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  • KMT legislator accuses agency of favoring Lai Ching-te

    Explore the controversy surrounding the National Land Management Agency’s decision to legalize unauthorized construction at the family home of incoming President Lai Ching-te. Critics accuse the agency of favoritism and question the fairness of land use policies.
    2024/04/30 16:35
  • Hualien quake: Search, rescue efforts uncover more victims

    In the aftermath of the April 3 earthquake in Hualien, search and rescue teams have been tirelessly working on the Shakadang Trail, uncovering victims from the debris. With traditional rituals marking their efforts, they have recently recovered another body, continuing their mission amidst the ruins. The operation focuses on two major landslide areas, revealing the tragic impact of the disaster on the local community and visitors, including a family of five and a couple from Singapore.
    2024/04/10 16:14
  • Mayor welcomes home rescue team, gifts dogs toys for efforts

    Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai welcomes home a search and rescue team, including four dogs who helped locate victims of the April 3 Hualien earthquake. Roger, an 8-year-old rescue dog nearing retirement, found three deceased members of the Yu family and was gifted a toy upon return.
    2024/04/08 10:47
  • About 90% of workers to continue red envelope tradition

    A recent survey reveals that 90% of Taiwanese employees plan to give out red envelopes for the Lunar New Year, with an average amount of NT$11,292. The survey also shows that workers plan to spend an average of NT$31,093 during the seven-day holiday, contributing NT$288.7 billion to the economy. Popular activities include getting together with friends and family, visiting hometown, resting at home, paying visits to friends and relatives’ households, and watching television or DVDs at home. Other activities include praying at temples, making travel arrangements, gaming, job hunting online, and shopping. Compared to the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, 49.7% of respondents said their red envelope budget would remain the same, 26.8% said it would be more, and 23.5% said it would be less. Additionally, 64% of workers plan to give gifts during the New Year, with an average gift budget of NT$4,977.
    2024/02/06 09:00
  • New tax structure aims to ease burden for low-income groups

    The Taiwanese government has optimized the income tax system, allowing certain individuals and families to be exempt from income tax. Single individuals renting housing with a yearly income below NT$626,000 will not have to pay individual income tax when filing next year. Additionally, families with two parents and two young children and an annual income below NT$1.641 million will also be exempt. Approximately 47% or 3.05 million Taiwanese households were exempt from income tax in 2021 due to the optimized scheme, which includes increased deductions. Minister of Finance Chuang Tsui-yun clarified that this exemption is not due to poverty. The deductible amount for single individuals renting outside their home area making less than NT$626,000 could exempt them from taxes. For two-income families renting a house, the deductible amount on income tax could reach NT$1.072 million, while a family of four with two children under six could deduct up to NT$1.641 million. If they live with seniors aged 70 or older, the deductible amount could exceed NT$2 million.
    2024/01/05 18:28
  • Wu Feng celebrates 17 Years in Taiwan with a touching tale

    Turkish comedian and long-time Taiwan resident, Ugur Rifat Karlova, also known as Wu Feng, expressed gratitude and warmth for his adopted home in a heartfelt Facebook post. Wu celebrated 17 years of his life in Taiwan, referring to it as his family’s home and a place deserving of cherishing. He shared a moving incident that occurred on New Year’s Eve in a teppanyaki restaurant, where a Taiwanese couple surprised him by settling his bill. Wu expressed his gratitude to the generous man and hoped to reciprocate the favor next time, thanking him for a touching New Year memory for his family.
    2024/01/02 11:31
  • Hou Yu-ih threatens legal action over smears by DPP

    KMT presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih vows to sue those smearing his family over ongoing accusations about their real estate holdings. The DPP has targeted Hou’s family’s rental apartments and land case in Xinzhuang district, making it a focal point of the election campaign. Hou, a former criminal police, emphasizes his wife’s role in managing the home while he is away for work. He claims the apartments and land were inherited from his wife’s parental family. Hou condemns the DPP’s use of malicious language and views it as a violent electoral tactic. He expresses his outrage and announces his intention to use legal means to protect his family.
    2023/12/30 15:50
  • Jaw Shaw-kong slams Lai Ching-te over Wanli housing issues

