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  • Work, caregiving burden weigh on Taiwan’s strong generation

    Explore the overlooked mental health challenges faced by Taiwan’s strong generation, aged 40-60, as they juggle family, work, and the fear of unemployment. Learn about the rising suicide rates among adults and the importance of self-care and early intervention.
    2024/07/15 17:56
  • Taiwan tests family-centered cancer care in seven hospitals

    Discover how Taiwan’s Health Promotion Administration is revolutionizing cancer care with a new family-centered model in seven hospitals, aiming to improve survival rates and provide holistic support.
    2024/06/24 22:47
  • Labor minister unveils plan to support working women

    Discover Taiwan’s new initiative to support female workers by promoting work-family balance and easing the caregiving burden, as announced by the Minister of Labor, He Pei-shan.
    2024/05/23 17:38
  • Actor Ethan Juan’s mother passes away, family seeks privacy

    Discover the story of Ethan Juan, a Golden Horse Award-winning actor, as he mourns the loss of his mother. Learn about his career pause to care for her and his family’s request for privacy during this time.
    2024/05/23 14:16
  • Expanding childcare aid: Taiwan’s to ease parental burdens

    Explore Taiwan’s new approach to supporting families: Premier Chen Chien-jen announces plans for more flexible unpaid parental leave, expanded childcare services, and increased subsidies to ease the childcare burden. With a focus on diverse family roles and improved work-life balance, these measures aim to reduce childcare costs and encourage shared parental responsibilities.
    2024/05/09 16:42
  • Pets overtake newborns: Taiwan’s shifting family dynamics

    In Taiwan, pet registrations have surpassed the number of newborns, highlighting a shift towards pet ownership and an increasing demand for pet healthcare. Veterinarians are now more common than pediatricians, with pets often treated as family members.
    2024/04/26 15:17
  • Taipei health chief defends hospital’s response to crisis

    The head of Taipei’s health department, Chen Yen-yuan, commends the medical team’s swift response at a press conference regarding alleged medical negligence at a hospital treating victims of a suspected mass food poisoning incident at Polam Kopitiam in Xinyi District. Family members of the deceased are considering legal action, prompting immediate inter-departmental support for bereaved families. Mackay Memorial Hospital’s efforts to resuscitate a severely ill patient are defended by Chen and Dr. Yen Tzung-hai, who affirm the hospital’s diligent care and use of the best medication.
    2024/03/29 17:06
  • Taiwan boosts childcare support: new subsidies announced

    Vice President Lai Ching-te unveils plans to expand "National child care policy for ages 0-6" to ease family burdens. Increased subsidies for childcare costs and focus on early childhood education highlighted to address declining birth rates and support families with children.
    2024/03/26 13:52
  • Yuli Hospital leads charge for dementia-friendly businesses

    Yuli Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan, is leading efforts to establish dementia-friendly organizations in the country. The initiative involves training employees from community branches of the Land Bank of Taiwan and Family Mart to better understand and assist individuals with dementia. With over 300,000 people affected by dementia in Taiwan, the hospital aims to raise awareness and support for this vulnerable population. Director of nursing Huang Pei-chi highlights common challenges faced by dementia patients in daily tasks like banking and shopping, urging more businesses to participate in creating a dementia-friendly environment for the elderly.
    2024/03/06 18:04
  • New Taipei reiterates no mask mandate after toddler’s death

    A toddler’s tragic death at a public kindergarten in New Taipei City has sparked debate and confusion over whether toddlers should wear masks. The child’s family suspects that the mask may have become wet with tears, leading to asphyxiation. The Social Welfare Department clarified that only hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and senior care centers are required to follow the mask regulation. The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the kindergarten director and two caregivers, who have been summoned by the police for further investigation.
    2024/01/25 10:14
  • Community rallies to support comatose man’s medical bills

    A Singaporean man named Jake fell into a coma on his first day visiting Taiwan, prompting a fundraising campaign to cover his medical expenses. The campaign has raised 89,000 Singapore dollars (about NT$2.09 million) as of January 18. Jake was airlifted back to Singapore after a month-long hospital stay, but remains in a vegetative state. His hospital expenses and air ambulance charges have depleted his family’s savings, amounting to 66,166 Singapore dollars (approximately NT$1.55 million). Currently receiving treatment at Singapore General Hospital’s intensive care unit, Jake’s nightly charges are 426 Singapore dollars (roughly NT$10,000). Although he regained consciousness on December 30 and was transferred to a general ward, severe brain damage prevents him from communicating with his family. Despite this, Jake has made progress in physical rehabilitation, being able to sit up, stand with support, and actively learn to walk.
    2024/01/18 14:17
  • Taiwanese sergeant in coma after running collapse

