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    Taiwan protest 結果共25筆

  • Poultry association to protest feed prices on Aug. 1

    Taiwan’s poultry industry plans to protest on Aug. 1, as egg prices hit a three-year low and feed prices remain high despite a drop in international corn prices.
  • Taipei police detain man after Presidential Office incident

    Discover the story of a man who crashed his car into the Presidential Office Building in Taipei, claiming his wife is a communist spy. Learn more about the incident and the charges he faces.
    2024/07/02 10:35
  • KMT legislators stage walkout during Premier’s policy report

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s political scene: KMT legislators stage a walkout during Premier Cho Jung-tai’s first policy report at the Legislative Yuan, signaling protest against his legislative reform stance. This event highlights the deep divisions and ongoing tensions in Taiwan’s political landscape.
    2024/05/31 14:02
  • Bluebird Movement condemns KMT and TPP reform bills

    Over 70,000 protest as KMT and TPP pass controversial reform bills. Kaohsiung Mayor and Bluebird Movement support the movement, urging for the protection of Taiwan’s democracy.
    2024/05/29 17:32
  • Over 70K rally in Taipei, push giant ball into legislature

    Discover how over 70,000 supporters in Taiwan rallied for democracy at the Legislative Yuan, pushing for legislative reconsideration to protect democratic values.
    2024/05/29 13:23
  • Bluebird Movement: Protest swell outside Legislature

    Explore the ongoing "Bluebird Movement" in Taiwan, where thousands protest outside the Legislative Yuan against bills feared to undermine democracy. Learn about the role of social media in mobilizing support and the global attention it’s drawing.
    2024/05/28 18:31
  • Citizens brave rain for parliamentary reform in Taipei

    Explore the latest on Taiwan’s parliamentary reform bill as citizens, undeterred by rain, gather in large numbers outside the Legislative Yuan, demanding change.
    2024/05/28 14:30
  • Kaohsiung Mayor advocates for careful legislative reform

    Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai advocates for legislative reform to empower council inquiries but warns against the dangers of bypassing discussions or legalities, referencing the Sunflower Movement and the controversy over the CSSTA. Amidst debates on the legality of protest permits, Chen upholds the public’s right to assemble, highlighting exceptions for emergencies.
    2024/05/23 17:36
  • TPP chairman calls for DPP’s graceful loss in politics

    Explore how Taiwan People’s Party Chairman Ko Wen-je advises the DPP to embrace defeat gracefully and warns against the dangers of unchecked majority rule in the Legislative Yuan, highlighting the recent shift from violent to non-violent protest tactics.
    2024/05/23 15:28
  • Nymphia Wind, democracy advocates join Taipei protest

    Discover the story of over 40 civil groups rallying outside Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, demanding the withdrawal of a controversial bill. The protest, drawing 30,000 people including celebrities and democracy advocates, underscores Taiwan’s commitment to democratic integrity and procedural justice.
    2024/05/22 11:04
  • Over 30,000 rally against Taiwan’s parliamentary reform bill

    Discover the details of the massive protest in Taipei, where over 30,000 people rallied against Taiwan’s parliamentary reform bill. Learn about the diverse participants, political responses, and the impact on democracy.
    2024/05/22 09:37
  • Thousands protest outside Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s political scene as over a thousand protesters gather outside the Legislative Yuan, demanding legislative changes and addressing public grievances. This significant event, marked by the participation of around 40 civil groups, underscores the growing concern over parliamentary powers and democratic regression in Taiwan.
    2024/05/21 17:46
  • Taiwan’s DPP accuses speaker of democratic regression

    Explore the latest on Taiwan’s political turmoil: DPP lawmakers protest against Legislative Speaker Han Kuo-yu, accusing him of undermining democracy, amid calls for dialogue and concerns over Taiwan’s future.
    2024/05/21 11:11
  • Taiwan People’s Party to protest against DPP on May 19

    The Taiwan People’s Party plans a major rally against the DPP on May 19, criticizing the outgoing government’s unmet reform promises under President Tsai Ing-wen.
    2024/05/09 16:48
  • Venue shift for Asian volleyball: Indonesia replaces Taiwan

    The Asian Men’s U20 Volleyball Championship, originally scheduled to be held in Taiwan in July, has been relocated to Indonesia, according to the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC). The change of venue was reportedly triggered by a protest from China, although the Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association has not confirmed this. The competition, originally planned for July 20 to 27, will now take place from July 23 to 30 in Surabaya, Indonesia. The outcome of the Asian U20 Men’s Championship will impact eligibility for next year’s FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship. China has refrained from sending teams to sporting events in Taiwan since the 2017 Universiade Taipei. In December of last year, China expressed its desire to change the host country and submitted a protest, leading to a voting procedure. The final decision was made during an online meeting organized by the AVC.
    2024/01/17 14:48
  • China rebukes Philippines over Taiwan election congrats

