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    Yunlin County 結果共21筆

  • Pig on the loose: Yunlin police’s unusual day herding a sow

    In Sihu Township, Yunlin County, a 50 kg sow’s adventurous stroll through the streets was brought to a halt by local police officers Wang An-shun and Ting Hsin-wen, who, with the help of the pig’s owner, safely returned the escapee to its pen after a 20-minute effort involving sticks and tail-pulling. The incident highlighted the importance of secure animal enclosures for safety.
    2024/04/10 13:19
  • CWA warns of prolonged cold spell across Taiwan

    The Central Weather Administration (CWA) has issued a low-temperature alert for nine counties north of Miaoli, warning of temperatures below six degrees Celsius. Taichung City, Changhua County, Yilan County, and Hualien County could experience temperatures of 10 degrees and below, with similar dips expected in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan region. The CWA predicts that this cold weather will persist from January 22 to January 24. New Taipei City, Keelung City, Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, and Kinmen County have been designated with orange signals (very cold), indicating a likelihood of temperatures lower than six degrees. The CWA advises citizens to take necessary precautions to keep warm, including proper indoor ventilation and electrical safety when using gas water heaters and electric heaters.
    2024/01/22 18:01
  • Eric Chu unveils youth-focused political growth plans

    The Kuomintang (KMT) held a post-election gratitude tea ceremony in Yunlin County, where Chairman Eric Chu emphasized the party’s reform strategies and plans to nurture young members for political roles. Chu, along with New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih and Yunlin County Commissioner Chang Li-shan, announced the party’s commitment to increasing engagement with social and web media to appeal to younger voters. Chu highlighted the success of young KMT candidates in the recent legislative elections, with 10 out of 15 securing victory. Mayor Hou emphasized the need for unity and collaboration within the KMT caucus in the Legislative Yuan, particularly with proportional representation legislators from the south. He also urged the party to present facts, rectify misconceptions, and attract new voters while strengthening support from existing ones. The KMT has been actively nurturing young talent in its key structure in recent years.
    2024/01/22 11:28
  • Yunlin County Commissioner denies DPP’s corruption claims

    Yunlin County Commissioner Chang Li-shan denies allegations of political corruption made by DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te. Lai criticized the KMT for its connections with the Chang family, accusing the party of having ties to illicit "dark money." Lai also mentioned other influential families within the KMT, including the "Lo"s in Xindian District, Taipei, the "Yen"s in Taichung, and the "Fu"s in Hualien. The DPP previously exposed allegations against Hualien County commissioner Fu Kun-chi and his wife Hsu Chen-wei, claiming that public works projects were awarded to contractors involved with their mansion. Similar controversies surrounded KMT legislator Lo Ming-tsai and the Yen family in Taichung.
    2023/12/27 16:45
  • CWA issues cold surge advisory for 13 municipalities

    Taiwan’s Central Weather Administration (CWA) has issued a cold surge advisory for 13 municipalities on Christmas Day, with temperatures expected to significantly drop by Monday evening. The affected areas include New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Taichung City, Changhua County, Nantou County, Yunlin County, Chiayi City, Chiayi County, Tainan City, Yilan County, and Kinmen County. Some regions, including Tainan, Yilan, and Kinmen, may experience temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius on Tuesday morning. However, the cold air mass is expected to weaken throughout the day, leading to a gradual warming trend with temperatures potentially reaching over 20 degrees Celsius. The CWA also predicts a strengthening of the northeast monsoon on Thursday, which will cause another dip in temperatures, particularly on the windward side of northern Taiwan. However, this effect is expected to be short-lived, with milder temperatures forecasted for Friday and Saturday. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of a new cold air mass moving south by Sunday, which could once again lower temperatures in northern Taiwan.
    2023/12/25 19:32
  • Yunlin County launches NT$199 monthly TPASS

