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    KMT-TPP meeting 結果共23筆

  • Taiwan’s legislature to discuss Premier’s food safety report

    Legislative Yuan Speaker Han Kuo-yu to convene cross-party consultation to discuss Premier Chen Chien-jen’s food safety special report. DPP, TPP, and KMT caucuses express support for the report, emphasizing the importance of setting aside differences for the parliamentary meeting on Feb. 23.
    2024/02/22 15:59
  • Han Kuo-yu calls for cross-party food safety talks

    Legislative Speaker Han Kuo-yu plans a multi-party meeting to discuss Premier Chen Chien-jen’s food safety report proposal. Expectations are for the 11th legislative term to begin on Feb. 20, with a focus on food safety issues under the DPP’s eight-year tenure. The KMT and DPP are engaging in discussions, with the TPP expressing support for the report.
    2024/02/17 14:31
  • You Si-kun confident in Legislative President re-election

    Legislative Speaker You Si-kun, of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), expresses confidence in his re-election ahead of the legislative speaker vote on Feb. 1. Reports suggest a split vote by the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP), with support for You from the DPP for Speaker and endorsement of Johnny Chiang from the Kuomintang (KMT) for Deputy Speaker. You emphasizes the need for constitutional amendments to address significant legislative reforms proposed by the TPP’s new legislators. He also recommends a review and reform of the entire constitutional system, advocating for adherence to the conventional separation of powers. The TPP will hold an internal meeting on Jan. 26 to discuss the matter further.
    2024/01/25 13:48
  • KMT vows to uphold legislative integrity

    The Kuomintang (KMT) responds to proposals from the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) regarding future operations in the new legislature, promising to respect the opinions of the Legislative Yuan party groups. As the majority in parliament, the KMT pledges to provide vigorous oversight and advance the issues agreed upon in the cross-party meeting with the TPP on October 30th last year. Agreed matters include peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, resumption of cross-strait dialogue, environmental sustainability, national security, public health, and strengthening the legislature’s function under the existing constitutional system. The KMT emphasizes its unchanged vision for Taiwan’s future development. Additionally, they plan to scrutinize issues such as the controversy over the purchase contracts of the Medigen COVID-19 vaccine by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government. The KMT welcomes those with similar political ideals to join in preventing authoritarian one-party rule and ensuring democracy aligns with the public’s wishes.
    2024/01/16 15:10
  • Legislative Yuan to pause sessions ahead of 2024 elections

    The Legislative Yuan has decided to suspend its plenary and committee meetings from December 20 to December 31 in preparation for the 2024 presidential and legislative elections. This decision follows a proposal by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Caucus and is in line with the parliamentary tradition of pausing meetings during the election period. The Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Caucus and the New Power Party (NPP) Caucus opposed the suspension proposal but their amendment was not accepted. The DPP’s proposal was passed, with Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Tsai Chi-Chang announcing the decision. The Kuomintang (KMT) caucus leader Tseng Ming-chung argued for a consensus through negotiation before arranging a recess, opposing the resolution’s forceful passage. DPP Caucus Director-General Ker Chien-ming cited a 30-year-old tradition of recessing before elections and emphasized that the decision only brings forward the suspension by 11 days.
    2023/12/12 13:33
  • Lai Ching-te unveils vision for ’Made in Taiwan’ strength

    DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te emphasized the importance of kindness among Taiwanese people and his vision for Taiwan’s future during his speech at the inaugural meeting of his campaign headquarters in Taoyuan. The event was attended by prominent DPP figures, including President Tsai Ing-wen. Lai’s pairing with his vice-presidential running mate Hsiao Bi-khim, dubbed the "Virtue Team," has garnered attention online. Lai advocated for democracy over dictatorship and called for support of Taiwan’s international industry without relying too heavily on China. He outlined policies to boost industries such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and green energy technology. Lai also criticized the "Blue-White Alliance" between the KMT and TPP as a merger focused on party interests and personal power. He emphasized the need for the DPP to secure a legislative majority to smoothly implement these policies.
    2023/11/26 17:51
  • Ko blames KMT for failed alliance, eyes strong opposition