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China objected to Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s congratulatory message to President-elect Lai Ching-te, citing a violation of the "One China" principle and the diplomatic tie agreement between China and the Philippines. China’s Foreign Affairs office expressed strong dissatisfaction with Marcos Jr.’s remarks and lodged a vehement protest. An assistant minister of the Agricultural Finance Ministry summoned the Philippine ambassador to China over the matter. China urged the Philippines to refrain from making erroneous statements and actions regarding Taiwan and to respect the "One China" principle in order to maintain robust and stable China-Philippine relations.
    2024/01/16 19:01
  • DPP’s Lai Ching-te vows to make Miaoli a tech hub

    DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te visits Miaoli, expressing his plans to develop the region’s tourism and technology sectors. Lai campaigns with legislative candidate Tseng Wen-hsueh, emphasizing balanced construction plans for all of Taiwan. Lai praises Tseng’s dedication and support during the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement protest. Lai also visits Zhunan Township, supporting legislative candidate Kang Shih-ming for his work ethic and dedication as town chief.
    2024/01/07 17:21
  • China slams US$300M arms sale to Taiwan

    China criticizes a US arms sale to Taiwan worth $300 million, demanding an immediate halt to US military aid. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced the sale includes secure communications systems for Taiwan’s defense. China argues that the sale violates the One-China policy and the three joint communiques, particularly emphasizing the one from 1982. The spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense warns that any attempts to "use Taiwan to control China" will fail. China’s Foreign Ministry also launches a formal protest with the US and takes punitive measures against the involved companies.
    2023/12/19 21:54
  • Bikers rally at MOTC for heavy motorcycle highway access

    Scores of heavy motorcycles surrounded the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) in Taipei on Sunday afternoon, demanding the immediate implementation of laws allowing large motorcycles access to highways. The protest, organized by groups such as the Republic of China Motorcycle Industry Promotion Association and the Taiwan Motorcycle Riders Association (TMRA), aimed to voice discontent with current traffic regulations. The bikers’ demands included immediate access to highways, permission to park in designated spaces, and the abolition of Article 99 of the Road Traffic Safety Rules. The movement’s initiators criticized the MOTC for stalling, pointing out that laws permitting heavy motorcycles on national highways were passed over a decade ago. TMRA secretary-general Liu Cheng-chien expressed frustration at the Highways Bureau’s lackluster response, highlighting the discrepancy between government policies and the desires of the biking community. Protest leaders claimed that 70% of the populace is unaware that the regulation allowing motorbikes on highways has already passed the third reading. They argued that the department’s polling does not reflect public opinion and questioned the legitimacy of basing policies on a single survey. Traffic advocacy groups have long emphasized the need for large motorcycles to have the freedom to choose between car or motorcycle parking spots. Despite recent responses from the Highway Bureau considering trials with some local governments, groups argue that central government intervention is necessary for a uniform solution to parking regulations.
    2023/11/29 20:21
  • Premier lauds Hsiao Bi-khim’s achievements in Washington

    Premier Chen Chien-jen praises the performance of Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan’s representative to the U.S., emphasizing her recognized contributions by both American and Taiwanese authorities. Chen commends Hsiao’s collaboration with Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential candidate Lai Ching-te, which has led to significant progress in Taiwan-U.S. relations. Former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly praised Hsiao’s outstanding performance. Chen believes Hsiao is a suitable candidate for the upcoming elections and will respect the party’s decision on her successor. In response to the recent protest march by medical personnel, Chen assures that the government deeply cares about the rights and interests of healthcare workers and is willing to engage in dialogue. The establishment of a regular communication channel has been agreed upon, and discussions on the demands of medical personnel are underway to provide better rights protection and a safer working environment.
    2023/11/20 17:48
  • MOTC: No decision timetable on motorcycles on highways

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has stated that there is currently no timetable for a decision on whether heavy motorcycles should be allowed on the highway, due to the lack of consensus on the matter. A local motorcycle organization plans to protest outside the MOTC on November 26, with over 5,000 heavy motorcycles and tens of thousands of people participating. MTOC Minister Wang Kwo-tsai has expressed that the current situation is not yet suitable for heavy motorcycles on highways, as the behavior of riders could cause disturbances. Additionally, a poll shows that around 60% of the population is opposed to the idea, further highlighting the lack of consensus.
    2023/11/13 16:31
  • Taoyuan Aerotropolis relocation project sparks large protest

    The Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project, Taiwan’s largest land expropriation case, sparks protest as over a thousand residents gather at Control Yuan’s plaza, dissatisfied with compensation.
    2023/10/13 17:12
  • Delivery drivers protest wage cuts by major platforms

    Delivery workers in Taiwan are protesting against significant wage cuts by popular food delivery platforms foodpanda and Uber Eats. The number of delivery personnel has increased from 40,000 in 2019 to over 140,000 currently, leading to a decrease in earnings from NT $70 per order to below NT$40. The Chairman of the National Delivery Industrial Union has called for dedicated legislation to protect the workers’ rights and wage standards.
    2023/10/11 14:47
  • Tsai-McCarthy meeting sparks protests between supporters

    Chinese protesters took to the skies with a banner attached to a plane to voice their displeasure with meeting of Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday (April 5).
    2023/04/06 18:51
  • EVA Air ground crew strike could impact holiday travels

    The ground crew at EVA Air went on strike earlier this week to protest their year-end bonus for 2022, which resulted in the delay of 47 flights on New Year’s Day.
    2023/01/06 19:26
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