    The Yunlin County Government has announced the sale of its TPASS ticket, priced at NT$199, which will become active next Tuesday. The TPASS integrates various modes of public transportation within the county, including Taiwan Railway, highway buses, local city buses, and public bicycles, providing an economical solution for commuters. The pass allows unlimited use for 30 days, covering 69 highway and city bus routes and five Taiwan railway stations. Pass holders will also enjoy the first 30 minutes of public bicycle use without charge. The Yunlin TPASS is tied with Hualien for the lowest-priced monthly transit pass nationwide and covers the most extensive range of transit routes within a single county or city. To celebrate the launch, pass holders can enjoy an exclusive promotion, including a "buy one, get one free" offer for two people traveling together from Douliu Train Station to Janfusun Theme Park by presenting their TPASS ticket stub.
    2023/12/20 18:12
  • Taiwan issues heavy rain advisory for northern cities

    The Central Weather Administration (CWA) has issued a heavy rain advisory for Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City in Taiwan, warning of potential intensive downpours throughout the evening. The northeast monsoon is causing localized heavy rainfall in coastal areas of Keelung and mountainous regions of Taipei. The strengthening of the northeast monsoon has also prompted alerts for strong gusts ranging from force 9 to 11, potentially affecting areas from Taoyuan City to Tainan City, as well as southeastern parts of the island, including Orchid Island, Green Island, and the Hengchun Peninsula. The advisory for strong winds covers an expansive area, including Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Taichung City, Changhua County, Yunlin County, Chiayi County, Tainan City, the Hengchun Peninsula, Taitung County, Orchid Island, Green Island, Penghu County, and the Kinmen and Matsu region. These strong wind conditions are expected to last from the early morning of Wednesday (Dec. 20) through the evening of Friday (Dec. 22).
    2023/12/20 15:44
  • 17 arrested for virtual currency election bets

    Yunlin County Police Bureau cracked down on an illegal gambling operation that accepted bets on the outcome of the presidential election using virtual currency. Seventeen bettors were arrested, and police confiscated approximately NT$171,661 in gambling funds. The individuals were arrested for violating the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act. Eight of those detained were released after questioning, but the remaining nine were retained for further summons. The illicit betting was discovered when the Yunlin police’s internet patrol unit spotted a decentralized betting platform called Polymarket, which had set up betting pools for three presidential candidates. The online players could place bets on event outcomes using USDC, a virtual currency, from their own digital wallets.
    2023/12/16 14:49
  • Taiwan boosts avian flu checks amid regional outbreaks

    Taipei’s Acting Minister of Agriculture, Chen Junne-jih, announced the implementation of a specialized avian influenza prevention program in September, including increased testing frequency to monitor the disease. This comes in response to recent outbreaks in Japan and chicken farms in Yunlin County, raising concerns about egg price hikes and shortages. Chen warned that the situation may worsen with the expected drop in temperature next week. Taiwan has been conducting active and passive surveillance for avian influenza since September, focusing on high-risk areas near migratory bird paths and implementing biosecurity measures at poultry farms. Chen assured that the country’s egg production capability has recovered since the shortage earlier this year, with reserves of liquid eggs available for emergencies. Domestic egg reserves will be released first in the event of increased market demand, with the import of liquid eggs only considered if a severe outbreak leads to a supply shortage. Chen emphasized the importance of maintaining appropriate stock levels through the imported egg project to ensure a stable egg supply despite the challenges posed by avian influenza.
    2023/12/12 17:54
  • Yunlin boosts subsidies to tackle low birth rates

    Yunlin County plans to increase childbirth subsidies in four townships starting January 1, 2024, as part of efforts to boost birth rates. Dongshi Township, Citong Township, Dounan Town, and Erlun Township will offer subsidies of NT$20,000, NT$12,000, NT$10,000, and NT$6,000 respectively. The county government is also working on further augmenting childbirth allowances. Currently, seven townships in Yunlin County provide additional childbirth or nutritional subsidies, as the county has seen a decline in newborns from 3,340 in 2022 to 2,939 by November 2023. With 11 townships reporting fewer than 100 newborns, the declining birth rates are a wider issue affecting the entire region. Yunlin County Commissioner Chang Li-shan recognizes Taiwan’s demographic crisis and emphasizes the county’s proactive approach in addressing the challenge, with more details on enhanced benefits for expecting families to be announced soon.
    2023/12/12 11:38
  • Weakening monsoon brings agreeable weather across Taiwan

