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  • Taipei City Hall cafeteria fined due to food safety breaches

    A staff cafeteria in the basement of Taipei City Hall, named Fu-Yan, was fined over NT$2 million for food safety violations, including the use of expired ingredients. The contract was terminated, and the premises must be returned. Surprise inspections led to increased scrutiny, with plans for daily checks and expanded inspection areas. Temporary food options will be provided through food trucks, and assistance will be offered to affected employees. The public is urged to report any health issues after dining at the cafeteria.
    2024/04/12 15:23
  • Legislative Yuan probes digital ID card policy delay

    Legislators in Taiwan’s Internal Administration Committee discuss the "Digital ID card replacement policy and budget execution," leading to a special investigation team being set up. The Executive Yuan’s decision to postpone the project in 2021 resulted in contract disputes and mediation, with a reduced payout of NT$280 million. The Ministry of the Interior allocated NT$63.75 million in the 2024 budget for suspension costs. Legislators questioned the project’s total expenditure, with Minister Lin Yu-chang clarifying that the project is postponed, not terminated, due to heightened information security demands.
    2024/03/18 15:07
  • CTFA to nullify unfair women’s contracts after public outcry

    The Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) apologizes and vows to nullify controversial contract terms after accusations of pressuring women’s national team players to sign an unfair agreement. CTFA acknowledges the inappropriateness of the contract and promises to return the contracts on March 25, voiding their contents. A task force will be established to draft a new agreement.
    2024/03/05 12:55
  • Yu Chang signs minor league deal with Tampa Bay Rays

    Taiwanese baseball star Yu Chang signs minor league contract with Tampa Bay Rays, earns Major League spring training invite. Chang’s renowned defense secures him a monthly salary of US$36,000, with potential bonuses doubling from previous year. Rays’ inviting atmosphere and promise of US$1 million annual salary upon promotion entice Chang’s decision.
    2024/02/21 13:41
  • Vietnamese agency faces fine amid travel payment dispute

    Taipei-based WinnER International Travel Co. has ceased services for a Taiwanese tourist group visiting Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam during the Lunar New Year. The company has retained the group’s deposit and continued to charge fees, citing a violation of contract rules by Mega International Travel Service, which had not made the agreed payment. WinnER International signed a contract with Mega International on September 12, 2023, and received a deposit of NT$700,000 on January 18, 2024. The dispute arose when the two sides could not agree on the service price, leading to WinnER International sending a notice to stop providing service on January 31, which went unanswered. As a result, WinnER International asked each passenger to pay an additional US$720 to continue the journey. The Kien Giang Provincial Tourism Administration has deemed WinnER International’s actions a violation of regulations and will penalize the company for not adhering to travel contract regulations.
    2024/02/16 11:08
  • Son Ye-jin’s star power boosts golf brand

    Beloved Korean actress Son Ye-jin extends her endorsement contract with golf brand PIRETTI through 2024, captivating audiences worldwide. Despite reducing public appearances and film projects after marriage and childbirth, Son’s allure remains undiminished, fostering brand loyalty. Her personal passion for golf is showcased on social media, where her golf attire, including polo shirts, pleated skirts, calf-length white socks, and sneakers, garners widespread attention. Son’s popularity soared in Asia after her role in the Korean drama "Crash Landing on You," boosting PIRETTI’s product sales. With her enduring charm and influence, Son’s star continues to shine bright as she balances her personal and professional life.
    2024/02/07 17:46
  • Raytheon to supply Taiwan with advanced AGM-154 missiles

    The United States Department of Defense has awarded a contract to Raytheon Company to produce and deliver 50 AGM-154 Block III C Joint Standoff Weapons (JSOW) to Taiwan. The contract, valued at US$68.4 million, requires completion by March 2028. The AGM-154 Block III C is an air-launched glide cruise missile with a range of 22 kilometers at low altitude and up to 130 kilometers when launched at a higher altitude. It is compatible with Taiwan’s F-16V fighter jets and will enhance Taiwan’s aerial capabilities for land-based attacks. Negotiations for another weapons procurement contract involving AGM-84H/K (SLAM-ER) extended-range standoff land attack missiles are ongoing.
    2024/02/05 10:42
  • Premier Chen defends Medigen vaccine confidentiality deal

    Premier Chen Chien-jen discusses the pricing process and confidentiality agreements surrounding Medigen vaccines, stating that negotiations with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are ongoing. As a publicly listed company, any decisions about publicizing the government contract require shareholders’ approval. Chen emphasizes the government’s belief in vaccination as the best measure against the pandemic. Medigen had positive results from phase one trials and clinical experiments, leading to phase two development. The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted unity trials with four other countries after being unable to proceed with phase three trials due to Taiwan’s low COVID-19 case statistics. Chen disputes rumors about a 30-year embargo on clinical results, calling it fake news and clarifying that all official documents have a preservation period. He also refutes accusations that over a thousand Medigen shareholders are members of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), calling them "imaginary numerical figures." Chen hopes to disclose the information as soon as possible to maintain public trust, but it can only happen after negotiations and respecting existing confidentiality agreements.
    2024/01/03 17:07
  • Hou thanks wife for transforming mansion into social housing

    Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih expresses gratitude for his wife’s decision to convert her property, Kai-hsuan Mansion (凱旋苑), into a social housing complex or youth dormitory for rent in the future. Hou emphasizes that the property does not belong to him and pledges to withdraw from the presidential race if found involved in illegal funds. With elections approaching, false accusations and insinuations surround him, causing concern for his wife. Jen Mei-ling, his wife, confirms the legal inheritance, construction, and taxation of the mansion, which will be converted into a youth dormitory or social housing complex after the current rental contract expires in June 2026.
    2023/12/28 16:00
  • Taiwan basketball ups ante, eyes more NBA talent

    Former NBA star DeMarcus Cousins has signed a one-month contract with the Taiwan Beer Leopards, according to the club’s CEO Johnny Chang. This signing marks a significant boost to Taiwanese basketball, and the team is open to adding more NBA talents in the future. Cousins, known for his versatility as a center and his gold medal with Team USA, is set to arrive in Taiwan in mid-January and will make his debut in home games at the Taoyuan Arena on January 20, 21, 27, and 28. While the details of Cousins’ salary remain undisclosed, Chang hinted that it would be similar to the structure of NBA short-term contracts. Addressing concerns about Cousins’ temperament, Chang emphasized that his intensity on the court reflects his respect for professional basketball and will bring a passionate atmosphere to the games. Chang also expressed surprise at Cousins’ professionalism during the negotiation process.
    2023/12/18 18:39
  • Carrefour Market Fuzhong Store to shut down in January

    The Carrefour Market Fuzhong Store in Banqiao District, New Taipei, will close on January 14, 2024, after operating for 14 years. The store, which has been open 24 hours a day since its grand opening in 2009, will shut down due to the expiration of its lease contract. Carrefour plans to find a new location and announce a grand reopening once a site is selected. The news of the closure has disappointed many customers, particularly those who rely on the store’s round-the-clock services. Residents in the area have been discussing the impending closure, with some expressing shock and pity for the loss of the convenient late-night operation.
    2023/12/18 14:54
  • AIDC meets annual goal, delivers 4 Brave Eagles to Air Force

    Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) has successfully delivered four Brave Eagle advanced jet trainer aircraft to the Air Force base in Taitung, completing their annual contract goal of 17 aircraft. Despite media skepticism, AIDC managed to deliver five aircraft within the remaining month, overcoming challenges caused by the global pandemic. The quartet of Brave Eagles underwent rigorous testing and validation by the Air Force before leaving AIDC’s factory. AIDC’s procurement team negotiated with international suppliers to secure critical parts, ensuring the aircraft’s timely delivery. AIDC’s commitment to national defense missions and emphasis on safety and quality were highlighted by Chairman Hu and General Manager Ma. The Brave Eagle is a significant achievement in Taiwan’s defense autonomy, and AIDC plans to continue delivering aircraft on schedule next year to enhance the nation’s defensive capabilities.
    2023/12/12 13:47
  • Jessi, Jay Park dispel split rumors, confirm solid ties

    South Korean rap star Jessi and Jay Park address rumors of a fallout, affirming their strong relationship and urging fans not to worry. Speculation arose that Jessi had terminated her contract with Park’s company, MORE VISION, but the artists clarified that there is no discord between them. Jessi, who previously left P Nation in 2022, joined MORE VISION in April 2023. During a performance in Taiwan, she engaged with her Taiwanese fans, showcasing her connection with the audience. Taking to social media, Jessi expressed gratitude for her fans’ support and emphasized that the gossip has not affected her spirit. This public statement demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a professional relationship and clarifying the situation for their supporters.
    2023/12/07 21:01
  • Western Digital announces price hike following Samsung

    Western Digital Corporation (WD) has announced that it will increase prices in response to the recent price hikes in the memory chip industry. Following Samsung’s 20% price increase, WD has informed its downstream channels and contract manufacturers that hard drive products will be subject to weekly price reviews, with adjustments expected to begin in the first half of next year. The company has projected that the cumulative increase in NAND Flash prices could reach up to 55%. These price increases align with the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization’s projection of a 44.8% revenue growth in the memory market for the coming year. Market research firm Gartner has estimated an even more significant surge, predicting a 66.3% increase in memory market revenue. While this suggests a strong demand for memory products, it also indicates rising costs for manufacturers and potentially higher prices for consumers in the technology sector.
    2023/12/07 18:59
  • Quanta Computer raises salaries to beat inflation

