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  • Path to reconciliation outlined in 2nd Ma-Xi meeting: Huang

    This article delves into the nuanced political dynamics of the recent Beijing-Ma Xi meeting, focusing on the "1992 Consensus" and the opposition to Taiwan independence as central themes. It examines the implications of these discussions for cross-strait relations, the role of political ambiguity in facilitating dialogue, and the broader quest for peace and stability in the region.
  • Taipei Dome to host first professional basketball games

    Discover the historic basketball event as the New Taipei CTBC DEA and Taipei Taishin Mars gear up to play at the Taipei Dome, marking a first for professional teams in the T1 League on April 13 and 14. With over 16,000 tickets sold and expectations to break attendance records, the anticipation builds for a monumental showdown.
  • Taipei City Hall cafeteria fined due to food safety breaches

    A staff cafeteria in the basement of Taipei City Hall, named Fu-Yan, was fined over NT$2 million for food safety violations, including the use of expired ingredients. The contract was terminated, and the premises must be returned. Surprise inspections led to increased scrutiny, with plans for daily checks and expanded inspection areas. Temporary food options will be provided through food trucks, and assistance will be offered to affected employees. The public is urged to report any health issues after dining at the cafeteria.
  • Taipei clarifies: Xishan Village water not from city supply

    Taipei Water Department clarifies that Xishan Village’s water supply is not from its system but from untreated mountain spring water, which is suspected to have caused residents to experience vomiting and diarrhea due to high E. coli levels possibly related to the recent earthquake. The department has set up emergency water collection points and assured the safety of its tap water supply to the greater Taipei area.
  • Shilin District Court judge falls to death from residence

    Taipei Shilin District Court Judge Li found dead after falling from 6th floor residence on Minquan East Road. Police rule out foul play; cause under investigation. Judicial Yuan President Hsu expresses regret. Li handled civil, financial, sexual assault cases and promoted new civil judges system.
  • Taipei mayor takes action on suspected daycare child abuse

    In Taipei, a child under one year old underwent successful emergency surgery for a subdural hematoma, sparking concerns of potential child abuse. Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an has mobilized the Department of Health and police to investigate, with the daycare center temporarily suspended. The case’s complexities, including the timing of the injuries and responsibilities of the parents or nanny, are under scrutiny as authorities aim for a swift resolution and the child’s recovery.
  • Chiang unveils 4-point plan to tackle foodborne illnesses

    Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an announces four measures to address recent suspected food poisoning cases at popular restaurants, including establishing a dedicated team, increasing inspection efficiency, purchasing additional equipment, and launching a special inspection project for food monitoring.
    2024/04/11 18:09
  • Over 100 fall ill after dining at Wowprime Group eateries

    Taipei reports over 100 ill after dining at Truewow and Xiang La Spicy Hotpot restaurants. Mayor Chiang Wan-an addresses food poisoning cases, including Polam Kopitiam, as food safety issues resurface in the city.
    2024/04/11 17:32
  • Wowprime takes responsibility for norovirus outbreak

    Wowprime Corp. offers full refunds and medical expense coverage for customers affected by suspected norovirus outbreak at Taipei Truewow and Hsiang La Spicy Hotpot restaurants from April 2-6. Company apologizes, introduces care plans, and proactively contacts domestic and international customers.
    2024/04/11 17:25
  • British photojournalist recounts impactful moments in Taiwan

    Discover the insightful journey of British photojournalist Chris Stowers in Taiwan. From documenting significant historical events to capturing the unseen stories of homelessness in Taipei, Stowers reveals the complexities and motivations behind his 35-year career.
    2024/04/11 15:19
  • US congress marks 45th anniversary of Taiwan Relations Act

    A bipartisan group of Members of the U.S. Congress introduced a resolution reaffirming the U.S. commitment to Taiwan on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). The resolution covers the House’s commitment to the TRA, calls on the Secretary of State to actively assist Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, and recognizes the significant contributions of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in advancing U.S.-Taiwan interests.
    2024/04/11 14:56
  • Taipei offers subsidies to mitigate rising electricity costs

    Explore how Taiwan’s significant electricity rate hike affects businesses and consumers, and the Taipei City Government’s efforts to mitigate these impacts through subsidies and energy-efficient technology upgrades.
    2024/04/10 17:31
  • Vision health declines with age in Taipei’s young students

    In Taipei City, a study reveals an increasing trend of poor vision among elementary and junior high students with age, with first graders showing a 25.9% rate, escalating to 77.4% in ninth graders. Female students exhibit higher rates of poor vision compared to males. Despite a slight decrease in elementary students and a minor increase among junior high students in the 2023 academic year, overall vision health has improved since 2014, attributed to the city’s efforts in annual professional vision screenings and promoting eye care awareness. The study also notes differences in vision health across school types, with public elementary schools and private junior high schools showing the highest rates of poor vision.
    2024/04/10 15:39
  • Taipei launches second double-decker dining bus

