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    staff shortage 結果共49筆

  • Taoyuan faces power crisis: aging infrastructure to blame

    Explore the challenges Taoyuan City faces with power outages, as Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-chu addresses equipment failure, aging infrastructure, and the indirect role of power shortages. Amidst public dissatisfaction and the impact on industries and healthcare, Taoyuan confronts the realities of climate change and growing demands on its electricity supply.
    2024/04/19 18:07
  • Investments in SE Asia soar as market potential grows

    Taiwanese companies are increasing their investments in Southeast Asian countries, capitalizing on the region’s rising consumer purchasing power and strategic economic opportunities. Investments under the New Southbound Policy have seen a dramatic increase in 2024, with significant contributions from key players like Foxconn.
    2024/04/19 16:55
  • J.W. Kuo tackles Taiwan’s power trials ahead of MOEA role

    J.W. Kuo, incoming Minister of Economic Affairs and chairman at Topco Scientific Co Ltd., focuses on assessing Taiwan’s power needs through industry visits, aiming for a comprehensive report on electricity demands and the potential extension of nuclear plants, prioritizing safety and public consensus.
    2024/04/18 13:24
  • Taiwan to destroy 2.2 million expired eggs by April 19

    Acting Minister Chen announces destruction of 2.2 million expired eggs by April 19; costs and process to be disclosed on MOA website.
    2024/04/17 17:18
  • Shihmen Reservoir water storage drops below 2021 level

    Shihmen Reservoir’s water storage rate falls to 24.2%, lower than during 2021 drought, due to continued irrigation supply. Taoyuan Mayor hopeful for plum rains, prepares drought resistance measures.
    2024/04/17 16:53
  • TSMC, Kyushu University to boost semiconductor talent

    TSMC to collaborate with Kyushu University in Japan to foster talent and research in the semiconductor field. The partnership aims to address a projected shortage of technical talents in Kyushu’s semiconductor industry and support TSMC’s expansion plans in Kumamoto Prefecture.
    2024/04/01 13:05
  • Taiwan’s semiconductor college bridges talent gap: report

    Discover how Taiwan’s Semiconductor College in Hsinchu is attracting students from Vietnam to address the talent shortage in the semiconductor industry. Learn how Taiwan is leveraging Southeast Asian students to secure its position as a global leader in chip manufacturing.
    2024/03/26 13:59
  • Taiwan’s Reservoirs dip below 50% amid dry weather forecast

    Experts warn of declining reservoir levels in Taiwan due to reduced rainfall this winter and spring. Lin Te-en, an atmospheric sciences expert, predicts the dry trend will persist into April, emphasizing the need for heightened water conservation efforts. Key reservoirs across the island are experiencing storage rates below 50%, signaling a looming water shortage. With the U.S. NCEP’s Climate Forecast System projecting continued low rainfall, public awareness and conservation are crucial to mitigate the crisis.
    2024/03/14 13:50
  • CDC measles update: 2 new clusters identified

    The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revised information on measles spread, revealing two cluster infections instead of four. With a potential spike in cases predicted for March and April, the CDC urges the public to get vaccinated to prevent shortages.
    2024/03/06 14:46
  • Taiwan considers 4-day workweeks amid challenges

    Discover how a Taiwanese cybersecurity firm’s adoption of a four-day workweek has led to increased efficiency and improved work-life balance, setting a trend amidst global shifts towards reduced work hours.
    2024/02/29 16:47
  • Taiwan faces critical blood shortage, O-type at alarming low

    Taiwan Blood Service Foundation reports critical shortage of O-type blood, with only 3.7 days’ worth in stock. Decreased donations due to Lunar New Year holiday impact blood supply, with Taipei Blood Center urging public to donate after work to alleviate crisis. Blood bank stocks at only 4.5 days, far below optimal level of 7-10 days. A, B, and AB blood types also facing shortages.
    2024/02/17 13:29
  • Hsinchu boosts bus drivers’ pay amid workforce shortage

    Hsinchu County Government announces a monthly wage subsidy of NT$10,000 for bus drivers on its routes from January to December 2024. The decision aims to address challenges faced by urban bus operations in Taiwan and reduce employee turnover. The subsidy is intended to help recruit talent and ensure the rights of citizens using public transport. Hsinchu County hopes to alleviate the severe shortage of workers in the public bus industry through this measure. The subsidy will be reviewed every three months.
    2024/02/16 17:32
  • Lunar New Year: From family time to time for extra income

