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  • Surge in illegal meat imports as Dragon Boat Festival nears

    Discover the rise in illegal meat imports in Taiwan as the Dragon Boat Festival nears, with a focus on the crackdown on zongzi and cured meats from abroad to protect local agriculture.
    2024/05/27 14:37
  • THSR bento serves up culinary delight

    Discover the hidden culinary gem at Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station’s railway bento outlet. Renovated in line with Taiwan Railway administration corporatization, the outlet offers sumptuous bento boxes that have garnered praise from locals and tourists. Experience the renowned flavor of the railway spare ribs bento and indulge in meticulously selected domestic pork rib chops with a unique marinade recipe. With a 18% increase in bento sales in 2023, the outlet sold over half a million boxes, making it a must-try dining destination for travelers.
    2024/03/06 18:16
  • Taiwan premier addresses cimbuterol pork concerns

    Taipei Premier Chen Chien-jen addresses concerns over cimbuterol pork contamination and agricultural fund management in Taiwan. Results on the banned additive’s presence in pork expected in two days. Ministry of Health and Welfare to evaluate incident as food safety fears rise. NT$128.3 billion pig farming fund aimed at industry upgrades and environmental improvements. Future plans to sustain industry growth and enhance production efficiency discussed.
    2024/03/05 16:37
  • Taiwan clears domestic pork of Cimbuterol contamination

    Taiwan’s Executive Yuan has announced that no detection of Cimbuterol, a feed additive used to promote leanness in animals, has been found in domestically-produced pork. This preliminary result dismisses concerns about the domestic pork supply being tainted with the substance. In the past, Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s pork slices were found to contain Cimbuterol, causing public concern. The Ministry of Agriculture has inspected 633 pre-market samples, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare has tested 73 post-market samples, with only one sample in Taichung city detecting Cimbuterol. The Health Ministry will strengthen random inspections for ractopamine in pork products and increase the number of annual inspections. The government will also enhance scrutiny of Cimbuterol imports and establish an expert group to assess the risk source at each link. The administration remains committed to ensuring the sanitary safety of pork products and monitoring related residues in various channels. Relevant authorities are dedicated to meeting Taiwan’s veterinary drug residue limits in foods.
    2024/02/15 14:41
  • DPP urges KMT to avoid showmanship over extra session

    The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) caucus whip, Ker Chien-ming, has urged the Kuomintang (KMT) to avoid excessive showmanship in response to their request for an extraordinary session at the Legislative Yuan on February 17th. Ker emphasized that extraordinary sessions are typically held during recess periods and that there is no need for an additional meeting since the new session of the Legislative Yuan officially began on February 1st. The KMT caucus had called for an early meeting and invited Premier Chen Chien-jen to give a special report on the issue of ractopamine being detected in Taisugar’s sliced pork. They warned that any delay could obstruct the inaugural policy address. To convene an extraordinary session, the KMT’s Han Kuo-yu must first hold party group consultations, according to Ker. He suggested that once that is done, Premier Chen could be invited to provide a "food safety special report" on February 20th.
    2024/02/15 14:06
  • Premier Chen urges action on food safety before LNY

    Premier Chen Chien-jen calls for central and local governments to ensure food safety in response to the discovery of Cimbuterol, or "lean meat powder," in TaiSugar pork. This issue is particularly important as the Lunar New Year holiday approaches. Chen expresses gratitude to the Taichung City Government for re-testing the pork sample and hopes for swift publication of the scientific verification results. The Health Bureau of Taichung City Government previously announced that the level of Cimbuterol in the sampled TaiSugar pork exceeded the limit. Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Victor Wang urges caution in handling the case, while Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen emphasizes the top priority of ensuring food safety and advocates for rigorous and swift measures.
    2024/02/07 12:02
  • Taichung pork tests positive for lean meat powder: FDA

    Taiwan’s FDA confirms detection of Cimbuterol in pork sample from Taichung, with trace levels at 0.001ppm. Public urged not to worry as only one package tested positive and levels are very low. Further test results to be released after the holiday.
    2024/02/07 11:39
  • Officials clash over publicizing contaminated pork findings

    Taipei’s Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare questions Taichung City’s decision to publicly announce the presence of Cimbuterol in local pork produce, insisting on a thorough investigation before disclosure. Taichung City’s Office of Food and Drug Safety found the banned substance in frozen pork slices produced by TaiSugar. The city health bureau defended the immediate announcement, citing the need to protect consumers and citizens’ health interests. The Executive Yuan expressed doubts about the test results, citing unusually low levels of Cimbuterol detected and suggesting further investigations. Taichung City’s Office of Food and Drug Safety informed Pingtung County’s Public Health Bureau and Tainan’s Public Health Bureau for further investigation. Organizations like the Executive Yuan’s Consumer Protection Committee and the Consumers’ Foundation tend to directly announce results when adulterated products are found, justifying Taichung’s disclosure. The office conducted three tests using two methodologies, with one result exceeding the quantitative limit. Only TaiSugar’s product tested positive for Cimbuterol. TaiSugar has called for a re-examination of the test results and sent the sample to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Food and Drug Administration for reinspection.
    2024/02/06 14:27
  • Taiwan FDA clears TaiSugar pork of cimbuterol concerns

    Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that no traces of the drug Cimbuterol were found in TaiSugar’s frozen pork slice products. The Taichung City Government previously reported the presence of 0.002ppm of Cimbuterol in pork cuts manufactured by TaiSugar. However, the Ministry of Agriculture disputed this claim, stating that tests on both pig hair from the farm of origin and samples from the same batch of pork products were negative for beta-agonists. Wang Der-yuan, the FDA deputy director, emphasized that Cimbuterol is not approved for use in humans or animals and is primarily used as a standard sample in laboratories. The FDA conducted examinations of three samples of TaiSugar’s pork products using the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s protocol for testing veterinary drug residues, and the results showed no traces of Cimbuterol.
    2024/02/05 13:18
  • Ko highlights Taiwan’s challenges under DPP rule

    Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je criticized the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) governance in Taiwan, pointing out various shortcomings such as shortages of land, water, electricity, talent, and labor during Lai Ching-te’s tenure as premier. Ko also claimed that Taiwan is currently lacking eggs, pork, vaccines, health screening resources, and even toilet paper. He further highlighted present issues including low birthrates, national security risks from an aging population, wage stagnation, inflation, slow industrial transformation, and high housing costs. Ko accused the government of not allocating special budgets for expenditures, resulting in an alleged surplus of NT$900 billion, and criticized their lack of transparency. He expressed disappointment with the DPP’s failure to address issues left by the Kuomintang (KMT) after eight years in power. Additionally, Ko mentioned that Taiwanese people generally feel insecure about the current status of the Taiwan Strait, which has caused societal discord, political factions, and cross-strait unrest.
    2023/12/30 17:05
  • New ASF virus variant detected in pork at Taiwan borders

    The Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Research Institute has detected a new variant of the African swine fever (ASF) virus in pork products brought in by travelers from mainland China. This recombinant strain, known for its high pathogenicity and transmissibility, has caused severe outbreaks in China since its confirmation in 2022. This is the first time that two different strains of the virus, including the Genotype II strain prevalent in China since 2018 and its variant, have been found in illegally imported crispy intestine products. Testing has shown a rising trend in the positive detection rate for the ASF virus in illegally carried meat products from China. With the Lunar New Year approaching, citizens are urged not to bring any pork-containing products back to Taiwan, and the institute warns against illegal imports to protect Taiwan’s pig farming industry.
    2023/12/18 21:30
  • Hou Yu-ih proposes balanced U.S.-China diplomatic ties

    Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih proposes a pro-US and China diplomatic stance, diverging from incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen’s approach. Hou criticizes Tsai’s foreign affairs and cross-strait policies, blaming the Tsai administration for Taiwan’s diplomatic isolation, failure to join regional economic bodies, and lack of communication with China. Hou emphasizes adhering to the Constitution of the Republic of China, affirming the nation’s sovereignty, and proposing a balanced stance between fostering solid ties with the United States and engaging with Mainland China. He also highlights the importance of Taiwan being prepared and realistic about its defense, suggesting that the island’s security should not rely solely on promises from the US but on its efforts and pragmatic relations with democratic allies. Political commentator Jaw Shau-kong fiercely criticizes the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for being pro-US and anti-China, deeming Tsai’s policies on cross-strait relations and international diplomacy a complete failure. Jaw points out that despite Taiwan’s willingness to import American pork, the support has yet to translate into the U.S. helping with Taiwan’s entry into international organizations.
    2023/12/07 19:13
  • Quarantine key to protecting Taiwan’s pork: MOA

    Learn about Taiwan’s pig farming industry, which involves over 3 million people and has an annual value exceeding NT$150 billion. Acting Minister of Agriculture Chen Junne-jih emphasizes the importance of quarantine stations to protect the industry and prevent the spread of African swine fever. With over 5,000 pig farms operating in Taiwan, the industry contributes significantly to the economy. Chen’s comments came after the implementation of manual inspection stations at Taoyuan International Airport caused a decline in its Skytrax ranking.
    2023/11/22 15:10
  • Chicken producers push for enhanced labeling regulations

