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    cardiac arrest 結果共12筆

  • Crash in South Korea kills driver, injures Taiwanese tourist

    Discover the latest on the tragic accident in South Korea’s South Gyeongsang Province involving a tour bus and a car, leading to a fatality and an injured Taiwanese tourist.
    2024/07/04 10:26
  • 陸羽球小將心搏停止猝逝 陸網轟印尼:錯失黃金救援也沒CPR

    代表中國前往印尼參加亞洲青年羽球錦標賽的小將張志杰,6月30日在賽場上突然暈倒,可惜最終搶救無效去世,享年17歲。事發兩天後,外媒引述印尼羽球協會的說法,表示張志杰是因為心搏停止(cardiac arrest)而喪命,強調經過兩間醫院、長達3小時急救仍無法救回張志杰。面對印尼官方解釋,大陸微博群情激憤,認為主辦單位錯失現場黃金急救時間,甚至沒有對選手進行心肺復甦術(CPR),應該負起最大責任。
    2024/07/02 17:35
  • Grieving family demands justice at student’s funeral

    The funeral ceremony of a middle school student who was stabbed by a schoolmate was held in New Taipei. The bereaved family demanded judicial reform and swift and severe punishment for the offender, hoping to establish a norm of "life for a life." They detailed the brutal incident, including the victim’s cardiac arrest, open-heart surgery, and subsequent death. The family pleaded for just and stiff penalties for both the perpetrator and abettor to ensure justice. They expressed skepticism towards the judiciary mechanism and its treatment of offenders, and voiced deep regret. The incident has had a significant impact on the family, particularly the deceased’s dependent sister who is now left to manage on her own. The family appreciated the assistance from kind-hearted individuals in caring for the sister and managing affairs after the child’s death. They fervently urged the judiciary to prioritize public safety, protect innocent victims, and ensure appropriate punishment for murderers and instigators.
    2024/01/25 15:12
  • Taiwan reports 53 OHCA deaths amidst cold snap

    53 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) deaths have been reported in Taiwan as of Jan. 23, according to the National Fire Agency (NFA). The NFA highlights that although there is no direct evidence linking these deaths to the cold weather, lower temperatures do increase the risk of sudden death. In Taipei City, six people experienced OHCA and were taken to medical facilities, but only one person was successfully revived. The average age of the victims was 80. Similarly, New Taipei City recorded eight OHCAs, with only three survivors. Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant, especially older adults and those with chronic illnesses, emphasizing the importance of staying warm.
    2024/01/24 12:39
  • Cold front in Taiwan linked to fatal cardiac arrests

    A cold front in Taiwan has been linked to five fatal cases of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) in the Keelung region. Victims’ ages ranged from 52 to 97. The Keelung City Fire Department reported a total of five emergency rescue cases of OHCA, with two males and three females affected. It is unclear whether the cold weather was the cause of these emergencies. Temperatures dropped to 6-8 degrees Celsius on Tuesday morning, prompting the fire department to urge the public to prioritize warmth and guard against the risks posed by the low temperatures. The Central Weather Administration (CWA) reported temperatures of 6-8 degrees in areas north of central Taiwan and Yilan, and 9-12 degrees in southern Taiwan and Hualien-Taitung regions. The whole island may experience regional short-term rain due to moisture from southern China, with heavier rainfall expected in Keelung, the northern coast, and the mountainous area of Taipei city. New Taipei, Taipei, and Yi-lan may also be affected by heavy rains.
    2024/01/23 13:16
  • Ed. Bureau Director visits victim of campus knife attack

    The director of the New Taipei City Education Bureau, Chang Ming-wen, changed his plans to visit a middle school student at the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital after the student was attacked on campus. The student, from a junior high school in Tucheng District, is in intensive care with serious injuries from a throat-slashing incident. The attack occurred when a male student confronted a female student during lunchtime, leading to verbal and physical assault. The male student used a folding knife to inflict multiple wounds on the victim, causing severe blood loss and cardiac arrest. The school principal stated that the altercation stemmed from discontentment with noise during lunch break. Police are investigating whether there were previous tensions between the students involved. The Education Bureau has prioritized the victim’s recovery and provided full medical assistance, as well as support to the family. Supervisors, social workers, and psychologists were dispatched to the school for assistance, and preliminary counseling has been offered to the students involved. The bureau has also called for increased attention to the affected students and enhanced campus security to ensure their physical and psychological safety.
    2023/12/26 10:36
  • Cold surge allegedly caused 18 deaths in northern Taiwan

