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    Pingtung 結果共67筆

  • Xiaoliuqiu introduces marine conservation fee for visitors

    Starting July 1, Lambai Island, also known as Xiaoliuqiu, will impose a NT$60 marine conservation fee on visitors entering designated intertidal zones. This initiative, aimed at balancing tourism and ecology for sustainable development, will also limit the number of visitors to these areas. Funds collected will be used for the maintenance and restoration of natural ecological resources. The Pingtung County government and local ecotourism organizations support this measure to protect the island’s environment, which receives over 1 million visitors annually.
    2024/04/16 13:55
  • Neipu, Pingtung hits record high of 37.1°C: CWA

    Temperatures soar above 36°C in southern Taiwan, with Neipu, Pingtung reaching 37.1°C. CWA issues yellow alerts for Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung as the island experiences high temperatures and heat throughout the day.
    2024/04/15 18:04
  • Pingtung fishing vessel returns, CGA probes disappearance

    The "Hung Hsing Yu" fishing vessel returns safely to Yanpu Fishing Port in Pingtung after being detained by the CGA at Singda Harbor Coast Guard Base, Kaohsiung, with no evidence of wrongdoing found. The ship had been missing for five days, sparking an investigation into its disappearance and lack of communication, attributed to a generator failure. The captain and two Indonesian crew members are safe.
    2024/04/09 18:39
  • Hengchun peninsula thrives during 2024 Taiwan Music Festival

    The 2024 Taiwan Music Festival attracts over a million attendees, boosting the local economy of the Hengchun Peninsula and generating NT$ 1 billion in revenue for businesses. The event provides a platform for independent music and enhances musical tourism in the region.
    2024/04/08 17:41
  • Search intensifies for missing boat after Hualien quake

    Taiwan’s Coast Guard and National Rescue Command Center continue the search for the "Hung Hsing Yu" fishing vessel, missing since the Hualien earthquake on April 3. The boat, from Donggang, Pingtung, carried three people, including Captain Chen and two Indonesian fishermen. Despite extensive efforts, including dispatching ships and helicopters, the vessel remains unlocated.
    2024/04/08 14:21
  • NASA’s research aircraft in Taiwan for air quality mission

    NASA’s research aircraft arrives in Taiwan for an intensive 48-hour observation mission focused on air quality in Kaohsiung and Pingtung. The mission, part of the "Seven SouthEast Asian Studies Mission" in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, aims to identify factors contributing to high pollution levels in the region.
    2024/03/27 15:39
  • New marine recruits embark on rigorous journey in Pingtung

    Taiwan’s Marine Corps welcomes new recruits at Pingtung’s Longchuan Camp, marking the start of an extensive yearlong task force under the revamped conscription system. The overhaul introduces extended training and enhanced support and aims to better integrate recruits transitioning from civilian life.
    2024/03/05 17:48
  • Pingtung’s cleanup: over 3K bottles removed from coasts

    Discover how the Environmental Protection Bureau of Pingtung County cleared 3,100 plastic bottles from remote coastlines, urging the public to reduce single-use plastic waste. Join the effort to protect marine life and the environment. #Pingtung #PlasticPollution #EnvironmentalProtection
    2024/03/04 18:11
  • Pingtung speaker charged for election act violations

    Pingtung County Council Speaker Chou Dian-lun charged with election law violations for allegedly buying signatures to support Terry Gou’s presidential bid. Daughter also under investigation. Mayor of Chaojhou and others admit guilt, pay fines. TVBS reminds audience of presumption of innocence.
    2024/02/22 15:48
  • TPP Chairman Ko Wen-je calls 2026 election talk premature

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) chairman Ko Wen-je dismisses talk of a blue-white coalition for the 2026 local elections as premature. Speculation suggests that TPP may field eight legislators at-large in the 2026 local government elections. There are rumblings within political circles that TPP’s legislator Huang Shan-shan may run for Taipei mayor, Legislator Huang Kuo-chang for the New Taipei City chief, Legislator Chang Chi-kai for Chiayi City mayor, and Legislator Lin Kuo-cheng for the Pingtung County magistrate race. Ko emphasizes that discussing matters for 2026 is premature in 2024, as there are 22 counties and cities in Taiwan, and the scenario is subject to potential changes. When asked about a possible blue-white collaboration in 2026, Ko deems it too early to discuss.
    2024/02/15 12:13
  • Fisherman lands 102kg grouper, scores big at market