    Ko Wen-je, the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate, criticized the Kuomintang (KMT) for prioritizing the presidency and failing to consider alternative options. He expressed his willingness to compromise but emphasized the need for a strong alliance among opposition parties. Ko cited an experts’ meeting that favored his ticket over the KMT’s. He accused the KMT of misrepresenting his intentions and failing to reflect public opinion. Despite the temporary split between the KMT and TPP, Ko remains confident that the 2024 political turnover can be achieved. He thanked Terry Gou for withdrawing from the presidential race and acknowledged his running mate Cynthia Wu’s commitment to charitable work. Ko pledged to stay steadfast in the face of challenges and believed in the power of the people to deepen democratic reform.
    2023/11/26 14:36
  • KMT’s Chu cites humiliation in failed TPP alliance talks

    Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Eric Chu and presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih expressed feeling humiliated by the lack of genuine cooperation with the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP). Despite failed negotiations for an alliance, Hou and his vice-presidential running mate, Jaw Shaw-kong, registered as candidates with the Central Election Commission. Hou attempted to collaborate with TPP candidate Ko Wen-je, but Ko did not answer the call. Ko later apologized for criticizing a public meeting and expressed efforts to bridge cooperation between the KMT and TPP, but cited political philosophy differences. Hou reported that the KMT approached the TPP with sincerity but felt disrespected when former President Ma Ying-jeou was made to wait five hours. Despite challenges, Hou and his party maintained strong conviction and sincerity in cooperating with Ko, but a partnership could not be realized. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Lai Ching-te suggested that the breakdown indicated that the alliance was more about partisan and power-sharing concerns rather than the interests of the nation and its people.
    2023/11/25 10:57
  • KMT candidate Hou exposes Ko’s message on Gou’s race exit

    During a three-way election talk in Taipei, Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih revealed a private message sent by independent candidate Ko Wen-je, implying that Terry Gou, another independent candidate, needs a reason to withdraw from the race. The gathering, attended by Gou, Hou, Ko, former president Ma Ying-jeou, and KMT chairman Eric Chu, has been seen as a classic pre-election scene. Hou accidentally disclosed Ko’s comments about Gou needing an excuse to step down. Ko had intended to hold a meeting among the three parties to demonstrate their commitment to Taiwan’s future. By giving Gou a chance to host the meeting and act as a driving force behind the KMT-TPP ticket, Ko believed Gou could withdraw from the race without embarrassment. Gou was reportedly shocked by this revelation, as he was unaware of the messages exchanged. Wu Tzu-chia, president of Formosa Online, commented on the incident, highlighting Gou’s surprise and his initial intention to promote opposition unity. However, Ko’s reaction to the leaked message was ironic, as he criticized Hou and exposed his own pretense, adding further controversy to the already heated election atmosphere.
    2023/11/24 18:00
  • Oppostion parties to meet at Grand Hyatt for collab talks

    Presidential candidate Ko Wen-je of the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) is scheduled to meet with his Kuomintang (KMT) rivals Hou Yu-ih and independent candidate Terry Gou at the Grand Hyatt Hotel after 4:30 p.m. on Thursday (Nov. 23). Initially, Gou wanted to host the talks at his residence but later agreed to change the venue to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. On the other hand, Hou insisted that the meeting should take place at former President Ma Ying-jeou’s office. Huang Shih-hsiu, the spokesperson for Gou’s office, stated that they would wait at the Grand Hyatt Hotel until a representative from Hou’s campaign arrived or until 5 a.m. the next morning. Ma Ying-jeou will be attending the talks as a witness, suggesting the significance of this meeting among the leading presidential contenders. The meet-up indicates a strategic discussion as Taiwan prepares for its next presidential election, with each candidate aiming to consolidate support and potentially discuss alliance formations that could impact the dynamics of the upcoming race.
    2023/11/23 16:33
  • Terry Gou willing to contribute to KMT, TPP tripartite talks

