Taiwan unites to fight fraud with new initiatives

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2024/05/17 10:22
Taiwan unites to fight fraud with new initiatives (TVBS News)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — In a significant move to combat fraud, the Taiwan Advertising Council (台灣公益廣告協會, AC) and 14 other associations convened the "Fraud Fighting International Press Conference" on Thursday (May 16).

The conference, held at the National Taiwan University Alumni Hall, unveiled five key initiatives aimed at enhancing fraud prevention measures, including protecting victims from secondary harm and rewarding individuals who report fraud cases.


A notable proposal suggested that banks should bear half the responsibility for financial losses if the fraudulent transactions were processed through their systems.

Legislative and Industry Perspectives

The event saw participation from notable figures such as Legislator Wu Chun-cheng (吳春城) and Vince Cheng (程懷昌), the chairman of The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Taipei R.O.C. (4A), who shared insights on combating fraud.

Leo Lin (林少凡) from Ming Chuan University's Department of Criminal Justice and anti-fraud advocate William Kao (高為邦) discussed the current landscape of fraud crimes and strategies to counter them. Lin emphasized the need for the government to strengthen anti-fraud efforts through legislation, policy-making, and innovative approaches in technology and legal regulation.

Participants in the event join a group picture. (Courtesy of AC)

Innovative Solutions to Tackle Fraud

Kao proposed offering rewards to individuals who expose fraudulent schemes, highlighting this as an effective method to disrupt the ecosystem of telephone scams. The conference, co-hosted by the Taiwan Advertising Council (AC) and the Taiwan Advertisers' Association (TAA) among others, marks a collaborative effort to address the growing issue of fraud in Taiwan and beyond.

This initiative represents a comprehensive approach to fraud prevention, combining legislative support, industry collaboration, and innovative solutions to protect consumers and uphold financial integrity.




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