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    Hon Hai 結果共19筆

  • Hon Hai acquires land in Mexico for AI server expansion

    Hon Hai Technology Group, known as Foxconn, announces a strategic investment in El Salto, Mexico, to enhance its AI server production, aligning with global demand and expanding its manufacturing footprint.
    2024/03/01 17:07
  • Tech leaders laud Hon Hai’s economic contributions at Gala

    Discover the success story of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co at its 50th anniversary gala dinner, where founder Terry Gou highlighted the company’s impact on employees and the community. Special messages from tech leaders like Tim Cook and Jensen Huang added to the celebration.
    2024/02/21 13:43
  • Hon Hai anticipates growth amid global AI chip scarcity

    Hon Hai Precision Industry Chairman Young Liu has stated that the AI server industry is facing a shortage of AI chips, which is expected to persist throughout 2024. Liu emphasized that the problem can only be resolved by increasing production capacity in new factories. He also highlighted that geopolitical and economic conditions may affect the demand for consumer electronic products this year. Despite holding a significant position in the global AI server industry, Hon Hai is facing a shortfall in the supply of AI chips from major manufacturers like NVIDIA. While some second and third-tier factories claim their AI server performance will be good in 2024, Liu expressed skepticism and confusion about this situation.
    2024/02/05 10:21
  • Foxsemicon stock dips after cyberattack threatens jobs

    Foxsemicon Integrated Technology Inc., a semiconductor entity of Hon Hai Technology Group, experienced a 2.3% decrease in stock price on January 17th after announcing a cyberattack that posed a threat to job security. The company’s website had been hacked, with a message posted on the homepage warning of job loss if management did not contact the hackers. The hackers claimed to possess 5TB of sensitive internal data, including customer information, which they had encrypted within the company’s system. Foxsemicon confirmed the intrusion and activated its defense mechanism while implementing recovery operations. Despite these efforts, some pages on the official website remained inoperable. The stock price initially dropped from NT$210 to NT$205 but rebounded to NT$207 by 9:28 a.m.
    2024/01/17 15:03
  • Hou Yu-ih seeks unity with Terry Gou for turnover

    Kuomintang’s presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih has revealed his communication with Terry Gou, the founder of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. The aim is to unite opposition parties and promote political turnover. This announcement follows a six-point consensus achieved between KMT and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) in the presence of former president Ma Ying-jeou. In response to TPP presidential hopeful Ko Wen-je’s emotional reaction to the agreement, Hou asserts that both parties under Ma’s watch have reached a substantial consensus, and it will be executed as agreed. Hou appeals for support in their mission to expose the incompetent Democratic Progressive Party. He emphasizes that the final judgment regarding any comparison of poll results will be entrusted to a team of three poll experts. The joint effort among opposition parties to challenge the DPP has become a significant narrative in Taiwan’s ongoing political discourse, with a wait-and-watch attitude adopted for the upcoming poll results.
    2023/11/19 16:11
  • Taiwan and Germany boost industrial ties: Jörg Polster

    Explore the deepening industrial relationship between Taiwan and Germany as German Institute Taipei Director-General Jörg Polster praises the long-standing ties. Following TSMC’s announcement of its first European factory in Germany, Polster emphasizes mutual growth opportunities and highlights plans for student exchanges in 2024.
    2023/10/27 19:35
  • Foxconn audit is’ normal law enforcement action’: Beijing

    China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) has stated that the audit of Foxconn, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd, is a "normal law enforcement action." TAO Spokesperson Chu Feng-lien emphasized that China will continue to support Taiwanese businessmen and companies investing in mainland China. Chinese authorities aim to create a favorable development environment and improve policies for Taiwanese compatriots and businesses.
    2023/10/26 15:04
  • Premier voices gov’t support for Hon Hai amid Chinese audits

    The Taiwanese government maintains communication with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. amid Chinese tax and land audits. The inspections of Foxconn, a subsidiary of Hon Hai, have caused concern. The government emphasizes its commitment to supporting Taiwanese businesses.
    2023/10/23 17:57
  • Pre-IPO event highlights Foxtron’s tripling revenue

    Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., announced that its revenue has tripled compared to last year, indicating promising future growth. The company’s electric bus, Model T, has received overwhelming orders exceeding its production capacity, while its first passenger car, Model C, has been adopted by Luxgen Motor Co., Ltd. with orders surpassing 8,000 units. CEO Andy Lee envisions complete electrification of public buses by 2030, anticipating significant growth for Foxtron products in the coming years.
    2023/10/23 17:34
  • NVIDIA and Foxconn unveil plans for AI factory collaboration

    NVIDIA and Foxconn strengthen their collaboration in AI and vehicle technology through an innovative "AI factory" initiative. Get insights into their strategic partnership at the Hon Hai Tech Day.
    2023/10/18 16:24
  • Hon Hai Chairman wishes founder happy birthday on Tech Day

    Foxconn Chairman Young Liu extends birthday wishes to founder Terry Gou and wishes him success in the presidential election at Hon Hai’s Tech Day. Prominent industry figures, including NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang, attended the event. Liu highlights the company’s launch of various products in the past three years, emphasizing the CDMS business model’s ability to offer comprehensive and customization solutions for the automotive industry. He also outlines Foxconn’s sustainability goals, pledging zero carbon emissions by 2050 and commitment to cleaner, eco-friendly, and smarter solutions.
    2023/10/18 15:29
  • Taiwan anticipates AI boom after ’AI Godfather’ visit

    Taiwan is abuzz with excitement as "AI Godfather" Jensen Huang’s return is anticipated, sparking a surge in interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and electric vehicle technology. Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, has refrained from confirming rumors of his return in mid-October for Hon Hai Tech Day 2023.
    2023/10/06 14:17
  • Terry Gou highlights qualities for potential VP nominee

    Business tycoon Terry Gou shared the key characteristics of his potential running mate on Tuesday (Sept. 5), during a visit to the Dongmen Market seeking support from local businesses.
    2023/09/05 17:29
  • Terry Gou shares blessings for Taiwan during temple visit

    Hon Hai founder Terry Gou visited the Shunsheng Temple in Tucheng District, New Taipei City, on Thursday (July 27) to pay homage to the Holy Emperor Guan.
    2023/07/27 16:20
  • Foxconn to invest US$250M in Vietnam beyond iPhone assembly

    Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., also known as Foxconn, announced plans on Tuesday (July 4) to invest approximately US$250 million in setting up two new component factories in northern Vietnam. One of the factories will specialize in producing components for electric vehicles (EVs), signaling Hon Hai’s continued diversification into the EV industry.
    2023/07/04 11:03
  • Mayor Hou to commit to KMT’s presidential nomination process

    New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi, who has maintained a relatively lower profile during the campaign compared to his rival, Terry Gou, founder of Hon Hai, expressed his commitment on Tuesday (May 16) to abide by the instructions of the Kuomintang (KMT) party and exert his best efforts.
    2023/05/16 16:59
  • Terry Gou backpedals on plans to restart fourth reactor

    Founder of Hon Hai Terry Gou, pursuing KMT presidential nomination, officially clarifies that he does not support the restart of the fourth nuclear power plant in a meeting held by the Council for Industrial & Commercial Development in Taipei on Wednesday (May 3).
    2023/05/04 18:53
  • 迎71歲生日!郭台銘喜收「這輩子最好禮物」嗨喊太棒了

    生日快樂!鴻海集團(2317)創辦人郭台銘今(18)日喜迎71歲生日,正好今「鴻海科技日Hon Hai Tech Day」(HHTD21)今登場,郭台銘親自駕駛自家高階電動車進場時,現場特地為他唱起生日快樂歌,場面熱鬧,他也透露這是這輩子收到最好的生日禮物。
    2021/10/18 11:12
  • 鴻海電動車實車搶先看 2021科技日預告影片大方露

    鴻海集團年度盛會鴻海科技日Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD21) 即將於今年10月18日正式登場,今年度最受矚目的焦點,在於鴻華先進將會正式發表3款不同級距的電動原型車,包含C級距、E級距以及電動巴士等3款掛上「FOXTRON」鴻華先進廠徽的原型電動車實車。而在HHTD21活動正式開演之前,鴻海也釋出第二波預告影片,內容更直接把3款電動車實車樣貌搶先曝光。
    2021/10/12 12:06
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