    A Taiwanese fisherman named Su had an extraordinary fishing experience off the coast of Liuqiu, a coral island in the Taiwan Strait. Instead of catching the Spanish mackerel he was targeting, Su managed to reel in a massive 102-kilogram giant grouper. This impressive catch quickly became the center of attention upon Su’s return to port, selling for NT$50,000 at the Huaqiao Fish Market and earning him a substantial windfall. Tseng Yu-tsung, an official with the Liouciou Fishermen’s Association, explained that local fishers typically use largehead hairtail or Japanese jack mackerel as bait to attract Spanish mackerels. While mangrove red snapper and groupers may also bite, encountering a giant grouper of this size is incredibly rare and comparable to winning the jackpot. Pingtung County is known for cultivating giant groupers, but finding wild giant groupers weighing over 100 kilograms in the sea is extremely scarce.
    2024/02/07 12:10
  • Officials clash over publicizing contaminated pork findings

    Taipei’s Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare questions Taichung City’s decision to publicly announce the presence of Cimbuterol in local pork produce, insisting on a thorough investigation before disclosure. Taichung City’s Office of Food and Drug Safety found the banned substance in frozen pork slices produced by TaiSugar. The city health bureau defended the immediate announcement, citing the need to protect consumers and citizens’ health interests. The Executive Yuan expressed doubts about the test results, citing unusually low levels of Cimbuterol detected and suggesting further investigations. Taichung City’s Office of Food and Drug Safety informed Pingtung County’s Public Health Bureau and Tainan’s Public Health Bureau for further investigation. Organizations like the Executive Yuan’s Consumer Protection Committee and the Consumers’ Foundation tend to directly announce results when adulterated products are found, justifying Taichung’s disclosure. The office conducted three tests using two methodologies, with one result exceeding the quantitative limit. Only TaiSugar’s product tested positive for Cimbuterol. TaiSugar has called for a re-examination of the test results and sent the sample to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Food and Drug Administration for reinspection.
    2024/02/06 14:27
  • Taiwan’s military vigilant amid rising cross-strait tensions

    Amid escalating tensions with China, Taiwan has launched critical military exercises in Pingtung, demonstrating its commitment to national defense. The drills come in response to increased Chinese military activities, including a breach of Taiwan’s defense perimeter by the PLA.
    2024/01/26 16:51
  • Chinese balloons cross Taiwan Strait: MND

    Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) reported that two Chinese balloons were detected crossing the Taiwan Strait median line within the previous 24 hours, with one passing over Taiwan. The balloons’ transit began on Tuesday morning, with one located 90 nautical miles west of Keelung and the other spotted 113 nautical miles west of Pingtung. Alongside the balloons, Taiwanese forces also observed seven Chinese aircraft and five naval vessels operating continuously in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait during the same period. The Republic of China Armed Forces closely monitored and responded to the situation using mission aircraft, ships, and shore-based missile systems. This announcement by the MND highlights the ongoing security challenges in the region and comes at a time of increased cross-strait tension.
    2024/01/24 14:07
  • DPP leaders launch gratitude tour to connect with locals

    The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president-elect, Lai Ching-te, and vice president-elect, Hsiao Bi-khim, have begun their nationwide bento box meeting tour to engage with local concerns and express gratitude to election staff and volunteers. The tour started in Kaohsiung and Pingtung in southern Taiwan and will continue for two weeks, covering the entire island and its outer islands. The bento box meetings aim to create a relaxed atmosphere for discussions on the post-election situation and the future of the new parliament. Despite the election results, the DPP remains committed to listening to local opinions in the new political landscape.
    2024/01/22 11:24
  • Satellite-tagged sea turtle triumphs over tumors in Taiwan

