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    education system 結果共21筆

  • Taiwan to revamp education with AI, digital literacy focus

    Discover how Taiwan plans to revolutionize its education system by integrating AI and digital literacy into the curriculum, as announced by Education Minister Cheng Ying-yao. This initiative includes new teaching guidelines, teacher training, and community engagement to prepare for the digital future.
    2024/05/27 14:41
  • Transforming Taiwan’s future: new deputy ministers aim high

    Discover how the Democratic Progressive Party enhances Taiwan’s education system by appointing Chang Liao Wan-chien and Yeh Ping-cheng as deputy ministers. Learn about Yeh Ping-cheng’s vision for a future-ready Taiwan, his innovative approach to learning, and his commitment to leveraging education to empower the next generation.
    2024/05/06 17:20
  • Taiwan reduces exams for students, emphasizes life skills

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Education reduces the maximum number of regular exams for first and second graders to two per semester, emphasizing life habits and moral cultivation. The amendment aims to boost confidence and study abilities, suggesting schools use diverse assessments for a more flexible education approach, including digital learning for those unable to attend in-person classes due to various reasons.
    2024/04/24 18:08
  • Education minister advocates school role in juvenile rehab

    Minister of Education Pan Wen-chung announced that schools should play a role in evaluating at-risk youths returning from juvenile detention. The Ministry of Education plans to support the creation of educational centers for these youths. Legislator Ko Chih-en highlighted concerning statistics on student violence and juvenile offenders. Thorough assessments are crucial for these youths’ successful reintegration into school, according to Ko. Minister Pan emphasized the importance of school involvement in the reintegration process.
    2024/03/18 15:12
  • New marine recruits embark on rigorous journey in Pingtung

    Taiwan’s Marine Corps welcomes new recruits at Pingtung’s Longchuan Camp, marking the start of an extensive yearlong task force under the revamped conscription system. The overhaul introduces extended training and enhanced support and aims to better integrate recruits transitioning from civilian life.
    2024/03/05 17:48
  • Taiwan secures prime lodging for Paris 2024 Olympics

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Education Sports Administration inspects the athletes’ village at the Paris 2024 Olympics, noting that Taiwan’s delegation has been allocated 39 single rooms for a comfortable rest environment. The Taiwan team has been granted an independent seven-story apartment in the village, which is located in Saint-Denis and features green construction designs. The village uses 100% renewable energy and will transform into a residential community and public activity area after the Olympics. The floors assigned to the Taiwan team are near completion, including 39 single rooms, 33 double rooms, and a two-story sky garden. The beds in the athletes’ dorms use thick cardboard frames and mattresses made from a special fishing net material. The athlete’s village won’t have air conditioning but will use a "floor cooling system" with cold water pipes installed under wooden floors. Portable air conditioners may be rented to ensure athletes get the best rest at night. Each country’s athletes’ village exterior can be self-designed, and Taiwan plans to discuss with the National Sports Training Center how to decorate and design the exterior to promote recognition of Taiwan and its athletes.
    2024/01/17 10:18
  • Hou Yu-ih unveils plan to combat school violence

    Kuomintang (KMT) Presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih presents a four-point plan to address school violence, criticizing the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration’s social safety net. The plan includes stricter regulations, preventive education, enhanced security checks, and tougher punishments for gang intrusions. Hou’s response comes after a high school student in New Taipei City was slashed in the neck, putting campus security under scrutiny. He questions the effectiveness of the government’s Social Safety Net 2.0 plan and calls for revisions to regulations. Tung Yao-tsung, president of the New Taipei City Parents’ Association, supports Hou’s stance and urges the Ministry of Education to focus on an intermediary education system to improve school security. Retired teacher Wang Chiung-yuan emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that considers the rights of all students.
    2024/01/04 18:20
  • Ko criticizes DPP’s bilingual policy lacking concrete plan

    Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je criticized his opponent Lai Ching-te’s "Bilingual 2030" policy, arguing that it lacks a comprehensive plan and causes panic among educators and parents. Ko identified three major issues in Taiwan’s education system: limited social mobility for underprivileged children, a gap between school curriculum and society’s needs, and a lack of alignment with international practices. He also highlighted the disparity in educational opportunities between higher socio-economic families and disadvantaged ones. Ko criticized the existing bilingual education policy for lacking a concrete path to realization.
    2023/12/26 17:02
  • Ex-KMT legislator Tsai defends classical Chinese in schools

    Former Kuomintang (KMT) legislator Alex Tsai advocates for the inclusion of classical Chinese literature in education, suggesting that it should be part of university entrance exams. Tsai cites the University of Tokyo as an example, where classical Chinese content is included in the national language exams. He argues that studying these classics can enhance language skills and cultural refinement. Tsai criticizes the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and pro-independence forces for neglecting the value of classical Chinese and accuses them of attempting to "de-sinicize" Taiwan’s education system. Critics argue that education should prioritize critical thinking and note that the DPP has retained a significant portion of classical Chinese content in the curriculum. They emphasize the need for a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum’s core principles and content to advance Taiwan’s educational progress.
    2023/12/12 17:44
  • Taichung to host Migrants Day Fest at Science Museum

