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    food safety 結果共68筆

  • Major Kaohsiung hotels affected by expired meat distribution

    Discover the latest on Kaohsiung’s public health scare as We&win Enterprise condemns Bo-son Meats for selling expired meat, prompting a city-wide investigation and legal actions.
    2024/07/12 15:50
  • Kaohsiung company caught with 14-year-old expired meat

    Discover the shocking find in Kaohsiung where authorities seized 11.4 metric tons of expired meat, some over 14 years old, from Bo-Son Meats Co., Ltd. Learn about the ongoing investigation and the measures taken to ensure food safety.
    2024/07/12 09:31
  • Taiwan compensates families of food poisoning victims

    Discover how Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice and the Association for Victims Support are aiding families of the Polam Kopitiam food poisoning incident, with each receiving NT$1.8 million in compensation.
    2024/07/05 14:39
  • Ministry aims to cut plastic bag use by 20% across Taiwan

    Discover how Taiwan’s Ministry of Environment aims to cut plastic bag use by 20% through a new initiative in 47 markets, encouraging the use of eco-friendly bags and reducing plastic waste.
    2024/07/02 17:00
  • Taipei finds pesticide residue in 12 fresh produce items

    Discover the latest on Taipei’s food safety: 12 out of 52 fresh produce items failed pesticide tests, including Thai basil and papaya. Fines for violations range from NT$60,000 to NT$200 million.
    2024/06/25 15:20
  • New Taipei fines cat food brand for false labeling

    Discover how a Taiwanese cat food brand faced a NT$60,000 fine for false labeling after a cat’s death from hypokalemia, sparking an investigation by the New Taipei City Government. Learn about the violations and penalties imposed.
    2024/06/24 17:33
  • Fifth death linked to restaurant’s food poisoning outbreak

    Discover the latest on the food poisoning outbreak at Polam Kopitiam in Taipei, which has resulted in a fifth fatality and raised serious food safety concerns.
    2024/06/06 15:46
  • Premier pledges full support for Taiwan Coast Guard

    Discover how Taiwan’s government is bolstering the Coast Guard with over NT$90 million in investments for new patrol vehicles, aiming to enhance maritime security and law enforcement. Learn about the agency’s success in combating smuggling and illegal fishing.
    2024/06/03 14:48
  • 15 hospitalized in Kinmen for food poisoning, now recovered

    Discover the details of a suspected food poisoning incident affecting 61 tourists in Kinmen after dining out, including the response from local health authorities and the ongoing investigation.
    2024/05/29 16:39
  • Excessive pesticide residues found in Taipei’s vegetables

    Discover how Taipei is tackling food safety by destroying over 17 tons of fruits and vegetables that failed to meet standards, primarily due to excessive pesticide residues.
    2024/05/29 16:25
  • Suspected food poisoning hits students, teachers on trip

    Discover the details of a suspected food poisoning incident at Yuteh Private International School in New Taipei City, affecting over 250 students and teachers after a field trip. Learn about the ongoing investigation and the community’s response.
    2024/05/09 10:42
  • Athletes ill after hotel breakfast, investigation launched

    Discover the story of ten athletes at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games in Taichung suffering from alleged food poisoning, with suspicions pointing to a hotel’s breakfast buffet. Follow the investigation led by the Taichung City Office of Food and Drug Safety into the cause, involving sample testing and preventive measures.
    2024/04/30 18:21
  • Taiwan’s diarrhea cases surge, norovirus blamed

    Explore the significant increase in diarrhea cases in Taiwan, with a notable rise in Norovirus infections within the food and hospitality sectors. Learn about the CDC’s recommendations for hygiene, food safety, and measures to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.
    2024/04/30 18:15
  • 52 diners fall ill after eating at Kaohsiung buffet

    A food poisoning outbreak at Hi-Lai Harbour restaurant in Kaohsiung has led to 50 people seeking medical attention for symptoms like diarrhea and abdominal pain, following dining experiences on April 26 and 27. The Kaohsiung City Department of Health is investigating, conducting microbial tests, and has mandated an improvement plan for the restaurant.
    2024/04/29 15:46
  • FDA probes 54 cases linked to red yeast product

    Explore the ongoing controversy in Taiwan over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s red yeast product, as the FDA investigates 58 cases of adverse reactions without confirmed causality, amidst reports of kidney disease and deaths in Japan. Taiwan responds with preventive recalls and consumer protection measures.
    2024/04/24 17:57
  • Taipei police near breakthrough in food poisoning mystery