    A green sea turtle, previously afflicted with tumors, was released back into the wild in Taitung’s Shanyuan Bay. Rescued from a fishing net in July 2023, the turtle underwent successful treatment at the National Museum of Biology & Aquarium in Pingtung. Dr. Chen I-chun noted the increasing number of sea turtles with tumors globally, particularly along the eastern coast of Taiwan. Marine pollution or viral infections are suspected causes. The released turtle, the second in Taiwan to recover from a tumor, brings hope for the preservation of marine life.
    2024/01/18 16:16
  • Taiwan braces for dual Northeast Monsoon onslaught

    Taipei is set to experience two waves of the Northeast Monsoon, which will result in decreasing temperatures and possible brief, isolated showers in the northern and northeastern regions. The monsoon is expected to weaken on Tuesday and Wednesday, but an increase in rainfall across most regions, except for the south, is anticipated due to influence from South China’s rainfall zone. The second wave of the monsoon is scheduled to hit next Friday, intensifying during the night and bringing chilliness and chances of rainfall in the north and Yilan. The air quality in central and southern regions may worsen due to foreign influences, while Yilan and Hualien currently have "good" air quality and Taipei, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Matsu, and Penghu regions have a "fair" level. The central region, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, and Jinmen, are under an "orange alert" for air quality.
    2024/01/06 11:19
  • Ko boasts of ’intellectual supporters’ at Taoyuan rally

    Taiwan People’s Party presidential candidate Ko Wen-je attended a campaign rally in Taoyuan, where he praised his supporters for their spontaneity and described them as "highly intellectual." Ko criticized the Kuomintang (KMT) for organizing a rally in New Taipei City, accusing them of mobilizing over 2,000 tour buses for the event. Despite not spending as much as the KMT or the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Ko stated that the TPP continues to attract supporters whom he believes are "intellects." During the rally, Ko took photos with the public at the Zhongli Night Market, setting a three-second limit per photo group. The TPP’s vice presidential candidate, Cynthia Wu, simultaneously held a rally in Pingtung as part of a strategy to coordinate efforts in both the north and south of Taiwan.
    2024/01/04 14:34
  • Taiwan braces for wider rain as cold weather continues

    Get the latest weather update for Taiwan. The Central Weather Administration has issued cold advisories due to low temperatures, with some areas expected to drop below 10 degrees Celsius. While most of Taiwan will have clear and stable weather, rain areas are expected to expand starting Wednesday. The lowest temperature recorded on Tuesday morning was 8.4 degrees in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu. The north and eastern regions experienced temperatures ranging from 12 to 14 degrees, with Hsinchu and Miaoli possibly dropping to 9 to 11 degrees. Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Taitung had temperatures around 15 to 16 degrees. Thursday will bring mostly cloudy weather in the north and clear weather in the south, with occasional rainfall in the east. Friday and Saturday are expected to be clear and steady across Taiwan. However, a new wave of cold air is predicted to briefly impact northern and eastern Taiwan on Sunday and Monday, so residents should stay updated on weather conditions.
    2024/01/02 11:15
  • CWA reveals NYE sunset, Near Year’s Day sunrise times

    Discover the times for sunrise and sunset on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Taiwan. The latest sunset on the main island will be at 5:24:49 p.m. at the "Chi-Ku" sea wall in Tainan City. On outlying islands, the latest sunset will occur at 5:29:16 p.m. on the L18 Stronghold beach on Lieyu island. As for the first glimmer of dawn’s light, it will appear at 6:32:32 a.m. on Taitung’s Orchid Island and at 6:35:02 a.m. at the Pingtung Hengchun Longkeng Ecological Reserve on the main island.
    2023/12/27 13:25
  • DPP’s Lai promises High Speed Rail, expressways for Pingtung

