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    collaboration between KMT and TPP 結果共22筆

  • KMT Chairman Eric Chu warns against early election talks

    KMT Chairman Eric Chu warns against premature discussions on local elections and presidential elections, emphasizing unity and public sentiment. Collaboration with the TPP and legislative operations are highlighted as priorities.
    2024/02/27 15:30
  • Cross-party talks: TPP reaches out to KMT

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Chairman Ko Wen-je has announced that the party’s legislative caucus will initiate contact with the Kuomintang (KMT) for potential legislative cooperation. The TPP hopes to establish a mutually convenient schedule for visits between the two parties, with interactions expected to commence next week. This move comes as reform bills promised by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) remain stalled, and the TPP has proactively proposed collaboration with the KMT to further these reforms. TPP caucus whip Huang Kuo-chang has expressed optimism about the cross-party cooperation, stating that it is a good thing for opposition parties to work together to quickly pass bills that the DPP has failed to deliver on. The TPP caucus is open to this collaboration, pending the KMT’s response.
    2024/02/16 16:47
  • Taiwan’s new Congress: a stage for strategic party maneuvers

    Controversy arises between the DPP and TPP following the election of the Legislative Yuan’s speaker and deputy speaker, with allegations of a "phone gate" incident and conspiracies over a cabinet leader dispute. The anticipated dynamics within the Legislative Yuan, including the Blue-White Cooperation between the KMT and TPP, may undergo significant changes due to each party’s objectives. Despite holding only eight seats, the TPP has established itself as a third force in this general election. The TPP promptly proposes four reforms to Congress, attracting attention with their strategic approach. Both the DPP and KMT express cautious apprehension towards the TPP’s growth and influence, shaping the new congress as a battleground for collaboration and competition among the three parties.
    2024/02/05 10:39
  • Cynthia Wu promises tighter security after rally scare

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) vice-presidential candidate Cynthia Wu pledges to reinforce security measures in response to an incident where an individual was caught with an air gun at a TPP rally in Taichung. Wu visits Taichung after TPP presidential candidate Ko Wen-je held rallies there for two consecutive days. Wu’s campaign trail proceeds to Nantou County. When asked about the chants at the previous night’s rally, Wu expresses that election campaigning is tough and everyone should encourage and support each other. Wu’s final stop in Taichung is Wanhe Temple, where she is accompanied by the temple’s chairman for prayers and blessings. During a photo session with supporters, a vehicle carrying KMT legislative candidate Liao Wei-hsiang passes by, and the KMT’s Taichung branch director greets him, emphasizing collaboration between the TPP and KMT in Taichung.
    2024/01/07 18:18
  • Ko Wen-je rues failed KMT alliance, cites betrayal

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je expressed disappointment in the failure to establish an alliance with the Kuomintang (KMT), citing his medical background and trust in others as a disadvantage in politics. He believes that the mishandling of the breakup with the KMT has led to his declining support. Despite the acrimony, Ko hinted at potential future cooperation with Foxconn’s founder Terry Gou, acknowledging their maintained contact for policy collaboration. Ko praised Gou’s think tank on finance and economics for its excellent work, revealing that his team has consulted and adopted numerous economic policy suggestions from Gou’s proposals. The focus at this stage is on policy partnership, with paths toward collaborative governance remaining open between the two camps.
    2023/12/07 16:58
  • KMT, TPP leaders targeted in Taipei prosecutors’ probe

    Former President Ma Ying-jeou’s office accuses Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office of contradicting President Tsai Ing-wen’s statement on noninterference in judiciary matters. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the Blue-White alliance, a collaboration between political parties, as an illicit "partition of interests." Defendants under investigation include Eric Chu, Chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT), Hou Yu-ih, the KMT’s presidential candidate, and Ko Wen-je, the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate. KMT spokesperson Yang Chih-yu criticizes the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for politicizing the judiciary and discrediting internationally common party cooperation models. Yang highlights previous instances of the DPP’s involvement in similar political arrangements, raising questions about a double standard.
    2023/12/04 21:34
  • KMT billboard turns landmark after political rift

    A campaign billboard for Kuomintang’s (KMT) New Taipei legislative candidate Ye Yuan-zhi has unintentionally become a landmark on Google Maps, attracting a large number of visitors. The billboard gained attention after the breakdown of a collaboration between KMT and the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP), transforming it into a point of interest. Ye live-streamed a video showing workers altering the billboard by painting over TPP’s Ko Wen-je’s face and replacing it with that of KMT’s Hou Yu-ih’s running mate, Jaw Shaw-Kong. The video caption stated that supporters were angry and asked Ye to deal with the billboard immediately. The adjustment caught the attention of the digital community, with users on Google Maps leaving reviews describing it as "historic evidence of a breakup drama" and a "historic landmark" that may not remain for long.
    2023/11/27 18:02
  • Hou Yu-ih slams Ko Wen-je for TPP-KMT pact ambiguity

    Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih criticizes Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) counterpart Ko Wen-je for lukewarm collaboration efforts, calling it a betrayal despite KMT’s efforts to maintain good relations. Hou and KMT legislative candidate Lu Yu-ling inaugurate joint campaign headquarters, attended by KMT’s vice-presidential candidate Jaw Shaw-kong. Hou questions Ko’s interpretation of a previously signed six-point agreement, emphasizing unity and discipline within the KMT. Amid scrutiny over Jaw’s retention of his chairman position at the Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC), Hou assures that it will be handled according to the law. Jaw states he has ceased radio show activities and requested leave from BCC, willing to comply with National Communications Commission (NCC) requirements. Jaw also accuses ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of funding pro-green media outlets, denouncing it as collusion between politics and the media.
    2023/11/25 14:37
  • Lai Ching-te leads Taiwan election poll by narrow margin

    The latest poll from the "Formosa" website reveals a close race in Taiwan’s presidential election, with Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leading by a slim margin of 31.4%, followed closely by Hou Yu-ih of the Kuomintang (KMT) at 31.1%. Ko Wen-je of the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) trails in third place with 25.2%, over 6 percentage points behind the front-runners. Former legislator Shen Fu-hsiung, speaking on TVBS Situation Room, analyzed the situation, highlighting that the close polling between Hou and Ko does not give Lai a significant advantage. However, he cautioned against calls for a collaboration between the KMT and TPP at this time. Shen further explained that in presidential system countries like Taiwan, cooperation talks are not typically pursued, unlike in parliamentary systems where post-election coalitions may form. With the widening gap in support between Hou and Ko, Shen urged political observers to abandon the idea of a pan-blue alliance. He also emphasized that if the KMT aims to surpass the DPP in the upcoming elections, they should focus on diminishing the TPP’s support and consolidating the pan-blue vote without relying on a formal alliance.
    2023/11/25 14:04
  • Hsiao Bi-khim prioritizes DPP support expansion

    DPP vice presidential candidate Hsiao Bi-khim emphasized the importance of expanding support for the DPP’s platform rather than focusing on cooperation with opposition parties. Hsiao made these remarks at an event attended by international media, in response to inquiries about potential collaboration between the KMT and TPP camps. Hsiao also addressed fluctuating poll numbers in Taiwan and emphasized the need to expand the DPP’s support base. Reflecting on her work in Hualien, Hsiao highlighted the common ideals and values she shares with DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te. The Lai-Hsiao pairing sees the election as a battle to protect Taiwan’s democratic values, progress democracy, and strengthen the nation’s resilience. After the event, Hsiao is scheduled to engage with various groups to discuss new issues and draw on her international diplomacy experience.
    2023/11/23 15:17
  • Expert predicts Ko-Hou ticket for presidential election

    As the 2024 presidential election registration deadline approaches, rumors of a possible breakdown in the coalition between the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) have caused panic. Former legislator Shen Fu-hsiung broke the silence by asserting that TPP candidate Ko Wen-je would choose to form a "blue-white coalition" with KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih as his running mate. Shen based his observation on a conversation with TPP campaign office director Cho Yu-hsiu, who seemed unsure of Ko’s true thoughts. Shen’s prediction of a KMT-TPP joint ticket in October was proven true when Ko confirmed the collaboration on November 15, leading to a backlash from Ko’s supporters. However, Shen emphasized that Ko’s actions were not meant to deceive but were part of a secretive and strategic approach to political success.
    2023/11/22 19:58
  • KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih awaits decision from TPP’s Ko Wen-je

    Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih expresses his intention to wait for Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je to make a decision. Hou emphasizes the need for collaboration and recognizes that 60% of the public hopes for cooperation between the KMT and TPP. The registration deadline for the 2024 presidential race is approaching, but Hou has yet to decide on a running mate. He hopes for cooperation to achieve party alternation for Taiwan’s prosperity, sustainability, and stability.
    2023/11/22 19:42
  • Dissatisfaction rises as KMT, TPP announce collaboration

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) campaign spokesperson Chen Chih-han expressed discontentment over the announcement of collaboration between the Kuomintang (KMT) and the TPP, but emphasized the importance of the party’s objectives. Uncertainty remains over whether she may resign. The KMT and TPP conducted their second negotiation and decided to jointly compete in the 2024 presidential elections, with KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih pairing with TPP candidate Ko Wen-je. This decision sparked dissatisfaction among TPP supporters and staff, but Ko acknowledged their concerns during a press conference. Ko expressed worry that the collaboration might reduce their distinction and erase their leading advantage. Despite this, Chen believes that most of the party’s teams and volunteers understand Ko’s predicament. Rumors of dissatisfaction leading to the resignation of Vivian Huang persisted, but Ko’s campaign chief of staff clarified that no resignation notice was given. Huang urged everyone to fully support the TPP, emphasizing that all senior members share the same determination to win the forthcoming elections.
    2023/11/16 17:05
  • ’Hou-Ko’ ticket gains strong support in presidential poll