    The Taipei City Police Department is close to a breakthrough in the Polam Kopitiam food poisoning case, with officials stating no poison was found in samples, and only a Vietnamese chef’s hands tested positive for Bongkrek acid. The case remains under investigation, with all possible leads being explored.
    2024/04/18 16:19
  • Taipei City Hall cafeteria fined due to food safety breaches

    A staff cafeteria in the basement of Taipei City Hall, named Fu-Yan, was fined over NT$2 million for food safety violations, including the use of expired ingredients. The contract was terminated, and the premises must be returned. Surprise inspections led to increased scrutiny, with plans for daily checks and expanded inspection areas. Temporary food options will be provided through food trucks, and assistance will be offered to affected employees. The public is urged to report any health issues after dining at the cafeteria.
    2024/04/12 15:23
  • Over 100 fall ill after dining at Wowprime Group eateries

    Taipei reports over 100 ill after dining at Truewow and Xiang La Spicy Hotpot restaurants. Mayor Chiang Wan-an addresses food poisoning cases, including Polam Kopitiam, as food safety issues resurface in the city.
    2024/04/11 17:32
  • Family of 6 hospitalized after dining at Taipei buffet

    The Taipei City Department of Health investigates a family’s hospitalization after dining at the Island Buffet Restaurant in Grand Hilai Taipei. Inspectors collect samples and find unclean conditions, ordering the restaurant to make improvements by April 8 or face fines up to NT$200 million.
    2024/04/01 17:46
  • Taiwan enhances food safety after poisoning incident

    Premier Chen Chien-jen reassures the public following a food poisoning scare at a local restaurant, emphasizing the incident’s isolated nature and the coordinated efforts of government agencies in the investigation. Chen highlights plans to strengthen the food poisoning reporting system, enhance specimen collection and testing techniques, and collaborate with frontline doctors to track and identify sources of contamination.
    2024/04/01 16:00
  • Taiwan assures safety of local pineapples and mushrooms

    Stay informed about the recent bongkrekic acid scare in Taipei involving pineapples and king oyster mushrooms. Learn how the Ministry of Agriculture reassures the public of the safety of locally grown produce and clarifies the bacteria responsible for the toxin. Understand the stringent conditions required for bongkrekic acid production and how to ensure food safety when consuming agricultural products.
    2024/04/01 14:09
  • Taiwan shifts from rice noodles amid safety fears

    Amid food safety concerns, Taiwan’s Lunchbox Industry Association chairman advises caterers to temporarily replace rice noodles. Investigation underway following food poisoning incident at Polam Kopitiam in Taipei. Proper preservation emphasized to mitigate risks.
    2024/03/29 16:37
  • Chef questioned in Taipei food poisoning deaths

    The investigation into a food poisoning incident at Polam Kopitiam in Taipei’s Xinyi District unfolds as a 25-year-old chef denies responsibility, citing that all ingredients were provided by the owner. Tragically, two individuals have died and five others have fallen severely ill. The presence of Bongkrek acid in the victims’ bodies, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, has heightened concerns. The chef, surnamed Hsu, who was temporarily working at the Xinyi branch, faces suspicions of manslaughter and violations of food safety regulations.
    2024/03/29 16:35
  • Restaurant under investigation after fatal food poisoning

    A food poisoning incident at Polam Kopitiam restaurant in Taipei has resulted in an investigation by prosecutors, focusing on food preparation and storage. Traces of "Bongkrekic acid" were found in the autopsy report of one deceased individual. The case involves potential charges of negligence leading to death and violations of food safety laws. Multiple staff members, including CEO Mr. Li and chef Mr. Hu, have been questioned and detained as part of the ongoing investigation.
    2024/03/29 16:23
  • Chef arrested from deadly food poisoning case

    A food safety scandal at Polam Kopitiam in Taipei’s Xinyi district leads to the arrest of a substitute chef surnamed Hu. The incident involves violations of food safety laws and involuntary manslaughter, with the deceased testing positive for bongkrekic acid. The founder and representative of the restaurant attend a meeting with Taipei’s Department of Legal Affairs, urging customers who dined between March 17 and 25 to monitor their health.
    2024/03/29 09:53
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