    Taiwan’s major contract manufacturer, Quanta Computer, has announced that it will adjust its employee salary structure in response to inflation and talent retention. Starting in December, the salary adjustments will be based on job grades, with employees in the 8th job grade receiving an increase of NT$3,000. According to the Taiwan Stock Exchange’s corporate employee salary information from June, the average annual salary for non-supervisory full-time employees at Quanta in 2022 reached NT$1.501 million. This marks the third consecutive year that Quanta has raised salaries, with structural pay adjustments also made in 2021 and 2022. The company has clarified that the current restructuring will not affect the annual raises based on performance and division alignment. Additionally, Quanta plans to implement a flexible working hours system, reinstating the flexible work hour system adopted during the pandemic period at its headquarters in Taiwan. This will allow employees to start their day between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and leave between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
    2023/11/22 16:51
  • Taiwan plans to introduce 100,000 Indian workers by year-end

    Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare expressed support for signing a memorandum of understanding with India by year-end, aiming to introduce around 100,000 Indian migrant workers to Taiwan. The agreement could involve employing these workers in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, institutional, and domestic care sectors. However, the contract signing might be delayed until December, and the employment of new migrant workers cannot begin immediately. Currently, Taiwan has approximately 748,000 foreign migrant workers, with Indonesians being the largest group at 267,000, primarily in caregiving. Vietnam follows with 260,000 workers, and the Philippines with 150,000, mainly in manufacturing. This collaboration could make India Taiwan’s fourth-largest source of migrant workers.
    2023/11/13 15:44
  • Police identify 68 victims in cardless installment scam

    Taichung City Police have identified 68 victims of a cardless installment scam involving purchases of electronic products. Two suspects, both surnamed Lin, including a communications store owner, have been arrested for targeting university students in central Taiwan. The police seized evidence including mobile phones, computers, cash, passbooks, and contract documents. The suspects deceived students by promising them NT$5,000 cash for purchasing electronics through cardless installments, but the victims discovered the deceit when they received payment notifications from debt collectors.
    2023/10/28 18:06
  • Taichung mini hydroelectric plant to complete by year’s end

    The "Taichung City Mini Hydroelectric Development Plan" in Taiwan has signed a 20-year contract with collaborating companies for total funding. The project, led by Fong He Green Energy & Environment Co. and JetPro, aims to create a mini hydroelectric facility within Taichung City. The first facility, the Shishuike Creek mini hydroelectric power plant, is set to be completed by the end of the year and will have an installation capacity of 185KW.
    2023/10/26 11:27
  • Ex-PLG basketball player faces deportation over expired visa

    Nigerian basketball player Ifeanyi Uzoma Eboka has been detained by Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency for an expired residency visa. Eboka, known for his time with the PLG Hsinchu Lioneers, is now facing forced deportation.
    2023/10/16 15:57
  • Goldman Sachs cuts TSMC’s capex forecast

    TSMC has experienced an 11% drop in its stock price over the past five months, making it the most significant decline among Asian stocks. Goldman Sachs Group has lowered its capital expenditure expectations for TSMC for next year by over 20%, citing concerns about the postponement of its overseas capacity expansion plan.
    2023/10/05 19:41
  • Agriculture minister reveals contract over egg dispute

    Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung disclosed the egg importation contract between the National Animal Industry Foundation and Ultra Source on Sept. 6.
    2023/09/06 16:59
  • Prison vest scam: CEO faces indictment for fraud

    The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted Lin Sheng-che, head of Best Style Safety Industrial Co., for defrauding the Agency of Corrections. Lin presented false documents and unlawfully profited from a bulletproof vest contract, sparking an investigation into his actions.
    2023/08/13 13:53
  • NBA/膝蓋4度重傷!「前全美第一高中生」拚復出 將至勇士試訓

    過去曾被評價是「全美第一高中生」的中前鋒賈爾斯(Harry Giles),儘管擁有令人垂涎的天賦,但礙於傷病史極為豐富,故在2021年後就從未踏上NBA舞台。不過,年僅25歲的賈爾斯,因受惠於聯盟放寬了「雙向合約」(two-way contract)的規定,終於看見重返NBA的曙光,並趁著休賽季積極參與球隊試訓,下週更會與勇士會面。
    2023/08/06 15:48
  • SOGO to end indefinite contract for credit card with Cathay

    Far Eastern Group (FEG), owner of the SOGO department store, has recently decided to terminate an indefinite contract to issue a co-branded credit card with Cathay United Bank by August 15, after fulfilling the terms of conditions for 20 years.
    2023/06/16 16:43
  • U.S. athlete blasts Taoyuan Leopards’ reduced salary offer

    NBA star player Dwight Howard voiced his disapproval of the opaque nature surrounding his contract with the Taoyuan Leopards, along with the team’s reduced salary offer for the forthcoming season, during an exclusive interview with TVBS on Wednesday (June 7, Taipei time).
    2023/06/08 18:57
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