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  • Taiwan shelters become a hot topic on Japanese social media

    Following a significant earthquake in Taiwan, the Tzu Chi Foundation’s "Fuhui Privacy Screens" for disaster relief shelters and widespread public support for the victims have garnered attention from Japanese netizens, underscoring Taiwan’s advanced disaster response strategy.
    2024/04/05 18:48
  • Hsiao Bi-khim shares adorable cat antics on social media

    Taiwan’s Vice President-elect Hsiao Bi-khim’s cat steals the spotlight by sitting on her documents, sparking social media frenzy. Hsiao’s recent European trip and call for democratic alliance with Europe make headlines.
    2024/03/27 13:47
  • Taiwan’s NSTC discusses complexity of TikTok regulation

    The National Science and Technology Council in Taipei addresses the complexities of TikTok regulation, highlighting differences between the United States and Taiwan. Minister Wu Tsung-tsong trusts the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Digital Affairs to make informed decisions amidst global debates on misinformation spread by the social media app.
    2024/03/14 15:11
  • Hebe Tien’s enchanting Hokkaido getaway captivates fans

    Taiwanese pop singer Hebe Tien charms fans with frigidly beautiful photos from her Hokkaido vacation. Follow her frosty adventure in the snow-filled landscape as she captures the hearts of her followers with her delightful escapades.
    2024/03/14 11:29
  • Taipei union defends social worker amid abuse case

    The Taipei Social Workers Union protests against the blame placed solely on social worker Chen in the tragic child abuse case involving 1-year-old "Kai-kai." The union defends Chen’s cooperation in the investigation and criticizes undue media attention, urging respect for her privacy. Concerns are raised over the Child Welfare League Foundation’s demands and authorities using social workers as scapegoats. The union questions the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s delayed response and law enforcement’s handling of Chen. As the case proceeds judicially, the union calls for discretion in sharing sensitive information and highlights systemic issues in the social work sector.
    2024/03/13 11:29
  • Chicago students explore Taiwan’s media with TVBS News visit

    University of Chicago students recently explored the TVBS News office, delving into Taiwan’s media landscape and how global issues, especially military affairs and cross-strait tensions, are covered. Highlights include insights into traditional news values and the integration of new technologies.
    2024/03/12 17:10
  • Domino’s discontinues beloved seafood and Hawaiian pizzas

    Domino’s shocks fans by discontinuing seafood and Hawaiian pizzas, sparking passionate online reactions. The sudden announcement triggers heated debates among loyal customers, impacting Taiwan’s pizza scene.
    2024/03/12 12:04
  • DPP confronts social media struggles in post-election review

    The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) faces challenges breaking through the digital echo chamber, particularly on TikTok, post-2024 election. Vice President-elect Lai Ching-te aims to enhance the party’s social media presence, recognizing its importance in shaping public discourse. Despite concerns about TikTok’s security, the DPP is contemplating a presence on the platform amidst struggles to gain followers and counter misinformation. Efforts to establish a foothold on TikTok have been unsuccessful, revealing difficulties in navigating the algorithm-driven landscape. Comparison with Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) chairman Ko Wen-je’s social media success underscores the DPP’s need to improve efficiency in online engagement strategies.
    2024/03/12 11:55
  • Taiwan to host gender equality week in NYC

    MOFA announces Taiwan Gender Equality Week in New York City during the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women. Highlighted by a forum on women’s financial resilience featuring Dr. Hank C.C. Huang. Notable attendees include Denise Scotto and Kelley Currie. Event to be live-streamed on MOFA’s social media channels.
    2024/03/07 16:21
  • Technical glitch takes down Meta platforms for hours

    Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, experienced a global outage impacting users worldwide. The interruption, lasting over two hours, affected services such as Threads and Messenger. Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, the UK, the Philippines, the US, and Hungary were among the countries affected. Meta’s spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience caused by the technical issue. The blackout sparked discussions on Taiwan’s PTT bulletin board, with users sharing their frustrations and surprise.
    2024/03/06 14:43
  • Taiwan’s Liquid Bread Co. to close after 6 flavorful years

    Liquid Bread Co. (LBC), renowned for its American-style sandwiches and named among the "50 Best Sandwiches in Asia," will close its doors by the end of March. Since its founding in 2017, LBC has been a beloved spot for its diverse sandwich offerings. The announcement of its closure has sparked a wave of disappointment among patrons, with messages of gratitude and nostalgia flooding social media. Established by the founder of Purebread Bakery, LBC leaves a lasting legacy in Taipei’s culinary scene.
    2024/02/29 15:37
  • Chinese cuisines gain popularity in Taiwan

