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  • Legislators slam gender pay gap in Taiwan basketball

    Explore the heated debate in Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan over gender pay disparity in sports, as lawmakers criticize the CTBA for unequal Jones Cup appearance fees.
  • Taiwan debates raising school counselor salaries

    Explore the push for better pay for school counselors in Taiwan as legislators discuss amending the Student Guidance and Counseling Act to address high turnover rates and ensure students receive consistent support.
  • Ko Wen-je accuses DPP of ’kidnapping Taiwan’s democracy’

    Taiwan’s political turmoil: DPP legislators occupy the legislature, halting discussions on election law amendments, sparking accusations of democracy being ’kidnapped’.
    2024/07/05 12:35
  • Lai seeks constitutional clarity on legislative demands

    Explore the latest on Taiwan’s political scene: President Lai Ching-te awaits a constitutional interpretation before deciding on answering legislators’ questions directly at the Legislative Yuan, following a controversial bill’s passage. This story delves into the legislative changes, constitutional concerns, and the president’s commitment to upholding constitutional order.
    2024/06/24 13:49
  • Labor minister defends Barthel Index in elderly care

    Explore the debate on Taiwan’s use of the Barthel Index for elderly care. Minister Ho defends its objectivity, amid proposals to ease conditions for those over 80 seeking migrant caregivers. Ho P’ei-shan: Pa-shih objective, shouldn’t politicize Over 80 using Pa-shih to apply foreign care to 30% Legislators amend employment law, over 80 exempt Pa-shih Ho urges rational discussion, don’t exclude severely disabled
    2024/06/13 10:46
  • Premier hosts dinner to boost executive-legislative ties

    Discover how Taiwan’s Premier Cho Jung-tai is enhancing executive-legislative communication, focusing on fraud prevention and improving Hualien-Taitung traffic, during a pivotal meeting with DPP legislators.
    2024/06/04 10:37
  • KMT legislators stage walkout during Premier’s policy report

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s political scene: KMT legislators stage a walkout during Premier Cho Jung-tai’s first policy report at the Legislative Yuan, signaling protest against his legislative reform stance. This event highlights the deep divisions and ongoing tensions in Taiwan’s political landscape.
    2024/05/31 14:02
  • Taiwan’s DPP and KMT clash over contempt of parliament bill

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan passing a new amendment to introduce the crime of contempt of parliament, sparking debates and a heated altercation among legislators.
    2024/05/29 13:07
  • DPP’s Chung Chia-pin apologizes after legislative brawl

    Read about the recent scuffle in Taiwan’s parliament where DPP and KMT legislators clashed during a bill reading, resulting in apologies and a call for better conduct among lawmakers.
    2024/05/17 17:48
  • New bill prompts ugly fights in Taiwan’s parliament

    Explore the details of the recent brawl in Taiwan’s parliament, where legislators clashed over proposed bills aimed at increasing governmental scrutiny. Learn about the amendments and the controversy surrounding them.
    2024/05/17 17:39
  • Taiwan unites to fight fraud with new initiatives

    Discover how Taiwan is stepping up its fight against fraud with a landmark conference that brought together industry leaders and legislators to unveil new prevention measures.
    2024/05/17 10:22
  • Taiwan’s opposition to reaffirm sovereignty on Taiping

    Taiwanese opposition legislators are set to visit Taiping Island to observe military activities and assert sovereignty, potentially stirring tensions in the contested South China Sea.
    2024/05/16 18:26
  • Ma backs legislators’ visit to Taiping Island

    Former President Ma Ying-chou supports KMT and TPP legislators’ visit to Taiping Island to assert national sovereignty, highlighting his South China Sea Peace Initiative and the historical significance of the island to the Republic of China.
    2024/05/10 18:16
  • DPP clarifies upcoming dinner not a nat’l report simulation

    Discover how the DPP is strengthening its legislative strategy with a dinner meeting between President-elect Lai Ching-te and 51 legislators, aiming for open dialogue and unity.
    2024/05/09 16:07
  • Taiwan develops new drone defense system

    Discover the latest developments in Taiwan’s defense technology as the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology successfully tests a new stationary drone defense system. Amidst budget freezes and legislative scrutiny, the system’s future hangs in the balance, with calls for transparency and detailed operational status from the military. Explore the intricate debate over national security and budget allocations in Taiwan’s legislative chambers.
    2024/05/08 18:37
  • Legislators call for hold on Taiwan Railway fare increase

    Explore the ongoing debate over Taiwan Railway fare adjustments after 29 years, highlighting concerns over regional fairness, service quality, and the need for comprehensive analysis before implementing changes.
    2024/05/07 15:01
  • KMT legislators question Taiwan’s tourism promotion in China