    A Taiwanese staff sergeant is in critical condition after losing signs of life while running during training. The Army Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command has dispatched senior officers to address the issue and has contacted the sergeant’s family. Despite receiving treatment at a hospital, the sergeant remains in a coma. The command is working closely with the hospital to provide the best medical care and will continue to prioritize the safety of other servicemen through winter health education and exercise risk management.
    2023/12/27 16:30
  • Father of assailant seeks hospital visit, denied entry

    A student in New Taipei City stabbed his classmate five times over a dispute involving another student, leaving the victim in critical condition. The father of the accused student expressed a desire to visit the victim’s family at the hospital but was declined due to limited visiting hours and the victim’s unconscious state. The injured student was immediately put on ECMO at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and, although his vital signs have recovered, he remains unconscious. The culprit has been detained in a reform facility, while the other student involved is under the guardianship of an appointed adult. This incident has raised concerns about school safety and youth violence.
    2023/12/27 09:38
  • Hou Yu-ih slams DPP over sexual harassment cases

    Kuomintang’s (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih criticizes the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) over recent sexual harassment cases in the party. Hou highlights the lack of response from the DPP’s Department of Gender Equality to these incidents. He challenges Lai Ching-te, asking if he believes this is a virtue. Hou pledges to rigorously address sexual harassment and maintain high moral standards among officials. His zero-tolerance approach towards corruption and sex scandals sets the tone for his campaign. In the third round of the television policy presentation, Hou focuses on gender issues, proposing policies to increase women’s representation in governance, improve maternal and child health care, and alleviate family care pressure. These proposals demonstrate his commitment to gender equality and addressing women’s challenges in Taiwan.
    2023/12/26 18:48
  • Ed. Bureau Director visits victim of campus knife attack

    The director of the New Taipei City Education Bureau, Chang Ming-wen, changed his plans to visit a middle school student at the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital after the student was attacked on campus. The student, from a junior high school in Tucheng District, is in intensive care with serious injuries from a throat-slashing incident. The attack occurred when a male student confronted a female student during lunchtime, leading to verbal and physical assault. The male student used a folding knife to inflict multiple wounds on the victim, causing severe blood loss and cardiac arrest. The school principal stated that the altercation stemmed from discontentment with noise during lunch break. Police are investigating whether there were previous tensions between the students involved. The Education Bureau has prioritized the victim’s recovery and provided full medical assistance, as well as support to the family. Supervisors, social workers, and psychologists were dispatched to the school for assistance, and preliminary counseling has been offered to the students involved. The bureau has also called for increased attention to the affected students and enhanced campus security to ensure their physical and psychological safety.
    2023/12/26 10:36
  • Doggy Christmas party brings holiday cheer to beloved pets

    Taipei’s Family Dog hosts a unique Christmas celebration, bringing together over 20 dogs and their owners for a festive feast. Embracing the growing trend of including pets in holiday festivities, the event highlights the increasing importance of pets in family life and supports animal shelters.
    2023/12/25 11:15
  • Pets join owners at Christmas charity event for stray dogs

    The Family Dog center in Taipei organized a heartwarming charity event, uniting pet owners and their furry companions in the festive season. The event, aimed at supporting stray animals, featured shared meals and a "Promise Tree" initiative, highlighting community spirit and pet-owner bonding.
    2023/12/24 15:01
  • Resignations rise as Taiwan faces caregiving challenges

    Taiwan faces a critical labor shortage, compounded by an increasing need for family caregiving, especially for dementia patients. The situation challenges the existing workforce and highlights the need for better caregiving infrastructure and supportive legal frameworks.
    2023/11/30 19:47
  • Taiwan’s female labor force faces challenges post-motherhood

    In 2022, 330,000 Taiwanese women withdrew from the labor market to care for their families, highlighting the challenges women face in balancing work and family life. This trend, coupled with workplace stress and inflexibility, is impacting Taiwan’s birth rate and female labor force participation.
    2023/11/30 10:28
  • MOL pledges plan to help 330K women reentering the workforce

    Taiwan’s Minister of Labor, Hsu Ming-chun, has pledged to propose a plan within the next three months to support the 330,000 women in Taiwan who have left the workforce to care for their families. During a legislative interpellation, a Democratic Progressive Party legislator pointed out the government’s oversight of this potential source of manpower, considering the country’s need for more workers. Hsu acknowledged the relatively high number of women who have quit their jobs due to family care duties and stated that the Ministry of Labor is actively promoting measures to help women balance their work and family responsibilities. Suggestions were made to make the parental leave system more flexible and introduce family care leave. Hsu admitted that finding a solution is challenging but expressed her eagerness to address the issue. The Ministry of Labor has commissioned studies to inform their improvement plan, which will be developed in the next three months.
    2023/11/16 17:15
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