    Discover the rising popularity of Chinese cuisines like Luosifen noodles and Sichuan ice jelly in Taiwan, driven by social media trends and cultural connections. Despite cross-strait sensitivities, diverse options attract Taiwanese food enthusiasts seeking new culinary experiences. #TaiwanFood #ChineseCuisine
    2024/02/22 16:22
  • Iconic yellow duck in Kaohsiung collapses, repairs underway

    Strong winds in Kaohsiung cause a giant yellow rubber duck to deflate, sparking online discussions. Kaohsiung Department of Tourism works on repairs, clarifying that the collapse was due to mooring cable issues, not a puncture. Councilor Chiu Chun-hsien humorously comments on the incident.
    2024/02/21 14:31
  • Jay Chou’s seating at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour questioned

    Mandopop king Jay Chou and his wife Kun Ling attend Taylor Swift’s Australian concert, sparking online rumors about the origin of their prime seating. Chou nonchalantly responds to controversy with a laughing yet crying-face emoji, dismissing skeptics on social media.
    2024/02/19 11:36
  • Palau president unveils China’s bid to buy diplomatic change

    Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr. revealed in a letter to U.S. senators that China had tried to convince Palau to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan in exchange for hotel bookings. The letter, made public by Cleo Paskal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, detailed China’s proposal to fill Palau’s hotels and operate a call center at an annual cost of US$20 million. Whipps Jr. warned that without immediate approval for COFA aid, pro-China factions in Palau could threaten its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.
    2024/02/16 11:11
  • Son Ye-jin’s star power boosts golf brand

    Beloved Korean actress Son Ye-jin extends her endorsement contract with golf brand PIRETTI through 2024, captivating audiences worldwide. Despite reducing public appearances and film projects after marriage and childbirth, Son’s allure remains undiminished, fostering brand loyalty. Her personal passion for golf is showcased on social media, where her golf attire, including polo shirts, pleated skirts, calf-length white socks, and sneakers, garners widespread attention. Son’s popularity soared in Asia after her role in the Korean drama "Crash Landing on You," boosting PIRETTI’s product sales. With her enduring charm and influence, Son’s star continues to shine bright as she balances her personal and professional life.
    2024/02/07 17:46
  • Exploring Taiwan’s democratic challenges at FICA

    Taiwan takes center stage at the 30th Festival International des Cinémas d’Asie (FICA) in Paris as the theme country, showcasing a range of films from the martial law era to the works of new directors. Filmmaker Jean-Robert Thomann, who holds dual citizenship from France and Taiwan, presents his latest documentary, "Taiwan, Chronicle of a Threatened Democracy," in FICA’s documentary competition. The film, shot between 2021 and 2023, delves into the challenges faced by Taiwan’s democratic process, examining major referendums and the Taichung legislator election. Thomann believes Taiwan’s global recognition extends beyond seeking a seat in the United Nations, emphasizing the importance of parliamentary links, cultural and economic exchanges, and soft power rooted in creativity. He hopes his documentary will deepen French audiences’ understanding of Taiwan and inspire further exploration of the country. Thomann highlights that threats to Taiwan are not only external but also internal, with social media manipulation and fake news posing challenges to democracies worldwide. Despite these challenges, Thomann regards Taiwan as a remarkable example of democracy, particularly in Asia, and remains optimistic about the island’s democratic system. "Taiwan, Chronicle of a Threatened Democracy" premiered at FICA and is set to be screened in France, Taiwan, and Sweden.
    2024/02/07 14:32
  • Pop star G.E.M. turns fangirl for Beckham at Tatler XFEST

    Hong Kong pop star G.E.M. caused a frenzy at Tatler XFEST in Hong Kong when she converted from performer to superfan, requesting an autograph and a photo with soccer star David Beckham. Clad in a pink jersey, G.E.M. spotted Beckham during her performance and promptly approached him, asking him to sign the back of her jersey. In an impromptu moment, Beckham agreed and signed "To G.E.M.," posing for a photo with his arm around her shoulder. The event sparked widespread social media commentary, with fans embracing G.E.M’s fangirl moment and expressing envy. Internet users appeared united in their admiration for G.E.M.’s unabashed fandom.
    2024/02/05 11:58
  • Commuter chaos: unexpected train halt on Taipei’s Wenhu line

    A transfer bridge on the Wenhu Line at Zhongxiao Fuxing Station of the Taipei Metro experienced a swarm of commuters due to a delayed automated train. The train failed to depart as scheduled, prompting officials to ask the approximately 300 passengers to disembark and board subsequent trains. Regular operations resumed shortly after. The train was moved to a siding, and initial investigations suggest a communication disruption with the vehicle control unit triggered the train’s self-protection mode and caused it to stop. The incident’s cause will be further analyzed after the day’s operations. Social media users reported having to wait for multiple trains at Daan Station and a brief stoppage at Technology Building metro station.
    2024/01/30 13:03
  • Kaohsiung zoo helps animals keep warm amid cold snap