    Explore the controversy surrounding a social media bid by the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association Shanghai Branch, involving KMT legislators questioning the eligibility of mainland Chinese companies and raising concerns over potential double standards by the DPP in promoting Taiwan’s tourism on platforms deemed as cognitive warfare fronts.
    2024/05/06 16:26
  • Legislative Yuan probes digital ID card policy delay

    Legislators in Taiwan’s Internal Administration Committee discuss the "Digital ID card replacement policy and budget execution," leading to a special investigation team being set up. The Executive Yuan’s decision to postpone the project in 2021 resulted in contract disputes and mediation, with a reduced payout of NT$280 million. The Ministry of the Interior allocated NT$63.75 million in the 2024 budget for suspension costs. Legislators questioned the project’s total expenditure, with Minister Lin Yu-chang clarifying that the project is postponed, not terminated, due to heightened information security demands.
    2024/03/18 15:07
  • Taiwan holds steady on water prices amid economic debate

    Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Mei-hua, addresses concerns over potential water and electricity price hikes. Wang assures no immediate plans for water price increases and remains cautious on addressing the issue. Legislators advocate against compounding effects of electricity rate hikes and warn of potential inflation spikes. Discussions continue on balancing household electricity costs and industry consumption subsidies.
    2024/03/13 19:11
  • Taiwan to enhance defense against cognitive warfare tactics

    Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense discusses the challenges of identifying and countering cognitive warfare tactics from the CCP. Legislators debate on the best strategies to protect public morale and strengthen information resilience.
    2024/03/13 18:36
  • Tsai celebrates Int’l Women’s Day with Taiwan’s milestones

    President Tsai Ing-wen highlights Taiwan’s achievements in gender equality on International Women’s Day, emphasizing the nation’s leadership in Asia. Taiwan endorses marriage equality, boasts the highest ratio of female legislators in Asia, and ranks first in gender equality performance according to the OECD. The government’s efforts include promoting gender-friendly workplaces, encouraging shared domestic responsibilities, and implementing reforms for gender equality mechanisms.
    2024/03/08 10:51
  • Legislators urge inclusive HPV vaccine program in Taiwan

    Lawmakers and health advocates in Taipei call for gender equality in cancer prevention policy, pushing for junior high school boys to be included in the public HPV vaccination program. Data shows higher rates of oral HPV infections and head and neck cancer in males. Taipei City has already allocated funds for HPV vaccinations for boys, with calls for nationwide implementation. Suggestions include using increased tobacco health surcharge revenue to fund vaccinations. Calls for equal opportunities in cancer prevention measures for all students and a focus on lowering cancer risks for children.
    2024/03/05 17:23
  • TPP’s Huang Shan-shan stresses focus on legislative duties

    Taiwan People’s Party Legislator Huang Shan-shan emphasizes the importance of legislators focusing on their parliamentary duties, as discussed in a recent news story. Huang’s remarks come after fellow party member Huang Kuo-chang expressed support for her potential candidacy in the Taipei mayoral race. The story also touches on Huang Shan-shan’s views on judicial reform and the responsibilities of legislators in managing their designated districts.
    2024/02/26 16:38
  • Taiwan to launch 320 civilian emergency response teams

    The Executive Yuan unveils plans for the Taiwan Community Emergency Response Team (T-CERT) in a recent policy report, aiming to establish 320 teams with 8,000 members within five years. Training will involve various sectors, drawing parallels to the civilian defense concept of the Kuma Academy. Despite opposition from Kuomintang legislators, the initiative focuses on disaster response, not military operations, in line with Taiwan’s Disaster Prevention and Protection Act. The teams, inspired by FEMA recommendations, are supported by the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of National Defense.
    2024/02/20 16:37
  • TPP Chairman Ko Wen-je calls 2026 election talk premature

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) chairman Ko Wen-je dismisses talk of a blue-white coalition for the 2026 local elections as premature. Speculation suggests that TPP may field eight legislators at-large in the 2026 local government elections. There are rumblings within political circles that TPP’s legislator Huang Shan-shan may run for Taipei mayor, Legislator Huang Kuo-chang for the New Taipei City chief, Legislator Chang Chi-kai for Chiayi City mayor, and Legislator Lin Kuo-cheng for the Pingtung County magistrate race. Ko emphasizes that discussing matters for 2026 is premature in 2024, as there are 22 counties and cities in Taiwan, and the scenario is subject to potential changes. When asked about a possible blue-white collaboration in 2026, Ko deems it too early to discuss.
    2024/02/15 12:13
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