    Over the weekend, fire departments in Taipei and New Taipei City received reports of 26 cases allegedly related to the recent cold surge, resulting in 18 deaths. While not all fatalities may be directly linked to the low temperatures, authorities are urging people to keep warm. The Central Weather Administration issued a Cold Surge Advisory on Monday, with temperatures dropping to 10 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan and 7.5 degrees Celsius in Yunlin. The New Taipei City Fire Department received four reports of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest on Christmas Day, with only one successful resuscitation. The Taipei City Fire Department had received 18 similar reports the previous day, with 13 families choosing not to resuscitate their loved ones. Officials are warning residents about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from indoor heaters, water heaters, and other electric appliances during cold weather. They advise maintaining ventilation and using such devices cautiously to prevent fire hazards.
    2023/12/25 16:44
  • Taiwan’s temp drop results in multiple cardiac arrests

    The Central Weather Administration issued cold advisories across Taiwan as colder weather hits the country. In just two days, 69 individuals were taken to the hospital showing signs of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, with most lacking pulse and respiration on arrival. Statistics from the Taipei City Fire Department and the New Taipei City Fire Department show a combined total of 26 cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. In Yilan county, four out of six people rushed to the hospital due to the cold were declared deceased. Emergency cases surged in Changhua County, with seven unsuccessful resuscitations. Only 10 people who collapsed due to the cold have been resuscitated. Citizens are advised to take necessary precautions against the chilly weather.
    2023/12/22 17:01
  • Changhua reports 5 OHCA cases amid extreme cold wave

    The Fire Bureau of Changhua County reported 53 emergency medical cases in the last 24 hours, including five instances of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), possibly linked to a sudden dip in temperatures due to an extreme cold wave in Taiwan. The OHCA victims, aged 65 to 87, had yet to have the exact causes determined. Although the number of emergency cases is consistent with the daily average of 54, the number of non-responsive patients increased from three to five. The CHFD advises older adults, those with cardiovascular diseases, and others susceptible to cold weather to dress warmly. The Changhua County Public Health Bureau urges anyone experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest tightness to seek immediate medical care.
    2023/12/21 17:53
  • War in Israel, Gaza tops 2023 Google news searches

    Google’s most searched topics in 2023 revealed the War in Israel and Gaza as the top news category globally. NFL player Damar Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest on the field, emerged as the most searched individual. Actor Jeremy Renner ranked second after being run over by a snowplow. Yoasobi’s single "Idol" topped the song searches, while Barbie and Oppenheimer were the most searched movies. Hogwarts Legacy and The Last of Us dominated the video game category. Late actor Matthew Perry and singer Tina Turner received extensive searches. The television adaptation of The Last of Us was the most sought-after TV series of the year.
    2023/12/12 19:28
  • 充氣溜滑梯變兇器 法父親被吹上50公尺高空重摔喪命

    法國南部聖馬克西曼拉-桑特博默(Saint-Maximin-La-Sainte-Baume)一處水上樂園,日前發生一起不幸的悲劇,有名父親帶女兒入園遊玩,沒想到卻在充氣溜滑梯上發生意外,滑梯被一陣大風吹走,整組飛上50公尺高空,導致人在滑梯上的父親在墜地後,出現心臟驟停(Sudden cardiac arrest)症狀,35歲父親最終回天乏術,救生員只成功救回3歲女童。
    2023/08/01 12:31
  • Tragic incident leaves Taipei Dome worker fighting for life

    In a tragic workplace accident at Taipei Dome, a 50-year-old male worker was electrocuted while working in a 6-meter-high shaft on the third floor on Wednesday (July 5). 
    2023/07/05 16:48
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