    Kaohsiung’s Shoushan Zoo caretakers went to great lengths to keep their animals warm during a recent cold front. Social media users were especially charmed by an orangutan named "Mimi" who was photographed wrapping herself in a blanket. With temperatures dropping to 11 degrees Celsius, the zoo staff installed heat lamps and provided high-caloric foods for the animals. Shoushan Zoo director Chuang Hsuan-chih explained that orangutans are highly intelligent and even imitate human actions, such as covering themselves with blankets and mimicking cleaning movements. The zoo also took measures to ensure the comfort of other animals, including reptiles, birds, and sloths, by installing heat lamps and providing high-caloric meals to help them store fat and survive the cold winter months.
    2024/01/23 17:31
  • Eric Chu unveils youth-focused political growth plans

    The Kuomintang (KMT) held a post-election gratitude tea ceremony in Yunlin County, where Chairman Eric Chu emphasized the party’s reform strategies and plans to nurture young members for political roles. Chu, along with New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih and Yunlin County Commissioner Chang Li-shan, announced the party’s commitment to increasing engagement with social and web media to appeal to younger voters. Chu highlighted the success of young KMT candidates in the recent legislative elections, with 10 out of 15 securing victory. Mayor Hou emphasized the need for unity and collaboration within the KMT caucus in the Legislative Yuan, particularly with proportional representation legislators from the south. He also urged the party to present facts, rectify misconceptions, and attract new voters while strengthening support from existing ones. The KMT has been actively nurturing young talent in its key structure in recent years.
    2024/01/22 11:28
  • Premier vows precision in tackling TikTok misinformation

    The Taiwanese government, led by Premier Chen Chien-jen, has emphasized its commitment to handling issues with the social media platform TikTok with precision. The government aims to address potential misinformation on social platforms to enhance public literacy and has warned of legal sanctions for spreading false information. The Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau recently established a Cognitive Warfare Research Center, which has raised concerns about potential infringements on freedom of speech. Chen highlighted the use of TikTok in advancing cognitive warfare efforts in some countries and the need for stricter government scrutiny. Taiwan has already banned the use of TikTok in government sectors since 2020. Chen argued that autocratic nations often exploit democratic societies’ free speech to influence elections through social media. He reiterated Taiwan’s status as a free and democratic country ruled by law, emphasizing the government’s responsibility to protect freedom of speech. Chen also highlighted the threats posed by spreading false or misinformation to reputation, health, privacy, societal stability, and national security. He called on democracies worldwide to approach this issue with caution.
    2024/01/19 16:24
  • Lai Ching-te’s playful banter steals the show at DPP event

    DPP president-elect Lai Ching-te and vice president-elect Hsiao Bi-khim express gratitude to campaign staff and volunteers at a Thanksgiving banquet in Taipei. Lai playfully declares that his VP is better than President Tsai Ing-wen’s VP, sparking laughter. Lai’s social media post generates humorous responses, while Hsiao teases Lai about his preference for cats or dogs. President Tsai Ing-wen joins in the banter, expressing a desire for both. Hsiao shares a nostalgic photo of her and Lai enjoying Taiwanese popsicles, expressing appreciation for campaign staff.
    2024/01/18 10:30
  • Philippines president breaks norms with Taiwan congrats

    Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. breaks tradition by congratulating Taiwan’s president-elect Lai Ching-te on his victory, a rare gesture due to the Philippines’ adherence to the "One-China policy" since 1975. Marcos Jr., in his social media post, referred to Lai as "Taiwan’s president" for the first time since taking office. He expressed his hopes for stronger ties between the two nations, emphasizing collaboration, mutual interests, peace, and prosperity in the future.
    2024/01/16 12:06
  • President Tsai accused of illegal election day campaigning

    During Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections, President Tsai Ing-wen faced criticism after her official LINE account displayed election slogans of Lai Ching-te from the Democratic Progressive Party, leading to accusations of illegal campaigning. The image was later removed from the account. This incident prompted online users to question the authority of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and suggest filing complaints against the president. The CEC had previously warned that campaigning on social media platforms like LINE and Facebook was prohibited on polling day, with violators facing penalties ranging from NT$100,000 to NT$1 million. Political parties, candidates, and their employees or agents could face even higher penalties of NT$200,000 to NT$2 million. The investigation into this alleged violation could have significant financial consequences.
    2024/01/13 14:20
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