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  • Taiwan’s environment minister highlights net-zero challenges

    Explore how Taiwan’s Minister of Environment, Peng Chi-ming, addresses the challenges of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and the role of nuclear energy and conservation in this effort.
    2024/06/06 16:02
  • Premier outlines Taiwan’s new anti-fraud, hope strategies

    Premier Cho Jung-tai addressed the Legislative Yuan outlining major initiatives including anti-fraud measures and the ambitious National Project of Hope, aiming for significant national progress and stability in Taiwan.
    2024/05/31 17:02
  • Barry Lam tops Forbes Taiwan’s richest list with US$11.7B

    Discover how Barry Lam became Taiwan’s wealthiest individual with a net worth of $11.7 billion, according to Forbes Taiwan’s Richest 2024 list. Learn about Taiwan’s economic growth and the tech industry’s role in shaping wealth.
    2024/05/31 14:50
  • Taiwan’s new Premier outlines foreign policy goals

    Discover how Taiwan’s new Premier Cho Jung-tai aims to foster democracy, peace, and prosperity with a comprehensive foreign policy system. Learn about his plans for national defense, economic innovation, and environmental goals.
    2024/05/29 16:06
  • Peng takes on environmental challenges as new minister

    Discover how Peng Chi-ming, Taiwan’s new Minister of the Environment, addresses the pressures of his role and his stance on nuclear energy amid climate change challenges in his first report to the Legislative Yuan.
    2024/05/22 10:59
  • Taiwanese citizens voice expectations for new presidency

    Taiwanese citizens gather for the 16th presidential inauguration, voicing concerns and expectations on environmental issues, economic disparities, and social reforms, while calling for unity and effective governance.
    2024/05/20 20:09
  • Shui-Yi Kuo named new leader of Taiwan Smart City Alliance

    Discover how Shui-Yi Kuo, Chunghwa Telecom’s chairman, plans to lead Taiwan Smart City Solutions Alliance (TSSA) into a new era, focusing on global smart city trends and international collaborations.
    2024/05/16 20:50
  • KYMCO’s new iONEX UNO sets the stage for a new e-motor trend

    KYMCO introduces the iONEX UNO, an innovative electric motorcycle that combines charging and battery-swapping capabilities. It sets a new standard for sustainable urban mobility and supports global net-zero goals.
    2024/05/15 18:12
  • Taiwan faces extended summer due to climate change: experts

    Explore how Taiwan could face a seven-month-long summer and other severe impacts detailed in the 2024 climate report, emphasizing the urgency for global cooperation in climate initiatives.
    2024/05/14 16:06
  • Premier Chen visits Taiwan’s first offshore wind farm

    Discover how Taiwan is leading in green energy with Premier Chen Chien-jen’s visit to Formosa 1, the nation’s first offshore wind farm, emphasizing offshore wind power and the goal for net-zero emissions by 2050.
    2024/05/07 15:35
  • Taiwan launches net-zero emission training to meet demand

    Discover how Taiwan’s National Environmental Research Academy is addressing the demand for green talent with its Net-Zero Emission Capacity Enhancement Class, filling up quickly due to high demand. Learn about the initiative’s focus on equipping individuals for the green sector and supporting green careers.
    2024/04/30 14:48
  • 不是Uniqlo!這品牌堪稱「平價之王」 一票認證:良心企業

    2024/04/28 20:39
  • 防客人口紅沾新衣!NET「超強警語」曝光 他讚:說話的藝術

    2024/04/28 07:44
  • Vice President Lai visits China Steel, eyes net-zero goal

    Explore Vice President Lai Ching-te’s visit to China Steel Corporation in Kaohsiung, where he delved into the company’s efforts toward net-zero carbon emissions, highlighting its role in Taiwan’s economic growth and sustainable development.
    2024/04/26 22:13
  • ’Made in Taiwan’ Heineken beer to hit global markets

    Vice President Lai Ching-te, along with officials and Heineken Taiwan’s Managing Director Wu Chien-fu, launched a NT$13.5 billion investment in Pingtung for a net-zero carbon beer factory aimed at the East Asian market, marking Heineken’s deep-rooted expansion in Taiwan.
    2024/04/26 21:55
  • Foxconn’s climate goals approved by SBTi

    Foxconn Technology Group achieves a significant milestone in environmental sustainability by receiving approval from the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) for its net-zero emissions goal, making it a leader in Taiwan’s high-tech hardware industry. This commitment aligns with the Paris Agreement, aiming to limit global warming to 1.5˚C by reducing greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain by 2050.
    2024/04/24 17:54
  • 鴻海淨零目標獲SBTi批准 台灣企業第7家

    鴻海積極邁向淨零碳排,今天下午宣布集團淨零(Net Zero)目標,正式獲科學減碳目標倡議組織SBTi(Science Based Target initiative)批准,是台灣高科技硬體設備產業第3家、台灣第7家淨零目標獲得SBTi批准的企業。
    2024/04/24 16:24
  • 2024 Earth Day: Sustainability report shares practical steps

    Jonathan Hall of Kantar discusses steps for addressing climate change and the role of AI in achieving Taiwan’s 2050 net-zero target at the Earth Solutions 2024 conference.
    2024/04/23 15:58
  • NET ZERO DAY秀技術 工研院:淨零不是成本是商機

    工研院今天舉辦第3屆ITRI NET ZERO DAY,打造淨零時代競爭力論壇暨特展,展現淨零技術能量,工研院董事長李世光表示,節能救地球、減碳賺大錢,淨零減碳不再是成本,而是商機。
    2024/04/19 18:18
  • TSMC chips lead the way in energy savings and net-zero goals

    Discover how Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is leading the way in energy-saving technology, with chips that save 6.8 kilowatt-hours for every kilowatt-hour used in production. Learn about TSMC’s commitment to net-zero strategies, including advancing their 100% renewable energy goal to 2040, and their collaboration with ITRI to measure their environmental impact.
    2024/04/19 17:56
  • 首次開庭! 基隆東岸商場產權:雙方互控違法

    2024/04/17 18:32
  • Taipei auto shows spotlight green automotive strategies

    The 2024 Taipei AMPA and Autotronics shows highlight the automotive industry’s efforts toward achieving net-zero emissions, with global partnerships and market growth opportunities taking center stage.
    2024/04/17 17:52
  • Taiwan’s Environment Minister to step down in May

    Meta description: Hsieh Fu-sheng, current Minister of Environment, announces he will not retain his position in President-elect Lai Ch’ing-te’s upcoming cabinet. Hsieh will return to teaching at National Chung Hsing University after May 20 and retire in 2025. He expresses gratitude for his experience and hopes his successor will continue promoting environmental initiatives.
    2024/04/17 15:34
  • 小資族必備!6款超高CP值「平價錢包」 百元也能有精品質感

    2024/04/16 10:27
  • 穿NET錯了嗎?他被嫌「完全不能接受」超錯愕 掀網論戰

    2024/04/14 14:20
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