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    foreign interference 結果共13筆

  • China sanctions former US Rep. Gallagher for Taiwan support

    China imposes sanctions on ex-U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher for his support of Taiwan and criticism of CCP policies, including an entry ban and asset freeze. Gallagher vows to continue exposing CCP actions.
  • China warns against Taiwan’s ’provocative’ military drills

    The Taiwan Affairs Council spokesperson warns of China monitoring Taiwan’s military activities closely, emphasizing China’s stance on provocation and reunification. The statement follows Kinmen’s live-fire drill announcement and criticizes the DPP’s alleged provocations. The spokesperson reiterates Taiwan as part of China and rejects foreign interference in resolving the Taiwan issue.
    2024/03/27 16:55
  • Taiwan premier urges in-depth study on absentee voting law

    Premier Chen Chien-jen and Central Election Commission Chairman Li Chin-yung discuss the proposed changes to Taiwan’s voting laws, focusing on absentee voting and voting by mail. Chen emphasizes the importance of research to ensure citizen rights and election security, while Li raises concerns about potential foreign interference. The Democratic Progressive Party expresses skepticism, fearing loopholes for Chinese influence, while Li suggests starting with a referendum and implementing "transfer voting" as a reference for future studies. Li stresses the need to carefully consider electoral reforms to protect voting rights and secret balloting.
    2024/03/11 18:17
  • EU lawmakers’ focus on elections puts Taiwan visits on hold

    The European Parliament has suspended all missions to Taiwan until the end of the current legislative term, with Deputy Spokesperson Delphine Colard citing the finalization procedures and upcoming EU elections as key reasons. Despite this pause, the EU remains focused on democracy and foreign interference issues in Asia, particularly Taiwan.
    2024/02/23 16:35
  • Taipei official rebukes China’s election meddling in letter

    Taiwan’s Director-General in Boston, Charles Liao, responds to China’s interference in Taiwan’s elections with military threats and economic bullying. Liao highlights Taiwan’s commitment to democracy and refusal to bow to Chinese pressure. The U.S. State Department, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the European Union’s European External Action Service congratulate elected officials Lai Ching-te and Hsiao Bi-khim. Despite China’s attempts at interference through disinformation, military intimidation, and economic threats, Taiwanese voters remain resilient in their pursuit of democracy and freedom. Liao’s response is prompted by a Boston Globe article suggesting that the U.S. should prioritize Taiwan as a democratic partner.
    2024/01/30 16:36
  • Joseph Wu: Taiwan documenting China’s election meddling

    Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Wu, has written a column for The Economist discussing Taiwan’s efforts to document and analyze potential Chinese interference in Taiwanese elections. The results of this research will be published after the election. Wu emphasizes the international impact of the Taiwanese election and the importance of addressing authoritarian interference in democratic nations and maintaining international order.
    2024/01/04 15:02
  • Taiwan election heats up: Ko clarifies remarks on rival Hou

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je clarifies his past remarks questioning the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) apparent favor towards his Kuomintang (KMT) rival, Hou Yu-ih, and small donations from Taiwanese businessmen in China to the KMT. Hou takes offense and accuses Ko and the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) presidential candidate, Lai Ching-te, of "smearing" tactics. Hou also opposes foreign interference in Taiwan’s elections. Hou accuses Ko and Lai of property-related irregularities, implying potential illicit behavior. Ko reiterates that he was only inquiring about the CCP’s regard for Hou and refuses to discuss the property issues raised by Hou.
    2024/01/03 15:49
  • Foreign Minister Wu slams China’s aggression in Le Monde

    Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, has condemned China’s violation of the military status quo across the Taiwan Strait in an interview with Le Monde. He accuses China of attempting to obscure Taiwan’s sovereignty and initiating a ’choose between peace or war’ cognition war. Wu emphasizes that China’s interference efforts are increasingly difficult to discern and contradict Taiwan’s attempts to maintain the status quo. He reiterates President Tsai Ing-wen’s cautious and responsible stance ahead of the presidential election and commits to strengthening defense forces to show that invading Taiwan would not be easy for China. Wu also criticizes China’s hybrid warfare, alleging that it seeks to convince the public that the upcoming election is a choice between conflict and economic slowdown or peace and prosperity. Le Monde notes that Wu has been actively raising global awareness of the risks of conflict in the Taiwan Strait through visits to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
    2024/01/03 11:08
  • MOFA counters criticism on Taiwan’s stalled FTAs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has stated that Beijing is working to isolate Taiwan globally in response to criticisms made by Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih regarding Taiwan’s stagnant free trade agreements (FTA). During a presidential policy presentation, Hou criticized the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for its unsatisfactory economic performance and the lack of progress in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. MOFA emphasized Taiwan’s commitment to global economic integration and bilateral economic cooperation, but highlighted the interference from China. MOFA believes that Taiwan’s ability to participate effectively in economic integration depends on its strength and global connections, especially as countries like the U.S. and European nations reassess their economic risks with China. MOFA urges all Taiwanese, regardless of political affiliation, to unite and enhance cooperation with like-minded nations in the face of external challenges.
    2023/12/30 17:19
  • KMT candidate slams foreign influence in Taiwan election

    In this story, Kuomintang (KMT) candidate Hou Yu-ih expresses disapproval of foreign influence in Taiwan’s elections during a presidential debate. Hou criticizes the Anti-Infiltration Act and the potential politicization of the judiciary. He accuses Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator Chao Tien-lin of pro-China bias without legal consequences and hints at undisclosed reception from Chinese authorities during Lai Ching-te’s visit to mainland China in 2017. Hou questions the DPP’s double standards and openly scrutinizes Lai, demanding their stance on U.S. disapproval of Taiwan’s independence. He labels Lai as a "pragmatic worker of Taiwan independence."
    2023/12/30 16:40
  • Justice minister stresses fairness for 2024 Taiwan elections

    Minister of Justice Tsai Ching-hsiang has called for increased efforts from investigators, police, and intelligence agencies to combat bribery and prevent foreign interference in the 2024 elections. During a visit to the Keelung District Prosecutor’s Office, Tsai emphasized the importance of maintaining the fairness and integrity of the electoral process. He encouraged prosecutors to work together to create a judicial environment that inspires trust and visibility. Tsai highlighted the need to "block foreign powers from meddling in the election," "eliminate the influence of gambling on electoral outcomes," and "put an end to the disruption caused by fake news." Active investigations are crucial to ensuring fair and just elections. Tsai also discussed the formalization of the system for assistants to prosecutors and money laundering involving cryptocurrencies with prosecutors.
    2023/12/07 17:48
  • Wu: China amps Up ’hybrid warfare’ ahead of Taiwan elections

    Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Wu, warns of China’s increasing interference and cognitive warfare tactics as Taiwan’s elections approach. China is using a "hybrid warfare" strategy involving military actions, economic pressure, disinformation campaigns, and unlawful financial flows to influence the election results. Taiwan’s government is actively countering these tactics by strengthening communication with the public, enhancing media literacy, and collaborating with public and private sectors. Wu calls for a united front among international allies to enhance democratic resilience and increase awareness of China’s unfriendly actions. This reflects Taiwan’s efforts to preserve its sovereignty and democratic values amid rising tensions with China.
    2023/12/05 21:54
  • MOFA Minister Wu discusses Taiwan-China tensions on BBC

    In an exclusive interview with BBC World Service flagship program Newshour, Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Wu, discussed the increasing disturbances in Taiwan-China relations. Minister Wu highlighted the significance of international support, citing the visit of then-US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a positive diplomatic move. He also drew attention to China’s efforts to hinder Taiwan’s participation in international events. Wu welcomed the wave of international visitors expressing support for Taiwan, including the Vice President of the European Parliament and legislative speakers from Czechia and Lithuania. He urged democratic countries to be vigilant against potential interference from China in the upcoming presidential election and to voice their discontent over sensitive issues. Minister Wu drew three valuable lessons from the Ukraine-Russia conflict, commending the Ukrainian people’s commitment to defending their homeland, acknowledging the effectiveness of asymmetric warfare tactics, and emphasizing the importance of global support for invaded nations.
    2023/11/02 21:26
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