    Discover Taipei’s latest attraction, the second double-decker dining bus, launched by the City’s Department of Information and Tourism. With Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua’s optimistic view on boosting tourism, this unique dining experience offers a gourmet journey through the city. Following the success of the first bus amidst the pandemic, this addition aims to allure more visitors with its exclusive menus and scenic routes, promising an unforgettable 1.5-hour culinary adventure.
    2024/04/10 15:01
  • Taiwan debates over menstrual products tax exemption

    Explore the debate in Taipei as lawmakers advocate for sales tax exemption on menstrual products, facing opposition from the Ministry of Finance over concerns of insufficient consumer benefits and potential NT$380 million annual revenue loss. Amidst discussions on gender wage gaps and period poverty, the ministry highlights the challenges of tax exemption policies and the broader implications for the tax system.
    2024/04/10 13:43
  • 「2024臺北開齋節歡慶活動」4/14登場!逛特約店家領特製手機掛繩 加碼集點換超商禮券

    「2024 Eid-al-Fitr in Taipei 尋味臺北 齊賀開齋」4月14日將於大安森林公園登場!臺北市政府觀光傳播局表示,今年除邀集各式穆斯林攤位,即日起至4月14日也攜手多家清真美食餐廳、手作工坊推出「清真特約店家」活動,指定期間消費滿額可領限量特製「手機掛繩」,同時還能參加電子集章活動,兌換超商禮券100元,數量有限、換完為止,邀請民眾踴躍參加!一同深度了解穆斯林美食及文化風情。
    2024/04/10 08:00
  • Taiwan-born Terry Tang takes helm of LA Times newsroom

    Terry T’ang, born in T’aipei, Taiwan, has been named the first female editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times in its 142-year history. T’ang immigrated to Los Angeles at age six, graduated from Yale University and New York University Law School, and previously worked at the ACLU and The New York Times before joining the Los Angeles Times in 2019.
    2024/04/09 17:34
  • Bafang Yunji Beitou branch investigated for food poisoning

    Suspected food poisoning reported at Beitou Gongguan branch of Bafang Yunji in Taipei. Customers experienced vomiting and diarrhea after consuming corn soup and potstickers. Health department found unclean freezer fan and shelves, issued deadline for improvements. Restaurant cooperating with authorities, can continue normal operations pending investigation results.
    2024/04/09 11:32
  • Taiwan, Australia strengthen ties amid regional challenges

    President Tsai Ing-wen meets with Australian parliamentary delegation in Taipei to discuss strengthening partnerships, emphasizing security cooperation and regional stability. The talks highlight ongoing efforts to deepen economic ties and the importance of defense collaboration amid joint naval exercises in the South China Sea.
    2024/04/08 17:13
  • Taiwan to convene 3rd carbon fee rate review in late April

    Taipei’s Climate Change Administration plans to hold the third Carbon Fee Rate Review Council in late April to discuss carbon pricing, aiming to base future discussions on scientific foundations. Despite disagreements on target feasibility, the Ministry of Environment aims to establish carbon fee rates before 2030 and intends to charge for 2023’s carbon emissions by 2025.
    2024/04/08 17:04
  • Bongkrekic acid confirmed at Polam Kopitiam, probe continues

    Investigation into food poisoning at Polam Kopitiam’s Hsin-yi A13 branch in Taipei finds no Burkholderia gladioli bacteria on kitchen utensils or chef’s hands, despite bongkrekic acid detected in chef’s samples. Deputy Health Minister Wang Pi-sheng speculates on contamination scenarios as evidence points to branch’s responsibility.
    2024/04/08 13:46
  • 香港男歌手來台開唱遇7.2強震 唱一半淚崩吐真心話

    香港歌手黃耀明自去年初起,從台北展開舉辦「邊走邊唱」演唱會,足跡遍布歐洲、澳洲雪梨、墨爾本等多個城市。睽違一年多,5日再度回到台灣開唱,於新北ZEPP NEW TAIPEI登場,當他演唱到〈今天世上所有地方〉時,想到很多香港朋友離鄉背井在台灣生活,不能常常和朋友相聚,看到大家齊聚一堂來看他的演唱會,讓黃耀明一時忍不住感性落淚。而黃耀明的好友如杜汶澤夫婦、媒體人林日曦、填詞人潘源良、周耀輝、何秀萍等人也都特地來到演唱會捧場。
    2024/04/07 16:43
  • Emergency teams rescue trapped worker after Taiwan quake

    Following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan, a warehouse in New Taipei City’s Zhonghe District collapsed, leading to an urgent rescue operation. Employees share harrowing accounts of the moment disaster struck.
    2024/04/03 16:53
  • Tsai Ing-wen heads to Hualien after 7.2 magnitude earthquake

    In response to a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and officials convened an emergency briefing, stressing the need for vigilance and accurate information. Rescue operations and MRT disruptions follow in the quake’s wake.
    2024/04/03 16:28
  • Taiwan’s capital sees school disruptions following quake

    Following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan, schools in Taipei and other counties suspended classes, with over 200 schools reporting damage. Students were evacuated safely, thanks in part to recent drill preparations.
    2024/04/03 16:15
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