    KMT vice presidential candidate Jaw Shaw-kong criticizes DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te’s family house in Wanli District, questioning its legality and the presence of military police. Jaw also accuses Lai of neglecting housing issues in mining areas and highlights the DPP’s disregard for non-urban planned lands. The controversy surrounding the Wanli property reflects the intense scrutiny candidates face over personal and family matters during elections.
    2023/12/20 18:41
  • Malaysian singer stabbed to death by obsessed fan

    Malaysian singer Hsu Chia-ling, 26, was tragically killed on December 18, in an incident involving an obsessed fan. The fan, a 44-year-old man who had been pursuing Hsu for two years, had arranged a lunch date with her at a restaurant. After the meal, an altercation occurred in the alley behind the restaurant, resulting in Hsu being fatally wounded with eight knife stabs, including one that pierced her heart. Hsu, who had agreed to marry her boyfriend Liu Yu-yang, had confirmed the lunch meeting with the fan. Despite her aversion to the meeting, she intended to keep it brief before a scheduled eyebrow grooming appointment. Following the attack, the assailant carried Hsu’s body to his car and drove home. The police found Hsu’s lifeless body in the front passenger seat of the suspect’s car and arrested him at his residence. Hsu’s family, devastated by the loss, is seeking full legal prosecution of the murderer. Liu, heartbroken by the incident, has been mourning deeply since learning of Hsu’s death.
    2023/12/20 17:22
  • DPP’s campaign office defends candidate amid criticisms

    The story discusses the defense of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Lai Ching-te by his campaign director, Yao Li-ming. Yao defends Lai as a victim of the system, using Lai’s family home in Wanli District as an example. This defense comes in response to criticisms from Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) legislator-at-large candidate Huang Kuo-chang, who suggested that Lai should empathize with the hardships faced by the people. Yao criticizes Huang for hypocrisy, questioning his sincerity in displaying emotions. Yao highlights the struggles of residents living in mining areas and compares their situation to the limited residential rights of military dependents’ villages in the past. He argues that seeing distressed individuals as privileged is an unsupportive stance for voters. Yao expresses hope that if Lai becomes president, he will focus on improving miners’ housing rights and interests through legal and institutional reforms, similar to past government efforts to address the housing rights of military village residents.
    2023/12/12 17:25
  • Ko Wen-je hits back at Lai’s criticisms toward alliance

    Taipei was filled with political debate as Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je criticized Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Lai Ching-te over his family home’s illegal construction. Ko questioned why Lai’s illegal buildings were not demolished like his mother’s and former legislator Huang Kuo-chang’s. This controversy emerged after the formation of the TPP-KMT alliance, which Lai publicly criticized as a blatant power grab. Lai argued that the alliance does not represent Taiwan’s mainstream public opinion and accused the candidates of lacking national security protection and comprehensive national plans. Ko retaliated by claiming that the DPP’s election strategy relies solely on rallying the Chinese Communist Party. This ongoing dispute between the two parties intensifies as they compete for control of Taiwan’s political future. In response to Lai’s criticisms, Ko admitted that they cannot guarantee being the best choice for Taiwan but questioned why Lai considers himself the better option. As the election approaches, this war of words further strains Taiwan’s domestic politics.
    2023/11/16 17:03
  • Lai Ching-te advocates for residents’ rights in mining areas

    DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te asserts that repairing the roof of his family home in Wanli is a resident’s "right" rather than a "privilege" after multiple typhoons. Lai calls attention to the housing problems faced by residents in mining areas and urges local governments and relevant departments to address these issues. Lai’s response comes after criticisms from TPP presidential campaign director Huang Shan-shan and Professor Hsu Shih-jung for not paying taxes and focusing only on his own house. Lai rebuts these comments, stating that similar situations exist in Jinshan and Ruifang within New Taipei City.
    2023/11/07 14:53
  • New Taipei deems VP Lai’s family home illegal construction

    Chang Shao-pin, deputy spokesperson for the New Taipei City Government, claimed on Sept. 7 that DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te’s family home in the city is illegally constructed.
    2023/09/07 21:22
  • Taiwan’s youth see bright future in real estate investment

    Young adults in Taipei City who aspire to purchase a home often require meticulous budget planning and sometimes rely on support from family members.
    2023/05/07 16:45
  • Prospective homeowners worried at soaring mortgage rates

    Rising interest rates for housing mortgages make owning a home an even more elusive dream for many Taiwanese, including Ms. Chang, an office worker and a mom of three. After being married for over ten years, her family is still unable to buy a house.
    2022/11/06 11:00
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