    Taiwan’s independent presidential candidate Terry Gou has expressed his willingness to serve as a mediator in tripartite talks between the Kuomintang (KMT), Taiwan People’s Party (TPP), and himself. This announcement follows TPP presidential candidate Ko Wen-je’s proposal for a meeting with KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih and a subsequent decision to hold a meeting at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Gou, who is running independently, aims to achieve a "peaceful, prosperous, and clean" vision of governance and believes that unity among opposition forces is vital to challenge the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). He emphasizes that the upcoming 2024 presidential election is crucial for the future development of Taiwan and proposes the formation of a coalition government to propel national development and reshape the political landscape.
    2023/11/23 16:29
  • TPP’s Ko Wen-je seeks unity with Terry Gou

    The story discusses a significant political development in Taiwan, where Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih visited former President Ma Ying-jeou’s office for a meeting, while Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential hopeful Ko Wen-je visited the home of independent candidate Terry Gou. Ko formally invited Gou on Facebook, aiming to consolidate opposition forces and unite for a potential political transition in 2024. Ko praised Gou’s vision for governance and their shared principles. Gou and his vice presidential candidate Tammy Lai garnered a record-breaking 1.03 million signatures for their presidential bid. Ko has been vocal about Taiwan’s challenges and sees Gou as a catalyst for positive changes in various areas. Ko called for opposition unity and collaboration with Hou Yu-ih for Taiwan’s future.
    2023/11/23 12:54
  • TPP’s Ko rejects KMT Hou’s call for poll reevaluation

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) campaign manager Vivian Huang rejects Kuomintang (KMT) candidate Hou Yu-ih’s proposal to reconsider polling results. Huang emphasizes the importance of integrity and unification, stating that reevaluating the data would undermine the previous expert meeting. The primary objective is to present the strongest candidate and convince supporters of a fair race. Ko Wen-je questions the rationale behind redoing the evaluations, expressing confusion over the KMT’s approach. Hou suggests appointing polling experts to debate and reassess the nine previous polls.
    2023/11/22 11:43
  • KMT-TPP alliance likely to be set after cross-party talk

    The Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) and the Kuomintang (KMT) held a "party-to-party" talk to determine their joint presidential ticket. The Ma Ying-jeou Foundation confirmed that nationwide polling will be used to select the best presidential candidate for the KMT-TPP coalition. Former President Ma Ying-jeou was present at the talk, which included TPP candidate Ko Wen-je, KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih, and KMT chair Eric Chu. The joint party candidate will be chosen based on polling results from both parties and external organizations. The accuracy of the results will be determined by polling experts from both parties. The final results will be announced on Saturday by the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation. The meeting concluded with an agreement to establish a coalition government based on shared national visions and policies.
    2023/11/16 21:18
  • TPP’s campaign manager denies resignation rumors

    Vivian Huang, campaign manager for Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je, has denied rumors of her resignation, stating that she will stay by his side until the end. This comes as the presidential election is approaching in less than two months. Huang emphasized her loyalty to Ko, saying, "I’ve fought by Ko’s side for the past three years. What does not kill you makes you stronger!" Additionally, the TPP and Kuomintang (KMT) reached a party alliance consensus, with Ko meeting with KMT heavyweights, including party chairman Eric Chu and presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih, with former President Ma Ying-jeou as a witness. Both parties have agreed to use a point-based system to assess public opinion poll results, with three recommended polling experts evaluating the polls from November 7 to November 17, along with two internal polls from the KMT and TPP. The results will be unveiled by the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation on Saturday, ultimately determining the order of the ticket – either Hou and Ko, or Ko and Hou.
    2023/11/16 12:11
  • Ko Wen-je urges swift resolution of KMT-TPP alliance

