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    global sales 結果共15筆

  • Kaohsiung leads Taiwan in guava market share

    Kaohsiung City leads Taiwan’s guava market, exporting 740 metric tons by May 2024 and hosting international tasting events to boost sales. Learn more about their global strategy.
    2024/07/08 15:44
  • NEVs drive China’s automotive industry to new global heights

    Explore how China’s automotive industry, with a focus on New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), is becoming a central economic force, surpassing traditional sectors and setting global sales records, significantly impacting both local and international markets.
    2024/06/14 18:23
  • Taiwanese embrace EVs while global sales slow down

    Discover why Taiwan is experiencing a surge in electric vehicle adoption despite a global market slowdown. Learn about the strategic adjustments major car manufacturers are making in response to challenges and competition in the EV sector.
    2024/04/19 17:12
  • TSMC’s dominance fuels Taiwan’s luxury car market surge

    Discover how Taiwan’s burgeoning semiconductor industry has fueled a significant surge in luxury car sales, with Ferrari and other brands seeing substantial growth. TSMC leads the charge, influencing market trends and investor caution in the AI era.
    2024/03/28 17:21
  • Ferrari’s sales soar in Taiwan amid chip boom

    Ferrari’s sales in Taiwan have surged in recent years, driven by the chip boom and global supply chain shifts. The luxury carmaker’s profits hit a record high, with Taiwan outpacing mainland China and Hong Kong in supercar sales growth. Despite Europe and the US being primary markets, Taiwan saw a significant rise in Ferrari sales, capturing 40% of the local two-door supercar market.
    2024/03/25 15:10
  • Worldwide TV sales drop to new decade low: report

    Global TV sales dip in 2023, with further decline projected for 2024 amidst changing consumer habits and potential material shortages, impacting prices. Experts foresee growth amid economic recovery.
    2024/03/01 17:01
  • K-Pop Icon IU set to perform at Taipei Arena in April 2024

    South Korean star IU, known as the "Nation’s Little Sister," has surprised fans by revealing her 2024 world tour schedule on Instagram. The acclaimed singer-songwriter, composer, and actress will be performing at the Taipei Arena on April 6 and 7. This marks IU’s return to Taiwan after four years and her debut performance at the renowned venue. IU is highly popular in Taiwan, thanks to her past visits and engaging activities for her fans. The "2024 IU H.E.R. World Tour Concert" will take her to various global cities, including Seoul, Yokohama, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, London, Berlin, Bangkok, Osaka, Newark, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Rosemont, Oakland, and Los Angeles. IU is not only known for her powerful singing ability but also for her top-notch acting skills, showcased in hit Korean dramas such as "My Mister" and "Hotel del Luna." With the announcement of her Taiwan concerts, a ticket sales frenzy is expected.
    2024/01/17 16:39
  • Pentagon expedites F-16 sales to Taiwan: Hunter

    The U.S. Air Force is actively exploring options to expedite the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, with 136 upgraded aircraft already delivered and the final three on the way. An additional 66 new jets are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2026. Concerns were raised by over 20 Republican members of Congress that the promised deliveries to Taiwan might be delayed due to commitments to Ukraine, Israel, and global security issues. Taiwan’s existing F-16 upgrade program has already faced significant delays due to a lack of crucial parts, and the delivery of the new jets has been postponed by over 15 months due to software development complexities. Lawmakers are committed to collaborating with the Pentagon to ensure the timely delivery of the jets, especially in light of China’s frequent military drills near Taiwan.
    2023/12/22 18:08
  • Global chip equipment sales dip 11%, China soars by 42%

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor has denied rumors of plans to introduce 100,000 Indian workers by the end of the year. Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun clarified that the consideration of India as a new source of migrant labor is aimed at addressing domestic industry shortages and reducing reliance on traditional labor markets. Hsu emphasized that this approach has gained consensus among various sectors of society. Discussions are ongoing for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with India, but no date has been determined yet. The number of workers to be recruited from India will be decided after evaluating the current condition and statistics of industries already permitted to employ foreign labor. The process will involve fixed quotas and a cautious, gradual opening. The primary aim of the plan is to diversify the countries from which Taiwan sources its labor force, with no specific issue concerning the number of workers from India. India would need to establish a talent database and provide language and skill training for potential migrant workers to meet the requirements. Taiwan is looking to expand its labor force to meet growing demand in key industries and maintain its competitive edge in the global market.
    2023/12/06 18:46
  • Taiwan’s domestic flight prices rise amid oil price surge