    Lai Ching-te, the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Presidential candidate, announced at a rally in Pingtung his plans to construct a Taiwan High-Speed Rail line and two expressways in the area. Lai aims to balance Taiwan’s national development projects and bring more support and assistance to Pingtung, transforming it into a "beautiful new homeland." His promises include extending the high-speed rail to Chaozhou Township, reducing travel time from Taipei to less than two hours. Lai also intends to attract high-tech industries, introduce agricultural technology, and enhance the export competitiveness of local farm produce. Additionally, he plans to uplift tourism service quality in Pingtung, transforming Kenting into a destination similar to Bali and developing Dapeng Bay into a Hawaii-like getaway. Lai emphasized Pingtung’s importance in the implementation of the New Southbound Policy, highlighting its potential contribution to Taiwan’s development in collaboration with other southern counties and cities. He credited his past contributions to Pingtung’s development, such as the Pingtung Veterans General Hospital, to the efforts of former Pingtung County Commissioner Pan Men-an, current commissioner Chou Chun-mi, and legislators. Lai seeks local residents’ support to make Pingtung glorious again.
    2023/12/22 11:00
  • Pingtung opens Taiwan’s first dedicated drug analysis lab

    Pingtung County Government has inaugurated Taiwan’s first dedicated Drug Analysis Laboratory, a pioneering move to combat drug crimes more efficiently. The lab, costing NT$15 million, aims to reduce the turnaround time for drug analysis, which used to take one to two months when samples had to be sent to laboratories in other counties. Pingtung County Commissioner Chou Chun-mi emphasized the urgent need for the specialized lab due to the increasing variety and complexity of illicit drugs. Chou also highlighted the traditional approach to drug testing being too time-consuming and stressed the importance of efficiency in curbing the drug problem. In addition to the Drug Analysis Laboratory, Pingtung County has already established a Drug Testing Laboratory for urine tests in 2021. The new lab, certified by the Food and Drug Administration in December, marks a significant milestone in Taiwan’s anti-drug initiatives.
    2023/12/18 21:31
  • TVBS Charity draws over 100 to spread love and support

    The TVBS Charity Foundation hosted its fifth fundraising party in Fengshan, Kaohsiung, in collaboration with the Chinese Christian Relief Association (CCRA). Over a hundred participants gathered to review the spread of love in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, with the theme of "Sharing Endless Love" at the heart of the event. The party aimed to express gratitude to churches, social welfare workers, and beneficiaries for their collaboration throughout the year. Kaohsiung City Government Deputy Secretary-General Chang Chiah-sing thanked the TVBS Foundation and the city government’s Social Affairs Bureau for their continuous support, which has aided local social charities and cared for about 12,000 middle and low-income households. Pastor Wang Chung-wu of The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan shared that the "Endless Love" project helped approximately 100 households, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of brothers and sisters. President Chen Wen-ch’i of the TVBS Foundation expressed gratitude to Jesus for allowing everyone to understand the meaning of love and the essence of Christmas, while acknowledging the event’s role in expanding the power of love.
    2023/12/11 21:04
  • Pingtung sheep farm hit by first brucellosis outbreak

    A sheep farm in Pingtung County, Taiwan experiences its first outbreak of Brucellosis in 30 years, with three sheep testing positive for the disease. The infected sheep have been culled and the entire facility disinfected. Brucellosis is a zoonotic infectious disease that can spread between people and animals, causing placentitis, infertility, miscarriage, and orchitis. The Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center routinely monitors dairy cattle and sheep farms, with all dairy cattle farms testing negative in 2023. Further confirmation analysis and biweekly blood tests are mandated for the remaining sheep on the affected farm. Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture claims to have eradicated Brucellosis in dairy cows by 1989, and this is the first positive case identified on a sheep farm since surveillance began in 1986. Livestock farms are urged to avoid introducing animals from unknown sources and to enhance biosecurity measures, using proper personal protective equipment and reporting unexplained symptoms to animal health authorities.
    2023/12/11 19:46
  • 204 workers accept severance from Launch Tech after layoff

    Launch Technologies Co., a golf manufacturer in Pingtung, Taiwan, has reached a severance agreement with 204 of its local workers following a layoff plan submitted last month. The company, which suffered a significant explosion at its factory in September, has also helped some employees find new jobs and provided them with generous severance pay. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has pledged to closely monitor the labor rights of the affected workers. The factory buildings remain closed and operations will only resume after third-party verification of their structural safety. Launch Technologies has established an internal legal team to compensate the impacted employees and has committed to continuing salary payments through the end of the year.
    2023/12/07 14:30
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