    Discover the changing traditions of Lunar New Year in Taiwan where the focus shifts from family reunions to earning extra income. Statistics indicate a high inclination to work during the holidays, with part-time jobs offering increased wages and students eagerly participating to maximize their earnings.
    2024/02/10 08:00
  • Hon Hai anticipates growth amid global AI chip scarcity

    Hon Hai Precision Industry Chairman Young Liu has stated that the AI server industry is facing a shortage of AI chips, which is expected to persist throughout 2024. Liu emphasized that the problem can only be resolved by increasing production capacity in new factories. He also highlighted that geopolitical and economic conditions may affect the demand for consumer electronic products this year. Despite holding a significant position in the global AI server industry, Hon Hai is facing a shortfall in the supply of AI chips from major manufacturers like NVIDIA. While some second and third-tier factories claim their AI server performance will be good in 2024, Liu expressed skepticism and confusion about this situation.
    2024/02/05 10:21
  • Taiwan braces for dual outbreak ahead of Lunar New Year

    A surge in respiratory illnesses, including influenza and COVID-19, has overwhelmed emergency departments in Taipei. Pulmonologist Su I-feng warns the public to closely monitor their health due to the widespread COVID-19 outbreak. The Taiwan CDC predicts a peak in flu and COVID-19 cases before the Lunar New Year. Concerns arise about a possible shortage of medical staff during this period, particularly in the emergency system. Hsieh Tsung-hsueh, director of the Pediatric Emergency Department at Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, has already deployed staff to prepare for a potential massive influenza outbreak.
    2024/01/26 18:02
  • EVA Air pilots secure right to strike

    Pilots for Taiwan’s EVA Air, supported by the Pilots Union Taoyuan (TUP), have voted in favor of striking due to ongoing disputes over pay raises. The TUP reported that out of the 910 participating pilots, an overwhelming 900 approved the strike action, with only 10 voting against it. The pilots are demanding a 20% salary adjustment, citing two main grievances – the hiring of foreign pilots amidst a staffing shortage and what they perceive as inadequate salaries and year-end bonuses, especially considering the airline industry’s substantial profits during the pandemic. EVA Air employs a total of 1,400 pilots, with 650 being TUP members. If all union member pilots choose to strike, it could result in half of the passenger and cargo flights being unable to operate during the Lunar New Year holiday. In contrast to the 2019 pilot strike at China Airlines, the TUP has stated that it will announce any confirmed strikes for 2024 at least 24 hours in advance to provide passengers with sufficient time to make necessary preparations.
    2024/01/22 12:14
  • Taichung bus drivers speak out on harsh working conditions

    Bus drivers in Taichung City met with the Transportation Bureau to express their concerns about long hours and lack of facilities. The drivers discussed their difficulties, including working 14 to 15 hours a day and not having enough time for breaks or restroom use. Democratic Progressive Party Taichung City Councilor Chang Fen-yu highlighted how poor labor conditions contribute to a shortage of drivers and hinder public transportation development. Taichung Transportation Bureau Director-General Yeh Chao-fu committed to improving conditions and compensation for drivers, including wage calculation, monitoring mechanisms, insurance, and vehicle maintenance.
    2024/01/18 18:28
  • Taiwan Railways mulls fare increase after restructuring

    The Taiwan Railway Corporation embarks on a transformative journey in 2024, grappling with fare adjustments, financial challenges, and a potential labor shortage. Chiou Yu-chiun provides insights into the future of the state-owned enterprise amid these pivotal changes.
    2024/01/17 16:40
  • Ko criticizes DPP’s bilingual policy lacking concrete plan

    Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je criticized his opponent Lai Ching-te’s "Bilingual 2030" policy, arguing that it lacks a comprehensive plan and causes panic among educators and parents. Ko identified three major issues in Taiwan’s education system: limited social mobility for underprivileged children, a gap between school curriculum and society’s needs, and a lack of alignment with international practices. He also highlighted the disparity in educational opportunities between higher socio-economic families and disadvantaged ones. Ko criticized the existing bilingual education policy for lacking a concrete path to realization.
    2023/12/26 17:02
  • Taiwan’s MOL reports surge in furloughed workers

    The Ministry of Labor reported a significant increase in the number of furloughed workers, with the manufacturing industry being the most affected. The labor ministry also predicted a high demand for labor in the accommodation and food services industry and the wholesale and retail trade sector. The global labor shortage crisis has led to businesses implementing solutions such as cross-training to boost productivity. The Regent Taipei successfully reduced its labor shortage rate through cross-training and creating a positive work environment. Fair wages and a positive work environment are believed to be key factors in employee retention.
    2023/12/26 15:52
  • EVA pilots union prepare for strike vote amid labor dispute