    Taiwan faces a 4.5% increase in domestic flight ticket prices due to a surge in global oil prices, resulting in an average additional cost of NT$95 per ticket. Kinmen residents, who frequently travel to and from Taiwan, are particularly affected, with Mandarin Airlines’ Taipei to Kinmen route experiencing a one-way fare increase of 7.4%, equivalent to NT$182. This price rise will also impact tourists planning to fly domestically during the New Year’s holiday, making air travel more expensive. As a result, authorities expect a significant increase in road traffic during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. To alleviate transportation challenges during the festive season, Taiwan will implement toll-free periods on freeways from midnight to 5 a.m. The Taiwan Railways Administration and Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) will also increase service frequencies to accommodate the expected passenger volume. THSR has added 105 services and will continue to offer discounts for college students and early bird promotions. Taiwan Railways has scheduled 116 extra trains, anticipating a potential peak of over 800,000 passengers in a single day. However, ticket sales for child-friendly carriages have been temporarily suspended. Additional train services during the New Year transportation period will be available for purchase starting from midnight on December 1, aiming to alleviate travel congestion during the holidays.
    2023/11/30 22:41
  • Taiwan’s car market hits 18-year high in October sales

    Explore the soaring heights of Taiwan’s automotive market in 2023. From electric vehicle demand to the impact of the global chip shortage, discover the key drivers behind the near 18-year sales high and the evolving landscape of car brands in Taiwan.
    2023/11/28 09:34
  • Foxtron marks milestone with record n7 EV model pre-orders

    Foxtron, a joint venture of Yulon Motor’s Luxgen Motor, has received over 9,100 pre-orders for its n7 electric vehicle (EV), making a significant impact on Taiwan’s domestic EV industry. Deliveries of the highly anticipated n7 model are set to begin in mid-January next year and be completed by the end of June. The n7’s pre-order numbers, achieved in just two days, equal three years of total EV sales in Taiwan, signaling a bright future for the EV market. Foxconn CEO Young Liu, leading the electric transformation of the trillion-dollar corporation, sees the increasing global competition in the EV sector as beneficial for Foxconn and its business models. Platformization, modularization, and standardization are key strategies for achieving cost control and timely product launches, which are at the core of Foxconn and Foxtron. The n7 model, benefiting from the shared platform provided by Foxtron, enjoys a competitive edge in cost, aligning with Foxconn’s global EV aspirations. The success of Foxtron’s n7 could potentially usher in a new era for Taiwan’s presence in the international EV landscape as the demand for sustainable transport continues to grow.
    2023/11/22 20:38
  • iPhone 15 launch prompts supply shortage in Taiwan

    Apple’s iPhone 15 has propelled the company to the top of the smartphone market, capturing a commanding 47.7 percent market share in 2023. This surge in sales has come at the expense of competitors such as Samsung, which now holds a 22.9 percent market share, and OPPO, which stands at 10.3 percent. Even in China, where Vivo and Redmi are strong players, Apple has made an impact, with each holding a 5.2 percent share. Apple’s total sales have seen a significant increase, with over 160 thousand units sold upon its release, more than double the previous month.
    2023/11/01 10:39
  • Retail and catering revenues reach all-time high: MOEA

    The Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that retail and catering revenues from January to September have reached a record high. The retail and catering industries are currently experiencing their annual sales peak, with demand for clothing, skincare products, and travel expected to stimulate consumption during the autumn and winter transition.
    2023/10/27 15:57
  • Bicycle popularity slows as global health situation improves

    Giant, a global leader in the bicycle industry, announced on Dec. 9 that its revenue for the first 11 months of 2022 reached a total of NT$ 86.4 billion, seeing an annual increase of nearly 15%, a record high. However, the media reported that Giant recently sent letters to third-party manufacturers, mentioning that the bicycle industry is facing difficulties. 
    2022/12/14 16:41
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