    The weakening northeastern monsoon in Taiwan has resulted in temperatures staying above 17 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan on Wednesday. The lowest morning temperature recorded was 16.7 degrees in Huwei, Yunlin County. As the monsoon shifts to a more easterly wind, cloud cover and localized short-lived showers are expected in the Northern and Northeastern coasts, as well as the Eastern half of the region. However, the western half of Taiwan will experience improved weather with sunny to partly cloudy skies. A front system on Thursday could increase cloud amounts and bring precipitation to areas north of Taichung and in the eastern half of the country, particularly in mountainous regions. Following the front, a southbound Northeast monsoon may lead to a temperature drop to 16-18 degrees in urban areas and possibly lower in suburbs at night. The arid and chilly influence will persist on Friday, with high temperatures ranging from 18-19 degrees in the north, 22-24 degrees in central Taiwan, 25-26 degrees in the south, and 21-22 degrees in Hualien and Taitung. This weather pattern is expected to continue until next Wednesday, providing Taiwan with a reliable forecast.
    2023/11/16 21:13
  • Pedestrian refuge islands raise safety concerns in Taiwan

    Explore Taiwan’s latest efforts to combat traffic accidents with pedestrian refuge islands. Despite their safety intent, these measures have sparked a debate between enhancing safety and increasing convenience, reflecting Taiwan’s ongoing struggle to improve road safety.
    2023/11/16 17:34
  • Schools banning ’carrot knife’ toy due to safety concerns

    Four regional governments in Taiwan, including Yunlin County, Keelung City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, and Taichung City, have banned the popular toy knife known as the "carrot knife" from schools due to safety concerns. The toy, originally from mainland China, gained popularity among Taiwanese students through social media platforms like TikTok and Xiaohongshu. The ban is primarily due to the pointed tip on the front end of the plastic retractable toy, which is seen as potentially dangerous. Taipei City and New Taipei City advise students not to bring the toys to school, while other municipalities require schools to enhance safety management and provide safety education.
    2023/11/02 21:11
  • Over 10,000 attend grand foot-washing event in Taipei

    A grand foot-washing event, which set the Guinness World Record in 2013, was held in front of the Presidential Office in Taipei. Over 10,000 people, including Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an and Yunlin County magistrate Chang Li-shan, attended the event, which aimed to demonstrate filial piety by offering to wash the feet of parents.
    2023/10/15 16:29
  • Five new dengue fever deaths reported in Tainan

    The Taiwan CDC reports five new dengue fever-related deaths in Tainan, including a woman in her twenties, the youngest case this year. The fatalities had underlying health conditions and died within 10 days of falling ill. The age range of dengue fever fatalities has expanded from the twenties to the eighties, all with underlying conditions.
    2023/10/03 16:44
  • Yunlin County magistrate criticizes Gou’s presidential bid

    Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan criticized Terry Gou for "lacking integrity" after the business tycoon’s statement on Monday (Aug. 28) announcing his formal bid to partake in Taiwan’s 2024 presidential elections.
    2023/08/28 14:36
  • Controversial frog cake sends shockwaves through Taiwan

    A Taiwanese chef from Yunlin County has once again pushed the boundaries of the culinary field with his latest experiment, which involves a frog, complete with its skin. 
    2023/07/07 18:47
  • Frog dish takes center stage at popular Taiwanese eatery

    In a culinary twist that has captured the attention of food enthusiasts, a restaurant in Yunlin County has unveiled a remarkable ramen dish adorned with an entire frog, left "uncut and unpeeled." This creative creation was inspired by a renowned restaurant in Taipei that recently caused a stir on social media with its giant isopod ramen.
    2023/06/19 15:50
  • Councilor exposes prominent media personality’s harassment

    Taiwan’s #MeToo movement continues to gain momentum within the realm of politics as Yunlin County Councilor Chen Fang-ying bravely stepped forward to disclose her experience of harassment by a prominent media personality. The recent turn of events has taken a toll on Chen, who reportedly fell ill and was rushed to the emergency room on Monday night, bearing visible signs of fatigue on her face.
    2023/06/14 16:31
  • Locals gather to provide provisions to Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage

    The annual Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage commenced in Taichung on April 21 and reached Yunlin County on Monday (April 24).
    2023/04/25 15:49
  • Cute chicks prepare for cold wave in Taiwan

    Chicken farmers in central Taiwan, Yunlin County, keep the chicken coop warm in preparation for the upcoming wave. 
    2022/12/15 11:28
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