    Taiwanese chicken producers are pushing for stricter labeling regulations for chicken and egg products, similar to those in place for pork and beef. The proposals include labeling the origins of these products in dining establishments. Chen Yu-che, Chairman of the Taichung City Poultry Association, has been advocating for thorough labeling since 2019, particularly for imported chicken. Following the COVID-19 lockdown lift in 2023, there has been a significant increase in imported chicken, reaching 230,000 tons per month, about half the volume of domestic chicken. The government’s importation of large quantities of eggs this year has led to quality issues, prompting industry representatives to call for a review of border management methods and increased inspection rates for imported chicken. Chen emphasizes the importance of clearly stating the origin of imported chicken, disclosing slaughter dates for chicken in the consumer market, and specifying the type of meat used on menus at dining establishments.
    2023/11/13 11:55
  • Data shows rise in negative perceptions of ruling DPP

    The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has seen a rise in negative perceptions due to disputes over imported eggs, according to data from the Taiwan Public Opinion Research Center (TPOC). The center analyzed online opinions from January to October and found that the DPP received more negative than positive reactions. Public dissatisfaction with the DPP is linked to disputes over imported eggs, tensions in the Taiwan Strait, fraud and cybersecurity concerns, and energy shortages. Other factors include unsafe pedestrian traffic, residential justice issues, subsidies for private schools, unclear labeling of American pork, and disputes over flu vaccination. Despite the diminishing lead, DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te remains ahead with over 60 days until the 2024 general election. All political parties must intensify their efforts to win public support as the election approaches.
    2023/11/13 11:37
  • Ko disputes farmers’ claim of ex-agriculture chief’s success

    Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je criticized former Minister of Agriculture Chen Chi-chung for what he sees as ineffective agricultural policies. During a visit to Tainan, Ko asked farmers to name the most successful former Council of Agriculture chief, and some mentioned Chen. Disagreeing with this view, Ko criticized Chen’s subsidy policy, specifically the funding allocations for eggs and pork, which he believes have not brought about structural changes in Taiwan’s pig and poultry industries.
    2023/10/29 17:52
  • Taiwan tests pork for ractopamine after mislabeled incident

    The Ministry of Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has discovered a food company in Taoyuan City that dishonestly labeled pork from the U.S. as being from Canada. The company claimed that an oversight in modifying shipping invoices led to the mistaken labeling.
    2023/10/16 10:53
  • Taichung restaurants bought 16K kg of mislabeled U.S. pork

    The Health Bureau of Taichung City Government has revealed that over 80 restaurants in Taichung city have consumed approximately 16,000 kilograms of U.S. frozen pork. It is suspected that the majority of the meat has already been used up, as the restaurants’ stock is nearly depleted.
    2023/10/06 16:29
  • Premier cracks down on incorrect labeling of pork imports

    Taiwan Premier Chen Chien-jen warns of severe penalties for those who breach regulations regarding the labeling of imported pork. He emphasizes that a joint effort between the central government and local authorities has found no traces of ractopamine in over 20,000 pork imports.
    2023/10/06 14:20
  • Tasty pork belly buns make splash in Taiwan despite typhoon

    Discover how Taipei residents braved Typhoon Koinu to enjoy London’s popular pork belly bun pop-up. Learn about the secret to its success and its limited 19-day offering. Explore the unique fusion of traditional Taiwanese flavors and Western tastes with U.S. steak patties and adorable packaging.
    2023/10/05 21:08
  • No ractopamine pork in Taiwan, says Taiwan’s FDA

    FDA Deputy Director confirms no ractopamine pork in Taiwan. All imported pork inspected at borders has passed without ractopamine detection. No incidents of ractopamine pork were found in over 12,000 inspections as two companies will face penalties for mislabeling imported meats.
    2023/10/05 21:02
  • Taiwan FDA uncovers U.S. pork mislabeling scandal

    The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration has discovered that Hsin Hsing Frozen Food Co. Ltd. in Taoyuan has been selling hotpot pork slices labeled as Canadian but actually contain U.S. pork.
    2023/10/04 19:50
  • Taiwan faces record-low pig farm numbers and pork production

    In recent years, Taiwan’s pork farming industry has experienced a significant decline, primarily attributed to a decrease in domestic hog farmers, reduced pork production, higher costs of raising pigs, and a government decision to subsidize imported pork from May to September in 2023.
    2023/08/03 10:18
  • Surging pork prices cast shadow over Taiwan’s holiday treat

    The recent rising pork prices in Taiwan is expected to place a damper on the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival celebrations.
    2023/04/20 16:23
  • 台灣豬標章出爐!11月可申請 標示不實最高罰400萬

    農委會今天公布台灣灣豬識別標章,為綠底金色豬,寫有「台灣豬」、TAIWAN PORK,行政院長蘇貞昌看了也誇讚;預計明年1萬多家只用台灣豬的餐廳、通路申請通過使用。
    2020/10/06 17:37
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