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    New Southbound Policy 結果共13筆

  • MOFA hails visa extension for Taiwanese tourists in Thailand

    Discover how Taiwan’s MOFA celebrates Thailand’s decision to extend visa-free entry for Taiwanese nationals, enhancing travel ease and strengthening ties under the New Southbound Policy.
    2024/05/08 14:51
  • Taiwan releases film to boost WHO bid

    Discover "My Second Home," a documentary by Taiwan’s MOFA showcasing their advanced medical capabilities through the story of an Indonesian child’s successful liver transplant. This film is part of Taiwan’s bid for WHO inclusion, available in 12 languages and shared globally on social media.
    2024/05/07 10:38
  • Study reveals higher disordered eating in immigrant children

    Research by Chen Tuan-jung from National Taiwan University suggests children of recent immigrants in New Taipei City are more prone to disordered eating behaviors compared to their peers, with factors such as social identity, cultural pressures, and health literacy influencing this trend. The study highlights the psychological distress and potential for serious mental health issues among these children, underscoring the need for awareness and intervention.
    2024/04/26 13:14
  • Joseph Wu: From top diplomat to national security chief

    Joseph Wu Jaushieh, with over six years as Taiwan’s foreign minister, is set to become the National Security Council’s secretary-general. Known for his "unconventional" approach and handling of crises like the China-US trade war and COVID-19, Wu significantly enhanced Taiwan-US relations and worked on expanding ties with Central and Eastern Europe. Despite losing eight diplomatic allies under China’s pressure, his extensive international experience is seen as a valuable asset in his new role.
    2024/04/25 17:34
  • Investments in SE Asia soar as market potential grows

    Taiwanese companies are increasing their investments in Southeast Asian countries, capitalizing on the region’s rising consumer purchasing power and strategic economic opportunities. Investments under the New Southbound Policy have seen a dramatic increase in 2024, with significant contributions from key players like Foxconn.
    2024/04/19 16:55
  • Lin Chia-lung to serve as Taiwan’s foreign minister: report

    Lin Chia-lung, Presidential Office Secretary-General, is set to become Taiwan’s new foreign minister under President-elect Lai Ching-te’s administration, leveraging his diverse experience, U.S. and Japan expertise, and steady diplomatic approach to cross-strait relations.
    2024/04/11 14:51
  • Taiwan Premier advocates for peaceful cross-strait dialogue

    Premier Chen Chien-jen of Taiwan expresses willingness for peaceful democratic talks on equal terms in cross-strait exchanges during the Legislative Yuan’s general policy interpellation. Lawmaker Lin Te-fu from the Kuomintang (KMT) highlights tensions in cross-strait relations and calls for dialogue, citing the lack of official communication and progress in the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) since 2015. Premier Chen emphasizes Taiwan’s economic growth potential and expanding market reach in New Southbound, Western, and East Asian countries.
    2024/03/15 18:49
  • Taiwan considers Indian migrant workers for caregiving roles

    Taiwan is considering allowing migrant workers from India to work as caretakers, pending decisions from the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The recent memorandum of understanding between Taiwan and India outlines cooperation for labor recruitment and training. The current focus is on meeting the demand for caregivers in Taiwan, with considerations for both domestic and residential settings. Taiwan is also exploring strategies to address long-term care workforce needs, including collaboration with the "New Southbound Policy" and encouraging international students to work in the country after graduation. The Ministry of Health and Welfare emphasizes the importance of quality care and language communication skills for foreign workers.
    2024/02/17 15:23
  • Taiwan’s exports hit top-three record despite 2023 dip

    Taiwan’s export performance reached a historic high from 2021 to 2023, but experienced a 9.8% decline in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to the Ministry of Finance. Despite this setback, exports to the U.S. continued to soar with a 49.7% year-on-year increase, while exports to countries covered by Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy also saw significant growth. However, exports to mainland China decreased to 35.2%. Taiwan’s total export tally for 2023 amounted to US$432.48 billion, ranking behind only 2022 and 2021. The demand for communications and electronic products during the pandemic-induced work-from-home trend boosted Taiwan’s exports. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research predicted significant international trade growth in 2024, which would benefit export-oriented economies like Taiwan. In December 2023, Taiwan’s exports to the U.S. reached $8.49 billion, and exports to southern countries surged by over 50%. However, due to the limited coverage of free trade agreements (FTAs), many traditional Taiwanese industries chose to restructure risks and production in Southeast and South Asia. The return of Taiwanese businesses and the expansion of local factories after the U.S.-China trade war, as well as global economic circumstances, significantly impacted the decline in 2023 exports. The Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) estimated the first-quarter export volume for 2024 to be around US$106.1 billion, which is an improvement compared to the same period in 2023, but a 10% decrease from 2022.
    2024/02/15 10:49
  • DPP’s Lai promises High Speed Rail, expressways for Pingtung

    Lai Ching-te, the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Presidential candidate, announced at a rally in Pingtung his plans to construct a Taiwan High-Speed Rail line and two expressways in the area. Lai aims to balance Taiwan’s national development projects and bring more support and assistance to Pingtung, transforming it into a "beautiful new homeland." His promises include extending the high-speed rail to Chaozhou Township, reducing travel time from Taipei to less than two hours. Lai also intends to attract high-tech industries, introduce agricultural technology, and enhance the export competitiveness of local farm produce. Additionally, he plans to uplift tourism service quality in Pingtung, transforming Kenting into a destination similar to Bali and developing Dapeng Bay into a Hawaii-like getaway. Lai emphasized Pingtung’s importance in the implementation of the New Southbound Policy, highlighting its potential contribution to Taiwan’s development in collaboration with other southern counties and cities. He credited his past contributions to Pingtung’s development, such as the Pingtung Veterans General Hospital, to the efforts of former Pingtung County Commissioner Pan Men-an, current commissioner Chou Chun-mi, and legislators. Lai seeks local residents’ support to make Pingtung glorious again.
    2023/12/22 11:00
  • Ministry of Labor to introduce Indian migrant workers

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor (MOL) plans to introduce Indian migrant workers to address labor shortages. The initiative will adhere to domestic regulations and is not an immediate importation of 100,000 workers. The MOL will negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on labor service cooperation with India to ensure quality workers without disrupting social stability. Several countries have had positive experiences importing Indian labor, and currently, around 2,700 Indian laborers work in Taiwan. Taiwan’s economic and trade relationships with India are strong, making labor cooperation a priority. After signing the MOU, discussions on industrial quotas will occur. The MOL will rigorously assess qualification criteria such as language skills, professional abilities, educational background, and good behavior. The aim is for the introduction of migrant workers to contribute positively to Taiwan’s economic and societal development.
    2023/11/19 16:37
  • Over 40% of Taiwan graduates willing to seek jobs abroad

    In 2023, Taiwan’s new graduates face low starting salaries, prompting many to consider overseas roles, especially in Southeast Asia. With Vietnam becoming a top choice, experts weigh in on the challenges and benefits of working abroad.
    2023/11/06 17:15
  • Surging trend: Vietnamese eager to learn Mandarin in Taiwan

    The demand for Mandarin among Vietnamese students in Taiwan is rising, with traditional characters gaining popularity. Vietnamese learners are drawn to the historical nuances of Taiwan’s Mandarin, while an innovative learning book caters to their needs.
    2023/10/21 17:35
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