the US Hsiao Bi-khim could potentially be the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Lai Ching-te’s running mate. Former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu also supports Ma’s proposal, emphasizing that unity is crucial for strength. Ko has expressed willingness to resume cross-party discussions if Hou and the KMT agree to decide their merger through public polling. However, the KMT has stressed that public polling must align with the opinions of individuals and the party to maintain the spirit of the KMT-TPP alliance. These differences have led to difficulties in negotiations, which are at risk of collapsing. Hsu-tsen Hsiao, the director of the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation, has conveyed Ma’s views to Hou and the KMT central committee, highlighting the potential losses the KMT could face in the upcoming elections if they fail to unite against the DPP.
    2023/11/13 15:05
  • Taiwanese major airlines report record revenues in October

    Taiwanese airlines, including China Airlines, EVA Air, Tigerair Taiwan, and Starlux Airlines, have reported record revenues in October and for the first ten months of the year. Starlux Airlines achieved a monthly operating income of NT$2.087 billion in October, the third highest in its history. China Airlines saw a 7.85% monthly increase and a 28.56% annual increase in October, with total revenue reaching NT$16.076 billion. EVA Air’s October revenue increased by 6.8% monthly and 46.57% annually to NT$17.525 billion. Tigerair Taiwan experienced the most significant growth, with October revenue increasing by 13.7% from September and skyrocketing 1040% from last year to NT$1.22 billion. The industry expects this revenue trend to continue as flight operations resume, driven by the northeast Asia leaf-viewing and skiing season, as well as peak travel periods such as Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve in Europe, America, New Zealand, and Australia.
    2023/11/13 12:50
  • Taiwan Central Bank open to further interest rate hikes

    Taiwan Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long addressed the Legislative Yuan’s Finance Committee, leaving open the possibility of further interest rate hikes. While rates in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, and Australia are near their peak, Taiwan is approaching its high point. Previous inflation spikes were caused by typhoon impacts, leading to speculation about rate hikes. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 3% in October. The Central Bank’s council members unanimously decided to temporarily halt rate raises, but some members agreed to suspend hikes for only one quarter, suggesting aggressive responses to future inflation are possible. Market watchers are observing whether interest rate hikes might resume in December if inflation surpasses 3%. Yang attributed the current inflation to typhoon impacts, particularly rising vegetable and fruit prices, and promised close observation of rate raises in the fourth quarter. Economic growth is expected to remain above 2% this year, but the fourth quarter may see a downward revision to 1%.
    2023/11/09 15:56
  • China customs to end mandatory travelers health declarations

    The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) has announced that starting November 1st, mandatory health declarations will no longer be required for those entering or departing China. However, travelers are still obligated to report their health status to customs and cooperate with sanitary inspections. The Tourism Department of the Kinmen County Government has welcomed this policy change, hoping that cross-strait interactions can resume under normal conditions in the post-pandemic era.
    2023/10/31 17:18
  • Taiwan awaits China to lift travel ban: Premier Chen

    Premier Chen Chien-jen expresses disappointment at mainland China’s lack of response to Taiwan’s efforts to resume cross-strait tourism. Taiwan had hoped to lift the travel ban in the second half of this year but has not received a response.
    2023/10/17 15:58
  • Repairs underway after sinkhole causes chaos in Taipei

    Repair work is underway in Nanjing West Road, with traffic expected to resume by Thursday evening, according to the last reports. The massive sinkhole that emerged on Nanjing West Road on Monday (July 10) has startled nearby residents and caused significant disruption.
    2023/07/12 15:46
  • Sinkhole disruption: Taipei aims to resume traffic in 3 days

    The sinkhole that emerged on Monday (July 10) morning is ten times larger than the one that materialized on Saturday (July 8) night, measuring 20 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 2.5 meters in depth, leaving road users astounded and residents apprehensive. Repairs are underway, and traffic is expected to resume within 3 days.
    2023/07/10 17:53
  • Hou Yu-ih aims to resume 4-month military service

    Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih expressed hopes on Monday (July 3) to resume Taiwan’s four-month military service if elected president in 2024.
    2023/07/04 14:47
  • Rising costs of domestic tourism in Taiwan impacts travelers

    As borders reopen and travel plans resume, hotel room prices have surged in Taiwan. Particularly in Nantou County, the average room price for a night now exceeds NT$10,000.
    2023/05/16 17:20
  • All Taichung MRT lines resume operations after accident

    Taichung MRT (TMRT) lines resumed full operations on Thursday (May 11), 18 hours of emergency repairs after a crane boom from a construction site fell onto a track, resulting in one death and ten injuries.
    2023/05/11 18:27
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