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    Taipei Economic and Cultural Office 結果共16筆

  • Taipei envoy denies misuse of public funds

    Discover the truth behind allegations of public funds misuse by Alexander Tah-ray Yui, as he defends himself and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies purchases.
    2024/06/26 08:58
  • Taipei envoy’s plane hit by lightning after takeoff

    Discover the harrowing experience of Frank Hsieh, head of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, as his plane was struck by lightning after takeoff from Songshan, sparking a moment of reflection and a light-hearted conclusion.
    2024/06/19 11:10
  • Negotiations with Austria on driving permits underway

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s efforts to negotiate driving rights in Austria for its citizens, following issues with the International Driving Permit. Updates on diplomatic talks and the principle of reciprocity here.
    2024/05/23 10:15
  • Taiwan refuses to rename its Lithuania office amid tensions

    Discover the latest on Taiwan’s refusal to rename its Lithuanian representative office, a move that underscores its commitment to sovereignty amid pressures from China and international relations dynamics.
    2024/05/09 17:05
  • Taiwanese tourist rescued from scam at Australian airport

    Discover the story of Yu-Ming Lu, a Taiwanese woman who vanished in Australia but was found before she could be scammed. Learn about the efforts of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Brisbane and the importance of the "Scam Prevention Strategy 123" for Taiwanese tourists.
    2024/05/03 17:47
  • US congress marks 45th anniversary of Taiwan Relations Act

    A bipartisan group of Members of the U.S. Congress introduced a resolution reaffirming the U.S. commitment to Taiwan on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). The resolution covers the House’s commitment to the TRA, calls on the Secretary of State to actively assist Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, and recognizes the significant contributions of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in advancing U.S.-Taiwan interests.
    2024/04/11 14:56
  • Overseas community emphasizes voting’s role in democracy

    The San Francisco overseas Chinese community hosted a New Year flag-raising ceremony, with Fremont Mayor Lily Mei encouraging the next generation to run for office and speak out for Asians. Mei also urged the community to vote robustly in the upcoming T U.S.-Taiwan relations and reminded them not to underestimate individual power. Director-General Scott Lai of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco reviewed Taiwan’s accomplishments last year, highlighting its rise in various indices, ranking second in freedom in Asia and sixth in global competitiveness. Lai also noted the meeting between Morris Chang, founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), and key U.S. officials at the 2023 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, praising it as a symbol of U.S. executive branch support for Taiwan. However, Lai acknowledged challenges lie ahead for Taiwan, particularly in its tourism, sightseeing, and restaurant industries’ recovery, as well as social issues such as declining birthrates and wealth disparity. Lai assured that the government would take a more proactive and responsible stance to make positive changes felt by the public.
    2024/01/02 16:00
  • Taiwan’s democracy gains global recognition, says James Lee

    James Lee, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, stresses the importance of democracy for Taiwan during a New Year’s celebration. Learn how Taiwan’s democracy plays a crucial global role.
    2024/01/02 15:09
  • MOTC hosts cultural event at Toronto Eaton Center

    The Tourist Administration of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) organized a two-day event at the Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada, showcasing Taiwan’s attractions. The event featured various activities, including VR experiences, calligraphy bookmark crafting, pinball games, indigenous beadwork, and oil-paper umbrella painting workshops. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto reported a significant increase in Canadian visitors to Taiwan, with a 1366.17 percent rise compared to the previous year. However, the number of visitors has not yet returned to pre-COVID-19 levels. In an effort to boost tourism, Taiwan has waived visa requirements for Canadians, positioning itself as an ideal winter getaway. Taiwan’s picturesque mountains, coastlines, and diverse urban and small-town landscapes make it a perfect destination for leisurely exploration.
    2023/12/11 20:32
  • 6 Taiwanese scammers allegedly sent to China from Myanmar

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is currently verifying reports that Myanmar has handed over six Taiwanese telecom fraudsters to China. The MOFA is working with the Ministry of Justice, National Police Agency, and National Immigration Agency to bring these stranded citizens back to Taiwan. Myanmar’s Wa State, known for its independent judicial system and close ties with China, is where the transfer took place. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Myanmar is actively assisting Taiwanese citizens in their return. This is the first public announcement by Myanmar of transferring Taiwanese individuals involved in telecom fraud.
    2023/11/16 17:13
  • Taiwan in talks with Estonia to establish Rep. office

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has confirmed ongoing discussions for the establishment of a representative office in Estonia. While the move is significant for strengthening ties between the two nations, a shared consensus has not yet been reached. MOFA expressed gratitude towards the Estonian Government for engaging in continued negotiations and displaying an open approach. They emphasized the shared values of freedom and democracy that unite Taiwan and Estonia. Estonia’s government has reportedly agreed to allow Taiwan to establish an economic or cultural representative office in Tallinn under the name ’Taipei.’ MOFA stated that they will respond to foreign media reports of Taiwan’s Foreign Minister visiting Estonia at an appropriate time. The ministry highlighted the stable development of the bilateral relationship, citing the Estonian health minister’s support for Taiwan at this year’s World Health Assembly. Estonia is seen as a valued partner with common principles, highlighting the potential for deepening ties in future diplomatic endeavors.
    2023/11/04 12:33
  • Woman wanted for scamming Taiwanese in Australia

    The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia has alerted Australian law enforcement agencies to help apprehend a Taiwanese con artist. The fraudster, identified as a woman named Yang, has defrauded several Taiwanese citizens of approximately NT$20 million. Yang, who is on the wanted list, fled from Singapore to Australia and has been hiding in various states. She has used multiple aliases and previously targeted Taiwanese holiday workers in Australian meat processing factories, promising to help them obtain Permanent Residencies through "visa laundering." Recently, she has posed as an immigration consultant in LINE group chats and defrauded Taiwanese individuals through investment migration schemes. Authorities are urging the public to use legal immigration channels and remain vigilant against this wanted scam artist.
    2023/10/25 16:21
  • MOFA arranges repatriation flight from Tel Aviv to Rome

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has arranged a repatriation flight for Taiwanese nationals and compatriots in Israel to leave the country. The flight is scheduled to depart from Tel Aviv Airport and arrive at Rome International Airport in Italy. Remaining seats will be offered to embassy personnel and overseas Chinese from friendly countries. MOFA and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office have been assisting Taiwanese nationals in leaving Israel since a terror attack by Hamas on October 7. So far, 157 Taiwanese nationals have been successfully evacuated.
    2023/10/19 16:49
  • MOFA assists departure of 156 nationals from Israel

    Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu announced the departure of 156 Taiwanese nationals from Israel while 147 chose to stay amid rising tensions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also escalated its travel advisory for Israel to "orange" following a recent attack by Hamas.
    2023/10/17 17:24
  • MOFA clarifies assistance efforts amid Israel-Hamas war

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan responds to allegations by a stranded Taiwanese traveler in Israel, expressing regret and countering the claims. The traveler accused the Ministry of providing insufficient assistance during violent clashes in Palestine. The Ministry clarifies that the traveler received no aid from his airline and sought help from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel Aviv, but found their advice unsympathetic. The Ministry expresses regret and disappointment towards the unverified statements, emphasizing their attempts to assist the traveler and the necessity of online booking for confidential information. They also highlight their commitment to helping travelers return home amidst the conflict and express regret over baseless allegations impacting their personnel’s morale.
    2023/10/11 11:11
  • Taiwan hosts National Day gala at Twin Oaks Estate in D.C.

    The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States hosted a National Day banquet at the Twin Oaks estate in Washington, D.C. to celebrate Taiwan’s upcoming National Day.
    2022/10/07 19:00
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