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    Cimbuterol 結果共13筆

  • Taiwan premier addresses cimbuterol pork concerns

    Taipei Premier Chen Chien-jen addresses concerns over cimbuterol pork contamination and agricultural fund management in Taiwan. Results on the banned additive’s presence in pork expected in two days. Ministry of Health and Welfare to evaluate incident as food safety fears rise. NT$128.3 billion pig farming fund aimed at industry upgrades and environmental improvements. Future plans to sustain industry growth and enhance production efficiency discussed.
    2024/03/05 16:37
  • Taiwan clears domestic pork of Cimbuterol contamination

    Taiwan’s Executive Yuan has announced that no detection of Cimbuterol, a feed additive used to promote leanness in animals, has been found in domestically-produced pork. This preliminary result dismisses concerns about the domestic pork supply being tainted with the substance. In the past, Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s pork slices were found to contain Cimbuterol, causing public concern. The Ministry of Agriculture has inspected 633 pre-market samples, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare has tested 73 post-market samples, with only one sample in Taichung city detecting Cimbuterol. The Health Ministry will strengthen random inspections for ractopamine in pork products and increase the number of annual inspections. The government will also enhance scrutiny of Cimbuterol imports and establish an expert group to assess the risk source at each link. The administration remains committed to ensuring the sanitary safety of pork products and monitoring related residues in various channels. Relevant authorities are dedicated to meeting Taiwan’s veterinary drug residue limits in foods.
    2024/02/15 14:41
  • 清查國內豬肉供應鏈 政院:檢驗625件皆未檢出瘦肉精

    2024/02/09 11:18
  • 清查國內豬肉供應鏈 政院:檢驗535件皆未檢出瘦肉精

    2024/02/08 12:06
  • 王必勝不認錯!趙少康看不下去 火力全開嗆爆「衛福部丟臉」

    2024/02/07 15:37
  • 台糖肉複檢仍驗出瘦肉精 傅崐萁要求陳建仁道歉、王必勝下台

    食藥署今(7)日公布「台糖安心豚梅花肉片(冷凍)」複驗結果,檢出瘦肉精「西布特羅(Cimbuterol)0.001 ppm。對此,國民黨團今中午舉行記者會,總召傅崐萁要求行政院長陳建仁在2月20日開議前,必須要有專案報告,衛福部次長王必勝也應請辭下台。
    2024/02/07 14:45
  • 王必勝手機不通出國去了 薛瑞元定調:瘦肉精屬「單一事件」

    食藥署今(7)日公布「台糖安心豚梅花肉片(冷凍)」複驗結果,檢出瘦肉精「西布特羅(Cimbuterol)0.001 ppm,衛福部次長王必勝連日抨擊台中市的作為也遭到藍營立委痛批,要求下台,而王必勝一早手機就關機不通,沒人找到他,對此,衛福部長薛瑞元回應,王必勝因為私人行程,今天早就請假出國了;同時針對台糖豬肉驗出瘦肉精,薛瑞元強調「是單一事件」不是大規模食安問題,將請專家召開會議研判可能的原因。 ​​​​​​​
    2024/02/07 12:04
  • Premier Chen urges action on food safety before LNY

    Premier Chen Chien-jen calls for central and local governments to ensure food safety in response to the discovery of Cimbuterol, or "lean meat powder," in TaiSugar pork. This issue is particularly important as the Lunar New Year holiday approaches. Chen expresses gratitude to the Taichung City Government for re-testing the pork sample and hopes for swift publication of the scientific verification results. The Health Bureau of Taichung City Government previously announced that the level of Cimbuterol in the sampled TaiSugar pork exceeded the limit. Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Victor Wang urges caution in handling the case, while Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen emphasizes the top priority of ensuring food safety and advocates for rigorous and swift measures.
    2024/02/07 12:02
  • Taichung pork tests positive for lean meat powder: FDA

    Taiwan’s FDA confirms detection of Cimbuterol in pork sample from Taichung, with trace levels at 0.001ppm. Public urged not to worry as only one package tested positive and levels are very low. Further test results to be released after the holiday.
    2024/02/07 11:39
  • Officials clash over publicizing contaminated pork findings

    Taipei’s Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare questions Taichung City’s decision to publicly announce the presence of Cimbuterol in local pork produce, insisting on a thorough investigation before disclosure. Taichung City’s Office of Food and Drug Safety found the banned substance in frozen pork slices produced by TaiSugar. The city health bureau defended the immediate announcement, citing the need to protect consumers and citizens’ health interests. The Executive Yuan expressed doubts about the test results, citing unusually low levels of Cimbuterol detected and suggesting further investigations. Taichung City’s Office of Food and Drug Safety informed Pingtung County’s Public Health Bureau and Tainan’s Public Health Bureau for further investigation. Organizations like the Executive Yuan’s Consumer Protection Committee and the Consumers’ Foundation tend to directly announce results when adulterated products are found, justifying Taichung’s disclosure. The office conducted three tests using two methodologies, with one result exceeding the quantitative limit. Only TaiSugar’s product tested positive for Cimbuterol. TaiSugar has called for a re-examination of the test results and sent the sample to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Food and Drug Administration for reinspection.
    2024/02/06 14:27
  • Taiwan FDA clears TaiSugar pork of cimbuterol concerns

    Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that no traces of the drug Cimbuterol were found in TaiSugar’s frozen pork slice products. The Taichung City Government previously reported the presence of 0.002ppm of Cimbuterol in pork cuts manufactured by TaiSugar. However, the Ministry of Agriculture disputed this claim, stating that tests on both pig hair from the farm of origin and samples from the same batch of pork products were negative for beta-agonists. Wang Der-yuan, the FDA deputy director, emphasized that Cimbuterol is not approved for use in humans or animals and is primarily used as a standard sample in laboratories. The FDA conducted examinations of three samples of TaiSugar’s pork products using the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s protocol for testing veterinary drug residues, and the results showed no traces of Cimbuterol.
    2024/02/05 13:18
  • 快訊/台糖肉片爆瘦肉精? 食藥署:梅花豬肉片3檢體均未檢出

    2024/02/05 12:51
  • 快訊/台糖這款梅花肉驗出「瘦肉精」 台中市府勒令下架

    2024/02/02 19:12
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