    A multicultural festival celebrating "Migrants Day" will take place at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung City on December 10. The festival will feature performances, cultural experiences, and a prize drawing event. In an effort to educate immigrants about marriage management, rights in Taiwan, and the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, the National Immigration Agency’s Central Administration Corps organized a family education and legal advocacy event in Taichung on December 6. The event used creative presentations to help diverse couples recognize signs of physical and psychological abuse, stalking, and harassment. Hsieh Liang, chair of the Union of New Immigrants of Taichung City, served as a marriage educator, teaching communication skills and advising against tolerance for violence. Sung Hsin-hui, a violence prevention planner from the Taichung City Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center, introduced the Domestic Violence Prevention Act and the Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act, as well as reporting procedures and shared case studies. The event provided valuable insights for A Chun, an immigrant from Japan, who gained a correct understanding of family violence and expressed relief that Taiwan’s legal system offers protection to victims. With Taiwan’s immigrant population growing, the NIA aims to foster unity among all ethnic groups and create a welcoming environment for new residents, promoting cultural integration.
    2023/12/07 17:42
  • DPP’s Hsiao counters Ko’s critique on education subsidies

    DPP vice presidential candidate Hsiao Bi-khim refutes criticisms made by TPP candidate Ko Wen-je regarding the government’s handling of challenges faced by youths. Hsiao emphasizes the DPP’s efforts in tackling issues such as educational expenses, employment, and housing costs. She argues that these problems are not unique to Taiwan and require multifaceted solutions. Hsiao highlights that the current subsidy programs are a result of Taiwan’s robust national fiscal system and the outstanding international performance of domestic industries. She further asserts the need to distribute wealth effectively through policy measures and affirms the government’s commitment to alleviating financial pressures on young people.
    2023/12/05 21:57
  • Taiwanese education system rethinks smartphone policies

    Discover how Taiwan is addressing the challenges of smartphone use in schools, balancing technology integration with educational goals.
    2023/11/28 11:38
  • Taiwan private universities cut admissions on low birthrate

    Explore how Taiwan’s higher education system is adapting to challenges such as declining birthrates, admission cuts, and stagnant wages for educators. Discover the insights from experts and the Taiwan Higher Education Union.
    2023/11/24 12:22
  • New Taipei allocates NT$17M yearly for school volunteers

    The New Taipei City Education Department has been allocating an annual budget of NT$17 million to subsidize volunteer activities at schools, including the purchase of guide and protective equipment. The department also ensures the safety of school volunteers by coordinating the procurement of insurance for them every year. This response comes after concerns were raised by New Taipei City Councilor Huang Shu-chun about the discrepancy between the budget for volunteer equipment and the actual number of volunteers. Huang pointed out that the current budget provides equipment for over 5,000 volunteers, despite an estimated 32,000 volunteers on the roster. Huang also compared the benefits granted to school social workers with those provided for police civil defense, neighborhood chiefs, and patrol teams. While school social workers receive an average of NT$495, the others receive a volunteer reward of NT$3,840. Huang emphasized the need to review and improve the system in order to address concerns about a potential reduction in volunteers and difficulties in recruitment and retention.
    2023/11/22 17:06
  • MOE to raise university professor academic research grants

    The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan will increase monthly academic research grants for professors, associate professors, and assistant professors at public universities starting next year. This move aims to address low wages for academic talent in Taiwan. The Executive Yuan has committed to investing NT$33.29 billion over the next five years to support this initiative. The research grants for teaching staff at public universities will increase by NT$6,000 to NT$9,000 per month. Additionally, the Ministry will invest an additional NT$860 million to encourage private universities to raise their faculty salaries, bridging the salary gap between public and private institutions. The efforts also include the introduction of new doctoral scholarships and subsidies for part-time teaching assistant positions for doctorate students. The MOE’s Department of Higher Education Director-General, Chu Chun-chang, stated that if private universities can increase academic research funding by 15%, the MOE will cover 70% of the cost. Furthermore, starting next year, the "flexible pay" system for outstanding teachers will be expanded, with increased subsidies.
    2023/11/06 16:20
  • KMT unveils overhauling policies at ’Blue Fighters’ meeting

    KMT unveils eight policy proposals at ’BLUE FIGHTERS’ briefing. Key points include nuclear plant extensions, Cabinet system support, military salary hikes, and education reform. Will Han Kuo-yu unite the opposition for the 2024 election challenge? Get the latest on Taiwan’s political landscape.
    2023/10/11 19:28
  • Expert dives deep into Vietnam’s education success

    According to the latest data from the World Bank, Vietnam’s education ranks among the best in the world.
    2023/07/24 16:16
  • Experts pinpoint 3 factors behind tech job vacancies surge

    In recent years, Taiwan’s tech industry has faced challenges in attracting a sufficient number of suitable candidates. 
    2023/05/24 17:49
  • New Taipei to invest NT$800M in bilingual education

     The New Taipei City Government has announced a four-year plan to invest NT$800 million in education. 
    2023/03/23 17:00
  • Taiwan to limit schools’ enrollment amid low birth rate

    Amid Taiwan’s low birth rate concerns, the central government is proposing plans to limit enrollment in 2024 by asking public and private high schools to receive one less student per class.
    2022/11/21 18:23
  • Taiwan schools incorporate AI tools in language teaching

    In this Taiwanese Hokkien class, students learn to read from their textbooks and some new tablets that use AI pronunciation tools to help students learn. After detecting the student’s voices, the AI system can translate and help them improve their Taiwanese Hokkien pronunciation.
    2022/10/28 19:22
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