    The Taoyuan Union of Pilots (TUP) has taken their concerns to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), demanding increased oversight of EVA Air due to dissatisfaction over wages and annual bonuses despite rising revenues. The union has threatened to limit the airline’s rights if conditions are not improved by a specified deadline and plans to hold a strike vote on December 22. EVA Air has faced scrutiny for various issues, including understaffing that has led to several safety incidents. Pilots accuse the airline of excessive cost-cutting measures, such as hiring foreign pilots through illegal brokers, resulting in a workforce where foreign pilots outnumber national pilots. Over the past year, EVA Air has experienced a significant decline in national pilots, with approximately 10% of the total pilot workforce leaving. The union also claims that EVA Air’s response to the manpower shortage, including mandatory overtime and inadequate training, has resulted in frequent safety incidents. The union is calling for a comprehensive labor inspection and continuous penalties for workplace safety incidents. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has received a petition from the union and emphasizes the priority of flight safety and public well-being, urging EVA Air to engage in dialogue. The Ministry of Labor is also involved in labor-capital negotiations. The strike vote result, due on January 5, will determine whether a strike will be launched, contingent on EVA Air’s willingness to negotiate improvement measures sincerely.
    2023/12/18 16:40
  • AIDC hits NT$35.8B revenue, eyes stronger 2024 outlook

    Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) President Ma Wan-june announced that the company’s revenue reached NT$35.8 billion by the end of November 2023. Ma predicts that AIDC’s operations in commercial aviation, defense, and technological services will surpass this year’s figures in 2024. The rebound of the commercial aircraft business has led to a global shortage of aviation parts, benefiting AIDC as it continues to receive inquiries from aviation giants such as Boeing and Airbus. AIDC is also on track to deliver 18 Brave Eagle advanced jet trainers in 2024, indicating strong performance in the military sector. The company met its annual goal by delivering the last four Brave Eagle jets on Tuesday, totaling 17 aircraft deliveries for the year.
    2023/12/12 18:09
  • Taiwan boosts avian flu checks amid regional outbreaks

    Taipei’s Acting Minister of Agriculture, Chen Junne-jih, announced the implementation of a specialized avian influenza prevention program in September, including increased testing frequency to monitor the disease. This comes in response to recent outbreaks in Japan and chicken farms in Yunlin County, raising concerns about egg price hikes and shortages. Chen warned that the situation may worsen with the expected drop in temperature next week. Taiwan has been conducting active and passive surveillance for avian influenza since September, focusing on high-risk areas near migratory bird paths and implementing biosecurity measures at poultry farms. Chen assured that the country’s egg production capability has recovered since the shortage earlier this year, with reserves of liquid eggs available for emergencies. Domestic egg reserves will be released first in the event of increased market demand, with the import of liquid eggs only considered if a severe outbreak leads to a supply shortage. Chen emphasized the importance of maintaining appropriate stock levels through the imported egg project to ensure a stable egg supply despite the challenges posed by avian influenza.
    2023/12/12 17:54
  • Taiwan eyes migrant staff for hotel shortage

    The Tourism Administration at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Taiwan plans to apply for the opening of housekeeping positions for migrant workers due to a shortage of hotel service staff. The proposal will be submitted to the Ministry of Labor for consideration. The Director-General of the Tourism Administration, Chou Yung-hui, emphasized the importance of the hotel industry in the tourism sector and its impact on local economies. Chou encouraged local workers, especially middle-aged and older individuals and women, to consider employment opportunities in the industry. Discussions with the Ministry of Labor are ongoing to address migrant worker policies, and relevant data will be presented as soon as possible.
    2023/12/12 17:36
  • Japan’s 2023 kanji of the year reflects ’tax’ concerns

    The kanji of the year for 2023 in Japan is "稅" (tax), chosen by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation. This is the second time since 2014 that the character for tax has been selected. The choice symbolizes the Japanese people’s increased attention to tax issues, including tax increases and cuts. Over 147,000 individuals participated in the vote, with "稅" (tax) receiving the most votes. The second and third most voted characters were "暑" (heat) and "戰" (war), respectively. In Taiwan, the "2023 Character of the Year" results were announced, with "缺" (lack/shortage) taking the top spot, followed by "蛋" (egg) and "詐" (fraud) in second and third places, reflecting specific societal concerns in the region.
    2023/12/12 17:00
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