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je urges the resolution of the alliance between the Kuomintang (KMT) and TPP. Ko emphasizes the need for urgency, suggesting that the matter be resolved within one to two days. He also calls for transparency in the meeting with KMT chairman Eric Chu and invites former President Ma Ying-jeou as a witness. Ko clarifies that collaboration at various levels is not in question, but the discord lies in the combination of presidential candidates. Both Ma and former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu support a public opinion survey to determine the final ticket lineup. KMT Chairperson Chu acknowledges the mutual understanding regarding the survey but highlights the need for further negotiation and discussion on the details and rules of the proposed plan.
    2023/11/13 16:01
  • Ko Wen-je and Terry Gou meet over lunch without Hou Yu-ih

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) chairman Ko Wen-je confirmed that his lunch with Terry Gou involved talks on the depreciation of the Japanese Yen and how the New Taiwan dollar should respond. Ko clarified that this was a financial topic he discussed with Gou during their spare time, not a discussion about exchanging positions. The lunch took place after an event at the Hulu Temple, and they did not invite Kuomintang’s Hou Yu-ih, who had no successful meeting outcomes with Ko on the KMT-TPP alliance. Ko shared the details of his meeting with Gou after a press conference at his campaign headquarters, highlighting that frequent dialogues often turn acquaintances into friends.
    2023/11/03 21:19
  • Election candidates meet in secret, no consensus reached

    Main figures of the heated election race, including Kuomingtang (KMT) Chair Eric Chu, KMT presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih, and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je, held a secret meeting to discuss presidential and vice presidential candidacies, but no consensus was reached. In celebration of Guanyin Bodhisattva’s Renunciation Day, a memorial event was held at Shilin Hulu Temple, attended by KMT candidate Hou, TPP candidate Ko, independent candidate Terry Gou, and Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an. Negotiations for a KMT-TPP joint ticket are set for tomorrow, and both parties emphasized the need for exploring new options and not disappointing the public’s expectations. Hou, with 43 years of public service, remains dedicated to protecting Taiwan and uniting the nation.
    2023/11/03 19:23
  • KMT candidate sets deadline for TPP negotiations

    Kuomintang (KMT) Presidential Candidate Hou Yu-ih has set a deadline of Friday (Nov. 3) for final negotiations with the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) ahead of the 2024 presidential election. If an agreement is not reached by then, there will be no further talks. A closed-door meeting between KMT Chairman Eric Chu, Hou, and TPP Chairman Ko Wen-je on Oct. 31 failed to forge an agreement. The preliminary negotiation was originally scheduled for Friday, but Chu initiated the meeting on Oct. 31 due to concerns about the outcome. The 53-minute meeting resulted in a deadlock, with all parties sticking to their viewpoints without reaching a consensus. Ko stated that there’s no need for another meeting without a clear action plan, while Chu emphasized that the focus of the tripartite meeting was to express good intentions and find a method for party negotiation rather than engaging in competition.
    2023/11/02 20:50
  • KMT submits meeting plan to TPP for potential collaboration

    The Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih’s campaign team has submitted a meeting plan to the campaign office of Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) hopeful Ko Wen-je, following their first potential collaboration talk.
    2023/10/17 16:24
  • King Pu-tsung optimistic about smooth talks between KMT, TPP

    King Pu-tsung expressed optimism for smooth talks between the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) in an upcoming meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to seek cooperation between the parties to remove the current Democratic Progressive Party from office in the upcoming election. King emphasized the importance of exchanging ideas and opinions to find shared values and political ideals.
    2023/10/14 17:05
  • TPP emphasizes role of data science before alliance talks

    The Kuomintang (KMT) and Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) held their first staff meeting to discuss a possible election alliance. Key figures at the meeting included representatives from both parties. The TPP expressed their willingness to engage in dialogue and emphasized their faith in data science. The objective of the meeting was to negotiate an outcome acceptable to Taiwanese and supporters of both parties.
    2023/10/14 16:33
  • KMT, TPP to hold first meeting on possible collaboration

    KMT and TPP will hold their first meeting at the Taipei Howard Plaza Hotel to discuss a potential party alliance for the 2024 presidential election. TPP candidate Ko Wen-je supports a direct discussion and debate format with polling mechanisms, while KMT nominee Hou Yu-ih emphasizes not assuming pre-set positions.
    2023/10/13 16:38
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