    The collaborative "Hou-Ko" candidate ticket in the Taiwan presidential election has received significant support in an online poll conducted by United Daily News. As of Thursday morning, around 320,000 people had voted, with 70% favoring Kuomintang (KMT) candidate Hou Yu-ih over Taiwan People’s Party’s (TPP) Ko Wen-je. The poll, which lasted 15 days, allowed daily voting and resulted in a coalition between the KMT and the TPP. The collaboration aims to consolidate opposition strength under the presidential candidate with the highest support, as determined by polls and announced by the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation. The results will be publicized on Nov. 18, and both parties will form a campaign committee to endorse their candidates. Under the watch of Ma Ying-jeou, the KMT and TPP pledged to establish a joint government to lead Taiwan’s third wave of democratic reform.
    2023/11/16 11:23
  • Voters divided on KMT-TPP collaboration criteria: poll

    The latest poll on potential collaboration between the Kuomintang (KMT) and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) reveals that 12% of voters believe candidate popularity in polls should be the sole basis for nomination consideration, while 20% think only party capability should be considered. However, the majority, at 47%, believe that both factors should be given equal importance. According to the survey released by the United Daily News, 60% of voters believe the popularity poll results of candidates play a crucial role in deciding the presidential and vice-presidential nominees for the potential KMT-TPP alliance. Other considerations for voters include the parties’ control over legislative seats (49%), popularity polls of the nominating parties (46%), and the ruling parties under their jurisdictions (40%). If the alliance breaks down, 33% of voters would blame the KMT, 28% would blame the TPP, 23% believe both parties are equally responsible, and 16% have no opinion.
    2023/11/14 11:25
  • Ko Wen-je urges swift resolution of KMT-TPP alliance

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je urges the resolution of the alliance between the Kuomintang (KMT) and TPP. Ko emphasizes the need for urgency, suggesting that the matter be resolved within one to two days. He also calls for transparency in the meeting with KMT chairman Eric Chu and invites former President Ma Ying-jeou as a witness. Ko clarifies that collaboration at various levels is not in question, but the discord lies in the combination of presidential candidates. Both Ma and former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu support a public opinion survey to determine the final ticket lineup. KMT Chairperson Chu acknowledges the mutual understanding regarding the survey but highlights the need for further negotiation and discussion on the details and rules of the proposed plan.
    2023/11/13 16:01
  • Poll: 33.8% to blame Ko Wen-je if KMT-TPP alliance fails

    Discover public sentiment in a recent poll regarding potential political collaborations in Taiwan’s upcoming elections. Ko Wen-je’s accountability, Lai Ching-te’s partnership with Hsiao Bi-khim, and voter preferences take center stage.
    2023/10/30 11:15
  • DPP Lai warns of CCP’s hope for ’Blue-White collaboration’

    The story discusses the potential alliance between the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP), referred to as the "Blue-White Collaboration," which suggests a more collaborative approach to China compared to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te claims that the Communist Party of China (CCP) is eager to see this collaboration succeed as it aims to foster a pro-China regime in Taiwan to facilitate annexation.
    2023/10/29 17:20
  • Majority of Taiwanese doubt KMT and TPP collaboration

    According to a recent poll conducted by the TVBS Poll Center, nearly 60% of Taiwanese respondents believe it is unlikely for the Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih to collaborate with Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) candidate Ko Wen-je. Only 21% of those surveyed believed a cooperative effort between the two candidates was possible, while 21% remained undecided.
    2023/10/25 18:21
  • KMT blames TPP for impasse amid collaboration talks

    Tensions escalated between Kuomintang (KMT) president candidate Hou Yu-ih and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Ko Wen-je’s teams, as the latter rejected KMT’s proposals for democratic primaries and public opinion polls, with no compromise in sight. KMT Spokesperson Huang Tzu-che accused Ko’s party of refusing to cooperate and demanded they be held accountable for the impasse. The TPP refuted this, arguing that scientific validity and reliability are subject to societal scrutiny.
    2023/10/18 17:08
  • DPP braces for stronger competition amidst KMT, TPP talks

    The DPP is bracing itself against stronger competition for the 2024 presidential election, regardless of the number of parties involved, while being cautious about the possibility of collaboration between the KMT and TPP. Lai has urged his campaign staff to stay vigilant of political developments.
    2023/10/13 16:23
  • KMT, TPP discuss party collaboration: King Pu-tsung

    The campaign manager for KMT presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih, King Pu-tsung, has announced discussions on party integration between the KMT and the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) are being overseen by KMT Chairman Eric Chu.
    2023/10/02 14:39
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